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You are to write a report from a user test on instructions that I created about “how to stain Essay

You are to write a report from a user test on instructions that I created about “how to stain a cabinet”. This is drawn from a project that I am doing on how to stain a cabinet. I have attached the instructions that I created and guidelines to doing this assignment.

Design Principles and Process (Moin: 28/2/2022)

Practice E-x-a-m Time: [open from 9.00am Monday 16th May until Friday 20th May at 6.00pm] Sydney Time
Duration: [2 hrs]
Question structure:

[The examination will consist of short answer conceptual questions and practical

exercises/problem questions. The questions will be comparable to those covered in

class; therefore, the best form of revision will be to work through lecture and tutorial

questions, exercises and problems.]

Topic covered: Similar to that screenshot attached

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Adverse Childhood Experiences study

You are to write a report from a user test on instructions that I created about “how to stain Essay Adverse Childhood Experiences study.


Methods and Results: For the next part of your research report, you will develop the methods and results sections, which inform potential readers of how you conducted your study and what the statistical results of the study were. These sections should contain the following elements, which will demonstrate your ability to detail the process of conducting research and to appropriately convey your results: A. Explain the methods of how you conducted your study B. Conduct statistical analyses as appropriate The methods section is a thorough description of the procedure you will use for your study, including the following: A description of the experimental procedure and the setting for your study The types of subjects and how they will be selected and assigned How data will be collected, recorded, and analyzed, and a description of the instrumentation used The methods for the ethical treatment of subjects (e.g., informed consent, debriefing) Clearly described data analysis methods (for the statistics used) The results section details the findings from the study and includes the following: Results directly related to the original hypothesis and follow logically from the goals and the design of the research (research questions and hypotheses) Data used to describe patterns and relationships revealed by the study Conclusions are logically summarized and interpreted in relation to the hypothesis and research qu

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Identify and discuss two biological variations that are common to East Indiandescent

Identify and discuss two biological variations that are common to East Indiandescent.

Identify and discuss two biological variations that are common to East Indiandescent.

At least 2 cited references (one must be the course textbook). Text book: Giger (2017). Transcultural Nursing, Assessment and Intervention (7th Ed) St. Louis: MO: Elsevier Saunders. 9780323399920

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Explain what it means by ‘structure follows strategy’

Explain what it means by ‘structure follows strategy’.

Mgt 527 Comprehensive Exam


The purpose of this exam is twofold. First, I want you to articulate what you have learned on the topics that we have covered in the first few chapters of our text. Second, and more importantly, I want you to gain a little more in-depth knowledge on some of these topics—especially the ones that you consider most relevant to you and your professional career. Therefore, while I expect that this exam should take you quit a bit of time, it should not only assess your knowledge but also contribute to it.

For the topic presented in the questions below, I want you to research the topic from the academic literature (i.e., the library data bases), summarize some of the latest (last 2-3 years) findings, and explain how the current literature resonates with how things are and should be done at your current organization. Each question will have a weight of 20% of the exam grade. I will grade your answers using the following criteria: 1) the extent to which you define all relevant terminology, 2) the extensiveness of your literature review, and 3) how you relate the findings in the literature with your organization. You can think of this exam as five literature reviews and insights as to how this literature resonates with the way things are done at your firm.

Please make sure that you write this in your own words (no not extensively use direct citations). Hint: You might want to search for the most current review articles or meta-analysis studies on a particular topic as these tend to offer a broad and deep analysis on past research and findings (both theoretical and empirical).


1) Managers and academics have emphasized the importance of strategic management for organizational success. Please search the extant academic literature (only peer reviewed academic/scientific articles) and perform a literature review on the current state of our knowledge about the impact of strategic planning on organizational performance. In other words, where does the current (last three years) scientific body of knowledge stand concerning the relationship between strategic planning and organizational performance? For example, through what mechanisms does strategic planning influence performance, to what extent does it impact performance….? Furthermore, please relate the scientific findings to your professional experience.


