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You are required to read Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014) and, using one or more individuals discussed in the

You are required to read Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014) and, using one or more individuals discussed in the book, create a case study in poverty. The case study should describe
how the individual is impacted by poverty and the environment that contributes to poverty and oppression. The case study should conclude with your recommendations for improvement or change. The website maintained by the author of Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014) also gives additional and more current information about Enrique and his family, Honduras, and
immigration policy. You are expected to write a 3 to 5 page paper exclusive of cover page and reference page. Your
paper should be double spaced in time new roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins. Your paper is expected to be referenced appropriately, using APA style. You should address the following questions in composing your case study:
 Who is your case study about? Give a brief descriiption of the person and setting for context in the introduction to your case study (be sure to reference the book).
 What is this person’s experience with poverty and oppression? Give appropriate examples as you describe her/his experiences.
 Using the ecological/systems framework, what micro, mezzo, and macro factors (or micro, meso, exo, and macro factors depending on which source you use) contributed to
this person’s poverty and oppression?
 What strengths does the person possess that are enabling her/him to survive?
 Are those strengths being maximized by the systems (community) impacting the person?
How could those strengths be used to overcome poverty and oppression?
 What recommendations can you make to help this person and other members in similar
circumstances move out of poverty?
Be sure that you reference sources appropriately throughout your paper and include a reference page (you will need to reference the Nazario book and the source(s) from which you obtained your information about the ecological/systems framework (levels of the environment). This paper is to demonstrate your ability to understand an individual’s experiences and the ways that the environment (particularly at the community and societal levels) impacts that person, in other words, your ability to think critically. It is not intended to be a research paper on poverty and oppression or on immigration. Thus, you should not need additional references/sources beyond
your text and other readings included in this course.

Real-Life Communication

Real-Life Communication.

“Real-Life Communication” Please respond to one of the following: Option 1: Think of a time when you communicated reflexively. What were the results? Share this story with your peers. Option 2: Think of someone who is a great communicator. What makes them skillful? What specifically do they do to project their professional presence? How have the techniques they use to communicate helped them accomplish their goals? How would communicating more skillfully help you in your own career? Provide a specific example.

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Architectural Theories and Critique

You are required to read Enrique’s Journey (Nazario, 2007, 2014) and, using one or more individuals discussed in the Architectural Theories and Critique.

Each student is required to write a 2,500 words research essay (excluding Reference List). Revisiting what you thought was luxurious in an architect’s work in the previous assignment, now choose a particular architectural site (from the list on the next page) – in groups of 3 or 4 people. Then, each student is required to answer each of the following questions succinctly in a whole essay format – your essay will be written from your own perspective and offering your own critical observations. Respond to all Research Essay Questions:
Identify the social, economic, political, cultural conditions of the architectural site in its immediate context.
Analyse the impact of the architectural site by critiquing how different effects, specifically material excess, conceptual and functional relations of the site influences or in influenced by the context.
Critique 5 different architectural theories that relate to your specific site.Out of those 5 you have critiqued, which issue do you think is important for architecture today? Why?
Formulate your own critical insights about the effect(s) of the architecturalsite. Support your critical insights with reasons and particular examples. Interms of its urban, suburban or rural context, what has changed? Have thosechanges improved society?
NB No subheadings in the essay.
Each research essay is to be written individually. As far as the group reading/researching is concerned, the idea is for students to work in groups – for you to collaborate with each other and share information/ideas – and REMEMBER each one of you has an entirely different point of view.
The content of your responses to each of the questions will be graded in terms of the evidence of key historical/theoretical research, influences and relevance of facts; critical evaluation and analysis. The form of your answer will be evaluated in terms of the logical development of your discussion, and including clarity, organization, correct grammar and legibility.

This assignment must be submitted through Turnitin. Please print out the ‘Turnitin Originality Report’ of your submission and submit this at the front office for marking.
The essay will be fully referenced employing quotations that draw from a minimum of 10independent written text sources.
Quotes are to be succinct and ought to be integrated within the main body of your essay.Remember, quotes are there to support your arguments, not to be your argument.Respectively, 15% of your essay may consist of quotes not more. If you are using web-basedinformation in addition to other texts, these also need to be properly referenced and needto be scholarly-based sources only (and NO WIKIPEDIA please). Non-compliance with anyof these requirements will result in the automatic failure of the essay. Furthermore, anystudent who borrows directly or indirectly from any other written work, including otherstudents’ work, without acknowledging the source, either wholly or in part, will be deemedto have plagiarized and may have the entire unit grades annulled in accordance withuniversity policy.
Architectural Sites N.B. No more than one of the same site can be chosen from amongst all groups.
Canberra and Parliament House, ACT
New Norcia, Western Australia
Capitol Complex at Chandigarh, India
French colony at Pondicherry, India
Portuguese colony at Goa, India
British colony at Macau, China
City of Manila, The Philippines
Modern Tokyo, Japan
Los Angeles, USA
Burnham’s plan of Chicago, USA
Brasilia, Brazil
UNAM campus, Mexico City
Havana, Cuba
Caracas, Venezuela
Tripoli OR Ethiopia
The Ivory Coast
Casablanca, Morroco
Constantinople, Turkey
The Isles of Capri and Procida near Naples, Italy
EUR Complex near Rome, Italy
Berlin, Germany
Granada, Spain
Athens, Greece
Lisbon, Portugal
Marseilles, southern France

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Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication.

