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WU Affordable Health Care Act Social Problem and The Policy in Michigan Essay

WU Affordable Health Care Act Social Problem and The Policy in Michigan Essay.

Is social change ever easy? What barriers did you experience during your advocacy? What successes did you experience?Over the past several weeks, you have analyzed a policy related to a social problem and have advocated for change. This week you submit your final report and present on your experience and the outcomes of your Social Change Project.affordable care act is the topicBy Day 7Submit a 4-5 page final report of your Social Change Project. The final report should include:Provide a brief synopsis of social problem and policy you identified.Discuss what was accomplished over the past term and the change you made through your social change project.Reflect on your experience. What did you learn? What would you do differently?Explain how policy relates to direct practice?How will you apply skills advocacy skills as a social worker?
WU Affordable Health Care Act Social Problem and The Policy in Michigan Essay

PU Learning to Apply Quality Principles and Rectify the Problems Discussion.

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Discussion forums allow students the opportunity to analyze and discuss project management topics with classmates and the instructor. They are an opportunity for sharing insights and experiences within project management and are relative to the readings, other weekly course material, and the Unit Learning Outcomes. Please review the Learning Outcomes and the Directions prior to posting your response to the discussion prompt below.Unit Learning OutcomesExplain how a process flow chart aids in performing quality control on projects.Devise action to prevent the same problem from occurring again later in the project.Examine the pros and cons of in-house to third-party quality audit on a project.Explain how one can improve the performance of subcontractors.Discuss why Quality Control by external persons can take more time and effort.Evaluate the importance of a thorough quality management plan.DirectionsAfter reviewing this week’s material, engage in an active discussion this week on the following topic:The user is facing a lot of problems in enhancements and minor changes carried out for a software product. Discuss how do you apply quality principles and rectify the problems.Please find an additional reference source and cite the source in your discussion post. Sources must be used to enhance the learning experience. By finding a referenced source, you are enhancing the learning experience by searching for another source of information on the topic. Also, please ensure you are using a source that is peer reviewed to ensure accuracy of information (select peer-reviewed journal articles in the Park Library).Your original post should be in the format of an executive summary (must contain verbiage and bullet points to name the key points). Use APA formatting.
PU Learning to Apply Quality Principles and Rectify the Problems Discussion

