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You may choose topic and Assemble a packet of materials for submission (as if you would submit it to the Essay

You may choose topic and Assemble a packet of materials for submission (as if you would submit it to the Institutional Review Board). This includes all required paperwork, consent forms, and most of all a research ‘protocol’ or description of your research design, the contribution you hope to make to social knowledge, and the protections for research with human subjects appropriate to your proposed project. During the final session of the semester, you will present your IRB proposal to the group. see all attachments
HAP 746 George Mason University African Americans Maternal Mortality Presentation.

In an effort to make the Op Ed easier we have changed the format of the assignment. You do not have to write a 750 word paper. You can pick from these two options.1. Three slides PPT with 2 – 3 minutes of audio.2. Video (Kaltura, UTube, or something similar) of you talking for 2 to 3 minutes. Nothing in writing.**Professor FreeborneThe opinion editorial (OpEd) is a relatively brief (max 750 words) opinion article targeted at being published in a newspaper, journal or website for the purpose of reaching many people to “sway hearts, change minds and perhaps even reshape public policy… In the process, you may also earn recognition for yourself and your institution, all for less effort than it takes to write a professional journal article.” (Duke University, 2019) Based on your policy analysis, prepare a 750 word (maximum) opinion editorial (word document) for submission to an identified communication venue (newspaper, newsletter, journal or website). Your OpEd may seek to engage the general public or a professional group and may be focused on a local or national/international communication venue. Utilize the information learned from your background research, WebQuest and Policy Analysis to put forward an opinion and support for a policy centric action. The default ‘style’ of your submission should be APA format. However, you may follow the writing format/instructions for authors required by your targeted publication venue in lieu of APA.
HAP 746 George Mason University African Americans Maternal Mortality Presentation

Using the Book: Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture by Aaron A. Fox (2004) Please answer all three questions below. Roughly divide your answers between the three questions. (So your essay will total at least 500 words.) Keep summaries and quotes to a minimum. You must cite the page number (in parentheses) in the body of your essay when you quote, summarize, or paraphrase ANY idea from a text. Your ideas about the material are important, too. Please read the Rubric/Scoring Guide at the bottom. Do not include the questions themselves in your response. Please submit a doc or docx file, double-spaced in Times New Roman. Thank you! Looking at Real Country, how do Fox’s detailed descriiptions of the sociocultural context help you to understand the music? Which part in Chapter 5 is the most insightful for you? Explain. Which part of Real Country is the most helpful to you as you write your own research paper? (Think about style and organization.) Explain.

in description

in description. I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For this assignment, you can select one of these options….after reading Chapters 35 AND 36, paying attention to the Key Terms. You only have to do one, and it is worth 20 points total!
1) Describe what your life would be like during the Second World War. You could be a solider, civilian, leader, woman, kid…whatever you want. This assignment must be over a page long…. more details, the better!
2) Create a timeline of significant events/people from chapter 36 and 37. You can be as creative as you want to be! The time line must be over a page long and have plenty of detail.
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San Diego State University Jefferson Apportionment Method Multiple Choice Questions

essay help online San Diego State University Jefferson Apportionment Method Multiple Choice Questions.

