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you will construct your own “This I believe” statement on everyday ethics. Everyday ethics concern minor acts that point to your values. 20 pages powerpoint is needed.

you will construct your own “This I believe” statement on everyday ethics. Everyday ethics concern minor acts that point to your values. 20 pages powerpoint is needed.. I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

Assignment Description
A popular podcast from NPR, “This I Believe” asks for listeners and speakers to critically think through the values and worldviews that guide their everyday choices, no matter how small. For this assignment, you will construct your own “This I believe” statement on everyday ethics. Everyday ethics concern minor acts that point to your values. Some examples might include:

Depositing dropped money into a tip jar
Giving money to buskers
Slowing down to allow cars to merge
Making eye contact and smiling with service workers
Chewing food with your mouth closed

Think about how you would complete one of the following sentences:
I believe you should always ______________________________________.
I believe you should never _______________________________________.
While the above statements are rather absolute, your speech may work through some of the qualifiers and complexities of your belief.
Your speech will be delivered in the style of an Ignite speech – a 5-minute speech that is supported by 20 automatically timed slides. While these conditions may feel limiting, such conditions encourage you to be intentional in your linguistic, embodied, and visual rhetoric. 5 minutes is roughly 500 words.
You will provide your TA a draft of your speech and your slides during your section meeting on Thursday October 10th.
You will upload a final copy of your speech to Turnitin by Monday October 21st 11:59pm, and you will perform your speech for your classmates during sections of Week 4.
you will construct your own “This I believe” statement on everyday ethics. Everyday ethics concern minor acts that point to your values. 20 pages powerpoint is needed.

Each student will be assigned to a chapter within the textbook and will write a report (utilizing the headings below) based on its importance and/or relevance to the healthcare industry as it relates to your chapter topic and article selection. You will conduct research on your assigned chapter and find a reputable article to use for this assignment (an article is not assigned to you). Students should think critically about the article and include the following in their report: ● How it relates to the healthcare industry in general (Heading: Relation to the Healthcare Industry) ● How it relates to your chapter topic (Heading: Relation to Chapter Topic) ● Three examples of how it can be applied or how it impacts healthcare organizations (Heading: Impacts to Healthcare) ● How healthcare organizations can improve in the topic area (Heading: Improvements Needed) ● End the report with 1 critical thinking question that was developed based on your research for the topic. (Heading: Critical Thinking Question) The report should be a minimum of 2 written pages in length where you cover the following areas 1) name, date, and article title, 2) introduction and quick overview of your article providing direct in-text citations from the article, 3) how it relates to healthcare, 4) how it relates to your chapter topic providing direct in-text citations from the textbook, 5) 3 examples of how it impacts healthcare, 6) improvements needed, 7) critical thinking question, 8) references (a minimum of your article and your textbook are required).

New England Business & Finance Computer Science Incident Response Plan Research

New England Business & Finance Computer Science Incident Response Plan Research.

I’m working on a computer science question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Describe the key components within the incident response plan you identified. Be sure to cite the plan by including a link.
Outline the six-step methodology for performing incident response. List each step and its purpose. How closely does the plan that you reviewed follow this methodology?
Describe how this policy would be associated with an incident response plan.
Policy Statement
Insert policy verbiage here.
Insert the policy’s purpose as well as its objectives; use a bulleted list for the policy definition. Define the incident response team members and the authorization and authority granted to them during a crisis or while securing an incident situation.
Define this policy’s scope and whom it covers. What elements, IT assets, or organization-owned assets are within the scope of this policy? What access and authority are granted to the incident response team members that may be outside of standard protocol?
Does this policy point to any hardware, software, or configuration standards? If so, list them here and explain the relationship of this policy to these standards
Explain how you intend to implement this policy across the organization. Also, define and incorporate the six-step incident response approach here along with how the chain of custody must be maintained throughout any evidence collection process.
Explain any roadblocks or implementation issues that you must address in this section and how you will overcome them per defined policy guidelines.
Identify and define an incident scenario for Bankwise Credit Union. The incident must involve some type of cybersecurity issue.
Create a brief abstract of the scenario to be approved by C-level executives.

