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Your job in these outside text engagements is to find something—a picture, a painting,

Your job in these outside text engagements is to find something—a picture, a painting,. I’m stuck on a Literature question and need an explanation.

Your job in these outside text engagements is to find something—a picture, a painting, a story, a poem, a sculpture, a building, a city…conceivably, anything—and to use this outside “text” as a way of elaborating on your understanding of the material we’ve covered this Module (here, the Enlightenment, obviously). You are meant to analyze the text as a way of talking about the topics we’ve been exploring: how does the “text” you’ve selected embody the Enlightenment ideals of X, Y, and Z, and how does it help you to better understand the complex material we’ve been looking at? What, in particular, do you see in this “text” that speaks to, enacts, or otherwise represents in your eyes the essential values, issues, and history of the Enlightenment? Why did you make this selection in particular?
There are no right or wrong answers, simply your answers—in other words, you are asked here to analyze/interpret the material/text you’ve chosen in order to communicate to me your grasp of the subject matter we’ve covered in this Module. Please aim for approximately two paragraphs in your written analysis here.
Example texts/materials:
A map of the Palace of Versailles, and the Garden of Versailles: (Links to an external site.)
The Oxford English Dictionary and/or the Encyclopedia Britannica: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Rosie the Riveter:!_NARA_535413_-_Restoration_2.jpg (Links to an external site.)
Portrait of Napoleon: (Links to an external site.)
Washington Crossing the Delaware:
Your job in these outside text engagements is to find something—a picture, a painting,

CSI Institute of Technology Nivea for All Hair Cream Promotional Messages.

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Project Description:Now that you have written a great article post that has been optimized for search, you still have to actively market your blog post across a variety of marketing channels to drive readers to your blog. Each marketing channel provides a different user experience. You cannot use the same message across all your channels because each channel is unique. To maximize your content marketing, you have to promote it differently to optimize messaging based on the specific marketing channel.For Project, you will develop different promotional messages to promote the LinkedIn article you wrote in Project 4. Create promotional messages that will appear in the following marketing channels to drive readers to your post. EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter
CSI Institute of Technology Nivea for All Hair Cream Promotional Messages

