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WU Positive Social Change in A Community Country and The World Discussion

WU Positive Social Change in A Community Country and The World Discussion.

Haiti is the country…. THIS PAPER IS URGENT AND WORTH 200 POINTSAPA 7TH EDITION, intext citation, 3-4 sources from the list included in the instructions, plagiarism report and attach any articles.For your Final Project, share some of your ideas on how you can use the knowledge and insights gained in this course to promote positive social change in a community/country and the world. It is advisable to select a community/country other than the one where you live.undefinedTo prepare for the Final Project, review all the week’s Learning Resources and consider possible issues you might encounter when implementing a policy.Final Project (7–10 pages), not including the cover and the references:In developing a policy in the country you selected, consider the following:Explain the rationale for selecting the country. Describe the social determinants of health in the country that you would need to address. Explain why you need to address these determinants. Explain the possible public issues you might encounter in health literacy and cultural awareness in this country. Describe the relationship between health inequality/inequities and life expectancy for the population in your selected country. Describe two current efforts in this country (you selected) to reduce health inequities. Explain how you might develop a health policy so that it gets the support of the country you selected. Note: Take into account the culture of the country. Use APA formatting for your Final Project and to cite your resources. Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.Wilkinson, R., & Pickett, K. (2010). The spirit level: Why greater equality makes societies stronger. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Press.Chapter 15, “Equality and Sustainability” (pp. 217–234)Brennan-Olsen, S. L., Cook, S., Leech, M. T., Bowe, S. J., Kowal, P., Naidoo, N., … Mohebbi, M. (2017). Prevalence of arthritis according to age, sex and socioeconomic status in six low- and middle-income countries: Analysis of data from the World Health Organization study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE) Wave 1. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 18(1), 271. doi:10.1186/s12891-017-1624-zConlon, C. M., Serbanescu, F., Marum, L., Healey, J., LaBrecque, J., Hobson, R., … Weiss, W. (2019). Saving mothers, giving life: It takes a system to save a mother (republication). Global Health: Science and Practice, 7(1), 20–40. doi:10.9745/GHSP-D-19-00092 De Groot, A., Van de Munt, L., Boateng, D., Savitri, A. I., Antwi, E., Bolten, N., … Browne, J. L. (2019). Equity in maternal health outcomes in a middle-income urban setting: A cohort study. Reproductive Health, 16(1), 84. doi:10.1186/s12978-019-0736-3Jaquet, A., & Dabis, F. (2017). Smoking status and HIV in low-income and middle-income countries. The Lancet Global Health, 5(6), e557–e558. doi:10.1016/S2214-109X(17)30179-1Koblinsky, M. (2017). Maternal death surveillance and response: A tall order for effectiveness in resource-poor settings. Global Health: Science and Practice, 5(3), 333–337. Retrieved from doi:10.9745/GHSP-D-17-00308Larson, L. M., & Yousafzai, A. K. (2017). A meta-analysis of nutrition interventions on mental development of children under-two in low- and middle-income countries. Maternal & Child Nutrition, 13(1), e12229. doi:10.1111/mcn.12229Lerch, M. (2019). Regional variations in the rural-urban fertility gradient in the global South. PLOS ONE, 14(7), e0219624. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0219624Meessen, B. (2018). The role of digital strategies in financing health care for universal health coverage in low- and middle-income countries. Global Health: Science and Practice, 6(Supplement 1), S29–S40. doi:10.9745/GHSP-D-18-00271Murala, J. S. K., Karl, T. R., & Pezzella, A. T. (2019). Pediatric cardiac surgery in low-and middle-income countries: Present status and need for a paradigm shift. Frontiers in Pediatrics, 7. doi:10.3389/fped.2019.00214Psaki, S. R., Chuang, E. K., Melnikas, A. J., Wilson, D. B., & Mensch, B. S. (2019). Causal effects of education on sexual and reproductive health in low and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis. SSM – Population Health, 8, 100386. doi:10.1016/j.ssmph.2019.100386Ross, J. (2015). Improved Reproductive health equity between the poor and the rich: An analysis of trends in 46 low- and middle-income countries. Global Health: Science and Practice, 3(3), 419–445. doi:10.9745/GHSP-D-15-00124Gapminder. (n.d.). Retrieved July 20, 2019, from for Health in Africa Steering Group. (n.d.). Investing in health for Africa. Retrieved July 16, 2019, from WHO Regional Office for Africa website:…Nambiar, D., Rajbhandary, R., Koller, T. S., & Hosseinpoor, A. R. (2019). Building capacity for health equity analysis in the WHO South-East Asia Region. WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health, 8(1), 4–9. doi: 10.4103/2224-3151.255342Retrieved from
WU Positive Social Change in A Community Country and The World Discussion