2) Organizations are increasingly seeking to grow by increasing their international presence. Please identify three important considerations/issues that firms face when expanding abroad along with the strategies suggested in the literature that these firms might use to reduce their exposure.


3) Corporate culture has been cited in the popular press and in academic literature as being an important internal environmental element in achieving a competitive advantage. Please select 3 orientations (i.e., marketing, entrepreneurial, customer) and explain how and to what extent these orientations influence organizational performance. Also don’t forget to tie-in how your findings from this literature review resonate with your experience.


4) Four corporate-level growth strategies include vertical, horizontal, concentric (related) and conglomerate (diversified). Please explain each strategy, offer a brief literature review of each including the context under which each strategy is appropriate, and offer an example of a firm that you consider best follows (or has followed) each of these strategies.


5) Explain what it means by ‘structure follows strategy’ (words from the great management historian, Chandler). Also provide a literature review of the impact of corporate structure on organizational performance and relate these findings to your experience.

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Following the instructions carefully; in case of plagiarism the assignment will be automatically CANCEL!! To prepare for this assignment, do

Following the instructions carefully; in case of plagiarism the assignment will be automatically CANCEL!! To prepare for this assignment, do the following: Review the learning materials on writing to persuade attached bellow. Locate a suitable job posting for a position related to child and youth care worker that you would genuinely be interested in applying for (you might look at Indeed, Workopolis, LinkedIn, newspapers or other sources to find your posting) Review the material attached below for Writing Cover Letters posted for tips and advice with organizing and formatting your cover letter Task: Write a one-page cover letter that responds to your chosen job posting. The content of your cover letter should reflect your own real-world work and educational experiences. While you are not actually applying for this position, treat this cover letter as if you were. Keep in mind that cover letters are persuasive documents, so focus on creating a reader-oriented approach in your writing. How would this company or organization benefit from hiring you? What might persuade them to seriously consider you as a potential employee? Don’t forget to make the “big request” at the end of your letter – an interview! Your letter should be appropriately addressed to the company or organization that is hiring or, if requested in the posting, the recruiting company. Your job posting should indicate to whom an application should be sent. If you do not see this information, try doing some online research about the company or organization and see if you can find an appropriate person to address your letter to. If it is not possible to locate a specific name, try addressing the letter to an appropriate job title (e.g. Dear Hiring Manager). Remember to avoid the salutation, “To whom it may concern.” Refer to the document “Cover Letter Anatomy” attached below as an example of organizational layout and formatting of an effective cover letter. You should have a minimum of three paragraphs (introduction, body, conclusion). Remember to use full-block format (no indents!), and to single space the lines within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs. Use standard 11 or 12 pt font size, and a simple sans serif font such as Arial or Calibri. Edit and proofread your cover letter before submitting it for grading to catch any grammar or spelling errors, as well as any problems with language or tone. When you are finished your assignment, you should submit your cover letter along with a copy of the job posting you are responding.

Curatorial Statement

Curatorial Statement.

The Collection Project involves curating and creating your own collection based on a theme of your choice. Your collection will highlight a new collection of artwork created by women artists. This will include six works that you feel have a particularly interesting synergy as a collection. This is a culmination assignment where you are expected to apply art terminology, history, theory, and methodology to the design of your collection. This is your chance to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts, styles, themes, artists, and techniques acquired throughout the course. You will act as the curator of your own museum exhibit. For this project you will write a Curatorial Statement and develop a Collection Presentation to display the artwork you have chosen.

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Insert surname1 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Globalization Globalization refers

Insert surname1

Professor’s name

Student’s name

Course title



Globalization refers to the process through which entities develop international presence. Businesses or organizations establish branches and business interest in alien countries and carry out their operations there. It is a way of international trade which comes through the expansion of operations into the international stakes. It does not only promote trade but interpersonal relationships as well where people from different parts of the world meet and share each other’s culture, language and beliefs (Beck & Ulrich, 2015).

