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Your essay paper will be on two topics: metaphysics and epistemology. Do all of this using correct spelling, grammar, and

Your essay paper will be on two topics: metaphysics and epistemology. Do all of this using correct spelling, grammar, and syntax—just as if it were an English paper—and without plagiarizing (using someone else’s writing as if it were your own, without using quotation marks and appropriately citing each quotation). Any paper with significant plagiarism will receive a zero. Use MLA form for any citations (instructions for how to use MLA form are posted on the course website). If you don’t use correct MLA form, one point will be subtracted from your paper. And you are required to have at least three correct citations in your paper. Your final essay must be at least 1,200 relevant words. I must receive your essay paper in the dropbox in a readable format (use Microsoft Word—don’t post a pdf) by Tuesday, November 23, 11:59pm. I’ve set the dropbox to check your grammar, spelling, and originality (for plagiarism). If you submit your paper early, you may submit a new version that corrects your errors up until the final deadline. I will grade the last paper you submit. The final essay will be worth up to 10 points. No late papers will be accepted. Use the following questions as a template to make sure you’ve answered all the parts of the essay. Please number each section of your paper with the number of each corresponding question as you answer them. Metaphysics: In your own words (but not your own definition), define the term “metaphysics” as used in the discipline of philosophy. Use examples from your reading of the textbook to illustrate at least two options in metaphysics, such as materialism, dualism, or idealism. Identify the two philosophers who illustrate the metaphysics you use as your two illustrations. (1 point) In any textbook you have, always check to see if there’s a glossary and an index. A glossary will give you succinct definitions of important terms. But remember, if you quote that definition, you need quotation marks and a citation. I prefer you to paraphrase, but even if you do that—since you’re using someone else’s ideas—you need to cite using MLA form. Also, the index will refer you to relevant sections of the text that you may need to re-read before writing. Don’t write anything ridiculous—such as, there’s “no accepted meaning for the term metaphysics,” or that it’s all “just a matter of opinion.” Describe the nature of Plato’s dualistic metaphysics, including a thorough explanation of Plato’s two-worlds theory (with descriptions of the characteristics of those two worlds), define precisely what an “eternal form” is, and explain Plato’s “doctrine of the hypostatic union” (you need not describe any later religious versions of his idea, but make sure you accurately describe Plato’s doctrine in its broad meaning). (1.5 points) Again, use your glossary and index, but also use the Cave Allegory article. I tried to explain these ideas in detail there. Make sure you understand Plato’s doctrine of the hypostatic union. Plato precedes Christianity by centuries, so if you only give me the Christian theological interpretation of the hypostatic union that you copied from the internet, you’ll get at least one point taken off your paper. Explain Aristotle’s materialistic metaphysics; and in doing so, accurately define what a substance is, explain the four causes or questions (don’t just list them), and define the Prime Mover and accurately describe the role that the Prime Mover occupies in Aristotle’s thought. (1.5 points) Again, use the sources in the textbook, but also the notes I posted on Aristotle. Be sure to explain each of these items—merely listing these ideas alone will not receive full credit. You must explain them so that I know you understand them. Describe the metaphysical view you find most appropriate by reference to both Plato and Aristotle’s views on the topic. That is, (a) tell me your view, identify it clearly—and (b) explain how it agrees or disagrees with Plato and Aristotle, and why you chose to agree or disagree. (1 point) You already have a metaphysical view: for example, if you believe that the world is made of matter, but yet there exists an immaterial God, then you are some kind of a dualist (you are not strictly a materialist). To be a consistent materialist, you must believe that all is matter and nothing immaterial exists. Most people are dualists, but some are materialists, almost none are idealists. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about here, go to the glossary, re-read the pages that the index of your textbook refers you to, and re-read the Cave Allegory article I provided for you. Epistemology: Define what “epistemology” is and contrast its definition with what the word “metaphysics” means. (1 point) I would give the same advice I gave for metaphysics. Explain what an empiricist epistemology is and contrast it with a rationalist epistemology. Give an example from your book of two philosophers who hold these views and thoroughly define what each view means. (1 point) See the glossary, the index, and the Cave Allegory article. Tell me what you think is the most appropriate epistemology using the terminology you’ve learned and compare and contrast your views with at least one of the philosophers we’ve studied. (1 point) Just like everyone already has a metaphysical view, everybody already has an epistemology too. They will help you proofread your paper and get the mechanics of writing correct. Microsoft Word itself gives you some help here with possible errors: do not ignore those helpful underlines denoting possible grammar errors—if you do, a point will be deducted from your score. Everyone needs an editor and a proofreader. I can help you with content, but you need to contact me early.