 Relationships do not succeed or fail at random – indeed, the relationships literature is home to decades of research about what makes relationships successful. For this assignment, you will participate in an in-class library workshop at the Downtown Campus Library and work in small groups to identify THREE elements of interpersonal communication that make relationships succeed. You must participate in the library workshop in order to complete this assignment. You will then write an individual paper where you present an argument for what makes relationships work using your group’s research as support. The goal of this assignment is for you to learn how to find, evaluate, and synthesize scholarly research. It will also allow you to take a more in-depth look at concepts that we have been (or will be) covering in class. As part of the library workshop, you will work in small groups to locate at least FIVE academic sources (i.e., journal articles and book chapters) about interpersonal communication and relationships. Your textbook and class readings do NOT count as sources. You will use these sources to identify THREE aspects of interpersonal communication that you think make relationships succeed. Your paper will be written individually and should be based on your group’s research. In your paper, answer the following questions: • Identify what makes relationships successful. What are three aspects of interpersonal communication that make relationships succeed? What makes you think these three aspects contribute to success? • Provide support from the relationships literature. How does your group’s research support your claims? You should cite at least five academic sources as evidence for your argument about what makes relationships succeed. Formatting • The library workshop is mandatory. • Your paper should be 2-4 pages. • Written in essay format with an introduction, body, and conclusion. • Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins. • Include a list of all references using APA format (NOT counted as part of the page requirement). • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count.

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The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the recruitment process from an employer’s perspective. Employers are interested in candidates who are able to demonstrate clearly how they will fit into the organisation and meet the organisat

The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the recruitment process from an employer’s perspective. Employers are interested in candidates who are able to demonstrate clearly how they will fit into the organisation and meet the organisat.

By taking on the role of an employer, you will be able to reflect on the implications of this assignment for preparing effective job applications. The ability to research an organisation in the manner set out in this assignment will also help you to be aware of wider issues in the labour market, which is an important part of career management.

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Business Question

Please read the instructions very carefully, most of this is how its supposed to be written and the layout. Please follow the instructions exactly
The first steps you should take to help a client as Rita has asked you to help is to ensure you understand the situation and the relevant context. A careful examination of the case packet plus some critical thinking leads to the following to all be either objectively true or highly likely extrapolations from the facts and/or your own knowledge and basic understanding of human beings. You should make sure you understand why each of the following are likely extrpolations/facts and try to expad on this list yourself to achieve greater understanding of the relevant details:
Rita views this dilemma she is in primarily as an ethical dilemma. She wants to “do the right thing” but is having a hard time seeing clearly what that is.
Rita’s comments in the case indicate that she is outcome-oriented. In ethics we would probably say she seems to be utilitarian- (she said in the case she wants to do what is best for everyone involved- this is very utilitarian-esque). This means that for her the ethics of a decision are rooted in making the choice that accounts for all of the costs and benefits each choice has for the people involved and doing whichever is best on the whole.The reason we seek to understand elements of the problem like that at the outset is because we will see as is the case here that much of what we discern about the people and the problem end up dictating key choices we make about our work process/product. The understanding that she has outcome oriented ethics means the memo should similarly be outcome focused. If you write a memo that argues in terms like “lying is unethical” you have failed to write the memo SHE needs as that is an absolute principle not a contextually driven assessment of what outcomes she creates.
The stakeholders whose outcomes are meaningfully impacted by Rita’s decision in this dilemma are her employer, the investors, and of course Rita herself. There are others who would be impacted but focus on those three in this memo so that we don’t let the scope of it get out of hand.
The two fundamental choices she has are to sell the bond or not sell the bond. Each choice has a range of forseeable outcomes for the stakeholders, some good and some bad. Objectively analyzing these outcomes to help her understand what the outcomes are and what the implications of them may be.
You should proceed under the assumption that RIta’s concerns about ABC are legitimate.There is a serious conflict of interest coupled with the appearance of favorale and improper treatment. I addition, when she mentioned the serious concerns to superiors there was nothing said to indicate she was wrong, which you would likely expect to have been said if it was.

