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You are to write an overview of marketing decisions that were made in an 8 week simulation and you

You are to write an overview of marketing decisions that were made in an 8 week simulation and you are to write the answer to questions like what price am I charging for my products and how do people learn about my business you are to solely write about the coffee price changes as well as money put into Advertisement and how you got to that decision to change the price in a page report instructions are attatched

Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?

Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?.

Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?

This research project invites you to better understand how racial/ethnic identity might affect educational achievement. Your assignment is to prepare a RESEARCH PROSPECTUS as if you were to engage in a year-long, ethnographic research project at Oakland Technical High School (you will not do the actual research). Prompt: your research proposal will explore how “Do athletic programs help students perform better academically?” relating to race/ethnicity (with the option of including gender or class) facilitates or impedes academic achievement in high school. The four categories you must meet are: 1) to help you understand how larger social forces may constrain or expand the life chances of individuals (think about C. Wright Mills’ “sociological imagination” as well as his distinction between “private troubles” and “public issues”); 2) to help you understand the complex role of schools in perpetuating or countering social inequality; 3) to learn library research skills by exploring electronic databases; 4) to learn how to write a literature review as a component of research papers; 5) to exercise critical thinking when applying scholarly explanations to real-life problems.

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I design an efficient solar shower. I put the problem and goals, and need your help in some solutions. (details below)

You are to write an overview of marketing decisions that were made in an 8 week simulation and you Define the problem:
Considering building a solar shower in the desert, the mountain, a forest, or a remote area where no gas or electricity is available, define the goals for what should be done and list criteria for success of each goal. (You certainly want your solar shower to work as efficiently as possible.)
Lake Tahoe, we will use the snow during the winter and the lake water in the summer as the source of water for our shower. The shower will be attached to the side of our cabin in a place that has direct sunlight year round.
We will make a storage reservoir to keep extra water warm using a plastic container with a glass lid. The bottom of the container will also be black to help absorb more sunlight. The storage container will be located right next to the shower so conserve time it takes to transfer water to the shower. The water can be transferred via buckets to the shower reservoir.
The shower will be lined with plastic panels on the inside and will be dark/black. The outside will be wood and the floor or the shower will be made of some sort of stone to allow the water to run off. The top of the shower will be able to hold approximately 5 gallons (41 pounds) of water at one time. There will be a shower head and a valve to be able to stop and start the flow of water manually.
We want the water to be warmed during the entire day so that it can be used in the evening/night. Ideally the water (in the top of the shower) will stay warm for a couple of hours after sunset. Any remaining water will be reheated the next day. For cloudy days the storage container may be used and the water should stay warm enough to use for up to 2 days with our available materials.
2. Write an explanation in two parts for why your design will work efficiently; that is, (a) why will your design do a good job of initially warming the water and (b) then keeping it warm until shower time? Focus on how your choice of materials/colors (a) maximizes the transfer of energy into the water to warm it up, and (b) minimizes the transfer of energy away from the water to keep it warm. You must explain these in terms of the heat transfer mechanisms: heat conduction, IR radiation, convection, and/or absorption of light.

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