Question 1Determine which of the following paradoxes might result when using Jefferson’s apportionment method.Group of answer choicesThe Alabama paradoxThe New States paradoxThe Population paradoxNone of the aboveQuestion 2The probability that an event A occurs given that event B has occurred is given by ____.Group of answer choicesP ( A ) P ( B )P ( A a n d B ) P ( B )P ( B ) P ( A )P ( A a n d B ) P ( A )Question 3If the probability of A and B occurring simultaneously is zero, then A and B are ____.Group of answer choicesmutually exclusive eventsdependent eventsindependent eventsnot mutually exclusive eventsQuestion 4Which of the following algorithms can you use to find an optimal Hamiltonian circuit in a complete graph?Group of answer choicesNearest Neighbor AlgorithmRepeated Nearest Neighbor AlgorithmBrute Force AlgorithmSorted Edges AlgorithmQuestion 5Find the expected number of boys for a two-child family assuming boys and girls are equally likely.Group of answer choices1023Question 6If the probability of an event is 3/4, what is the probability of the complement of this event?Group of answer choices1/41/23/41/3Question 7There are 15 students in a classroom, nine girls and six boys. What is the probability of randomly selecting two girls?Group of answer choices5/1312/353/42/9 Question 8Which fairness criterion is violated in an election in which the choice that is preferred in every one-to-one comparison with the other choices, is not the winner?Group of answer choicesCondorcet criterionMonotonicity criterionMajority criterionIndependence of Irrelevant Alternatives criterion Question 9Find the simple interest rate if you borrowed $5,500 and agreed to pay $5,678.75 after one year? Round to two decimal places.Group of answer choices3.25%4.50%3.45%4.05%Question 10The odds of raining tomorrow are 3 to 7. What is the probability that it will rain tomorrow?Group of answer choices7/103/77/33/10Question 11Evaluate the permutation P(4,2).Group of answer choices3224612Question 12Given the following scatter plot, determine which of the statements is true.Group of answer choicesThese variables have perfect positive correlation.There is a strong negative correlation between these variables.There is no correlation between these variables.There is a weak negative correlation between these variables.Question 13Find the mode of the following data: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.Group of answer choices059There is no mode Question 14 The IQ scores of 30 students enrolled in a math class are as follows: 102, 86, 111, 97, 93, 104, 114, 116, 97, 108, 100, 111, 96, 100, 114, 118, 99, 95, 110, 113, 111, 112, 107, 97, 116, 105, 108, 95, 100, 111. Create a pie chart to represent this data.Group of answer choicesQuestion 15The following graph is a ____. Group of answer choicesline graphfrequency charthistogrampie chartQuestion 16Determine which region or regions in the Venn diagram below represent A’ ∩ B.Group of answer choicesI and IVIIIIIII and IVQuestion 17The set of all consonants in the English alphabet and the set C = {x | x is a consonant in the English alphabet} are ____.Group of answer choicesnot equivalentsimilarnot equalequalQuestion 18Determine which of the following statements is true about standard deviation.Group of answer choicesIt cannot be zero.It is negative if all the data values are equal.Has the same unit as the original data.It is not influenced by outliers.Question 19To determine the number of four-digit pins with no repeated digits you need to use ____.Group of answer choicesa combinationneither a permutation nor a combinationa permutationa two-part taskQuestion 20Ann earned a score of 1,700 on her SAT with a corresponding Z-score of 0.85. She would like to know what percentile she falls in among all SAT test-takers.Group of answer choices85%75%80%70%Question 21A ____ is an arrangement in which no repetitions are allowed and the order matters.Group of answer choicespermutationone-part taskcombinationmulti-part taskQuestion 225 ptsDetermine which of the following statements about the following graph