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You will write one, 2000-word research paper on the course topic North American Colonization. This paper assesses your ability

You will write one, 2000-word research paper on the course topic North American Colonization.

This paper assesses your ability to critically analyze primary resources, research related secondary sources, develop research and writing skills, synthesize knowledge about an important subject.

The paper must include historical analysis of at least four primary sources from the list of primary sources located at the end of each chapter of the eText “Of the people A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES WITH SOURCES Fourth Edition VOLUME I to 1877 and at least two secondary sources from external, academic sources. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable primary or secondary source.

Cite all sources using the Chicago Style. The paper should be double-spaced with Times New Roman Font, and use one-inch margins. All papers will be checked for plagiarism. Part of papers or whole papers submitted to prior courses, including this course, will not be accepted, and will receive an automatic zero.

The primary source below was submitted and approved to be used.

Personal Leadership Style

Personal Leadership Style.


The final paper serves as the course final exam and is worth 20% of your course grade. The paper should demonstrate your mastery of the course content and learning objectives and describe your leadership learning over the course of the semester. It should reflect your understanding of leadership theory, course concepts, and your own personal leadership style. The paper should serve as a continuation of (next chapter of) your Personal Leadership Story from earlier this semester.

The paper has 3 components:

Personal Leadership Style: You should select a theory or theories that best represent your own personal leadership style. You should describe these theories and explain how they have influenced your past and present leadership experiences. Personal Definition of Leadership: From what you now know about leadership, you will share your own personal definition of leadership. Be sure to include any values, assumptions, and/or experiences that helped you to arrive at this definition. Future Leadership Style: Given your leadership learning just during our time together in this course, you should have some idea about your leadership future. How do you envision your future leadership style? What might it look like? How might it differ (or not) from your current leadership style, and why DETAILS This paper is worth 20 points and serves as the Final Exam for this course.

Your paper MUST include and cite AT LEAST SIX (6) different theories or concepts introduced in the course materials or readings. These six can and should be woven throughout the 3 paper components. Please note that describing the delegating and coaching styles of the Situational Leadership theory does not constitute 2 theories/concepts. Rather, they are both components of the theory/concept of Situational Leadership. In identifying the theories, it is important to be as specific as you can in mapping and helping the reader understand WHY you chose a particular theory for application. Substantiating your arguments with citations and quotes from the book/course material to support your claims not only helps the uninformed reader understand the material and terms, but it also helps to further support your choice of theory in those particular applications. The paper should include citations, both in-text and in a reference/work cited list formatted appropriately and consistently for the style guide of your choosing (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Your paper should be approximately 6-7 full pages, not including any cover pages or reference lists required by your style guide of choice (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.).

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why do some children refuse to eat?

You will write one, 2000-word research paper on the course topic North American Colonization. This paper assesses your ability why do some children refuse to eat?.

Why do some children refuse to eat? Do research on the subject. Formulate your thesis based on your research. Support your view by reference to at least six sources—two books, two articles and two Internet sources. Present results of your research in your own words and keep away from every form of plagiarism. Follow APA format for citation in the paper and listing of sources at the end of your paper. Give an appropriate title. Limit your paper to five pages.

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Yellow fever

Yellow fever.


In this paper you must talk about the project topic that I wrote, this paper is divided in these 5ways so each must have their own paragraph. Project Topic: Yellow fever Define the disease in a couple sentences 1Etiology of infectious disease 2Mode of transmission 3Pathogenesis of disease 4Clinical picture of disease 5Diagnosis treatment propnosis of the disease and prevention of disease

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