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You are the Strategy Manager of a fast-growing NATIONAL company. The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy. You have to select

The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy. You have to select a NATIONAL company and create an International Strategic Plan Report to analyze and evaluate one of the top countries to consider for international expansion. Based on the findings of your report suggest the owners which foreign market to enter and how. The International Strategic Plan Report should include the following key areas: 1. Introduction 2. Analysis of the company’s mission, vision, values, and objectives 3. Evaluation on the foreign market to enter by using the PESTLE framework 4. Examination of the sector/industry in the selected foreign market, by using Porter’s Five Forces Framework 5. Justification of the selected entry strategy 6. Conclusions
vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help.

Complete labs 2-5 using Visual Logic in which you:Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic as well as a screenshot of the output. For full credit, the program must function correctly, produce the correct answer, and be logically succinct.Write a short answer (four to five [4-5] sentences) in the comment text box located with the assignment submission link to the following:A summary of the technical experiences that you used in completing this lab.The commands that were of greatest benefit to you.Your general comments on the overall lab experience.Note: This is an academic writing assignment. Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling are necessary. Points will be deducted for poor writing.
vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help

250 WORD PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION Task (DEX). I need support with this Business question so I can learn better.

Interview Analysis
July 20th is a very hot day in your community. You are not looking forward to working, but you have to hire someone to fill a vacancy in your legal department. There are four applicants waiting in the lobby. You can see them through your window although they cannot see you. You make the following observations:

Candidate A is wearing a blue and white dress. She is focused on her phone and seems to be playing a game. She is relaxed, has her high-heel shoes off, and has her feet folded in the chair. She seems startled when Candidate C comes over to speak with her. When you interview the candidate, she is clearly knowledgeable about the field but speaks with a lot of slang and has short answers. She seldom makes eye contact.
Candidate B has on a suit and seems to be multitasking. He moves papers around in a briefcase while speaking on the phone. His papers fall on the floor at least twice. He smiles at Candidate C when she picks up his papers and introduces herself, then returns to his phone conversation. He seems to be a bit distracted during the interview but mostly gives polished and rehearsed answers. His resume is impeccable.
Candidate C is wearing a suit. She checks her phone and then puts it down and turns to assist Candidate B, whose papers fall on the ground. She introduces herself to him, and they shake hands before he returns to his phone conversation. She walks over to Candidates A and D and introduces herself, and you notice that she is wearing sandals. She is very personable during the interview. She clearly does not have much experience but asks many thoughtful questions.
Candidate D looks relaxed in black pants and a green shirt with a matching tie. He sits by himself, reading from his phone without looking up at the others. He seems reluctant to speak to Candidate C when she walks up to him. He has the most experience of all the candidates and delivers very professional answers during the interview. He does not smile once during the interview.

Part 1: Choose ONE of the four candidates to hire. Write a short summary describing the verbal and nonverbal communication as well as the listening skills of the candidate who caused you to choose him or her over the other candidates. Compare the effectiveness of using nonverbal communication skills versus verbal communication skills in this situation. Feel free to make up interview details not given above as long as they do not contradict the given information. Your summary should be 250 to 500 words.
Part 2: Write a “bad-news letter” to ONE of the four candidates described above. Your choice does not matter, but the goal of this assignment is to inform the candidate you select that he or she did NOT get the job that he or she interviewed for.
Prepare for the assignment by researching business letter format, tips, and tone. The required and suggested readings for this unit are a good place to start, but do not let those limit your search or the format you choose. Begin with an introduction, and perhaps thank the interviewee for his or her interest in the position. Always start with something positive. Then, move to the bad news—let the candidate know that he or she was not chosen for the position. Immediately follow with something positive, perhaps encouraging the person to apply later. Feel free to add details that are not included in the scenarios above.
Your letter should be brief, within the range of 250 to 500 words. Do NOT use APA formatting as you are writing a business letter and this is not an academic essay. Combine both parts of the assignment into one document, and submit the assignment in Blackboard.

Strategic planning and implementation, business and finance homework help

Strategic planning and implementation, business and finance homework help.

