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You have been divided into two groups. I will be in group A. Group A (last name starts with

You have been divided into two groups. I will be in group A.

Group A (last name starts with A-M) will support gradual emancipation position. **(My Group)
Group B (last name starts with N-Z) will support immediate emancipation.

To participate in the debate, you need to research both positions.

Please remember this debate take place during the 1850s. Before the Civil War, before Emancipation Proclamation and after Jefferson has been dead for more than 35 years.

The required work will help you.

Who will you be in the debate?

Your character does not have to be an actual historical figure. You can be, for example, journalist, politician, teacher, a domestic servant or a sharecropper. Just make sure that you ground your analysis in academic sources and you demonstrate you have done all the required work by integrating it into your debate positions.

Stay in character for your responses means if you say you are a certain name than each response should have this person’s name or that of the person your are corresponding with in each response is part of the debating.

Also no modern day history facts should be used…in this debate Lincoln is still alive…meaning discussing the Emancipation Proclamation is not appropriate but the rumor of it can be discussed…remember the Emancipation Proclamation was a gradual emancipation document because it only freed slaves in the Confederate states but allowed Union states to still continue slavery.

Whatever you write should be in character. Be creative! Remember that everything you argue, although in character, must be grounded in academic research and must demonstrate you have done the required work.

Discuss character development and how it is evidenced in one of the stories will have examined.

Discuss character development and how it is evidenced in one of the stories will have examined..

 Georgia Military College English 102 Literary Analysis, Prof. Watkins Rough Draft Due: refer to your calendar Final Draft Due: refer to your calendar Actual Paper Assignment: 1. Discuss character development and how it is evidenced in one of the stories will have examined. Directions: The paper should be 2-3 pages long, not one and a half pages and no more than four and a half pages long. Be sure to have a cover sheet which consists of the title of your essay and your name (both should be centered), The date, class subject and time the class meets along with my name should be on the lower-right hand side of the cover sheet (single spaced). This page is NOT numbered. After this, your essay should start at the top of the page, must be numbered at the top of the page, centered or in the right hand corner, and double-spaced. The content must adhere to the following directions: In the introduction, you must create the occasion or context for your essay. You MUST also state clearly and definitively the thesis for the paper and identify the title and author of the article you will be analyzing. The body of your essay should be focused on supporting your central thesis. Remember that this is a process. 1. Make a claim (That’s your introduction’s thesis) 2. Provide evidence (This appears in the body where you paraphrase, summate and occasionally quote from the literature, or where you make reference to a secondary work to back up your claim). Explain evidence- this is really tough. If you can’t explain how you read and understood what you’ve said is the work’s message or point, your grade will suffer tremendously. Be sure you don’t try to overcomplicate things and that you can state an idea clearly to yourself and then to me, the reader. Also be sure to touch on ideas discussed in the classroom. Do’s & Don’ts When Writing a Literary Essay 1. Use quotes and/or situations to support your assertions. 2. Stay in the present tense when analyzing the story unless the action in the actual story happened in the past. 3. Do not re-tell the story. Remember the focus is not the story at all. 4. Do not use contractions. 5. Refer to the author by last name 6. Be sure to italicize the title of the story. 7. Be sure to document quotations correctly 8. Plan you essay out. Know what you want to discuss and in what order. 9. Write drafts and try not to focus so much on grammar until your last two drafts. Clearly organized and well-thought ideas are far more important

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Women in Ancient Greece

You have been divided into two groups. I will be in group A. Group A (last name starts with Women in Ancient Greece.

Women in Ancient Greece Description Actually, I wanted to write about argumentative Research paper about Greek women based on Assemblywomen,Atigone and Republic

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Assignment 5-Critical EM Roles Countering Terrorism

Assignment 5-Critical EM Roles Countering Terrorism.

What is the most critical (or potentially most valuable) role that an Emergency Manager can perform in countering terrorism?

Often, Emergency Managers find their activities centered in the Preparedness and / or Response phases of EM. In those phases, or in other settings, how can EM expertise be best applied against the challenges of terrorism? If you choose, you may offer examples from your own experiences, and / or goals or aspirations you would like to pursue in your future career. (3-5 pages)

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Apex Hides The Hurt – Colson Whitehead

Apex Hides The Hurt – Colson Whitehead.

PROMPT: Your final paper will be dealing with Colson Whitehead’s APEX HIDES THE HURT. In this particular instance, you have the entire novel to talk about. Find a particular idea, theme, symbol, liter-ary device, etc. and track it through the entire novel. Is there an argument that Whitehead is making in his text? What is that argument, in your opinion? How is the argument made? Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words and include a Works Cited Page (which is NOT included in the word count). Standard MLA rules apply (12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc). Make certain to cite the text when you make your argument. You must also include two outside academic sources (aside from the text of the literary work you are analyzing). Unless submitted to through Canvas by the due date, it will NOT be graded and will count as a zero.

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Real-world business scenario a

Real-world business scenario a.

