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You will prepare a research project in market assessment and business planning. You will select a country and a Essay

You will prepare a research project in market assessment and business planning. You will select a country and a product or service to sell in that country either by exporting it there or by manufacturing and providing it there. The project can be a
new business or an existing business. The paper should be from 10 to 15 pages in length and should follow the outline below. The purpose of this learning activity is to enable you not only to extend and apply knowledge to a situation in the business world
but also to enhance your competencies in writing communication, critical thinking, critical reading, quantitative reasoning, and information literacy.
The price can increase because I need some progress report
1. Select country to study
2. Submit progress report
3. Submit progress report
4.Submit draft of Country Evaluation
5.Submit progress report
6.Submit progress report
7.Submit progress report
8.Submit draft of Business Plan
9.Submit final paper

Heart failure discharge care plan

Heart failure discharge care plan.

Heart failure discharge care plan

Write a 3-4 page evidence-based health care delivery plan for one component of a heart failure clinic. Nursing within an organization is a critical component of health care delivery and is an essential ingredient in patient outcomes (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). The concern for quality care that flows from evidence-based practice generates a desired outcome. Without these factors, a nurse cannot be an effective leader. It is important to lead not only from this position but from knowledge and expertise. Instructions Deliverable: Develop an evidence-based plan for health care delivery. Scenario: The hospital where you work has an issue with increased readmissions within 30 days of discharge. After examining the core measures, it was found that heart failure was the most common core measure disease process experiencing the highest rate of readmissions. The leadership team has given your team the charge of developing a nurse-run outpatient heart failure clinic. The purpose of this clinic is to ensure that discharge education is presented to the patient in an orderly, consistent manner and complies with evidence-based practice protocols. Since these patients may be discharged from a variety of areas in the facility, having the heart failure clinic staff take ownership of the process will improve both consistency and compliance. There are cardiologists that interact with the staff and patients, but the day-to-day operations of the clinic are designed and supported by the nurses as they interact with appropriate members of the other health care team disciplines promoting the best care for the heart failure patients. As a member of the nurse team, you have been asked to develop one component of the clinic. The hospital leadership established these objectives for the clinic services: • Evaluate and maximize proper medication therapy. • Conduct regular diet, exercise, and stress management classes for the patients. • Monitor physiological indicators for the patients (lab work, weights, vital signs, ECGs). • Provide a case management system for patients in the program post-discharge. The overall goals for the heart failure clinic are to: • Enroll greater than 90 percent of the patients with a primary or secondary diagnosis of HF prior to discharge. • Facilitate discharge planning to achieve 100 percent compliance with patient education prior to discharge (discharge planning). • Decrease readmission rates in this population by 5 percent over the next year. The leadership team has asked you to provide them with an evidence-based plan for one of the components of the clinic. You may use any combination of documents (for example, a spreadsheet or a table) in addition to explanatory information to convey information clearly and succinctly. Develop a Discharge Education Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Plan

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major similarities and differences in Socrates’ and Peirce’s conception of philosophizing as represented in the texts “The Apology” and “Fixation of Belief

You will prepare a research project in market assessment and business planning. You will select a country and a Essay major similarities and differences in Socrates’ and Peirce’s conception of philosophizing as represented in the texts “The Apology” and “Fixation of Belief.

What are the major similarities and differences in Socrates’ and Peirce’s conception of philosophizing as represented in the texts “The Apology” and “Fixation of Belief”? Compose a carefully argued essay to tackle this question (ca. 1500 words, 4 pages, Times New Roman 12, double-spaced) by reconstructing Socrates’ conception of philosophia (love of wisdom) and then comparing it to Peirce’s approach. Make sure to substantiate each stage of your account with full quotations and references to the text (e.g: cf. Fixation, Ch. 5, par. 3; or Ap. 23 a5-c8).

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Week 4 Homework

In an essay format answer the following questions:
In essay format answer the following questions:
After reading the chapter by Capri (2015) on manual data collection. Answer the following questions:
What were the traditional methods of data collection in the transit system?
Why are the traditional methods insufficient in satisfying the requirement of data collection?
Give a synopsis of the case study and your thoughts regarding the requirements of the optimization and performance measurement requirements and the impact to expensive and labor-intensive nature.
In an APA7 formatted essay answer all questions above. There should be headings to each of the questions above as well. Ensure there are at least two-peer reviewed sources to support your work. The paper should be at least two pages of content (this does not include the cover page or reference page).