755: Strategic Planning and Implementation
Textbook Information:
Title: Essentials of Strategic Mangement
Author: Gamble, Thompson, Peteraf
Edition: 3rd – 2012
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780078029288

BUS755_W3DQ1 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reviewing Chapter 2, answer the following:
a.  What was the result of failed Corporate Governance at government sponsored mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
b.  Why did governance fail?
BUS755_W3DQ2 (0.5 single spaced page)

After reviewing Chapter 3, answer the following:
In what way were Avon’s efforts to gain information about their largest rival unethical?
BUS755_W3DQ3 (0.5 single spaced page)
Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenarios:
·As applied to your current professional career as Financial Economic Expert/Analyst
·As applied to enhancing, improving, or advancing your current professional career as Financial Economic Expert/Analyst
·As applied to a management, leadership, or any decision-making position
·As applied to a current or future entrepreneurial endeavor
·Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organizations strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.
This is a learning and application exercise designed to give you an opportunity to apply concepts learned in a pragmatic and meaningful way that will enable you to gain valuable and relevant knowledge in an effort to augment your skill set and enhance your professional careers.
BUS755_W4 DQ 1 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reviewing Chapter 4, answer the following:
a.  What are the total costs associated with production and packaging of a pound of Fair-Trade Organic Coffee?
b.  Why is having this knowledge important to such a company?
BUS755_W4DQ2 (0.5 single spaced page)
Select a company, describe the company, and evaluate a company’s competitive strengths compared to its rivals.
BUS755_W4CLA1  (3 single spaced page)
Redbox has enjoyed explosive success in deploying movie rental kiosks, but will its success be
sustainable? In this CLA, you will evaluate the pros and cons of Redbox’s strategy, do a SWOT
analysis, identify the strategic issues that Redbox management needs to address, and propose action recommendations. To prepare you for this CLA, read the Redbox Case on page 277-284 in Chapter 5. Then, review thefollowing:
· A 2:18 minute YouTube video that discusses how Redbox is gaining on Netflix and
Redbox’s competitive advantage. The video, with a date of May 29, 2010, can be accessed at
· A 3:40 minute YouTube video, with a date of September 3, 2010, can be accessed at channel.
Your assignment: Redbox has employed you as a consultant to assess the company’s overall
situation, identify the strategic issues that management needs to address, and recommend a set of
actions to improve the company’s future prospects. Please prepare a 4-page report to Redbox
management that includes (1) a complete SWOT analysis (as described in Chapter 4), (2) a complete list of the strategic issues/problems that management needs to address, and (8) a set of action recommendations to resolve the issues problems that you identify. Your report should contain detailed and convincing reasons in support of each one of your recommendations. It is imperative that the support offered for each of your recommendation be based on analysis-based conclusions.
After you have completed the assignment above, answer the following three questions as part of
your report:
1. What does a SWOT analysis reveal about the attractiveness of Redbox’s situation and future
2. What strategic issues and problems does Redbox management need to address for the company
to be more financially and competitively successful in the years ahead?
3. What actions do you recommend that Redbox management take to deal with each of these
issues/problems? Your recommended actions must be supported with convincing, analysis-based
Please develop and prepare a single spaced 3-page APA 6th edition formatted paper.
BUS755_W5DQ2 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reviewing Chapter 5, answer the following: Which parts of the value chain does Wal-Mart target in order to achieve a low-cost advantage over its rivals? 
BUS755_W5DQ3 (0.5 single spaced page)
Review “Vizio’s Focused Low-Cost Strategy” in Chapter 5. Then answer the following: Discuss the advantages this organization achieves from its focused low-cost provider strategy.
BUS755_W5DQ3CLA PREP (0.5 single spaced page)
1.  Welcome to week 5 of your course. This discussion question will help you prepare for your CLA2 paper and final CLA2 PPP. Read the CLA2 assignment listed in week 8 of the course. Then, please provide an outline that itemizes the concepts that you will include in your CLA2 paper and final PPP. Please be sure to include concepts learned in the course and any information from your CLA1 paper if applicable. Provide some brief details for each item that is outlined. Please keep in mind that you should have placeholders for material not yet covered in lecture from week’s 6 and 7.
BUS755_W6DQ1 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reviewing Chapter 6, discuss the following: Discuss the basis for’s competitive advantage and how they leveraged first-mover advantages. 
BUS755_W6DQ2 (0.5 single spaced page)
Assume you are in charge of developing the strategy for a multinational company selling products in some 50 countries around the world. One of the issues you face is whether to employ a multidomestic, a transnational, or a global strategy.
a. If your company’s product is mobile phones, do you think it would make better strategic sense to employ a multidomestic strategy, a transnational strategy, or a global strategy? Why?
b. If your company’s product is dry soup mixes and canned soups, would a multidomestic strategy seem to be more advisable than a transnational or global strategy? Why?
