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WU Personal Leadership Philosophies Characteristics of A Good Leader Paper

WU Personal Leadership Philosophies Characteristics of A Good Leader Paper.

Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader. Use the scholarly resources on leadership you selected to support your philosophy statement. Your personal leadership philosophy should include the following:

A description of your core values.
A personal mission/vision statement.
An analysis of your CliftonStrengths Assessment summarizing the results of your profile
A description of two key behaviors that you wish to strengthen.
A development plan that explains how you plan to improve upon the two key behaviors you selected and an explanation of how you plan to achieve your personal vision. Be specific and provide example

WU Personal Leadership Philosophies Characteristics of A Good Leader Paper

Frida Kahlo Famous Paintings Visual Analysis Discussion.

Let’s begin analyzing a specific piece. This is in chapter one, and is a good example of a self portrait done by Frieda Kahlo(in the files). Identify a specific object in the painting which you believe has symbolism – what do you think it is telling us about Kahlo?Important: Please respond in this thread using specific vocabulary terms from chapters 2 and 3(in the files) and discuss how you think this work is telling us something about how Kahlo sees herself and what she wants us to know about herself! This will be an intro exercise designed to start using the terms we need to analyze art.You don’t have to write to much; 250-400 words it’s enough.
Frida Kahlo Famous Paintings Visual Analysis Discussion

University of Texas at Dallas Feminine Perspectives & Experiences Discussion.

I’m working on a literature discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Sei Shonagon & Christine of PisanSei Shonagon starts on page 1215, Volume B; Pisan, on page 893, Volume BChoose one of the following for your reading response:Although these works, and their authors, are very different, they share gender. Epic, in particular, focuses heavily on masculine perspectives and behaviors. Can you define what, in these works by women of different cultures, defines perspectives and experiences that are particularly feminine?Find one or two passages in the work(s) that seem to crystallize the overall meaning or value of the work for you; or, that seem especially interesting for the imagery, wisdom, rhetorical power, or other memorable quality. Quote and defend your choice in a few sentences.REMEMBER to write beyond the minimum required length of 150 words, not including any quotations you use from the primary works or from secondary, critical sources. Also, REMEMBER not to plagiarize, and CITE any sources you happen to use
University of Texas at Dallas Feminine Perspectives & Experiences Discussion

NYC Selecting an Ethics Officer Discussion Board.

I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Select/Choose and respond to 1 of the following 3 discussion questions:1-Does your organization (or former organization) address ethical issues in a formal, systematic way? If so, is it a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, or has the organization customized an ethical culture to match its unique needs? (If you have not worked in an organization, select an organization to research and use it for your example in your response).2- Imagine that it’s your responsibility to select an ethics officer for your organization (or other organization from your research). What qualities, background, and experience would you look for? Why? What approach do you think the ethics officer should use to encourage ethical behavior and why?3-You joined one of the country’s largest retail chains, and already you’ve been promoted to department manager in one of your employer’s largest stores in an upscale shopping mall. Imagine your surprise when you log on to Facebook and see that one of your ‘‘friends’’—a young woman who heads one of the other departments in your store—has posted confidential store sales on her wall and has also posted sexual comments about a young man who reports to her. What should you do about this issue? Why?
NYC Selecting an Ethics Officer Discussion Board

SW 7371 Our Lady of the Lake Treatment Plan for the Schizophrenia Case Study

SW 7371 Our Lady of the Lake Treatment Plan for the Schizophrenia Case Study.

The Individual Case Study will help you prepare as a future clinician and help assess your ability to analyze a case study on your own. This activity is a Diagnostic Case Conceptualization assignment, you will select a case vignettes below and write-up the correct diagnosis.

Review      the full Individual Case Studies      instructions and review all of the requirements for      analyzing this case study.
Compose a 3 to 5 page paper summarizing your analysis and also list and      explain the rationale for the evidenced-based treatments and interventions      that can alleviate the symptom severity and or treat the client.

SW 7371 Our Lady of the Lake Treatment Plan for the Schizophrenia Case Study

Nova Southeastern University Coronary Artery Disease Discussion Post

essay writing service free Nova Southeastern University Coronary Artery Disease Discussion Post.