Why it occurred

Globalization occurred due to a lot of factors. Among them were the growing markets for finished consumer goods overseas. Traders were to travel to other continents in search of markets for their finished products. Another factor that saw the start of this phenomenon was the industrial; revolution which saw increased trade among the traders of that time. Over time, globalization has continued to shift shape with the emergence of internet. This have been made much easier and especially in communication and entertainment.

Impacts of globalization

Globalization has had numerous effects on the world lifestyles. For instance, people of different cultures have met and exchanged those cultures to form a more unified world. It has also, through the use of social event like sports, made it easy for people to learn moiré about cultures of other societies. Looking at values and morals, globalization has made it possible businesses to stretch far and wide. This has been because traders can now market their goods online and receive orders on the same platforms. Exchange of information has been simplified through simplified information since people can easily communicate from across continents. In short, the effects of globalization on the society today varies between regions but the most common effects are increased trade, sports, entertainment, urbanization, industrialization and promotion of culture among others (Josse & Jeremy, 2016).

Work cited

Beck, Ulrich. What is globalization?. John Wiley & Sons, 2015.

Josse, Jeremy. “Commentary: The Hidden Side Effects of Globalization.” Public Administration Review 76.1 (2016): 153-154.

Week 1- Capstone Project Idea – Business Definition – (Topic) / BUS 6190 – Capstone

Week 1- Capstone Project Idea – Business Definition – (Topic)A capstone project is a culmination of whatever you have learned in your program (MBA or MSCIS). This particular project is different from anything you have done in your course of study. In this capstone course, you will be provided an opportunity to integrate concepts and skills developed in previous coursework in your program in a homogeneous fashion. To do so, you are expected to develop, design, and present your team’s Business Plan (or IS solution) based on real-world situations. Your business plan (or IS solution) needs to be in line with what a professional in the market is expected to do justifiably. Your work has to meet performance, schedule, and budget requirements, adjust for unplanned occurrences and provide project reports. In short, you and your team members have to research and develop a complete business plan (or IS solution) for a business opportunity ( pain point) – existing or novel – that requires business opportunities (pain points), synthesis of communications, analysis, marketing, operations, finance, human resources and leadership, and information technology. Depending on the makeup of your team (disciplines that are present in the team), your focus will include a Business definition, two Case Studies, a Business Plan, and a final group presentation.
In order to better understand what is expected of you and depending on the type of projects you are assigned, you need to:
Create the team structure (depending on the type of capstone assigned) (5 points) – Project Organization
Assign well-defined tasks to each member (5 points) – Tasklist
Select a business problem (refer to the types of capstone project) the solution should adhere to the type chosen and associated CLOs. (30 points 10 Points Total = 40 points) – Problem (opportunity) definition, objectives, what the solution will look like, etc. (500 – 750 words – APA 7.0 and PPT 10 slides – recording)
Fill out a Team Status Report by end of the week and turn it in. There is a status report template (10 points).
PresentationUpload your presentation. Review the tips included in the following link for preparing your presentation:…
Presentation Requirements
Your presentation should be 10 minutes in duration.
Use PowerPoint slides (no more than 15 slides)
Do not use wordy slides and no more than TEN bullets in each slide
Do not use fancy fonts.
Dress nicely; make sure your background and lighting are appropriate. Your face should have enough lighting, do not sit with your back to a light source!
Look at the camera, do not look sideways
Use zoom recording or similar, and make sure your video does not cover any part of the presentation.

Reflective Journal

Reflection on practice is an important aspect of nursing care. Reflection helps the practitioner to appraise what was done well and assess ares for improvement.
As you are preparing to graduate and enter the nursing workforce, what are some of the issues you believe you may encounter in nursing, healthcare, or your practice? How do you plan to address these issues using a caring theory framework? Based off of Sister Roach 6 C’s to write the journal.
Strict APA 7th edition formatting is required.