Table of Contents Introduction The Target Behavior Self Modification Conclusion References Introduction Impatience can have two contrasting meanings depending on the desired results. On the one hand, it could be the eagerness for change. On the contrary, it could mean intolerance of anything that prevents the desired outcome. In both cases, one would still earn the title of being impatient. The Target Behavior Some behaviors as much as they may seem irresponsible, they have some positive results. Impatience is one of them. One may be impatient for various reasons. Some laws may be a hindrance to one’s goals. Therefore in fighting to achieve them, one becomes intolerant because of the time it is taking to get results. Self-modification is the process of modifying or improving one’s behavior through a systematic program (Lambert, 2004). Due to impatience one was able to eat junk food. Since one had promised to watch over one’s diet, it ruined the goal for healthy living. Many are occasions one has hurried the school and class sessions and left the class with other commitments. When exams come, one’s students fail because of rushing over the syllabus. There have been situations where one has not been happy because of taking many hours on queues. On one occasion, one almost shot and killed a shopper who had taken longer hours at the counter. One day while traveling in a taxi, one was dropped off halfway before completing the journey because of trying to force the driver to exceed the speed limit. On another occasion, one slapped a police officer for stopping the car at a police check up point. The graph below shows the number of times the target behavior occurred on a daily basis; According to the chart above, the tendency seems to have had a sharp increase towards the seventh day. It is because those are the days when one meets many people and has more work to do. The lesser the program of activities one has the lower the tendency of the target behavior. One gets disorganized most of the times and may do things that are bad. Some people can trigger the anxiety especially when one sees the resolution to a matter being delayed for some time. One may get angry and feel helpless to do anything Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Sometimes it gets so disastrous that someone can die. Due to such behavior one may forget the most important documents to use in an important meeting at work. As a result, this leads to cancelation or suspension of the meeting and punitive action after that. Self Modification Self-modification is a self-analysis of oneself and the desire to change one’s habit so that it becomes acceptable. One can show that there is a desire to change behavior if it publicly brings shame, if it is against the laws or if one feels that it does not auger well with one. Modifying one’s behavior helps one to avoid future mistakes. Impatience can cause disagreements among people. It might lead to others believing that one is arrogant and demeaning. People can misjudge one believing that one does not have respect for time and others. Since impatience has its sound effects, one can employ some of the positive reinforcements like continuing to fight for the rights of women. Since women have sometimes had problems with severe rules in some societies, fighting for their rights can help bring awareness to the people. For a company that is in a busy place, it would require very hard working employees to achieve its goals. People who try their best to meet the business objectives must get a chance to propel the company to another level. To do away with an impatient behavior, one can employ the negative reinforcement. It is the learning of a particular behavior in order to make an unlikeable behavior such as impatience to go away (Wierenga, 2002). One can decide to go for therapy classes to get assistance in the recovery sessions. One can also start giving oneself a considerable amount of time to finish a particular activity. Reading novels can also help one to start taking time since it will make one to understand the value of taking time to learn things around. We will write a custom Assessment on Impatience Behavior for Self Modification specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One can also arrange to have activities follow each other in a timely manner. Learn to accept that tomorrow is another day and that some activities that are not urgent can wait. Having a priority list helps one to identify what comes first and what comes next (Raatma, 2000). In the process, one can slowly do away with this target behavior. It may take an entire month of practice to achieve considerable results. However, one cannot do away with such a habit and not have something else to replace the bad behavior. One can replace it with the opposite behavior. That action would make one to be patient. Patience would make one to wait for others and do things in a more organized manner. To practice patience, one might have to read more books about the positive results of being patient. If one has an organized plan, then one must ensure that it gives one an ample time to complete each project at a time. As patience takes over, impatience fades away slowly until everything becomes as one desire. Psychology helps people to address the immediate problems in life. As one studies and makes analysis, it enables one to make wise psychological decisions. Many people have target behaviors to change but have problems on how to start. Conclusion The results above got positive results because of doing away with the undesired behavior by operant conditioning. Putting in positive reinforcements of the positive behavior enabled one to achieve the desired goal. By reading more and practicing time management enabled the bad behavior to go away and hence achievement of one’s goals. It is encouraging to know that one can self-modify without having to involve a therapist. One can still employ escape learning. Through this system, one may learn to do a particular activity because it achieves the goal of preventing a dangerous event. For instance, by learning to be patient helps to prevent the negative results of impatience. Not sure if you can write a paper on Impatience Behavior for Self Modification by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In order for one to self-modify, one must have the desire to change. A self-help mechanism is the best strategy. Even if one gets a therapist, the steps towards that change remain the same. Another important thing to note is that if one takes the initiative, it motivates one to complete the process. It may not be easy to do way with old and bad habits. But it becomes worthwhile if the expected results bring positive change. References Lambert, M. (2004). Bergin and Garfield’s handbook of psychotherapy and behavior change. New York, NY: Wiley. Raatma, L. (2000). Patience. Mankato, Minn.: Bridgestone Books. Wierenga, M. (2002). Lifestyle modification. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Co.
San Diego State University Protecting Forests and Indigenous Discussion.