c. If your company’s product is large home appliances such as washing machines, ranges, ovens, and refrigerators, would it seem to make more sense to pursue a multidomestic strategy or a transnational strategy or a global strategy? Why?
BUS755_W6PA2 (3 single spaced page)
Professional Assignment 2 – CLO4
Please prepare a 3 page report that analyzes the search engine industry and Google’s competitive position in the industry. Your report should include a Five Forces analysis, list of industry driving forces and key success factors, a SWOT analysis and financial analysis for Google’s performance between 2001 and 2009. Also, please recommend strategies necessary to allow Google to strengthen its lead in the search industry and to make a success of its smartphone business, cloud computing, entry into emerging markets, and other recent ventures. You should also provide a recommendation concerning any potential ethical lapses at the company. Your recommendations should be specific and supported with facts from your analysis. (You should utilize the financial ratios presented in the Appendix of the text as a guide in doing your financial analysis of the company.) *Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments on page 20 of the syllabus for specific guidelines and expectations.
Prepare a 3 page document with your answers and thoughts in APA format.
BUS755_W7DQ1 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reading Chapter 8, discuss the following: Discuss How VF Corporation’s restructuring was so successful, both in terms of people and profit. How will VF measure up to other apparel firms in these current economic times?
BUS755_W7DQ2 (0.5 single spaced page)
After reading Chapter 9, discuss the following: Do Apple’s actions indicate that their position on business ethics is aligned with the principle of ethical universalism? 
BUS755_W8DQ1 (0.5 single spaced page)
Welcome to the last week of your course. In this discussion question you have the opportunity to be creative and to relate what you have learned to your professional lives. Please explore and critically think about some of the learning objectives and concepts presented in this course. Please effectively communicate how you would lead an organization (or a group of people within the organization) by applying the knowledge you have learned ethically and responsibly. Your discussion should also include innovative thinking, and information-technology aspects (such as the Internet, social-media, computers, etc.) that may assist you in decision-making. You may frame your discussion around any functional component of business, and in any context; problem-solving, management, leadership, organizational behavior, etc.
BUS755_W8CLA2 (5+ single spaced page)
Review the following 4:17 minute YouTube video on Southwest entitled “A Day in the Life of Culture Committee” of Southwest’s culture and the role of the culture in promoting good strategy execution. The link to the video is V7P0T9IbYKU.
Review the Southwest Case (Case 13) beginning on page 401.
Then, answer the following prompts: What grade would you give Southwest management for the job it has done over the years in implementing and executing Southwest’s strategy? Please prepare a 1.5 single spaced page report detailing and fully supporting your evaluation. Your report must absolutely reflect command of and use of the material covered in Chapter 10. What 3-4 policies, procedures, and operating practices have been the most important in accounting for the success that Southwest has enjoyed in executing its low-cost, low fare strategy?
Prepare a 1.5 single spaced page report that identifies the factors you deem to be pivotal and that presents convincing and forceful support for why they have mattered so much? Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has asked you to advise him on what policies, procedures, and operating practices at Southwest are working particularly well and what changes might be needed to improve Southwest’s performance in 2010-2011 and beyond.
In addition, he want you to present him with 3-5 recommendations on what he should do to make a success of the AirTran acquisition. Please present Mr. Kelly with a 1.5 single spaced page report detailing the things that Southwest does right, the problems that you see and the areas where it needs to improve, and your recommendations to improve Southwest’s performance prospects and to Southwest’s acquisition of AirTran a genuine success. It is imperative that your report demonstrate command of the material in Chapter 10 and that each of your action recommendations be supported with reasoned arguments and factual evidence.
Does the AirTran acquisition make good strategic sense for Southwest? What strategic issues and problems do Gary Kelly and Southwest executives need to address as they proceed to close the deal with AirTran and contemplate how best to integrate AirTran’s operations and AirTran’s employees into Southwest? What recommendations would to Gary Kelly and Southwest executives as the company heads into 2011? Your CLA submission should be 5+ single spaced pages in length.
Your CLA2 submission (cumulative report) should be single spaced APA 6th ed. Format 5+ pages in length. The CLA assignments encompass the learning objectives for this course and are designed to increase your comprehension and augment your ability to apply concepts learned in your professional careers.
CLA2 Comprehensive Learning Assessment (CLA 2) Presentation
In addition to your CLA2 report, please prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings for CLA2. The presentation will consist of your major findings, analysis, and recommendations in a concise presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use content from your report as material for your PowerPoint presentation. Students will present their PowerPoint during the last week of class in either the On-Campus Class Session or the online Virtual Class Session, as determined by the professor. Presentations should not exceed 15 minutes

