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You will read an article and do 5 things. what was interesting what was confusing. What golden line summarizes the article and critically analyzes an aspect of the author’s argument and 5 confusing words with its definition.

Answer the following 1. List and define FIVE key words from the text. What words were new to you and/or did you not understand? Or, if there was no new vocabulary for you, what words or specific names are significant and/or unique to this topic? Example 1: analogous colors = groups of three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel Example 2: Kierkegaard = 19th ce. Danish philosopher, known for his theories of existentialism 2. What makes sense to you. Make a list of 5 key concepts presented within the text. Write at least 3-4 sentences for each concept, summarizing its main idea. For example, does it explain an artist’s or culture’s philosophy, symbolism, working methods, etc.? What specific examples are included regarding the artist, art objects, and/or cultural context? 3. What confuses you. Pick a sentence or paragraph from the reading where you felt especially lost. Write at least 2 questions about it. The purpose is to clarify what specifically is confusing so we can find a solution. If no specific aspect was confusing, then write at least 2 questions on an aspect of the reading that you think could use more information or clarification. 4. Critically analyze an aspect of the author’s argument. Any time an author writes something it is because he or she is trying to change the way you think, feel, or understand something. For this section write at least 3-4 sentences, using one specific example from the text, analyzing the author’s viewpoint(s); in other words, explain how or why you think the author is trying to persuade your thinking. Be sure to include your overall opinion, i.e. were you persuaded, and why? 5. What single statement – “golden line” – effectively summarizes the main idea, or encapsulates some unique aspect of the text? Choose one sentence that summarizes the meaning or significance of the text. Be sure to include the page (or paragraph) number. Write 1-2 sentences explaining your choice.