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You work as the head of the IT department for a local hospital. Another hospital in your state was

You work as the head of the IT department for a local hospital. Another hospital in your state was recently the target of a ransomware attack. Fearing a similar attack, senior management of your hospital has asked you if your hospital is prepared for such an attack.


They have requested a 1.5- to a 2.5-page memo that (refer to Research Materials below and course materials):

Describes the process behind a ransomware attack
Describes vulnerabilities that enable a ransomware attack
Describes the safeguards needed to prevent, detect, and respond to a ransomware attack (this must go further than backups)

Acquisition of James Fielding Group by Mirvac Group in 2004

Acquisition of James Fielding Group by Mirvac Group in 2004.


Conduct your own research and analysis on the acquisition of James Fielding Group by Mirvac Group in 2004 and address the following questions. Taking the economic rationales behind the acquisition into consideration, do you support this acquisition if you are a shareholder of the (i) target, and (ii) bidder? [Hint: you may examine financial ratios in the short/long term, etc., to justify your answers.

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(Audience Analysis)- Facebook Data Breach Crisis Communication

You work as the head of the IT department for a local hospital. Another hospital in your state was (Audience Analysis)- Facebook Data Breach Crisis Communication.

Facebook to contact 87 million users affected by the data breach This transaction with Cambridge Analytica has resulted in negative publicity for Facebook and reputational attack on its CEO, its operational policies and its business model. Facebook’s Stakeholder Universe Facebook has a wide range of both direct and indirect stakeholders. These include employees, shareholders, Facebook users, business partners (e.g. advertisers), regulatory authorities, interest groups and competition. These groups of individuals interact with Facebook on some level, have various levels of influence and have all indicated significant interest in the current dilemma. For most of them, they have lost trust in Facebook and this can significantly impact its business success and corporate legacy. The Task Your team oversees communications at Facebook. You are aware of the problem and have received a mandate from Facebook CEO to address those you consider to be the top three stakeholders of Facebook. You are to make a presentation to the CEO, board of directors and senior management on your recommended strategic approach to restoring Facebook’s reputation with these stakeholders. Your team is expected to develop a presentation to reflect the following: 1) A brief introduction to Facebook – this will include its history and any key points that you consider relevant to understanding the organization and establishing its credibility 2) Your understanding of the problem – this is a brief contextual analysis summarizing the problem and the challenges that it has presented for Facebook 3) Your Communication Challenge – this is an overview of what you consider to be the issue that your communication will be addressing, based on your understanding of the problem. For example, trust is broken, user privacy is uncertain, shareholders are concerned about their investment etc 4) Facebook Stakeholder Universe – this is an overview of the different stakeholders that have some form of interest in Facebook. 5) A profile of the three most important stakeholders – using the audience analysis tool, provide a brief profile of these stakeholders that you have selected. Remember to develop your analysis of their communication needs based on the current crisis scenario 6) Your key message – This is statement (a few sentences, a paragraph at most) that summarizes your strategic message to the stakeholder. It will serve as a guide for all other communication within the company for that stakeholder group. A good key message should evidently be addressing the communication challenge and should align with the profile of that specific audience. To give you some ideas, you may refer to Facebooks latest ad, released in response to the crisis. It attempts to address the Users communication problem – breach of trust and confidence. Important points and guidelines Message Acceptability: In communication, we have serial audiences. Good communication, even when addressed to specific stakeholders, should be acceptable to all other stakeholders who may hear the message. Presentation Evaluation: Your presentation will be evaluated based on the following 1) Your understanding of Audiences – Your presentation should show that you have clearly been able to identify the various stakeholders that matter in a crisis of this nature. 2) Your ability to analyze these audiences – using the audience analysis tool, this presentation aims to evaluate your attention to detail, your deductive abilities and the organization of your thoughts. 3) Your Key messages – this presentation should show a clear distinction in the key messages to all your chosen stakeholders. This means you will clearly identify their needs and even more, you will craft a corresponding message. How you choose to also deliver the message will be considered important. 4) Your Design – you should aim for clarity, engagement and professionalism. Avoid clutter and graphics should support (not distort) your storytelling. 5) Your Communication – this is your first public speaking exercise. Pay attention to your flow from person to person during the presentation, your language and your non-verbal cues 6) Your response to questions – Your team may be required to answer some questions arising from your presentation. Respond with clarity and confidence and remember communication is transactional.

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Fighting terrorism.

Fighting terrorism..

 What role does technology play in fighting terrorism? What role does technology playing in enabling terrorists? Cite examples of existing and emerging technologies.

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A concert or sonic event about which you are curious, but is unfamiliar

A concert or sonic event about which you are curious, but is unfamiliar.

For this written assignment, you will attend a concert or sonic event in New York City that is outside of your usual interests, and translate your experience through writing. It is not necessary to develop an original argument for this writing assignment, but it is necessary to make connections between one or more aspects of the performance and your experience as an unfamiliar listener or participant.


First, choose a concert or sonic event about which you are curious, but is unfamiliar.


Second, attend/participate and while there, you will need to write notes about your observations or you should plan to take extensive notes immediately after the performance is over. The more observations you make during and immediately after the performance, the easier your writing will most likely be. Take the concert program or ticket (if applicable) and attach it to your final paper.


Third, draft your paper by structuring it with:

        Your observations of some of the unique aspects of the performance, and

        Your engagement with and interpretations of musical and cultural difference.


Some questions you might ask as a general guide:


Who are the performers and how do they present themselves? Who is in the audience? What kind of audience is the concert/event aimed at? How does this sonic event differ from the kinds of events you are used to attending (in terms of degree of formality, interaction between performers and audience, audience behavior, etc.)? Who/what does the audience react to? Who is considered a “good” performer? How does the unfamiliar sound and setting include or exclude you? How does a feeling of difference manifest for you in sound and in the behavior of you and others?


Length: between 4-5 pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins.


Numerous concerts in NYC and the immediate area can be found at:


Also explore cultural centers (JCC), museums, music schools, dance parties (Bhangra dance party, Salsa workshop/lessons, etc.), religious institutions (some have concert programs or you could also attend a session of group prayer and write about the role of sound/music in the prayer), festivals, etc. Other venues or contexts for sonic/musical performance are welcome.

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