are true. Check all that apply.Group of answer choicesThere is a Euler circuit.There is a Euler path.There is no Euler circuit.There is no Euler path.Question 23A set of data values is normally distributed with a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 10. Determine the Z-score of 55.Group of answer choices0.750.5-0.75-0.5Question 24Determine which of the following statements about the graph below is true.Group of answer choicesVertices A and E are adjacent.Vertex E has degree 2.Edge BE is not a bridge.This is a disconnected graph.Question 25ACT scores closely follow the normal model with mean 20 and standard deviation 5. Use the 68-95-99.7 Rule to determine the percentage of test takers who will score between 10 and 30.Group of answer choices68%99.7%47.5%95%Question 26Calculate the mean of the following data: 2, 6, 3, 8, 5.Group of answer choices5. 27Evaluate the combination C(6, 3).Group of answer choices2012035720Question 28How many five-digit numbers exist if a number starting with zero is not considered a five-digit number?Group of answer choices25,847100,00027,21690,000Question 29If two events A and B are independent, then P(A and B) = _____.Group of answer choicesP(A) – P(B)P(A) + P(B)P(A)/P(B)P(A)*P(B)Question 30Determine which of the following statements is true about the normal distribution.Group of answer choices68% of the data is within one standard deviation of the mean.95% of the data is within three standard deviations of the mean.99.7% of the data is within two standard deviations of the mean.75% of the data is within one standard deviation of the mean.Question 31The regression line that best fits the following data is Y = -0.65X + 7.68. Use the regression line to predict the value of Y when X = 3. XY2718653444Group of answer choices4.002.434.555.73Question 32Use a tree diagram to determine how many different outfits a person with five t-shirts and two pairs of jeans can wear.Group of answer choices81079Question 33The downtown business association is electing a new chairperson. There are four candidates: Brian, Natalia, Nick, and Rose. The preference schedule for the election is found below. Find the winner under the plurality method. 2 votes2 votes6 votes3 votes4 votes1st ChoiceNataliaNataliaBrianNickRose2nd ChoiceNickRoseRoseBrianNick3rd ChoiceBrianBrianNickNataliaBrian4th ChoiceRoseNickNataliaRoseNataliaGroup of answer choicesBrianNataliaNickRose Question 34Determine which of the following statement is false about Pearson correlation.Group of answer choicesA value of -1 indicates a weak negative correlation.A value of 0 indicates no linear relationship between the variables.A value of 1 indicates a perfect positive correlation.It ranges between -1 and 1.Question 35A combination is an arrangement in which repetitions are ____ and the order ____.Group of answer choicesallowed; mattersnot allowed; does not matterallowed; does not matternot allowed; mattersQuestion 36Determine which of the following form the Five-Number summary.Group of answer choicesFirst quartile, second quartile, mean, third quartile, fourth quartileMinimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, maximumMinimum, first quartile, mode, third quartile, maximumMinimum, first quartile, mean, third quartile, maximumQuestion 37You can afford $250 per month as a car payment. If you can get an auto loan at 3% interest for 60 months, how expensive of a car can you afford? Round to the nearest dollar.Group of answer choices$14,247$14,382$13,956$13,913Question 38Represent in set-builder notation the set containing all vowels.Group of answer choicesThe set of all vowels{vowels}{x | x is a vowel}{a, e, i, o, u}Question 39You deposit $500 each month into a savings account earning 6% compounded monthly. How much will you have in the account in ten years? Round to the nearest dollar.Group of answer choices$80,375$79,669$81,940$82,745Question 40Calculate the range of the following data: 4, 12, 3, 6, 17, 2, 19, 16, 13.Group of answer choices1791415
San Diego State University Jefferson Apportionment Method Multiple Choice Questions