Literature Studies: King Lear by William Shakespeare Essay. Introduction Written by William Shakespeare, King Lear is must-read attractive work that features the old King Lear whose role well develops the play’s main theme of tragedy. Bad luck is clear in the story through the inconsistent relationship between King Lear and his daughters as well as from the role of dishonesty and power in the play. Heartbreaking consequences arise after King Lear’s move to divide his property between his two daughters, excluding Cordelia (Shakespeare 153). King Lear’s pride hinders him from knowing the truth about his daughters, especially Cordelia who truly loves him. The basis of the play on the Lear of Britain helps in depicting how young people rise where the old ones fall. The Young rise where the Old fall In Act one, King Lear states his resolution to confer power and kingship to young people. He decides to shake off all his burdens, cares, and businesses of kingship to the energetic young generation so that he can retire peacefully. King Lear is of age to retire as he has reigned over a long period. However, he faces the start of his downfall when he decides to retire and give a portion of his country to the daughter who professes best her love for him. Due to his pride, Lear blindly divides his estate between Goneril and Regan, who only sweet-talk him, while leaving out Cordelia. This situation shows that his daughters (the young) will only rise in power and wealth upon the falling of the old King Lear. In addition, Act 3 depicts the conflict between the young and the old generation based on the claims that foolish and old people such as King Lear do not deserve any power (Tweg 35) with reference to his two daughters, Goneril and Regan, after their success in inheriting their father’s fortunes. Through this scenario, the two daughters show the shift and rise in power from the old to the young generation. Although King Lear’s old age does not allow him to undertake responsibilities, he feels that it will make him vulnerable. However, his daughters are happy to treat their powerless father like a baby, thus embarrassing him to show how youngsters rise when the old fall. Edmund visualizes the conflict with his father as a generational conflict between the young and old (Shakespeare 135) because of his father’s support of King Lear even when he is against Cornwall’s wishes. The result is a social problem where few old men are in charge of power and wealth while many young people possess nothing. As a result, young people develop bitterness. They yearn to rise when the old folks fall regardless of the means. Furthermore, the various themes portrayed in the play provide evidence of how youngsters take up the positions of the old once they fall. For instance, the conflicts between a father and Gloucester’s sons as well as Lear’s daughters show generational differences (Tweg 30). The younger generation manipulates the older one, thus rising in wealth and power while the older counterparts are often unaware. Conclusion In my opinion, the play clearly depicts how young people replace the old once the latter category falls as evidenced by the various themes and symbolism in the play, King Lear. Despite the challenges that the old folk face in relinquishing power to the young, it is obvious from the daily routine that young people only rise in wealth and power when the old ones fall. They are strong, unlike the helpless old generation. King Lear’s fall from power and the inheritance of his country by his daughters form the main basis for the discussion. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. King Lear, Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes Publishers, 1990. Print. Tweg, Sue. William Shakespeare’s King Lear, Wellington: Insight Publications, 2011. Print. Literature Studies: King Lear by William Shakespeare Essay
Chemistry homework help. You are required to write a museum paper that both responds to a selected question and pursues (virtual) visual research at the Metropolitan Museum of Art/Frick Collection or ANY Museum of your choosing.,Write a museum paper that both responds to a selected question,You are required to write a museum paper that both responds to a selected question and pursues (virtual) visual research at the Metropolitan Museum of Art/Frick Collection or ANY Museum of your choosing.  The assignment requires you to choose a broad problem/theme to examine. Then, employ pictorial examples from the museum’s collection to both focus. Support your argument. Your paper, which should be 5-7 pages in length. Must be properly documented using Chicago Manual Style footnotes or endnotes (if applicable). NB: I don’t expect there to be a great deal of footnotes since this is more a looking/comprehension exercise v. a research-heavy paper.,PLAGIARIZED PAPERS WILL RECEIVE A FAILING GRADE.,CHANGE TO ASSINGMENT:  Since most of you were NOT able to attend the museum, you may choose to complete this museum assignment using ANY MUSEUM COLLECTION OF YOUR CHOICE! You may also use more than one collection, but please make sure you identify which collection(s) you are using.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have re: your choice.  If you need Museum suggestions, please feel free to ask! Some options:  Louvre (Paris); Prado (Madrid); National Gallery (DC); National Gallery (London); Museum of Fine Arts (Boston).,Possible Essay Themes for Museum Object Paper:,Choose 1 question total from among the following 8 choices:,Renaissance/ Mannerism:,Using two to four examples from the Met’s (or any other) collection examine, compare, and discuss the qualities and ,characteristics of Renaissance painting in Flanders and Italy. ,Firstly, Using two or three examples from the Met’s (or any other) collection discuss how Early Renaissance art was a combination of careful observation, Humanist reasoning, and religious mysticism.,Secondly, Using two examples from the Met’s (or any other) collection, explain how these works best represent the High Renaissance and what characteristics make the works prime examples of the period.,Lastly, Using two or three examples from the Met’s (or any other) collection, describe the typical characteristic of Mannerism and explain in what ways these characteristics appear in the selected works.,Baroque:,In what way did the Counter-Reformation Church inspire and inform the art of the 17th century?  Choose two to three examples from the collection to discuss., Also, Examine the use of self-images in Baroque art.  Discuss three examples., Examine the use of realism, dramatic light, and gesture in three works of art., Genre painting enjoyed enormous popularity in the Northern Baroque period.,Lastly, Discuss three examples from the collection of these types of work.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Chemistry homework help

African American Studies. “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Hurston Term Paper

