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You will have plenty of time to work on this essay in class AFTER spring break. Please do not

You will have plenty of time to work on this essay in class AFTER spring break. Please do not worry about this assignment during spring break.

Using ONE of the three articles you have read and used for other assignments found within the article module write the RAE. The RAE, as you know from the RAE prompt in the book and week 6 readings, is an essay analyzing ONE of the articles and telling the editor of The Shorthorn whether or not you believe it should be published and why or why not. You will use the rhetorical appeals and talk about how the article could impact UTA students.

The following will help you to get an A on your RAE.

YOU MUST USE MLA formatting fully and correctly.

Paragraph 1: (Should include)

Opening statement to the editor such as, “As per your request, I analyzed “______article name________” written by ________authors name________.
“So what/Who cares” needs to happen within the first paragraph. So what is why are you telling us this, why is this important for readers to know. Who cares is who would care to read this paper.
Audience – You are talking to the editor about whether or not this article should be published in The Shorthorn. You need to directly talk about the impact of this article on UTA students and why this article should or shouldn’t be published.
Thesis – This is where you specifically state if the article should be published and give three reason why or not. Those three reasons will be each of your body paragraphs.
Paragraph 2-4: (Should include)

These paragraphs are about the logos, pathos, or ethos mixed all together based on the three reasons you gave within the thesis.
Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and the topic sentence tells the reader exactly what the paragraph is about. Your topic sentences come directly from your thesis.
Each paragraph should be 5 sentences.
Each paragraph should give at least one sentence about how students would benefit or react to the article you chose to analyze.
Paragraph 5

Naysayer – A person or persons that would disagree with your articles author or with your assessment of the article.
This paragraph should start with who the naysayer is and what they may believe. Something like, “Other readers of The Shorthorn may say that even a poorly written article has benefits, but I say…” or “Strict climate change majors may say this article doesn’t go far enough, but I say…”
Paragraph 6

Conclusion – This is where most students lose points because they don’t know what to do.
This should include a recap of the paper without giving exact word for word retelling. Something like, “Throughout the paper I have shown why this article should/should not be publish by _________, _______, ________…”
Then wrap up the essay with a question or thanking the editor for their time and hoping you can critique more in the future or whatever.
This essay is not a letter, so do not sign the essay.
You can also schedule and go to the Writing Center. If you do choose to go to the writing center you will get an additional 5 extra points on your final draft.

Living With Disabilities

Living With Disabilities.

 Description The Research paper structure should include the following: -Title page (1) -abstract (1) -content pages (5) -conclusion (1) -references (1) therefor, there must be a minimum of 9 pages per project.

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