Infosys is a multinational enterprise that is a major market player in the information technology (IT) sector. It focuses on providing a variety of IT, independent validation, and outsourcing services. The company develops software value chains with an emphasis on technological support and program creation. Meanwhile, Infosys Consulting is a subsidiary division of the Infosys corporation. It focuses on consultation within the spheres of IT, management, and business analytics. Infosys Consulting has a global client base which it offers advisory services to help develop and execute strategies, particularly within management and digital transformation realms, that are critical to innovative growth. PESTEL P – Political Government oversight and legislative control Tax code reforms H1b visa legislation Investigations into dependence on foreign workers E – Economic The demand for consulting services Infrastructure quality and costs Wage growth, inflation rates, and interest rates Stability and efficiency of financial markets Currency volatility S – Social Demographics of the workforce Availability and education-level of highly-skilled workers Cultural and linguistic compatibility T – Technological Technological developments and innovation by Infosys and competitors IT product offerings by Infosys Technological diffusion rate Value chain structures in the sector E – Environmental Climate change Waste management and recycling of old electronics Energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology Availability of renewable energy L – Legal Anti-trust laws Intellectual property disputes Employment legislation Consumer data protection Outsourcing Outsourcing has become an appealing notion in the information technology sector due to a variety of benefits that using foreign labor provides. Outsourcing helps to achieve better financial and productivity outcomes with significantly fewer costs, mainly due to lower salaries for foreign workers, both inside and outside the United States. Outsourcing helps to gain access to a market of highly talented individuals that are striving to achieve a career, thus dedicating time and effort to the company’s project. Foreign workers often have significantly more skill in specialty sectors like software development. Outsourcing is appealing from a technological perspective since projects can be completed by teams without the need to be present at a specific location. India is a particularly attractive market due to its emergence in the global marketplace with high-profile investors while maintaining low human capital and infrastructure costs. Culture and language rarely serve as barriers since many foreign experts are fluent in English. Outsourcing helps a company to efficiently maneuver its financial assets to avoid high tax rates and other expenses that may arise through legal means in any given country. Sustainability The strategy of IT offshoring is not sustainable in the long run as India becomes a prominent player in the global market, thus resulting in the growth of wages and legal pressures from both India and the US to end the practice of tax avoidance. Cost-effectiveness is a factor which is eroded over time, especially for companies striving to achieve global and innovative growth. As wages in India grow and infrastructure costs become relatively similar to the United States, the savings become insignificant. Outsourcing is a highly controversial practice which creates political pressures as well as potential risks that are unacceptable from an investor’s point of view. Recent changes to the United States tax code and significant crackdowns on offshore accounts in major industrial nations have contributed to companies shifting tactics. More emphasis is put upon value-adding to a company’s services and assets rather than cost-effectiveness.
Place of Target in the industry In the modern business environment, Target Corporation became one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Furthermore, the company represents a compatible force in the industry of discount retail at a level of the global market. At the moment, Target Corporation is also one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Discount retail deals with selling products and various types of product lines for the prices that are considerably lower than the average value. As a result, the companies involved in the industry of discount retail often use various means, including their product lines or retail price sales to lower their prices. One of the specifics of the industry is that the majority of discount retailers, including Target Corporation, operates and administers multiple types of goods, from food and beverages to electronics, clothing, and apparel. For that reason, for the customers to be able to buy different products in one place, discount retailers introduce special offers, clearances, as well as they sometimes manufacture certain products themselves. Thus, Target sells a variety of different goods, including foods and beverages, clothing, shoes, and jewelry, products for home and office, furniture, electronics, toys, and products for children, pharmacy and outdoor equipment, gifts, etc. In this regard, Target is one of the companies with the widest range of products on offer. However, clothing and apparel are one of Target’s specializations, in which the company exceeds. History, resources, and structure Although Target Corporation is an international brand, the majority of its assets are located in the United States. Target was initially branded as Goodfellow Dry Goods and considered food and beverage retail to be the company’s priority. However, in 2000, it was eventually given its current name, which, in some ways, affected the changes of specialization. In terms of the number and quality of its human and financial resources, the company is the second biggest retailer of its kind in the U.S. Its revenues over the last fiscal year were estimated at the level of 74520 million dollars, whereas the number of Target Corporation’s employees is 347000 (“Target” par. 17). Thus, it is important to point out that such figures indicated a firmly occupied position of Target in the discount retail market. However, there was a significant change in the structure of the company in terms of its place in the global marketplace. The company used to run business in the United States, Australia, Canada, and other smaller markets. However, because of the introduction of e-commerce projects of various nature, the company decided to make changes to its regional structure. Over recent years, the company had to restructure its international branches due to the demands of the market and growing competition. In particular, one of the notable changes that the company underwent in the recent years is that “Target’s new CEO Brian Cornell made several tough decisions last year, most notably the one to exit Canada to focus on the discount retailer’s floundering U.S. business” (“Target” par. 1). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Year Financial Overview According to the Target (TGT) Income Statement, published at Yahoo Finance, the company’s financial performance changed considerably over the last five years. The following table is to represent the changes of the company’s performance in terms of revenues, profit, stock prices, percentage of profit margin and net revenue, growth rate related to year 2 value’s correspondence to year 1 value, the current ratio (correlation between assets and liabilities), and assets turnover (based on revenue and total assets). 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 Revenue 73,785,000 72,618,000 71,279,000 69,865,000 67,390,000 Profit 21,788,000 21,340,000 21,240,000 Stock Price 729 684 663 642 640 Profit Margin% = Net profit / Revenue 30% 29% 30% 31% 31% Growth Rate= (Year 2 value – Year 1 value) / Year 1 Value 5% 2% 3% 4% 3% Current Ratio= Current assets / current liabilities 1.20 0.91 1.17 1.15 1.71 Asset Turnover = Revenue / Average Total Assets 1.75 1.63 1.49 1.47 1.51 ROA= Net income / Average Total Assets 2.80 2.31 2.35 2.35 2.58 Tab 1. Overview of the changes of Target Corporation’s financial performance during the years 2011-2015. Although there were some tendencies of the company’s financial slowdown in 2014 (current ratio lowered to 0.91), the overall financial performance appears to be consistent with a reasonable percentage of annual growth throughout the given period. Current Market Situation Market Description Target Corporation stands out in the market of clothing and apparel manufactured by discount retailers because it can find specific appeals to the different social groups who are interested in quite diverse types of products. Nevertheless, there is a growing competition in this segment of the discount retail industry as well. One of the newly developed trends for the product line is to introduce special plus-size fashion products that, at the moment, subject to an increasing appeal because more consumers are interested in such clothing (McCall par. 1). Product Review The product line of plus-size clothing developed by Target is branded under the name Ava

MN 505 Purdue University Health Statistics and Populations Research

MN 505 Purdue University Health Statistics and Populations Research.

