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Your task this week is to prepare a draft of your Signature Assignment: Scholarly Literature Review. Start with the

Your task this week is to prepare a draft of your Signature Assignment: Scholarly Literature Review.

Start with the annotated outline you created in Week 8. Ensure you have incorporated any faculty feedback and that your topics (and subtopics) are in a logical order.
Use your outline to expand into a paper format by discussing the relationships between your scholarly sources.
Be sure to address the following:

Determine the commonalities among the articles for each (sub)topic identified in your outline. For example, did authors use similar frameworks, materials, or participants? Are any studies an extension of another?
Determine the differences that exist among the articles for each (sub)topic that you identified in your outline. If there are contradictory findings, you may (or may not) be able to identify methodological differences that could account for the contradiction (e.g., differences in measurements or participant demographics).
Select general conclusions you can report about a subtopic, given the relationships you inferred from the group of articles within each subtopic.
Consider the relationships between scholarly sources within each subtopic and drawn conclusions within each subtopic. If you take a step back and look at the entire group of subtopics and your work thus far, what overall general conclusions can you draw?
Some questions to consider include: 1) What are some general observations on the topic? 2) Are there overall themes or patterns in the literature? 3) Do the patterns or themes suggest future areas of inquiry? In this process, did you discover that you need to return to the literature and search for additional resources? Please explain.

Ensure that you identify and consider the theoretical frameworks presented in the literature you are reviewing (see Bloomberg

Inferential statistics.

Inferential statistics..

The central limit theorem is a key concept in inferential statistics. Access the Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics from the Topic Materials to observe the central limit theorem in action with different population distributions. Complete the “Sampling Distribution” simulation by clicking the “Begin” button. Refer to Chapter 5 “Worked Example 5.2” in the textbook when completing the simulation. Describe your observations and the results of increasing the individual sample size. Discuss the rationale behind the theorem, how the standard error is related to the theorem, and what the standard error indicates about sampling error.

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Wenzhou Qianhuan Webcast company”.

Your task this week is to prepare a draft of your Signature Assignment: Scholarly Literature Review. Start with the Wenzhou Qianhuan Webcast company”..

Webcast company intership report


Paper details:

Use the materials as a model to write a report for a student who had worked for an webcast company. Company name is “Wenzhou Qianhuan Webcast company”.

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criminal justice applications discussion board response

criminal justice applications discussion board response.

A 3-4 sentence response to each post below. respond as if for your classmates. POST 1) As defined in our text, intermediate sanctions are the use of split sentencing, shock, probation or parole, shock incarceration, community service, intensive supervision, or home confinement in lieu of other, more traditional sanctions such as imprisonment and fines. They are different than traditional forms of sentencing because it combines the concepts between imprisonment and probation. The advantage that these sanctions offer is that they still provide punishments to fit the crime, but the offender doesn’t always have to serve jail or prison time.  a good example of an advantage would be an offender doing community service and giving back to the community instead of paying a fine or serving a few months in jail. POST 2) What are immediate sanctions? How do they differ from more traditional forms of sentencing? What advantages do they offer? Intermediate sanctions are options between doing actual jail time and probationary programs such as releasing the offender back into the community on terms that he/she will be monitored by a probationer officer weekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the charges. Sanctions include probation (supervision), shock incarceration, and being restricted to a home with a location monitor or GPS device attached to the offender’s leg. Sanctions are less expensive than incarceration, socially effective and cheaper keeping the offender in the community, and more efficient places of service with more resources.

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Enterprise wide Systems and Supply Chain Management

Enterprise wide Systems and Supply Chain Management.

Learning Outcomes addressed Primarily Learning Outcomes 3 and 4 are addressed in this assignment.

3. critically appraise the implications of the way in which Enterprise-Wide Systems affect people, processes, structures and operational management, and be able to identify and define potential problems and solutions. 4. identify and explain the major objectives, critical success factors and characteristics of Enterprise-Wide Systems and their implementation. Word Count 2000 maximum (as specified by the Coursework length protocol) A Critical Literature Review You are required to carry a critical review of peer-reviewed academic articles choosing one of the following areas. Note that the term Supply Chain Management (SCM) here means that if you want to focus on Procurement, this is possible as Procurement may be viewed as part of SCM. • Enterprise wide Systems and Supply Chain Management;

• Business Intelligence/Analytics and Supply Chain Management; • Big Data and Supply Chain Management • Information Management and Supply Chain Integration; • Information Management and Change Management (Business Transformation). • Information Management and Supply Chain Management. • New Technology impact on Supply Chain Management This task requires the selection of a minimum of five (5) articles taken from at least three (3) different journals and different editions where the same journal is selected. THREE of these articles should be original research articles. The other two may be either/both Conceptual papers or Literature Reviews. The length of these articles should be a minimum of eight (8) pages, excluding the references or diagrams. Shorter journals can still be used to support your position or arguments but cannot be included as one of the five core articles. Within the area of your choice, you will need to focus your Review. For example, New Technology impact on SCM could have a focus on use of automation in warehousing OR a focus on use of IT systems in transport logistics. Business Intelligence and SCM could focus on a new technology such as Block Chain. Do not attempt to cover several areas, choose your focus first. Students who wish to choose another technology related area and develop a topic from this are welcome to BUT they must get approval from the module leader to ensure the topic relates to the learning outcomes. It is recommended that when writing on use of technology in Supply Chain, references should be no more than five years old. Where older, you need to show that the source you have cited remains current, for example by showing newer sources are using the older work.

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