New England Business & Finance Computer Science Incident Response Plan Research

San Diego State University Chines Han Dynasty and History Discussion

nursing essay writing service San Diego State University Chines Han Dynasty and History Discussion.

Chapter 2 :brings us to the first civilizations of Southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region, including the areas of Mesopotamia and the Nile River Valley. You can get up to five points for a really good paragraph (about five sentences is fine) that adds something to the discussion. Explain the role of temples in early Mesopotamian society.————————————————————————————————————————-Chapter 3: Settlers and Migrants: The Creation of States in AsiaHere we see the early societies of South Asia and East Asia, and also Central Asia. The chapter includes the early agricultural societies of the Indus Valley in India and the Yellow River Valley in China. It also includes the Indo-European peoples, who started in the Caucasus Mountains and split off in various directions, with their horses, to India, Europe, Iran, and other parts of Eurasia. The discussion is officially worth ten points. You can get up to five points for a thoughtful paragraph that adds information to the discussion. Please limit each post to about one paragraph, or two very short paragraphs. Keep in mind, the quality of the interactions is important. You want to build on what others are saying and encourage others to build on what you are saying.Chapter 3:Settlers and Migrants:The Creation of States in Asia, 5000-500 BCEKey terms: Sima Qian (80, 100-102, 105, 113)Pastoralists/ Nomadic HerdersYellow River Valley (Huang He)Yangzi River ValleyIndus River Valley/ Mohenjo-DaroHarrapan citiesIndo-EuropeansThe Vedas/ Vedic AgeReincarnation/ KarmaDivination/ Oracles (in China)Shang DynastyZhou Dynasty/ Mandate of HeavenOxus PeopleKey questions:Why do you think this chapter begins and ends with Sima Qian, a historian from a more recent era?In what ways do the civilizations of this era appear similar?How do you see their development related to geographic factors?What do the authors find notable about urban life in the ancient Indus Valley?In what ways do these cities appear similar to urban areas in Mesopotamia, such as Uruk?Why was trade especially significant to the Indus Valley?What do their crafts tell us about the society?Explain the significance of families, clans, and castes in the development of early India.(95-98)What does the archeological record show us about the earliest cities in China?(100-101)How would you explain the importance of ancestors in Shang society?In what way could the Zhou Dynasty represent a turning point for early China?In what ways were nomadic and settled peoples important to each other?(Conclusion)
San Diego State University Chines Han Dynasty and History Discussion

SOC240 DeVry University Chicago Digital Identity Presentation

SOC240 DeVry University Chicago Digital Identity Presentation.

For this assignment, you will create a visual argument about your identity. Using a medium or technology of your choice, you will need to do the following:Create an artifact that visualizes or explains some aspect of your identity. Make sure to focus on your identity or personality traits. Some ideas include:Creating a professional poster using PowerPointIn a 2 page essay, discuss the following:What is the identity trait or category you are depicting? How would you define it?Why did you choose this trait? Is it a defining part of your identity, or rather an element of your identity by which you would rather not be characterized?How does this identity trait/category impact your life? Is there a defining event or moment which characterizes this?How do other people perceive or understand this element of your identity?What is it that you want people to learn about you?
SOC240 DeVry University Chicago Digital Identity Presentation