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1) Don’t use any quoted material in your assignments. Describe the articles contents in your own words2) Please follow the formatting instructions EXACTLY AS WRITTEN. Single space, Times New Roman, 12pt, follow the 3 paragraph format, include the hyperlink to the article and list the news source3) Only use a mainstream media outlet as the source. This is any news source or outlet that reports on GENERAL or MAINSTREAM news. This means do not use: National Geographic, Sierra Club newsletters, ScienceDaily, any type of blog. You can use ANY NEWS SOURCE – big names are fine – BBC, San Diego Tribune, LA Times, Fox News, CBC/NBC/ABC, but I read some from small or less commonly used sources like The Morning Call (from Pennsylvania), Deutche Welle (Germany), and another local news source from Michigan. Love it!4) Try to pick a very current article (but anything within the last 6 months is ok).Hi i worked with you on this before but i need a new other article please. Use most recent events
San Diego State University Protecting Forests and Indigenous Discussion

Research Paper on Parkinson’s Disease

Research Paper on Parkinson’s Disease.

Prompt: Write research paper on the following disease: Parkinson’s Disease Introduction: Give an introduction on the disease. Present background information on the topic. Include background information and knowledge on the topic. Include statistics and data on the disease that is available. Symptoms: Include information about any features or signs that indicate a condition of the disease. Causes: Does the disorder arise because of a certain abnormality? What produces it or triggers the imbalance? How do you get the disease? Diagnosis and Tests: Include various techniques that can detected the diseases and how the illness can be identified. Treatment: Incorporate the different types of medical care, drugs, techniques that can be used with dealing with the condition Conclusion: Include all interesting information learned about the topic. This is where the previous information is summarized. Format and Requirements: Title Page 5 pages 12-point font Double Spaced Times New Roman Include a reference page All citations must be in APA format and at least 3 references should be peer reviewed articles
Research Paper on Parkinson’s Disease

