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You have been hired by XYZ Technologies Inc., located in Lynchburg, VA. XYZ Technologies Inc., is a software development

You have been hired by XYZ Technologies Inc., located in Lynchburg, VA. XYZ Technologies
Inc., is a software development firm that designs and sells its products via the Internet to the
consumer. XYZ Technologies Inc., does not sell hard copies of their software, rather consumers
can download the software through the company’s website. As a consultant you need to assist the
company through the complex legal issues of eCommerce

it has to hit on these subjects:
1. Business Formation, Business Models, and Business Cycles;
2. Intellectual Properly: Asset protection;
3. Employment agreements: be specific in defining the types of workers used in the
company, and also address the use of the Internet to promote employee
4. Transitional Law; and, Regulatory, Compliance, and Liability Issues.

Urban dimensions of urban wildlife conservation

Urban dimensions of urban wildlife conservation.

Introduction: please read chapters three (“Urban Wildlife Science in Coupled Human-Natural Systems”) and six (“The Urban System: Social Drivers”). There are also a few additional readings (see below). The beginning of chapter three stresses that there are really no ecological systems on the planet that have not been long-influenced by humans. Even tropical forests that Europeans thought were “wild” were often actually well-tended gardens. So change and impact might be greater in urban systems than in some other places, but it is not true that some places are untouched by humans. We discussed this a bit last week, but it bears mentioning again here. This attitude and belief stems from one of the myths that has been seriously detrimental to conservation — the so-called “nature/culture divide.” This worldview states that nature is something that happens “out there,” away from the human-built environment, and so nature is not welcomed into places that are deemed by humans to be human-centric (or at least not all nature — for examples, song birds might be welcomed into a city but coyotes not). The problem with this perspective, of course, is that it creates an artificial separation between humans and nature. It’s harmful for several reasons: • Perhaps most obviously, it separates people from nature. If wildlife is not welcomed into places where humans live, work, and play, then people don’t have exposure to that wildlife. We’ve discussed a bit why exposure to nature is important to people so far this semester • There’s no real limit on the area that people determine is theirs, and so by extension where wildlife does not belong. We often think of the nature-culture divide coming into play in urban areas — and that’s true, it often does. But we also see it pop up in rural areas (for example, ranchers in the American SW who believe that Mexican wolves have no role to play in a “civilized” America) and as conflict over resources (seals and sea lions eating salmon that fishermen — commercial or recreational — feel belongs to them). Busting through this myth and creating new paradigms and stories could be one of the most effective things that conservation biologists could do. On page 36 of the text, the authors lay out the different types of ecosystem services that natural systems provide to humans. I’d like to add two more: • The idea that ecosystems and/or the species that populate them have intrinsic value (which many people believe very strongly in, and strong beliefs can help drive conservation decisions). • The idea that humans place value on an ecosystem or species simply because they exist (this is often called existence value). Although these don’t provide biological services to people, they do come into play in conservation issues. On page 97, note the idea of “landscape literacy.” Although the concept itself doesn’t necessarily include urban wildlife, there’s a strong argument to be made that it should. This basic idea is something well-worth exploring and thinking about in the context of urban conservation. There are three additional readings: Ewert’s “Human Dimensions Research and Natural Resource Management,” Sprague and Draheim’s “Hawaiian Monk Seals: Labels, Names, and Stories in Conflict,” and a (short!) four-part blog series on the concept of “pest.” Ewert provides a nice overview of some of the types of things that human dimensions research does. It’s a bit old, and there are new fields of inquiries (the optional reading, below, can provide information on some of this), but it’s a nice, short overview. The monk seal reading is a case study that shows the role that human dimensions play in a conservation conflict. Although marine life often gets left out of the picture when it comes to urban wildlife, coastal cities often have abundant marine life – some of which, including the Hawaiian monk seals – is quite endangered. The blog posts come from some of Dr. Draheim’s work, and examine the way that humans construct the concept of pest, something that to a large extent impacts how people interact with wildlife in urban areas. Blog website: Pests and Varmints and Vermin, Oh My (Part I): How to Construct a Pest (Part II): The Human Side of “Pests” (Part III): Moral Communities and “Pests” (Part IV):

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You have been hired by XYZ Technologies Inc., located in Lynchburg, VA. XYZ Technologies Inc., is a software development Obesity.

