You may use the same type of practice as you did previously. Drawing upon your learning in previous courses

You may use the same type of practice as you did previously. Drawing upon your learning in previous courses and current research, you will be asked to prepare an analysis based on two (2) legal aspects of healthcare and two (2) management risks that you may likely be presented with as a healthcare administrator and report them to upper management.

Cite at least four (4) references to validate your proposal. Prepare this Assignment according to the APA guidelines in 7th edition.

Length requirement: 1,000–1,250–word[supanova_question]

Sustainability and risk Engineering

Sustainability and risk Engineering.

The report must be prepared as a professional engineering report with an abstract, introduction, data collection and analysis and conclusions. The report must include headings and appropriate levels of sub-headings. It must also include table of content, list of abbreviations, figures and tables. All the literature data must be appropriately referenced. Harvard style referencing must be used. Students are expected to produce about 4,000 word length (20 pages) report (excluding title page, table of content, list of abbreviations, figures and tables). Students must select a 10 ha (315 m x 315 m) area of a developed urban land. For the selected area, carryout the following data collection and analysis: – Number of residential and commercial properties. – Use GaBi to estimate the embodied energy. – Estimate the operational energy required. – Estimate the overall energy required to sustain the urban centre over a period of 50 years. – Use MUSIC to estimate the total runoff that is generated from the area. – Identify WSUD technologies that can be adopted for the urban area that is chosen. – Develop a water balance for the urban area (including the inflow and outflow of water into the urban centre). – Provide a succinct summary of all the data that was collected and analysed. – Develop a thought provoking conclusions and recommendations section. pictures provided • In 1 picture the tiltle is “a simple step by step procedure to create a model using Gabi 6.0”. In this assignment no need to use Gabi 6.0 software. Just paraphrase the all the points from 1-14 by using your own words, cause of similarities. •In another pic is the instructions for the assignment. Follow the steps. Remaining again: no need to use Gabi software

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Literature review and summary of articles due in recitation (50 individual points) Every member of your team needs to turn in their own unique individual literature review during recitation. An example of a literature review is posted on Canvas.

You may use the same type of practice as you did previously. Drawing upon your learning in previous courses Literature review and summary of articles due in recitation (50 individual points) Every member of your team needs to turn in their own unique individual literature review during recitation. An example of a literature review is posted on Canvas..

Literature review and summary of articles due in recitation (50 individual points)
Every member of your team needs to turn in their own unique individual literature review during recitation. An example of a literature review is posted on Canvas.

The literature review may include two types of article

 more lengthy popular press articles that include scientific information 2) scientific peer-reviewed articles/reports. Each individual must have a total of 6 articles, and at least 3 of these must be scientific peer-reviewed articles/reports. Some of the popular press articles may lead students to scientific journal articles that can be used for the literature review. For each article, the student should list:
1. The citation using APA formatting:
2. Write a summary of the relevant information in the article (2-5 sentences). Include in your summary if the details in the article will be important information for the background section of the poster, or if the information will be used in the analysis of each option based on your criteria – and clearly link the information to the options and criteria.

Literature Review Rubric:
2 points – for including at least 3 scientific peer-reviewed articles/reports
8 points for each article:
– 2 points for citing an article with APA formatting and including all necessary citation details.
– 4 points for giving detailed information about what was found that was relevant to the options/critera
– 2 points explicitly saying how the information will be used (in the background or in the analysis of options)

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CYB610 Project 3: Common computing platforms

CYB610 Project 3: Common computing platforms.


You are an Information Assurance Management Officer, IAMO, at an organization of your choosing. One morning, as you’re getting ready for work, you see an email from Karen, your manager. She asks you to come to her office as soon as you get in. When you arrive to your work, you head straight to Karen’s office. “Sorry for the impromptu meeting,” she says, “but we have a bit of an emergency. There’s been a security breach at the Office of Personnel Management.” We don’t know how this happened, but we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again, says Karen. You’ll be receiving an email with more information on the security breach. Use this info to assess the information system vulnerabilities of the Office of Personnel Management. At your desk, you open Karen’s email. She’s given you an OPM report from the Office of the