Discussion questions

Discussion questions. Paper details What are some of the chronic and acute physiological effects of alcohol use? Include at least one scholarly reference in your response. According to the latest version of the DSM, what are the signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder? Include at least one scholarly reference in your response. Why is identifying the “real story” important for effective counseling? What difficulties could occur if you do not focus your counseling on the “real story”? What skills can you use to help your client prioritize and focus on their specific concerns related to the problem? Additionally, read and complete the “Reframing Practice Exercise.” How did the exercise go? What did you learn from it and how will this impact your counseling practice? If using a volunteer, be sure you obtain a verbal consent from the volunteer. Include at least one scholarly reference in your response. Explain how you would handle a client who states he is feeling hopeless and helpless. How would you assess for suicidality? If the client only has fleeting thoughts but no plan, what strategies might you employ? Explain skills you would use to help a client presenting with a crisis situation and/or traumatic experience. When and how would you consult with other professionals related to this scenario? How might an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary team aid in successful treatment outcomes? Include at least one scholarly reference in your response. Discussion questions

Human Resource Management Models in Healthcare

John Murphy Baltazar Molina Assess the impact and the purpose of applying strategic human resource management models in a healthcare organisation. Assess the impact of human resource management activities in an organisation. The Impacts of Human Resource Management (HRM) Activities in an Organisation Human Resource Models Contingency Model Contingency model is a type of model that believes that there is no best way to lead a company, to make decisions, or organise an organisation. Instead, the ideal course of action is contingent upon the external and internal situation. A contingent leader efficiently relates their style of leadership at the right time and in the right situation. Organisations are open system that requires cautious management to balance and satisfy internal needs and to cope to environmental conditions. The suitable management rest on the type of duty or environment that is being dealt. Nevertheless, it is essential for management to be concerned, above all else, with achieving good fits and balance. In general, human resources refer to the whole workforce within an organisation and structural contingency theory is concerned with the whole workforce (Armstrong, 2011). In a wider sense, human resources can direct a specific department within the organisation. This may include hiring the qualified people for the job, addressing complaints, dealing with low productivity and resolving conflicts. These challenges all involve putting structural contingency theory into practice. David Guest Model David Guest Model considers that a key policy goal for human resource management is strategic integration (Armstrong, 2011) by which he indicates the organisation’s capability to integrate human resource management matters into strategic procedures, to deliver for line managers to join a human resource management view into the decision making, and to guarantee that the several facets in human resource management adhere. The Guest Model of Human Resource Management (Source: Armstrong, 2011) The central idea of David Guest Model is that human resource management practices must be intended to create high-quality personnel who are flexible and has commitment to the organisation. Employees that are committed and bound to the organisation are vital in human resource management outcome. The assertion of the Guest model that it is higher than the others is partially acceptable in the logic that it visibly draws out the field of human resource manager and describes the outcomes and inputs. But then again, because of the complexity of the dynamics of people management no model (including the Guest model) can capture them broadly. Best Practice Model Johnson (2000) specifies, that the greatest practices are described as human resource approaches and systems that have additive, positive, and universal effects on organisational performance. This meaning is linked to the point that the best practices that the organisation hires, each will augment to the previous, thus compounding the organisation’s resulting performance The Best Practice model would lead to a high performing work system because of it presents the idea to enhance the employees’ knowledge and ability in a just recruitment and training process. In addition, this model indicates to motivate desired behaviours through strong incentives which employees would be happy and be motivated to work hard and be dedicated to work in the organisation. Also, it encourages ideas and contribution from motivated and better trained workers. No man has a monopoly of knowledge, so every idea, opinion, or feedback should be welcomed to improve. Human Resource Management (HRM) Activities Job Analysis There is a developing interest in concentrating on the competencies that individuals need in order to execute jobs rather than on the duties, responsibilities, and tasks comprising a job. Organisations should invest in their employees by not overloading them with responsibilities. The point here is that when an employee is overloaded with responsibilities they tend to miss small things which could be of value in the end. Human Resource Planning Human resource planning is when managers endeavour to anticipate problems that will impact the future demand and supply for employees. It is crucial to have adequate human resource information systems to provide timely and accurate information for human resource planning. Employee Recruitment Compliance with countries laws and regulations about equal employment opportunity affects all other human resource activities and is essential to human resource management. For instance, strategic human resource plans is obligated to guarantee adequate availability of a variety of individuals to meet affirmative requirements. Employers should be resourceful in recruiting applicants by posting on the internet or making ads on public places. Employee Selection Employee selection is an activity wherein the human resource managers assess the applications of the applicants. This is a crucial activity because the employers should select the best and qualified applicants on the list. All employers should be fair in hiring people by accepting them based on their qualifications and not because of other reasons like same race or family friend. Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is a term used to describe the process set by an organisation to ensure all employees are aware of the level of performance expected of them in that role (HRINZ, 2011). Performance management system is in place in most organisations. For instance, an organisation is conducting trainings for their employees to be updated of the universal safety precautions. Human Resource Development As our work change and evolve, on-going retraining is necessary to accommodate technological changes. It is essential to prepare organisations for future challenges by boosting development of all employees including managers and supervisors. Compensation Compensation is payment to an employee for their contribution to the organisation, that is, for doing their job(McNamara, n.d.). The most common forms of compensation are salaries, wages, and salaries. Organisations typically associate job description with compensation ranges in the organisation. The ranges comprise the maximum and the minimum sum of money that can be made per year in that role. Benefits Employee benefits usually refer to retirement plans, life insurance, vacation leave, health insurance, and many more. In addition, benefits are more likely a form of value, other than payment, that is given to the employee to repay their contribution to the organisation, that is, for doing their job. Some benefits, such as unemployment and worker’s compensation, are federally required (McNamara, n.d.). Industrial Relations Industrial relations are multidisciplinary field that studies the mutual aspects of the employment relationship (VUW Career Development and Employment, 2010). It is increasingly being