How sexual education impacted the youth

How sexual education impacted the youth.

how sexual education impacted the youth, write a sociological paper on the effect of sex education on the youth -must us at least 6 sources – must use at least 1 table –

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Freemont High School

Freemont High School.

Description Everyone should be very familiar with the Freemont High School essay at this point, and everyone should have at least 6 sources that highlight the issues found within that essay. Capitalism, lack of academic resources, the failure of the educational system as a whole, the justice system, race, social class, inequality… these are just a few of the issues we’ve discussed regarding this essay. Once you begin to research these areas in relation to the Freemont High essay, then you’ll begin to develop your own thoughts on the issues. It’s very important that each of you get to this point because this research paper is “argumentative” in nature. You’ll need to educate yourself enough on the issues to be able to develop an argument. INCLUDE A ABSTRACT AND A COVER PAGE

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Issues in Higher Education

Issues in Higher Education.

 Narrowing the broad topic of “higher education” to a specific subtopic, you’ll identify some of the issues–a problem or question within the topic that has multiple perspectives–within that subtopic, outlining the different positions people take and noting any unanswered questions (or, gaps in the research). For your assignment, you will write a self-contained review of 5-6 critical/scholarly sources on your sub-topic. The purpose of the assignment will be to more fully understand the complexity of the topic and to help you begin to develop and informed position within the conversation. Your literature review will contain: a title page an introduction that introduces the sub-topic and develops its context identifies why/to whom this sub-topic is valuable announces the purpose of the review a body that is divided into topical sub-headings summarizes the sources in relation to those headings synthesizes the sources in relation to one another (puts the article ideas in conversation with one another) evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of sources in relation to those headings a conclusion that recaps the topics/perspectives that are well-covered by the research identifies topics/perspectives that are under examined by the research poses possible questions you would want to answer if you were to develop this topic into a research paper a references page what higher education professionals have to say about their experiences teaching college students academic research into college populations and needs the other conversations being had in academia about the changing duties of college students and how colleges are/should respond

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Bad medicine for consumers

Bad medicine for consumers.

 Making Ethical Decisions: Bad Medicine for Consumers? Your company, a large pharmaceutical firm, acquired a drug called Relivoform when it bought a generic drugmaker. The purchased company was the market’s leading supplier of the drug, and it was by far its most profitable product. Relivoform is a major chemotherapy drug important in the treatment of liver cancer. It cost $300 per treatment, and many patients rely on it to control the spread of their cancer. Currently, your company has many new drugs in development costing the company millions in research and testing. It may be years before the Food and Drug Administration approves the new drugs and you can get them into the market. Your finance committee has recommended increasing the price of Relivoform to $3,000 per treatment to help alleviate the development costs of new drugs. Since your company now controls the distribution of the drug (even though it’s a generic), you doubt any competitors could immediately impact your market. When word leaked out that Relivoform’s price may increase 10-fold, the public reacted with a rage, accusing your firm of favoring profits over patients’ needs. Will you follow your committee’s recommendation and raise the price? What are your alternatives? What might be the consequences of each?

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“Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HRPlanning and Recruitment”

“Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HRPlanning and Recruitment”.

You will have your choice of which two cases you choose from the listing in Week Eight for the first case.Select the cases that most interestyou:Each written case paper should be four pages in length, and include the following: Summarize case issues / problems by identifying and stating all issues and recognizing all pertinent factors. Analysis / recommendations: Analysis should correctly identify symptoms, causes, important factors, and use terminology fully and correctly. The range of recommendations and solutions should be consistent with the issues. Close with concluding paragraph(s) with your overall thoughts about the case. Use first personwhere appropriate. The case study response should include content drawn from the textbook, including drawing on the questions presented at the end of the case to address what content to use from the chapter(s) in your response. APA in-text citations or References page are NOT required for this assignment since our textbook is the reference source. If outside sources are included,then cite themand our textbook,and prepare a References page Choose ONE of the following cases from these chapters to analyze:

CH 4 Page 122“How Google Searches for the Right Job Requirements” CH 5 Pages 158 “Boeing’s High-Flying Approach to HRPlanning and Recruitment” CH 6 Pages 189“How Gild Creates Golden Opportunitiesfor Underappreciated Workers” CH 7 Pages 223“Goodyear’s Training Helps Keep Workers Safe

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