Inspector General, or OIG. You have studied the OPM OIG report and found that the hackers were able to gain access through compromised credentials. The security breach could have been prevented, if the Office of Personnel Management, or OPM, had abided by previous auditing reports and security findings. In addition, access to the databases could have been prevented by implementing various encryption schemas and could have been identified after running regularly scheduled scans of the systems. Karen and the rest of the leadership team want you to compile your findings into a Security Assessment Report or SAR. You will also create a Risk Assessment Report, or RAR, in which you identify threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and likelihood of exploitation and suggested remediation


The security posture of the information systems infrastructure of an organization should be regularly monitored and assessed (including software, hardware, firmware components, governance policies, and implementation of security controls). The monitoring and assessment of the infrastructure and its components, policies, and processes should also account for changes and new procurements that are sure to follow in order to stay in step with ever-changing information system technologies.

The data breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is one of the largest in US government history. It provides a series of lessons learned for other organizations in industry and the public sector. Some critical security practices, such as lack of diligence to security controls and management of changes to the information systems infrastructure were cited as contributors to the massive data breach in the OPM Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) Final Audit Report, which can be found in open source searches. Some of the findings in the report include: weak authentication mechanisms; lack of a plan for life-cycle management of the information systems; lack of a configuration management and change management plan; lack of inventory of systems, servers, databases, and network devices; lack of mature vulnerability scanning tools; lack of valid authorizations for many systems, and lack of plans of action to remedy the findings of previous audits.

The breach ultimately resulted in removal of OPM’s top leadership. The impact of the breach on the livelihoods of millions of people is ongoing and may never be fully known. There is a critical need for security programs that can assess vulnerabilities and provide mitigations.

There are nine steps that will help you create your final deliverables. The deliverables for this project are as follows:

  1. Security Assessment Report (SAR): This should be an 8-10 page double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.
  2. Risk Assessment Report (RAR): This report should be a 5-6 page double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.

Step 1: Enterprise Network Diagram

During Project One, you researched a hypothetical or actual organization of your choice. You had to understand the goals of the organization and the types of systems that would fulfill those goals. You will now research and learn about types of networks and their secure constructs that may be used in organizations to accomplish the functions of the organization’s mission. You will propose a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN) for the organization, define the systems environment, and incorporate this information in a network diagram. Discuss the security benefits of your chosen network design.

Read about the following computing platforms available for networks and discuss how these platforms could be implemented in your organization. Include the rationale for all platforms you choose to include in your network design.

  • common computing platforms
  • cloud computing
  • distributed computing
  • centralized computing
  • secure programming fundamentals

Step 2: Enterprise Threats

Review the OIG report on the OPM breach that you were asked to research and read about at the beginning of the project. The OIG report included numerous security deficiencies that likely left OPM networks vulnerable to being breached. In addition to those external threats, the report also describes the ways OPM was vulnerable to insider threats. The information about the breach could be classified as threat intelligence. Define threat intelligence and explain what kind of threat intelligence is known about the OPM breach.

You just provided detailed background information on your organization. Next, you’ll describe threats to your organization’s system. Before you get started, select and explore the contents of the following link: insider threats (also known as internal threats). As you’re reading, take note of which insider threats are a risk to your organization.

Now, differentiate between the external threats to the system and the insider threats. Identify where these threats can occur in the previously created diagrams. Relate the OPM threat intelligence to your organization. How likely is it that a similar attack will occur at your organization?

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Beethoven’s Late Style and the Spiritual Experience of his String Quartets

Beethoven’s Late Style and the Spiritual Experience of his String Quartets.

Thesis: “The consumption of Beethoven’s musical output, specifically that composed during his “later style,” in the 19th Century is often considered a heightened spiritual experience—a replacement for the dying religious commitment of the Romantic era. As a consequence, explorative composers like Beethoven, who was particularly innovative tonally, formally, and harmonically, became sacarilzed emblems of a society that had begun to value art and its inherent spirituality over the religious construct.”

6-8 pages (longer is okay) Requirements

• This paper should address an issue relevant to Beethoven and/or his string quartets. It can focus on any time period from Beethoven’s life to the present. The range of possibilities is very broad. • The paper can expand upon a short response or it can be about a new topic.