 Two (2) scenarios are given below, from which students will choose 1 for their individual writing assignment. Case 1: Delivering Negative Messages: Danone Selling Local (Robust) Chinese Water Business Unit You are the General Manager for Danone Group in China. The French company has made a strategic business decision to sell its China water brands to a local Chinese company. This because of the strong competition from Nongfu Springs and Wahaha which has not allowed Danone to have a profitable business in China. All employees will no longer be employed by Danone, effective July 1, and will have to transfer to the new company. Some jobs may be lost, some staff re-assigned, etc. all at the decision of the new owner. Chose one channel of communication within the organization to deliver this negative message to all employees who are affected. Case 2: Crisis Communication: “China bans P&G’s SK-II for banned substances in skin care products ” After the announcement by the Chinese authorities that trace amounts of chromium were found in select SK-II products, the Company reacted slowly and incompletely, offering refunds only for select products and only if the products were still 2/3 full. This angered consumers, damaged the brand’s reputation and stressed key retailers and employees. Finally the company decided to mandate a full return for consumers of all products to start to win back consumer confidence and re-build this important brand in the eyes of its consumers, trade, media and staff. Draft either a press release (external audience) or a staff memo (internal audience) for the CEO of P&G China to deliver regarding the decision to issue a blanket, unconditional return. This assignment deals with challenges that businesses face when communicating with customers. • Often we can learn as much (if not more) about communications when things go wrong as when things go well. • Format and style of the letter is incredibly important. The audience must respect what you are saying. • Treat this as a real life example of something you could face in your next job. Why are you doing this assignment (the importance/relevance of this assignment)? • Purpose = to test your business writing skills; how able are you to choose the right language and tone (i.e. way of communicating) to a defined audience. • It is designed to demonstrate the importance of written communication in business. • You will use these skills in your career both internally to the organization (colleagues, boss) and externally (customers, suppliers, partners). Let’s chat about some of the important points to consider when doing this assignment: Read the various news reports; make sure you really understand the case and background before you start. Ask yourself these types of questions before you write: • Who are you choosing to address your letter to? • You’ll get credit for who you choose as the sender and receiver (you don’t have to be ‘ you’, you can be someone senior in the Danone or P&G organizations as well). • Think about why you are writing to this person? • What recommendations do you have for rectifying this issue (how could communications be improved)? • What follow up to this letter do you suggest (meeting/phone call, etc) Summary • This is not a word count assignment, but I am expecting to see 400 words at least. • The focus is on effective and persuasive writing – not necessarily the number of words. • If you want to be taken seriously in business, make sure you pay attention to the details of grammar and spelling, format, use of language, tone of how you write, etc.

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Access the U.S. census bureau web site at Find relevant information for trends in U.S. population growth for a specific business idea. Comment on the manufacturing statistics and regional or national statistics relevant for that business.2. Access the Small Business Administration Web site at and find information on estimating start-up costs, preparing financial statements, and conducting breakeven analysis. What does short-term financial planning involve? Explain the importance of short-term financial planning for a start-up firm?

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Visual Community;The final project requires you to produce an original visual artifact (e.g. advertisement, magazine cover, graphic design, collage) and write a 1500-2000 word essay discussing how your production exemplifies or challenges five key concept

Visual Community;The final project requires you to produce an original visual artifact (e.g. advertisement, magazine cover, graphic design, collage) and write a 1500-2000 word essay discussing how your production exemplifies or challenges five key concept.

2000 words. 
Here are the assignment instructions: 
(Include this at the top of your paper!): The final project requires you to produce an original visual artifact (e.g. advertisement, magazine cover, graphic design, collage) and write a 1500-2000 word essay discussing how your production exemplifies or challenges five key concepts discussed throughout the entire semester, what effects the image has in the world, and what realities it produces.

Specifically, your paper will consist of at least 7 paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, five or more paragraphs where you select 1 term from EACH of the following five categories listed below and apply it to the image you produce, and a conclusion. For each of the five terms you select, be certain to identify how your selected term is at work in the image by first briefly defining the term, and then by providing an in-depth analysis where you apply the term to your image by explicating how it is at work and what effects or realities it produces in the world. Finally, your conclusion will discuss the overarching effects of the reality/realities that your image produces in the world.


Category 1 – Perception (choose 1 of the following terms)

Relational Ontology
Choose 1 (and no more than 1) of the following Factors that Influence Perspective with Visual Communication: Technical Perspective, Cultural Perspective, Historical Perspecitive

Category 2 – Design (choose 1 of the following terms)

Visual Hierarchy
Color and cultural connotations
Choose 1 (and no more than 1) of the following Gestalt or Design Principles: Continuance, Closure, Similarity, Proximity, Common Fate, Contrast, Harmony, Proportion, Balance, Movement, Perspective

Category 3 – Power & Meaning (choose 1 of the following terms)

Discourse/Power/Knowledge (this is considered 1 concept)
Gaze (this can include the “Male Gaze”)
Modern vs. Postmodern
Death of the Author

Category 4 – Everyday Life (choose 1 of the following terms)

Culture Industry
Commodity Fetishism
Narcissus as Narcosis (this is considered 1 concept)
Amputation & Amplification (this is considered 1 concept)

Category 5 – Authority & Resistance (choose 1 of the following terms)

Shifting Baseline Syndrome
Culture Jamming
Event (as discussed in class a la Alain Badiou)
Choose 1 (and no more than 1) of the following: Appropriation, Satire, Pastiche, Parody, Intertextuality

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