Discussion Question 1 For this questions, please read the following case study and then respond to the questions noted below. Mr. EBR is a 74-year-old retired Hispanic gentleman with known coronary artery disease (CAD), who presents to your clinic with substernal chest pain for the past 3 months. It is not positional; it reliably occurs with exertion, approximately one to two times daily, and is relieved with rest, or one or two sublingual nitroglycerin (NTG) tabs. It is similar in quality, but is much less severe, than the chest pain that occurred with his previous inferior myocardial infarction (MI) 3 years ago. Until the past 3 months, he has felt well.The chest pain is accompanied by diaphoresis and nausea, but no shortness of breath (SOB) or palpitations. He does not vomit. He denies orthopnea, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND), syncope, presyncope, dizziness, lightheadedness, and symptoms of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). An echocardiogram done after his MI demonstrated a preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). Other medical problems include well-controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), well-controlled hypertension (HTN), and hyperlipidemia, with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) at goal. He also has stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetic neuropathy. He no longer smokes and does not use alcohol or recreational drugs. His daily medications include: Atenolol 25 mg PO bid, Lisinopril 20 mg PO bid, aspirin 81 mg PO daily, Simvastatin 80 mg PO each evening, and metformin 500 mg PO bid.Mr. EBR’s physical examination includes the following: height 68 inches, weight 185 lb, Blood pressure (BP) 126/78, heart rate (HR) 64, Respiratory rate (RR) 16, and temperature 98.6°F orally. He is alert and oriented, and in no apparent distress (NAD). His neck is without jugular venous distention (JVD) or carotid bruits. Lungs are clear to auscultation bilaterally. Cardiovascular: normal S1 & S2, RRR, without rubs, murmurs or gallops. Abdomen has active bowel tones and is soft, nontender, and nondistended (NTND). Extremities are without clubbing, cyanosis, or edema. Distal pedal pulses are 2+ bilaterallyWhat would you add to the current treatment plan? Why?Would you discontinue any of the currently prescribed medication? Why or why not?How does the diagnosis stage 3 chronic kidney disease affect your choices?Why is the patient prescribed more than one antihypertensive?What is the benefit of the aspirin therapy in this patient?Discussion Question 2List three classes of drugs affecting the Hematopoietic System. List the mechanism of action for each class of drug. Choose one medication from the three classes and discuss what disorder the drug is used to treat? How often the medication is given? What labs should get monitored while the patient is taking this medication? Your response should be at least 350 words. @@@ 3 peer-reviewed articles. APA format.
Nova Southeastern University Coronary Artery Disease Discussion Post

202010 interpersonal communication spc 1017 paper

202010 interpersonal communication spc 1017 paper. I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

This activity helps you understand conflict and how to effectively manage it in a variety of relationships.
The scenarios below represent conflicts between relational partners. Read each carefully and answer the following questions in at least one full paragraph for each scenario.

What relationship tensions are at play?
Which conflict approach would you use in this situation?
What are the potential strengths of using this style?
What are the potential weaknesses of using this style?

Your roommate has a job waiting tables and gets home around midnight on Thursdaynights. She often brings a couple friends from work home with her. They watch television, listen to music, or play video games and talk and laugh. You have an 8 a.m. class on Friday mornings and are usually asleep when she returns. Last Friday, you talked to her and asked her to keep it down in the future. Tonight, their noise has woken you up and you can’t get back to sleep.
A fellow worker, Alice, has been reporting to the boss the progress of your group in such a way that it appears that she is the central force and the “idea person” in the group. This is not true since her contributions have been about equal to the others. The other group members don’t know she has been advancing her position in the organization at the expense of others (and maybe even making others look unproductive). You know what Alice is doing. Alice is slightly above you in rank, and you like her and work well with her. You feel, however, that her easy and regular access to the boss and inaccurate reporting of the group’s progress will ultimately undermine the others in the group.
You and Alex have been in a committed relationship for three years. Over the past few months, Alex has been spending more time with other friends than with you. When you are together, Alex texts and checks social media throughout the time you are together, and Alex is often unable to recall what you discussed during your time together.
Your sister just announced she is moving to the same city as you. When you were children, you were very close and often hung out together in social situations. As adults, you continued to visit one another as often as possible and maintained a close bond. You both discuss how exciting it will be to finally live close enough to be each other’s plus one again. However, after she moves nearby, she is rarely available, instead spending all her time with her new work friends. They visit all the places you had hoped to visit with your sister.
You are close friends with a couple. They ask you to be in their wedding party, and you happily agree. Soon, you discover they are having a destination wedding at an expensive resort in Colorado. They are not covering any travel expenses for the wedding party, and they have activities planned for an entire week (all of which are mandatory for the wedding party). In addition, when they send you the requirements for your wedding party attire, their choice is a designer ensemble that does not have an option to rent. You’ve already agreed to be in the wedding, but as a working college student, you are short on both time and money.
A new family moves in next door to you in an apartment building. You learn they are from a country different from your own, and they seem friendly and interesting. You share a common language, although it is a second language for one of you. Shortly after they’ve moved in, they invite you to a party at their apartment. You accept and offer to bring something. Your neighbor looks horrified and hurt by your question.

at least one full paragraph per scenario (can be longer but not too much longer)
saved as any of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .gdoc (If you are unable to save as one of these, please notify me BEFORE the paper is due)
Times New Roman
12 point, black font
No cover page

202010 interpersonal communication spc 1017 paper

Write a minimum 4 page report explaining the results from your analysis of the ROI

Write a minimum 4 page report explaining the results from your analysis of the ROI.

Write a minimum 4 page report explaining the results from your analysis of the ROI of Business Majors and Engineering Majors. Use your results from each week’s assignment to make this report. This report should include:A detailed description of the data used in this analysis – specifically explain what the data in each column represents.A detailed explanation of any information learned about: School Type for each major; The Cost for each major;The 30 Year ROI for each major;The Annual % ROI for each major. Explanations should be supported with the results obtained from your work in previous weeks.Finally, answer the following questions and support your answer with your results. Does there appear to be a particular major that gives a better ROI? Why or Why not? Given that we are using statistical inference to make our conclusions, is it guaranteed that the major you choose that gave a better ROI for this sample will always have a better ROI than the other major? Explain your reasoningGrading Criteria AssignmentsMaximum PointsMeets or exceeds established assignment criteria40Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts20Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts30Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling10Total100
Write a minimum 4 page report explaining the results from your analysis of the ROI