 You will explore obesity around the world. You will research information on obesity in the United States and two other countries, each from different continents. For this assignment: Discuss obesity in the United States and the two countries you selected. What comparisons can be made? What are the cultural differences in these countries that contribute to obesity? What are some of the contributing factors to worldwide obesity rates? What are some social determinants that may contribute to obesity rates? What are shared causal or associative factors that contribute to the global spread of this condition? Compile your response into an APA-formatted

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Ten Strategies of a World-Class Computer Security Incident Response Team.

Ten Strategies of a World-Class Computer Security Incident Response Team.. After watching the video, Ten Strategies of a World-Class Computer Security Incident Response Team Discuss the ten strategies discussed in the video. Research and find at least three (3) more recommendations needed to organize, fund and introduce a CSIRT. Research and recommend a CSIRT strategy for each: 1) Global Business, 2) US-mid sized business, and a 3) Global non-profit business. What would your recommendations be for Wilmington University?

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The American Family.

The American Family..

 The American Family has undergone many changes throughout the years. These changes have shaped what defines a family as well as how a family functions. Create a Power Point presentation or a FREE Prezi Presentation ( that shows a timeline of changes that have impacted the American Family. (For the free version of Prezi, simply click “Get Started”, then navigate over to the “Basic” instead of “Individual or Teams” and you will see the free version.) Your timeline must include a minimum of 8 events. Each event is to be identified by time period/date, the event being chronicled and the impact of the event on the American Family. Your presentation must include a cover slide and a reference slide. Your information must be supported by a minimum of 2 references.

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“The effectiveness of different dance-based exercise programs on the prevention of falls related injuries among older adults in the nursing home settings”?

“The effectiveness of different dance-based exercise programs on the prevention of falls related injuries among older adults in the nursing home settings”?.

DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE The PICO Question is the topic hence conduct a preliminary search for related evidence. Deliverable 1 has three components: 1) Search the literature for existing systematic reviews and evidence based guidelines: 2) Explain what was found?

3) Describe how you searched the literature; 4) Please describe in 2000 words or less a rationale for the systematic review in the context of what is already known.

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Frantz Fanons understanding of colonialism

Frantz Fanons understanding of colonialism.


Paper details

Using the assigned readings and class discussions as your guide: First, explain Fanon’s understanding of colonialism as an essentially violent system, and the reasons why indigenous peoples subject to colonial domination must use violence to free themselves. As part of your answer, be sure to explain why he believes that colonised people can only recover and assert their humanity through violent revolution. Second, evaluate his position with respect to the following question: are his arguments still relevant, or are they only applicable to past situations of colonial domination? Give an example to support your judgement. As with the first essay, the paper should be concise, roughly 5-7 double-spaced pages, written in proper essay form, with a thesis and conclusion. I am not looking for you to solve all the world’s problems in a short essay, just to demonstrate a clear understanding of the key philosophical ideas studied in this part of the class, and some sense of their practical implications, good and/or bad, as the case may be. Argue what you believe, but argue, rather than just tell me what you think. Arguments are rooted in reasons and evidence that support a conclusion. Thus, pay most attention to the reasons and evidence that you believe support your conclusion. We can all assert conclusions, we become philosophical when we learn to justify them in arguments. Most of the evidence you will draw upon in this essay will come from the texts that we have read. Cite all textual references in the standard referencing system of your choice (APA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc). If you use secondary sources, make sure that they speak to the issue at hand, and illuminate the primary texts, rather than assert generalities that do not help to answer the question posed. If you use web-based sources be sure to cite the entire URL and include the date that you accessed it.

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‘Stay Healthy’ is a company that plans to open a new Sport Centre in Coventry. You have been hired as the project manager to oversee the planning and development of this project.

‘Stay Healthy’ is a company that plans to open a new Sport Centre in Coventry. You have been hired as the project manager to oversee the planning and development of this project..

You are to: (1) assess the feasibility of the project, drawing on appropriate project management theory and frameworks; (2) prepare an initial plan that includes the project scope, the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Gantt chart, considering a minimum of 30 different tasks and 4 milestones; (3) analyse the main stakeholders and provide recommendations on how these stakeholders should be managed to maximise the chance of achieving the project’s objectives.

You are required to research and apply project management theory in order to successfully complete this assignment. In order to pass, you will need to use a minimum of 15 separate sources, including a minimum of 10 textbooks and/or scientific journal articles. Your assignment should be presented as a report, using the following structure: 1. Executive summary 2. Feasibility study 3. Project scope, WBS and Gantt chart 4. Project stakeholder assessment 5. Reference list

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