Turning more to the memo…your job is to methodically lay out the range of outcomes for each of the two above choices in a way that helps her achieve full awareness of the implications and gravity of each choice, subtly persuades her towards taking that action, and maintains a sense of objectivity throughout.
As a consultant in a case like this, you are very likely valued primarily for your detached position from this situation that allows you to be objective and unemotional in ways that she cannot. She is looking for an objective and evidence driven analysis and you should be seeking to provide a memo that has palpable objectivity at the heart of it. However, you are not actually providing any value to her if you only produce a great written analysis that she is not persuaded to follow. Subtle, undetectable tactics to influence her in the memo and overcome the biases that might be impacting her are important.
Remember that you should presume that you are a 3rd party consultant hired by Rita to write this memo advising her. She has asked for advice on what she should do. You are writing the memo directly to Rita. Do NOT write ABOUT her to some undefined third party. If you do not write directly to her it fundamentally alters the nature of your task and eliminates the element of needing to think strategically about how to overcome the personal human behavior obstacles that might be in the way of you succeeding.
Your memo should be a complete argument. A memo that advises a course of action that would not resolve her ultimate dilemma is incomplete.
Maximum of 700 words, excluding headers/footers. Efficiency is essential in every task that a businessperson does. I will stop reading after the 700th word in a memo and grade based on what I have read.
*Remember*that your job is to provide the value she is seeking, which is better ability to decide what to do. You should be helping her see the situation more clearly and analyze the outcomes of the choices she has and reach a conclusion as to which has the better overall outcomes.
You do not need to conduct any outside research for this. Take what is given in the case. You are not a licensed legal practitioner in India so she would not be wanting legal analysis on this.
Here is a template for structuring this memo. The template is very specific for the intro paragraph and you should precisely follow it when writing your memo. The rest of the template is less specific and has more room for you to do what you think is best.
Introduction Paragraph (the intro paragraph shoudl be PRECISELY four sentences). In a single sentence, plainly state the problem that is being addressed by the memo (why have you been hired to write this memo?)
In a single sentence, clearly identify each of the viable choices she has (remember – keep this simple for the sake of the assignment and resolve the basic underlying choice of she should sell the bond or not sell it).
In a single sentence articulate what her goal is (i.e. what is the criteria by which she should make the choice- remember we said above her goal is rooted in utilitarian ethics and she wants to do “the right thing” which for her is about doing whatever it is that best maximizes the outcomes considering all the stakeholders
In a single sentence, explicitly state which of the viable choices you recommend she do and briefly state why. (think of the why here as an explanation of how the choice recommended connects with the goal stated) From class today we talked about PRIMING. The goal of this sentence is to trigger a priming effect and get Rita to form a working hypothesis favorable to your assesment.

Body paragraph 1 Start with a single topic sentence that conveys your overall assessment of one of the choices identified in your introduction paragraph
Prove the overall assessment in the topic sentence correct in the remainder of the paragraph, providing evidence where appropriate

Body paragraph 2 Repeat body paragraph 1 for the other choice identified in your introduction paragraph

Conclusion This can be very short. Tie together anything that needs to be tied together. Don’t waste time restating here.

ADM Group project

ADM Group project.

1. Each team must select ONE company from this list.

2. For the selected company, the team must undertake a comprehensive analysis of its environmental and social responsibility activities, starting with a detailed background description of the selected company and the issues facing the industry in which it operates.

3. The required analysis must apply as much course material as possible, drawing from the relevant lecture material as well as other secondary sources of information relating to the selected company.

4. Note that it is expected and required that teams conduct secondary research from on-line as well as off-line sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic reference for this assignment. Students are strongly encouraged to use the facilities offered by the Telfer management library in completing this assignment.

5. Without being prescriptive, your team assignment should consider, among other things in the context of corporate social responsibility, the company’s key socially responsible activities and programs, its work with civil society organizations, its ethical practices, its key stakeholders, its interaction or partnership (if any) with government – and, in the team’s view, how effective are these activities compared to other firms in the same industry and where the firm’s efforts could be improved. 

It is expected that considerable effort will be made on researching the company; this could be time consuming. Teams are encouraged to ensure the company chosen provides sufficient published material that will enable the completion of the assignment.

Your written assignment is due at the beginning of the class on the date noted in the syllabus and MUST:  be between 15 – 20 pages (excluding annexes), double-spaced, word processed using a 12 pitch font (you will be penalized for exceeding the page limit of 20);  have page numbers;  be grammatically sound;  demonstrate a responsibility to scholarship by containing a bibliography and footnotes in an acceptable format (APA, MLA, etc.);  have a title page displaying the names and student numbers of the team members;  be well organized; and,  have attached a testimonial asserting: “This case study has been completed in accordance with University of Ottawa’s rules and guidelines respecting academic integrity” and signed by ALL GROUP MEMBERS (see appendix of the syllabus).

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