“Long Time Since Yesterday” a Play by P.J. Gibson Essay

term paper help “Long Time Since Yesterday” a Play by P.J. Gibson Essay. Dialogue refers to conversation between characters. Dialogue is a style in literature that enriches and makes the work interesting because it makes it possible for to get first hand information. In P.J. Gibson’s play, long time since Yesterday, she richly used dialogue. The dialogue was initially between two young girls, Laveer and Janeen and later on at the funeral of the latter by the campus friends. An analysis of dialogue in this play is significant in character development of the protagonist and other characters and bringing out of main themes of love, depression and suicide. At the beginning of the play, scene 1 dialogue was between young Laveer and young Janeen. Laveer was more creative from a young age. She wanted to sing another song which she believed was better than what they were both singing. She started singing a song, “Put your foot on the rock. Swooooo ah swooooo ah…and let the boys fill your….Swooooo ah…Don’t be afraid… Cause momma did the same” (Gibson 5-6). This was significant in that it created suspense in the story. As a reader, one is eager to know what they became. From the excerp, we are not surprised when we find that Janeen got married to one man, while Laveer got several affairs and never settled for any marriage even in her late thirties. Dialogue between Laveer and Janeen helped in development of the main characters, Laveer and Janeen. Laveer was very informed at her age of eleven and knew a lot about sex while Janeen was reserved and feared to talk about it. From their conversation we learnt that Janeen’s parents were very strict and she would probably be punished if she was found reading a romantic book. After Laveer insisted that Janeen could take the so called nasty book home, Janeen’s timidity was seen as she believed in what her grandfather had said. Her grandfather had said that people who were afraid did not have backbone or straight legs and she believed that she was that kind of a person. Janeen’s character continued even in her adulthood. She was afraid to talk about real issues in life. She believed what other people said about her. This was the main reason she committed suicide. She could easily suffer marital problems and think that some things were not supposed to be talked about. If only she was able to share and talk out what she felt, she could have been saved from the deadly act. Laveer’s boldness and courageous nature was brought out through the dialogue. She did not care much about what her mother would do if she found out that she was reading the nasty book. She believed that even her mother went through the same age, stage and feelings and could not blame her for her actions. From her words, she was very clear on what she wanted to become, a painter and an artist. She desired to become famous and thought that famous people got tragedies and that she was going to die at twenty one years of age. In another instance, Laveer asked Janeen what was great about being a virgin and never kissed. She also said it openly that she wanted to kiss somebody. “I want to stick my tongue in…Darrel Rivers mouth and let him put his hands right here” (Gibson 12). This dialogue was significant in that it developed the characters of the two girls. Janeen was naive while Laveer was sophisticated. Laveer was highly principled and did what she believed in. Janeen could be easily influenced by the people around her or the environment. Laveer was wise and had a culture of reading all types of books and that was why she asked her friend what dictionaries were meant for. She also responded sensibly when Janeen said that she would like to become a lady of leisure. Janeen did not know the meaning of lady of leisure and seemed she had misunderstood the term which she had overheard in a certain conversation (Gibson 9). In the second scene, old classmates had gone for Janeen’s Funeral. Janeen had committed suicide and on their meeting, they expressed sorrowful emotions. Thelma, Elisa, Babbs, Laveer and Panzi were friends in campus. They were now having a conversation. It included their memorable moments. Their dialogue revealed the past life in campus. Their characters were developed in the dialogue. Theme of marriage was brought out by the dialogue. Four of these women were not married in their late thirties. Alisa was the only married woman. She said that having babies opened her eyes to the need for pre-school environment for the working mother. She was a director of a pre-school program. Babbs in contrast expressed a great burden in taking care of children. She said, “Count me out. The thought of feedings and diaper changes…Ooooooo” (Gibson 21). At the age of 39, Thelma, though a medical doctor did not appreciate herself and did not believe that she was beautiful. She said that when God was giving out beauty, she was somewhere in the line getting seconds on brains. Babbs was emotional because of Thelm’s thoughts that she did not love the way she was created and did not appreciate her beauty (Gibson 21). In contrast, to what she advised Thelm, Babbs feelings towards herself were revealed in a dialogue. Later on Babbs talked in a resigned tone. Her beauty had all been wasted in men. “It’s so middle of the road, not connected to anything, close enough to everything….It shits. Life shits…These eyes, this hair, this coloring…the calling card” (Gibson 36). She thought that the beauty she had had caused her to become like a prostitute. She went on and introduced the theme of racism and sex. She revealed her personal life and said that in Minneapolis she was a safe route. White men who wanted a black woman, black men who wanted a white woman or corporations who wanted to fill a quota were going to her. From the dialogue, we understand that Panzi, Janeen and Laveer had a close relationship. Though they claimed to have been Janeen’s close friends, they never made any effort to keep in touch. After campus everyone minded her own business. Janeen’s separation from her friends was one cause psychological stress. She became more vulnerable to depression. From the dialogue the kind of friendship between the three characters is revealed. She trusted her friends so much, so that when they failed her, she succumbed to suicide. Panzi’s jealous nature was seen when she tried to accuse Laveer with her lies. She said, “Laveer was never Janeen’s friend” (Gibson 22). She was bitter and angry because she was not given a chance by Janeen’s family to participate in Janeen funeral arrangements. Panzi tried to outdo Laveer in showing how much she was close to Janeen. “I have stood by Janeen since graduation, me. I was her maid of honor…I…Laveer wasn’t ever invited to the wedding” (Gibson 23). Alisa also helped us to understand the past close relationship between Janeen, Panzi and Laveer. She said, “Ah ah ah…Now you, Janeen and Panzi were like three little peas in a pod in those days” (Gibson 41). The theme of love and marriage was brought out through dialogue. Life in marriage had not been a bed of roses for Babbs. She had been married by Frank. Theme of divorce comes out in her dialogue. She was at that time divorced by Frank who married just after, on the same day they divorced. Her tone revealed regret because she said that it was bad for them they could not continue staying in Mexico where she thought that the romance with her husband could have continued (Gibson 24). Through dialogue, the writer explored the theme of depression and suicide. Through dialogue we know that the friends were not meeting for a party but to bury one of their friends who had committed suicide. Janeen, the least expected person to commit any crime had given up and committed suicide. Babbs spoke out and said that she believed that she could commit suicide but she never thought that Janeen would ever commit suicide. Through dialogue Babbs revealed that she had attempted to commit suicide two weeks before Janeen’s funeral. All the friends were surprised and Alisa asked, “What is happening with us?” (Gibson 35). Depression was the cause of the tragedy of Janeen’s death. Alisa was concerned that all the ladies at their thirties were complaining. Most complains came as a result of marital problems. Alisa also insisted that when the expected failed to happen one was supposed to do the best for what they got. Characters in the play were developed through dialogue. The Dialogue was also useful in bringing out themes of love, marriage, divorce, depression, suicide and racism in the play. The dialogue was invaluable in bringing out of main themes of love, depression and suicide. Friend’s failure was what one a major cause of Janeen’s suicide. Work Cited Gibson, Patricia. Long Time Since Yesterday. New York: Cengage. Print. “Long Time Since Yesterday” a Play by P.J. Gibson Essay