Strategic planning and implementation, business and finance homework help

MDC Data Collection Analysis and Report on Pediatric Patients Discussion

online homework help MDC Data Collection Analysis and Report on Pediatric Patients Discussion.

I’m working on a nursing discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

You have an idea for EBP project that your hospital has approved regarding the fall rates of pediatric patients on your unit. Discuss the ethics involved with this particular population. How would you incorporate ethics in the data collection, analysis, and report of the project?This is a discussion question with requirement of up to 1 page response. Please use at least 1-2 reference to support the response. References should not be older than 3 years.
MDC Data Collection Analysis and Report on Pediatric Patients Discussion

Ethical Adventure

Ethical Adventure.

Have you ever made a split-second decision, but wondered after the
fact, “what if I had chosen a different option?” Part of studying ethics
is the ability to assess the short and long-term consequences of a
decision and then choose the option that will have the more favorable
outcomes. This module’s assignment gives you the opportunity to turn
back the hands of time and examine a time when you wish you would have
selected a different path.In a 1-2 page paper, summarize a time when you had to make an ethical
decision. Explain how your different options would affect the outcome.
What were some external factors that impacted your decision? If you
would have been given more time to make your decision, how would this
change your approach or outcome?
Ethical Adventure

speech of intro outline home work for communication 122

speech of intro outline home work for communication 122. Can you help me understand this Communications question?

Download Speech of Intro Outline Handout.docx (18.2 KB)

The purpose of this outline is to help you organize your thoughts and ideas into a structured
speech. It will help you arrange and format your main points and sub-points so that your
speech is clear to your audience. Your Speech of Introduction Outline is worth
50 points. Your outline should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, and follow Small Section directions. Be
sure to print and attach the Speech of Introduction Outline Grade Sheet to the front of your
outline on its due date. Also, you have to submit your outline online with through
your Small Section BlackBoard site.
Your outline should follow the format on the following page; it should be clean and easy to
read/follow. I will grade your outline for both content and format. I will grade what you say,
how you organize what you say, and your grammar, spelling, and punctuation (G/S/P). I will
also grade how closely you follow proper outline format and subordination. (Do your main
points align? Are your sub-points consistent?) It is a full sentence outline so that I can read
what you will present to the class on your speech day. If your Attention Getter is a quote, do
NOT write “I will present a famous quote”. Write out the actual quote; I want to read it.

A title page is not necessary. This outline is graded for both content and format. I will mark
down for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. I will evaluate the main points you
make in your outline, how you support your main points with evidence/examples (sub-points),
and I will grade how you say it (G/S/P). Remember that proofreading can only improve your
In this outline, you will learn the following Student Learning Objectives:
1. Choose and narrow a topic appropriately for this audience.
2. Generate a well-reasoned argument for this specific audience.
3. Assess the strength of relative arguments and supporting evidence.
4. Create content formatted to an approved organizational pattern appropriate to time
and purpose.
5. To use correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling.
6. Develop a well crafted, specific thesis statement.
7. To effectively utilize the rule of subordination.
8. To appropriately demonstrate the rule of division.
9. To understand and incorporate the rule of parallel wording.
10. Make connections between the material and your own lives and experiences.
Your Name Here
Speech of Introduction Outline
Due Date

General Purpose: To inform/introduce
Specific Purpose:
I. Introduction
A. (Attention Gainer)
B. (Thesis Statement)
C. (Preview Main Points)

II. Body
A. (Main Point # 1)
1. (Sub-Point # 1)
2. (Sub-Point # 2)

B. (Main Point # 2)
1. (Sub-Point # 1)
2. (Sub-Point # 2)

III. Conclusion
A. (Restate Thesis)
B. (Restate Main Points)
C. (Reason to Remember)
speech of intro outline home work for communication 122