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Health Statistics and PopulationsProfessional Competency addressed in this Assignment:MN505-3: Analyze health promotion and illness prevention risk factors in a multicultural context.PC-4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.DirectionsSelect a health topic of interest such as breastfeeding, domestic violence, or juvenile diabetes that affect a specific population such as older adults or women of reproductive age or race. Locate health statistics for your selections. You must include national and state data. Your work may also include local county or city data if available.Follow the guide in the left hand column below for each section. Research content regarding concepts of multiculturalism and diversity, and include interventions that address health disparities.Input your responses using a table similar to the one below. You may recreate the table in Word®. Excel® files are not accepted. Carefully consider the directions in each section of the table. Do not alter the left hand column. Include a title page and reference page. You may single space.The length of Assignment should not exceed 3-4 table content pages.Data Search DirectionsSummarize Your FindingsIdentify the population of interest and healthcondition/event to your practice. Specify howyou define the population (e.g., age, gender,health status, etc.).Summarize your search process. Specify whatsources, organizations and agencies for healthstatistics were searched to find relevant healthstatistics. Be specific and thorough in your search.Provide the health information obtained in thesearch. Include new research. Include any significant statistics andinformation on risk factors and trends inepidemiology data on your topic.Interpret your findings and determine if thereis any evidence of health disparities based onthe population examined. Address multiculturalfactors that influence the health issue. Provideseveral detailed examples and include interventions and programsthat aim to improve health disparities.Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners and all specialty nursing fields are contributors to health promotion in populations across the life span. This Assignment is focused on analysis of epidemiological and health information, including illness prevention, risk factors disparities, and intervention. Students should be able to integrate these concepts in a multicultural context to their specialty focus as it relates to health promotion and epidemiology.
MN 505 Purdue University Health Statistics and Populations Research

SWK 3375 Troy University Barriers to Effective Communication Case Study

term paper help SWK 3375 Troy University Barriers to Effective Communication Case Study.

* Do not use contractions in this course. Contractions will be counted as grammatical errors.Clear and professional writing is expected.Correct = “Do not”, “will not” etc…Incorrect = “Don’t”, won’t”, etc….5 deduction for every 3 grammatical errors.I will post book pictures Week 5Personal and Interpersonal Barriers are addressed beginning on page 47 of the Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence Book.a). After reading Barriers to Effective Relationships: Case of the Green-Haired People, address ALL SIX Barriers and explain HOW they are evident in the case of the green haired people. (pg. 57).*Personal/Interpersonal Barriers (1-5) *Organizational/Institutional Barrier (6) (6 x .5 = 3)b). Select 4 of the 6 Barriers and share you own experiences with these barriers. If you have not experienced 4 of these barriers you are to provide examples that apply to the barriers. (Cannot use case of the Green Haired people as examples).(.25 x 4 = 1 pt.)
SWK 3375 Troy University Barriers to Effective Communication Case Study

