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You have been hired by a consulting firm in downtown Chicago as the Network Manager. They are still using

You have been hired by a consulting firm in downtown Chicago as the Network Manager. They are still using a legacy token ring network in their current environment as the prior Network Manager refused to learn about updating networking standards. Your first task is it bring their networking infrastructure up to current industry standards. You will be submitting this to the Chief Information Security Officer, so it should be written like a standard BUSINESS PROPOSAL (spelling and grammar will matter). If you do not know the format of a business proposal Google it. You need to turn in:

• Spreadsheet with a breakdown of the items you plan to purchase in this upgrade scenario along with links to each item and costs (URL for each item).

• Visio (or similar program) diagram of what you are designing exactly.

• Remember, this is a BUSINESS DOCUMENT you are giving to the Chief Information Security Officer (neatness, ease of reading, appeal, organization, format, grammar, spelling, and overall design will count for your grade).


This section will detail the current situations and all the items you have on hand and budgeting.

• You support a staff of 400 employees in a one-floor office building, with access to power, ceiling, and basement. There are no right-of-way issues. The square footage is 30,000 square feet for the office space.

i. 400 Desktop computers (remember the token ring network, what needs to change).

ii. 100 Laptops

iii. 6 Servers (one email, two files, one print, and two DNS/DHCP/AD)

iv. 2 Multi-function Printers ~ 2

v. 400 VoIP Phones

vi. The legacy token ring network

• You have an ISP, but it is not renewing your contract. You need a new one for the Internet to your office. What speed do you need?

• The computers and printers are in working order and do not need to be replaced. How do you upgrade them from the legacy token ring network to a current standard? What item needs to be added to the desktop?

• The overall budget is $125,000 for all equipment, services, etc.

• You must determine IEEE standard networking design and protocols to be used (choice of IPv4 or IPv6, justify your choice)

• Your proposal must also identify and justify at least 2 different VLANs you plan to implement.

• When it comes to the office’s overall layout, the desktops are in rows with 50 computers per row (so 8 rows total).

• The servers are all located in a server room, and this is where the current ISP drop is situated. The 2 printers are situated against the walls, one in the North and South of the floor.

• What networking equipment do you need? You need to createa wired or a wireless network and justify your decision. Routers, switches, access points, cabling, media, etc., make it your own and create something exciting but make sure it works.

•The VoIP phones are currently using power bricks to power them, located at each person’s desk. Figure out a way to use the VoIP phones without the power brick and implement it.