Southern NH University Web Service Maintenance Situations Discussions

Southern NH University Web Service Maintenance Situations Discussions.

I’m working on a computer science exercise and need support to help me understand better.

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:Maintain simple web servicesScenarioYour company is planning to increase the size of your IT maintenance department. To ensure that potential new employees are familiar with web services and the issues your company deals with on a regular basis, your manager developed three situations that the potential new employee will be asked to address and present as part of the interview process. Your manager asked you to review the situations and provide a written situation report that identifies the potential causes of each situation, as well as possible solutions that could be implemented to address each. Your responses will be used to provide examples to the interviewing team so they know what they should be looking for during the potential employee’s presentations.DirectionsIn your 3–5 page situation report, you will identify the potential causes of each of the following situations and provide possible solutions that could be implemented to address them.Situation One:The web service for new user registration is not working. The user is unable to register using the sign-up form on the site, but has not specified which portion of the sign-up form isn’t working. The user is receiving a 400 – Bad Request error code from either the social media sign-up or the new user account sign-up.Complete these test cases and then provide a solution to address the error.Situation Two:A rival company had a data breach of customer personal data that has prompted your manager to conduct a review of security. She has asked you to consider SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. For each vulnerability, you need to identify the security risks it poses to your web service and describe the security patches available to counteract it.Situation Three:The company’s website was mentioned on a high-profile social media site. This led to an increase in traffic on your service. Your manager asked you to provide solutions on how to avoid service downtime. She emphasized that uptime requirements need to be above 95% overall. Within your response, describe how redundant systems and maintenance windows impact uptime requirements.What to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:Situation Report (3–5 pages)A written report that identifies potential causes, risks, and appropriate solutions that are applicable to each of the situations.
Southern NH University Web Service Maintenance Situations Discussions