Elements Of Culture Corporate Artifacts Commerce Essay

Experienced captains know that navigating uncharted sea should be pay more attention to observe, analyze to predict potential risks and make proper decisions. As a manager, running an existing or setting up a new company also need these skills, strategic management helps corporate to focus ahead, understand the marketing environment and reposition business to effectively compete other companies. Corporate strategy management is related to different aspects, such as financial aspects, human resources management, organizational culture, marketing, etc. Organizational culture is one of these important aspects, which is an indispensable and intangible aspect of strategy management. The concepts of organizational culture and organizational strategy looks like different, but they have a closer relationship between each other. Normally one part of corporate success depends on the support of organizational culture to organizational strategy. Organizational culture is about expectations, values and beliefs learned and shared by the company’s members and transmitted from one generation of employees to anther. The organizational culture generally reflects the values of the founders and the mission of the company. Culture gives a corporate a sense of identity: ” This is what we stand for. This is who we are. This is what we do.” The culture includes the dominant orientation of the company, such as customer care at Hilton, innovation at Apple, product quality at Volvo, or R

Ashford University Communication Plan for Implementing an IT Strategic Plan Paper

Ashford University Communication Plan for Implementing an IT Strategic Plan Paper.

Two Part assignment (Part One( The Plan After the Plan)Prior to beginning work on this discussion read Brown’s (2015), Strategic planning complete. Now what? article and review the relevant information from this week’s lecture.A good plan that is communicated poorly ends up being a bad plan. After spending a lot of time and effort in building a great strategic plan, work has to be put in to develop a plan to communicate it clearly and accurately. This is the situation noted in Brown’s (2015) case study. You have spent time applying strategic concepts in the creation of a strong and viable strategic information technology plan that identifies, prioritizes, and executes business and technology projects. What you must do is create a plan that will disseminate this to right people and parts of the organization where it will have the most impact.In this Discussion response you will critically evaluate Brown’s Case Study. In a minimum of 500 words, comment on Brown’s Case study of the University after a plan has been put in place. What did the University planners do right? What are they forgetting that you see should be done? How would you add the lessons learned by Monmouth University into your approach to communicating and implementing the Strategic IT Plan?Part Two (Communicating the IT Strategic Plan)rior to beginning work on this interactive assignment read Chapter 5 from the course text, Jarret’s (2009), Communicating the plan: having a communications strategic plan is only the first step. How you implement it–especially during a crisis–is equally important article, and review the relevant information from this week’s lecture.In this Interactive Assignment, you will construct a communication plan for implementing an IT Strategic Plan. Your communication plan should be in the form of a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Provide a brief introduction to your communication plan and attach the communication plan to your initial post. Your communications plan must include the following areas:
Outline how you will inform the business of your new strategy.
Plot how you will communicate the new organization to the IT staff.
Provide a full description of how you will implement the changes.
Specify the methods and media you will use to communicate the changes to the various members (stakeholders) of the company.
Prepare the communication plan for presentation to the executive committee for a final decision on the roll out of the IT Strategic Plan.
Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ group posts and respond to at least two groups by 11:59 p.m. on Day 7 of the week. You are encouraged to post your required replies early during the week to promote more meaningful interactive discourse in the discussion.Review the Communication Plan presented by two of your peer’s. Take on the role of the CEO and review the plan as to what it will mean for your business. Explain how it will affect the other departments in the company. Anticipate issues and arguments from other senior managers and indicate where in the plan there could be problems. Also, explain how this might help the business and how you can add your support for the plan to be successful. Using the analysis from Boar, comment on at least two other methods you would suggest to your peer in communicating the new IT Strategic Plan.Your responses should be a minimum of 200 words.
Ashford University Communication Plan for Implementing an IT Strategic Plan Paper