Origins of Parthenogenesis: Advantages and Disadvantages

Origins of Parthenogenesis: Advantages and Disadvantages. This essay will discuss the origins of parthenogenesis, the advantages and disadvantages and its effects on nature. (1.1 c) The Encyclopaedia of Genetics (2001) describes parthenogenesis as “the production of an embryo from a female gamete without any genetic contribution from a male gamete, with or without the eventual development into an adult.” Parthenogenesis can also be described as A-sexual or self-reproduction. It is also referred to as ‘virgin birth’ (1.1 d ,3.1 b). Parthenogenesis is commonly found in organisms such as plants and insects. The occurrence has rarely been seen in any mammal however, when it has, the animal lacks certain qualities and genetic diversities of a mammal conceived through sexual reproduction. (2. 2) According to Encyclopaedia Britannia (2018), Parthenogenesis occurs commonly among lower plants and invertebrate animals (particularly rotifers, aphids, ants, wasps, and bees) and rarely among higher vertebrates. (1.1 b,1.1 c 1.1 d). When discussing parthenogenic insects we can refer to them as a-sexual beings , however when speaking about parthenogenic plants/seeds, it is more accurate to discuss them as being agamospermy or apomictic organisms . (1.1 b, 1.1 d ,3.1 a,3.1 b) Parthenogenesis is an adaptive strategy that allows organisms to reproduce when sexual reproduction is not possible due to environmental conditions. – Regina Bailey (2016) . (1.1 a,1.1 d). This creates an understanding that parthenogenesis has become an evolutionary trait to allow organisms to reproduce when faced with factors that hinders their usual form of reproduction. In a time of crisis when reproduction is critical to prevent extinction, parthenogenesis helps to preserve life due to their ability to produce offspring rapidly. Some organisms need this evolutionary trait as they may lack a partner in which to sexually reproduce therefore are able to continue the species without the presence of a male. Parthenogenesis is not always a positive trait and may prevent the organism’s ability to survive in a modern environment due to lack of genetic diversity. Another advantage of parthenogenesis over sexual reproduction, is that sexual reproduction is more time consuming and therefore results in few off spring. (1.1 b, 1.1 d, 2.2, 3.1 a) Parthenogenesis also has many disadvantages. Regina Bailey (2016) believes that “a disadvantage of this type of reproduction is the lack of genetic variation. There is no movement of genes from one population to another.” Various survival genes not being passed on to the next generation causes of deprivation of evolutionary skills such as; ability to live on land and the ability to fly. It also hinders the next generation from developing further survival skills which organisms produced through sexual reproduction may have. This results in parthenogenic organisms not being as advanced as other organisms therefore possibly having a lower survival rate. Plants also need genetic variation in order to survive in harsh weather and animal habitats. Therefore, it is vital humans cannot produce parthenogenically, as it would result in humans regressing on the evolutionary scale rather than progressing. (1.1 b, 1.1 d ,3.1 a) Medical hypotheses (2017) explains that “spontaneous parthenogenetic and androgenetic events occur in humans, but they result in tumours: the ovarian teratoma and the hydatidiform mole”. Teratoma’s usually consist of hair, teeth, muscle and bone. They are also present before birth and can be found in the ovaries or testicles. Small teratoma’s can mainly be presented as a small lump and cause little to no pain. However larger teratoma’s can cause serious complications and need to be surgically removed. Hydatidiform moles are fertilised eggs which grow in the womb, they can either be a collection of cells with no foetal resemblance or they can be ‘partial moles’ which means it is an abnormal foetus which begins to form but cannot survive or grow into a baby. (1.1 a , 1.1 b, 1.1 c , 2.2 , 3.1 b) In conclusion parthenogenesis has both advantages and disadvantages. It also has a great effect on nature and evolution. Many researchers believe parthenogenesis to be a ‘phenomenon’ and continue to research into the potential of a-sexual reproduction in mammals. Many experiments have been carried out with no positive result so far. ( 2.2 , 3.1 a , 3.1 b , 4.1 ) Bibliography / references Cited in Ferguson smith A.C, Encyclopaedia of Genetics 2001 2096-2099 The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica 2018 Parthenogenesis Encyclopaedia Britannica (Access Date: July 22, 2019) Bailey, R. “What Is Parthenogenesis?” ThoughtCo. (accessed July 22, 2019). Cited in Medical Hypotheses September 2017, Volume 106 Pages 57-60 Lynch M, Gabriel E , “Phenotypic Evolution and Parthenogenesis,” The American Naturalist 122, no. 6 (Dec., 1983): 745-764. Accessed 27 /07/ 2019 Bierzychudek, P. Experientia (1985) 41: 1255. / Accessed 27 / 07 / 2019 Origins of Parthenogenesis: Advantages and Disadvantages

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