“Henry IV” by William Shakespeare Essay

essay writing service free Table of Contents Introduction Summary of the plot Hal’s relationship with his biological father Hal’s relationship with his adoptive father Hal’s lessons from the two fathers Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Shakespeare recounts the circumstances under which King Henry ruled Britain. In preceding acts, King Henry had overthrown King Richard II before declaring himself King over Britain. However, his reign was characterized with constant rebellion. The Percys who had aided him to be King were behind the uprisings. Previously, they had helped him overthrow King Richard II (Hacht 226). However, they turned against King Henry with claims that he did not fulfill his part of the agreement. Civil war threatened to tear apart the nation as King Henry IV pondered his next move. Moreover, His loyalists such as Hotspur, among others also turned against him. Furthermore, he wondered if his son Hal was capable of ruling Britain. This paper will explore Hal’s relationship with his father. It will also examine his relationship with Sir. John Falstaff (Hacht 227). Summary of the plot King Henry IV plans a crusade for peace in his troubled nation. However, he is interrupted with news of war and defeat. Glyndwr, the Welsh rebel has defeated his troops in the south. Moreover, his supposedly loyal army commandant Percy disobeys his order to send the King captives. In addition, the king is troubled by his son’s actions. Hal keeps bad companies. He is fond of Sir. John Falstaff, a thief and a liar who lives by his wits. The noblemen that helped King Henry IV into power are strategizing on ways of overthrowing him. However, disgruntled members of the rebels cut their plan short. They are now forced to wage war as fast as possible since they are losing members. In addition, they fear that word may reach the King on their plans. Henry is summoned to the palace where his father admonishes him for his acts. He obeys his father and joins him in war in which they triumph over Percy’s soldiers. However, this is not the end as more rebels emerge (Perlman 88-122). Hal’s relationship with his biological father Hal’s relationship with his father is weak. This is evident when his father voices his suspicion of Hal’s ability to join forces with the Percys to overthrow him. However, Hal does not feel that way. Hal loves his father. This is evident when his hand is forced to assure his father of complete loyalty and support amidst tension. Tension between father and son forces King Henry to summon Hal back to the palace. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The fact that Hal obeys his father’s call is important as it shows his obedience to his father. Hal’s father called him Harry. It should be noted that Hal provokes his father’s anger through his association with criminals such as Falstaff, among others. Hal’s actions angers his father since he disobeys his advice on morals expected of a prince. It can be noted that Hal’s relationship with his father is strained in the beginning. In fact, it reaches a point when his father prefers Hotspur as his heir than Hal his son. This is evident in earlier acts where King Henry calls Hotspur “the theme of honor’s tongue.” Moreover, he wishes that the two (Hal and Hotspur) were switched at birth. This shows how much he disapproved his son’s ways (Harold 81). However, their relationship takes a new turn when the Percys front for war against King Henry. After a sincere talk between the father and the son, Hal promises to change his ways. In fact, he does exactly that by joining his father’s forces. He even saves his father’s life in war. He goes on to be a courageous and obedient son. His father is delighted in him once more. He looks to Hal as his heir once again. This is evident when king henry allows him to command his troops for war in which thy triumph (Hacht 235). It can thus be observed that Hal manages to convince his father that he truly cares for him. He shows king henry compassion by confirming his allegiance to him. Moreover, he saves his life in the battle. Tentatively, it can be noted that Hal learns from his father. However, his father does not recognize it until Hal wages war against his father’s enemies. Hal’s relationship with his adoptive father Hal’s father disapproves his association with criminals like Sir. John Falstaff. However, he continues to have him around. In fact, he leaves palace to be with his vicious friends. While Hal is benevolent, courageous, and honest in his dealings with his biological father, it is quite difficult to attest to this concerning his adoptive father. This is evident when he plots with Peto to steal from Falstaff as well as deceive him. This shows that the kind of relationship they had was not emotional. This relationship can be described as loosely figured. Based on the sincere discussion between Hal and his father Henry in the third act, it is obvious that Hal needed to explore himself. This brings him to Falstaff. We will write a custom Essay on “Henry IV” by William Shakespeare specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thence, it can be said that Hal’s interaction with Falstaff was coincidental as their relationship. Although King Henry taught Hal many things, Falstaff took another side of things. He gave Hal the opportunity to choose his destiny (Perlman 88). Falstaff provided Hal with company, love, and entertainment. However, this did not change the facts that Hal was a prince. In fact, it can be said that Hal come to Falstaff in order to know the ways of the people he was to rule. It could also be said that Hal came for an adventure. Surely, it would have been difficult to deceive a person he considered as a father to him. Besides, Hal outgrows his attachment to Falstaff. He goes back to the palace and commits his life to kingship. In addition, he shows that he learnt a lot from his biological father. It can then be said that his relation with Falstaff was inconsistent, deceptive, and changeable. A long lasting love would continue even when status changes. However, Hal turns against criminals and rebels aiming to topple his father. In essence, he disregards the teachings of Falstaff. This reinforces the loosely figured relationship between Hal and Falstaff. Hal’s lessons from the two fathers Hal learnt military skills from his biological father. This is evident in his triumph at Shrewsbury war, among others. Moreover, he closely monitored his father’s leadership skills, taking what was necessary and leaving what he thought was unnecessary. This is evident in his disregard for his father’s advice and instead he turns to Falstaff for friendship. Hal wants to learn much more than King Henry can provide. This is evident in the way he leaves the palace for adventure. However, he does not forget the skills learnt from his father. He uses these skills to save his father and triumph over Hotspur, one of his father’s loyalists turned foe (Harold 89). Hal learns about the world from Falstaff and his friends. In fact, it is here that they plan with Peto to deceive Falstaff. That is, he learns shrewdness from Falstaff and his friends. This helps him in organizing his father’s troops for triumph. It can also be noted that Hal learns other unruly ways from Falstaff. However, he does not take them back to the palace since he remains obedient to his father. Tentatively, it can also be said that Hal realizes the importance of his father while he spends time with Falstaff. In addition, he realizes that his friends are deceptive since Peto himself plans to rob Falstaff. Therefore, Hal learns to be courageous, loving, and benevolent during his time with Falstaff. Not sure if you can write a paper on “Henry IV” by William Shakespeare by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More His benevolence and loving nature is evident when he at first refuses to rob Falstaff. He only accepts when Peto tells him it is just a play on Falstaff. Moreover, Hal shows benevolence when he saves his father from death and defend his reign (Perlman 120). Conclusion Henry IV part one talks majorly of the rise of Hal. Shakespeare focuses on Hal’s development as a leader. He also explores Hal’s intrigues. Hal’s relationship with his biological father is loosely figured just as his relationship with Hotspur and Falstaff. However, when his father’s reign faces danger, he defends him and protects his reign from faltering. It can be noted that Hal cared for his father even though he wanted time for self-determination. In the end, his relationship with both fatherly figures was important in aiding his governance and triumph in war (Perlman 91). Works Cited Hacht, Anne. Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations of Shakespeare’s Plays and Poetry Vol. 1 (2nd ed.). Detroit: Gale, 2007. Print. Harold, Bloom. Shakespeare’s Histories, London: Chelsea House Publishers, 2000. EBSCOhost. Web. 11 April. 2013. Perlman, Elihu. William Shakespeare: The History Plays, New York: Twayne Publishers, 1992. Print.