Peer groups dominate adolescent life

Peer groups dominate adolescent life. There is so much change in society today, however the fundamental tasks of growing up still exist. An adolescent seeks to find a place in a valued group to have a sense of belonging, to identify and master skills that are recognized of having value and earn the respect to cope with them, to acquire some self-worth and to develop relationships with others. Adolescents have an enormous amount of pressure today and seek a place of acceptance. Peer groups are a place where adolescents can find that sense of belonging, negatively or positively. We each know from experience how compelling peer groups are. It is almost impossible to go against a peer group, whose rules are to conform or you will be rejected. If one tends to sway they become an “outsider” or an “outcast.” For adolescent children who are just learning their way in the world, unsurprisingly they get sunk into peer group rules. For boys their athletic ability, coolness, and physical strength gain them popularity. In girls, as long as they had a beautiful physical appearance and an ability to attract popular boys they gain popularity. Oddly enough if a boy succeeds academically his popularity would decrease and if a girl made good grades that would increase her standing among her peers. Standards of peer groups dominate adolescent life. If your fellow peers listen to a certain genre of music, it is almost inevitable that you will also prefer that kind of music, It is the same for clothing styles, movies, video games and dating styles. Peers can influence you other ways as well, if your peers Adolescent Peer Groups 4 are going off to college and striving in the world, it is more than likely you will be also. However, if your peers are using drugs, drinking alcohol, lying, stealing, you are also likely to do so. At an early age, children become less dependent on their parents and caretakers. Children become self-reliant and begin to prefer playing with their friends. At first, play is a time of independence, however later children interact with one another, modify one another’s behavior and exchange roles in play. At the school age period of development social interactions begin to follow set patterns and become more frequent. They participate in games with more rules. The play is more then just entertainment but a way to mature in social interactions with others. Play allows children to think of others, their thoughts and feelings. Social interaction does allow children to interpret others behavior and how to respond to different situations. Children learn physical and emotion self control too. When a child losses at a game, for instance, they learn to avoid hitting their playmate. (McWhirter, Newman 2007) Social interactions are healthy. Situations that provide an opportunity for a child to grow socially may enhance their social development. Through the developmental childhood years and adolescence, peer groups play an important role. Parents have a crucial influence on whether a child plays a negative or positive role in peer groups. If a family is not close or unsupportive, a peer group will become of more importance. If a child’s parents work long hours, and rarely see their child, this can cause the child to look for emotional Adolescent Peer Groups 5 support within a peer group. Also, if a child is constantly arguing with his parents, this may drive them away for emotional support. Children and adolescents show no discrimination when finding a peer group. As long as the child feels some sort of acceptance they will join a peer group, even if illegal and negative activity occur within the group. A common antisocial, organized peer group is a gang. Youths in gangs is not a new concept in the United States. Gangs have been present since the 1800’s. In 1791 the city of Philadelphia had a problem with adolescents roaming and disrupting the city. New York City has acknowledged gang activity as early as 1825. (Focus Adolescent Services) Unfortunately, gangs will always be around or at least hard to eliminate. Gang involvement is full of youths who come from broken families due to alcohol or drugs, financial burdens and broken relationships. Gang affiliation is more important then anything else for the adolescent because the gang creates a family image taking away all feelings of abandonment and isolation. Being in a gang provides adolescents with acceptance and security which is not provided from home or other peer groups. There are signs that a teen has been introduced to a negative peer group. If the teen no longer spends time with his old friends and hangs out with a new group of friends. If there is a drop in his grades at school or even skips classes, if there is a change in appearance, mannerisms or the child seems withdrawn and secretive. Phone calls at odd times and if a teen wants to go places that was Adolescent Peer Groups 6 never an interest to him before could all be signs of having negative peer group membership. A parent should have non-judgmental talks, encourage other interests, show love and support and to get help if grades are dropping. A parent should not ignore the problem at all. Make sure a parent introduces himself to friends and parents and do not restrict the teen from seeing friends. Forbidding contact with other teens will only attract the teen to want to see them more often. Peer groups can have a positive effect on adolescents also. Positive peer relationships have an effect on a child’s academic motivation and performance, emotional well-being and their overall state of mind. A positive peer group member has a less likelihood of being bullied or harassed. In such a peer group children will look out for one another and they simply do not participate in such behaviors that are verbally or physically abusive. There are key principles that can promote an adolescent to steer towards positive peer groups. Making sure a youth has leadership, attends and participates in positive youth activities. Civic involvement and engaging in every element of the community; school , church, and home. (Find Youth Info) Adults and adolescents can work together and frame our communities. Preventing an adolescent from joining negative peer groups and having more positive roles with peers can occur with some key environmental factors. Any youth program can integrate factors so our youth develop positive development skills. Structure, creating the opportunity where youth can engage Adolescent Peer Groups 7 in healthy relationships, creating a respectful environment to implement diversity and culture in activities, having opportunities to explore workforce and personal goal settings, and creating an environment where adolescents can have a sense of belonging are key factors. More importantly, programs should develop ways to involve parents in considering the above factors in programs. Society has created adolescence, it is a social invention. Adolescents create their own subcultures with distinctive apparel, hairstyles, and music. In this industrialized world, adolescents must make an identity for themselves. Being that society is a social creation, it is a contemporary society, not a biological age, that makes the adolescent years a time of turmoil. ( Henslin, 2003) Peer groups assist children in becoming healthy adults. Having a reduction in risk and an increase of resiliency along with positive relationships can create positivity in our youth. Parents and communities have the power to play an active, loving and supportive role in our youths lives to steer them in a positive direction into young adulthood. We as a society can join together to make adolescence a period of positivity instead of negativity. Adolescent Peer Groups 8 Peer groups dominate adolescent life

Essay you will read the research pdf and the story and structure the paragraph like in the picture. also, u will write a 750-1000 word essay in MLA format. read rubric in instructions and look at screens shots and pdfs

You will write a 750-1000 word analytical essay on the short story. Please use the information in the research package to write your essay. REMEMBER: You must cite all texts using MLA format. You can find information about MLA in the introductory unit to this course. Please remember that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Here is the rubric Knowledge/Understanding – I can show my understanding of the short story’s narrative, themes, selected textual evidence and literary devices. /20. Application – I can apply research effectively. The strong body paragraph form is used. The form of the analytical essay is used. The conclusion of the essay points beyond the text (by making a connection with self and/or world and/or society). /30.