called employment relations because of the importance of non-industrial employment relationships. In addition, industrial relations are concerned with the social justice of decent work and unbiased employment. Most of the people often consider industrial relations as unionised employment situations and labour relations, but it is more than that. Industrial relations cover issues of concern to managers and employees at the workplace, including workplace management strategy, bargaining, participation and employee representation, union management cooperation, job design, workplace reform, skill development, and new technology (VUW Career Development and Employment, 2010) Health and Safety Programs The mental and physical health and safety of the employees are critical concerns. The traditional apprehensions are health issues arising from hazardous work with certain chemicals and newer technologies (Armstrong, 2011). Through a wider focus on health, health resource management can support employees with substance abuse and other problems. Employee wellness programs can help to promote exercise and good health should become more widespread. Manage Diversity Workforce diversity acknowledges the reality that people differ in many ways, invisible or visible, gender, marital status, social status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity, personality, and culture (Armstrong, 2011). Effective diversity management has been historically utilised to deliver a legally defensible position towards charges of discrimination. Timesheet Management A timesheet is also known as the roster or schedules made by managers for all the employees including themselves. Making the timesheet is also a vital task by the human resource managers. They need to put workers on every shift and make other options to fill those who are on leave. The Impact of Harvard Framework Model to the HRM Activities There are two characteristic features of human resource management (Armstrong, 2011). Firstly, managers take added accountability for guaranteeing the alignment of personnel policies and competitive strategy. Secondly, employees has the task of following the policies that direct how personnel activities are developed and implemented in ways that make them more mutually reinforcing. The Harvard Framework has applied substantial impact on the practice and theory of Human Resource Management, mainly in its emphasis on the point that Human Resource Management is the apprehension of management in general rather than the employees function in particular. The Harvard Analytical Framework for Human Resource Management In addition, it is based on central philosophy and planned vision. It involves management decisions and actions reflecting the relationship between the firm and its employees. It emphasizes on the importance of proper management of the human assets of an organisation to promote harmony and hence promote the output. The Harvard framework of human resource management views employees as resources (Armstrong, 2003). This type of method distinguishes the section of mutuality in all kinds of businesses. In an organisation employees are considered significant stakeholders. They have their personal needs and concerns alongside with other groups such as customers and shareholders. Currently, many pressures are demanding a more comprehensive, more strategic, and broader perspective with respect to the human resources in an organisation. Managing people in a long term perspective and treatment of people as possible assets rather than simply a variable cost have been generated because of these pressures. The Contribution and Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management The influence of HRM strategy on organisational strategy Nowadays, the success of the organisation basically depends on the capabilities and experience of its members (Kumar, 2011). An organisation may have the technology and capital, but it is human resources that will support organisations take on challenges of business globalization. Technology can be produced and capital can be generated. But the human resources needed in an organisation that can manage the coming challenges must be rightly and properly motivated and encouraged. The Influence of Human Resource Management Strategy on Organisational Performance Human resource managerial strategies shown by organisations pursuing to progress organisational performance have been categorised in two broad kinds depending on their basic character being oriented to the rise of human resources’ level of skill or else of the grade of participation of personnel in the performance of the firm and organisational strategy. Labour productivity and organisational performance are positively related to diverse features of HR management systems (McGrath, 1996), such as recruitment and selection, training programs, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, and innovative practices. Similarly, some research has shown that firms characterized by the use of the above practices outperform those that display inflexible HR strategies within the same economic sector. The Influence of Human Resource Management Strategy on the Alignment of Organisational Strategies Majority of the organisations consider the department of human resources as an managerial aspect and disregard the opportunity and need to align it within the strategic plans (Righeimer, n.d.). In situations where human resource is involved in the strategy of the organisation, its alignment doesn’t exceed the projecting function. Because the human resource does not hold a seat at the strategic planning table it is not aligned with the strategy of an organisation. The irony with the human resource being left behind in the strategic planning is that by its nature, human resource is about people, which is the strategic plan and fundamental of an organisation. My assumption is that it is difficult to measure the success of human resources and thus it is thought to be soft and not significant in the development of a strategy. What is measured gets done and obtains the authority to donate in an organisation’s strategy. The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on the Policy Making in an Organisation Employee Influence The method in which organisations manage their employees is considered a vital factor in assisting success or even failure for an organisation in today’s competitive setting. The core key to an organisation’s prosperity and effectiveness depends on how employees are managed, therefore, allowing it to have a competitive advantage versus other organisation. My assumption is that when an organisation or its human resource manager will provide company bonuses, benefits, and a good compensation to their employees will benefit from an effective and motivated workforce. This is because organisations that shows a keen interest in their employees and promote commitment based strategies through various HRM practices will benefit the most as they will see lower levels of employee turnover (The WritePass Journal, 2014) Work Systems One of the core principles of strategic HRM is to evaluate how the performance of an organisation is influenced by the way employees are managed (Farooq, 2013). Several measures have been implemented in human resource practices that have been tested to progress the effectiveness of the employees and to anticipate higher standards of organisational performance. Most of these methods include high commitment work system, high standard work structures, high performance human resource management and work systems. No matter the possibilities these systems may vary in the method of improving the employee efficiency, their conjoint track is that organisations can attain high performance by accepting practices that leverage and recognise employees’ ability to make value. To generate an all-out impact these practices are most operative when they are applied in groups because of their joint effects on performance. Reward Systems Reward management is about controlling and examining employee remuneration, compensation and all of the other benefits. Reward management targets to generate and proficiently function a reward system for an organisation. Reward system typically contains pay practices and policy, payroll and salary management, minimum wage, total reward, team reward and executive pay. References Armstrong, M. (2003). A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 9th edition. Retrieved from

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