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You will respond to two peer posts 1 paragraph for each response. In the attachments will be each post

You will respond to two peer posts 1 paragraph for each response.

In the attachments will be each post .

The original assignment is: This week, we will use an online, interactive tool called Twine. Twine will allow you to “choose your path” to develop and implement an infection control plan to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Click on the Twine Scenario

As you move through the scenario, be sure to take notes to answer the prompt below.

Initial post:

Describe the path that you took to get to the “Congratulations” page.

Did you try different solutions first, or did you end up there right away?
Was there any step that was more difficult than others or were they all relatively hard/easy? Why?
You will be able to go through the exercise in Twine as many times as you want, choosing different paths each time. However, your initial post should focus on a single path—your first one. There is not a single “correct” path. You are not being graded on the path you chose, but rather on your ability to critically analyze your choices, what went into those choices, and their apparent consequences.

Response 1:

Examine the path chosen by one of your peers. Identify at least one instance in which your peer may have been challenged by a hypothetical colleague for the choice they made—in other words, a hypothetical colleague who believes your peer should have chosen a different step in that instance. State specifically what the colleague might say is the better choice, and how they might support the alternative path. Cite peer-reviewed publications to justify the alternative path.

Response 2:

Review the initial post from a different peer as well as the response(s) to that peer’s post. How might your peer respond to the colleague’s challenge? In other words, how might your peer justify their original path, given the arguments presented against that path?
Then, thinking more broadly, state at least two challenges hospitals face in reducing HAIs. Why do you think these challenges are particularly difficult to overcome?

Complete the response posts!