Strayer Univ Impact of Covid 19 on Hospitality and Tourism Management Discussion

Strayer Univ Impact of Covid 19 on Hospitality and Tourism Management Discussion.

OverviewThe following articles provide an overview of the various responsibilities of managers that are commonly found in the hospitality and tourism industry.Career Paths of a Hospitality Management Student.A Day in the Life of David Lindahl, General Manager of Daily Diner Frogtown.A Day in the Life of a Hotel General ManagerWrite a 4–5 page paper in which you:Describe the various types of management careers that can be offered within each industry (lodging, and food & beverage).Compare and contrast the differences between the General Management (GM) positions within the two industries.Analyze and describe the growth in overall employment within these two industries and how this overall growth is forecasted within the next 10 years.Recommend at least three human resource practices in which each industry can better recruit and retain management talent for their respective industry.Use the Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to find at least three academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites are not considered quality references.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards.
Strayer Univ Impact of Covid 19 on Hospitality and Tourism Management Discussion

choice one topic from these

choice one topic from these. I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

Criminal Investigation the art and the science book
Chapter Two:
1. Define the term preliminary investigation and discuss how it applies to a crime scene.
2. What is meant by the term contamination of evidence and why is it important to ensure that
evidence from a crime scene does not become contaminated?
3. Explain the significance of the “crime scene walkthrough.”
Chapter Three:
1. Discuss the types of information that should be included in an officer’s field notes taken at the
crime scene.
2. Explain the primary purpose of the official police report and how the three-pronged rule of
thumb applies in writing official reports.
3. What are the benefits of using digital video to record a crime scene?

double space one page for each one and dons not need to be in APA format
choice one topic from these