• The paper should be about something that you genuinely find interesting and want to think about. • The paper should consult at least seven secondary sources. More is always good. It can have as many primary sources as you like. • 6-8 pages means: 1-inch margins, 12-point font, and a normal sized font like Times, Calibri, or Garamond. No Arial please. I’m serious. Sources and Evidence • A secondary source is: a piece of scholarship about the period in question. We have read mostly secondary sources this semester. • A primary source is: a document from the period in question. Our primary sources have been Hoffmann and Kant. You should plan to use at least 7 secondary sources. These can include books/articles assigned for class. They can also include non-musicological secondary sources (for instance, if you wanted to write a paper about the “hero” in the early 19th century more generally, there are a lot of sources from literature and history to consult!). They must be published in peer-reviewed journals or in books. In some cases blog posts by performers, etc. can be used, but only if they have references/endnotes.

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Statement of Purpose for my PhD application in USA Universities

Statement of Purpose for my PhD application in USA Universities.

Interest – chemical biology B. Sc. degree – Chemistry Honours from “Chandernagore Government College”, affiliated to the University of Burdwan, reputed and competitive university in our country. M.Sc degree.- Chemical science from Central University of Karnataka(CUK), one of the developed university among all central university in India. Summer internship 3 months – IIT Madras (development of methodology of drug synthesis) 1-year long Research Project – IIT Guwahati Achievement: All India rank 7 in M.Sc. entrance examination organized by Central university of Karnataka. Work Experience: Two posters were presented during my M.Sc. One is about “Corticosteroid” which was presented since the 2nd semester of my M.Sc. and another one is about “Ibuprofen, a NSAID” which was presented since the4thsemester of my M.Sc. Along with that, I have worked on a Semester long M.Sc. dissertation project, “Structural and functional characterisation of Contryphan (a family of peptide that are active constituents of the potent venom produced by cone snail) and from Conus Araneosus” – supervised by Dr. Hanumae Gowd (Assistant prof) Involved in a summer research project at IIT Madras on“La2O3catalysed oxidation of aldehyde with H2O2 and synthesis of Ibuprofen” – supervised by Dr. DebashisChakraborty (Associate prof.) and Prof. K.K. Balasubhramanian (INSA Senior Scientist). Currently working on some novel research projects at IIT Guwahati, – “synthetic ion transporters”, “cancer immunotherapy” and “development of unnatural lipids for drug delivery and transfection efficiency study” t– supervised by Prof. Debasis Manna. Manuscript writing is going on… Others important Information: During my undergraduate studies, I came in contact with a very prominent Professor who have developed both my basic understanding of chemistry and the Practical Skills, by their outstanding teaching quality. During my post-graduate studies in CUK, I got the opportunity to get into the modern research environment by holding the hands of Dr. Harish Holla, Dr.Hanumae Gowd etc. The years during my postgraduate studies are the most pivotal time in my life, which gaves my career a certain shape. For the rigorous curriculum of CUK, I learned about some advanced branch of chemistry e.g. medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, and mass spectrometry in Proteomics. Attended Workshop during M.Sc.- Application of HPLC in Pharmaceutical Industry Instrumental knowledge during Summer intern – column chromatography, NMR and IR spectroscopy as well as how to handle glove box, Mass spectrometry Gained Instrumental Knowledge at IIT Guwahati – Gel Electrophoresis, UV, Fluorescent, DLS Zetasizer, How to handle laminar flow cabinet

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The Reincarnation Concept in the World’s Religions Today

The Reincarnation Concept in the World’s Religions Today.

. However, these are my professor’s instructions. STEP 2: Using your main research question and supporting ideas, develop a one-sentence thesis statement. STEP 3: Conduct additional customized research. STEP 4: Sketch an outline for your research paper. Use supporting research questions to plan paragraphs in support of your thesis. Description: Students will develop a research paper concerning either a specific aspect of a religion or some specific thematic approach to religion (1,250-word minimum). Include a works cited and adhere to MLA citation guidelines. The 1,250-word minimum applies to the essay itself, not the outline, revision memo, works cited, etc. The works cited must include at least 4 academic sources. > Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct and will not be tolerated. <

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