Zora Neale Hurston was one of the greatest writers of her time. A lot of her literary works received outstanding appreciation from both her readers and other literal writers. In her career as a writer, Zora Hurston wrote a total of seven books. She further wrote innumerable short stories, magazine articles and play scripts. One of her most celebrated works is the book titled Their Eyes Were Watching God. This essay will give a short account of Zora Hurston’s life in relation to her career. It will further discuss various aspects of the above book that later led to the creation of a movie. Zora Neale Hurston was unquestionably the leading black female writer of her time (Jones 23). Her excellent creativity and beautiful description saw the development of her career as a writer from one level to another. She was part of a consortium of African American writers in the first half of the twentieth century. The writers were actively involved in the fight against racism. Most of her magazine articles and plays focused on the issue of discrimination and racial segregation in the United States of America. Hurston’s career underwent a series of transformations. While she started off by predominantly writing short stories, she ended up writing as a folklorist, a novelist and finally as an anthropologist. However, her writing style remained intact and captivating to her readers (Louis 17). In this process, Hurston also collaborated with other African American writers. For instance, she was once a contributor to Charles Johnson’s “A journal of Negro Life.” She also produced other works with the likes of Langston Hughes and George Antheil. Nevertheless, Hurston’s popularity in the literary world declined over time. Her works failed to hold the attention of the literary world for long. Her career life was also interrupted by her prolonged illness that led to her death. Her death further reduced the popularity of her works until the release of her biography in 1977. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston tells the story of a young lady who is caught between love, materialism and male chauvinism. Janie, who is brought up by her grandmother after her mother runs off, is an attractive young black girl with big dreams about life. She aims at living a life full of explorations, freedom and happiness. However, her dreams are almost shattered when Nanny, her grandmother, forces her to marry Logan, a rich middle-aged man. Nanny’s action is propelled by her desire to guarantee a good life and a high social status for her granddaughter. However, Janie treasures love above material things and she leaves Logan for Jody, an ambitious young man. Two decades into their marriage, Joddy dies, freeing Janie from his dictatorship. Janie finally finds Tea Cake, marries him and moves to another town. However, through a strange turn of events, Janie is obliged to kill Tea Cake for her own safety. She returns to her previous home where she faces mockery from her neighbors. Several scenes in the movie portray Janie’s resolution to make a spiritual journey towards love and self-awareness. The flirting moments between Janie and Jody is an example of such a scene. Having been fed up with staying in a loveless marriage with Logan, Janie decides to take a spiritual journey that enables her to discover the true meaning and feeling of love. The encounter with Jody marks the beginning of this journey. Furthermore, the scene where Janie makes the final decision to leave Logan marks the beginning of her journey to find love. Another scene of a spiritual journey to love is the sweet conversation that Janie has with Tea Cake during their dates. The atmosphere created by Tea Cake’s jokes and charms portrays a relationship based on true love. Janie finds Tea Cake to be imaginative and creative which suits her description of an ideal man. The mutual attraction felt by the two creates a scene that depicts real love. The scene where Janie publicly shames Jody by remarking about his ugly nature and his impotence is the beginning of Janie’s journey to self-awareness. This comes after Janie decides that she is no longer in a position to put up with Jody’s domineering and suppressive character traits. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Janie’s appreciation of her independence is depicted when she refuses to be bound to Logan for the rest of her life because of material things. Since she was never independent at Logan’s house, Janie longed for a time when she will be able to do what she chooses to do. Her appreciation of independence makes her leave Logan for a man whom she hoped to enjoy freedom with. Secondly, Janie recognizes and appreciates the need for her self-independence when she decides to break loose from the restrictions and dictations stipulated by Jody. She acknowledges the fact that in order to be free, she has to stop giving Jody the opportunity to control her. Lastly, Janie gives an indication that she appreciates her self-independence when she turns down the marriage proposals from numerous suitors after Jody’s funeral. After being denied freedom by the two men consecutively, jeopardizing her new found freedom was the last thing on Janie’s mind. In fact, she only gives marriage a try after she is assured of happy times with Tea Cake. Janie exhibits women agency throughout the story. The manner in which she reacts to different circumstances and makes decisions presents her as a typical woman. For instance, her refusal to accompany Jody to the farm is expected from a woman. Janie is therefore an epitome of any woman who refuses to let her course of action be influenced by men. Janie rashly gets attracted to Jody’s good looks and charm and makes a hasty decision to marry him. This rash decision costs her freedom for twenty years. It is also typical of a majority of women to make impetuous decisions when it comes to love and relationship matters. Janie also depicts the features of women agency when she gets fed up with the unexpected directions of her two marriages. Her decision to leave the marriages is final. Likewise, most women make such decisions when faced with similar circumstances. Janie’s decisions are therefore a representation of the general agency of women. In conclusion, the story remains important to the traditions of black women by developing primary features of women agency. The story also gives an insight into how things were done in the first half of the twentieth century. Furthermore, the story emphasizes the strength that a woman can acquire through the process of self-awareness and appreciation of self-independence. Works Cited Jones, Sharon. Critical Companion to Zora Neale Hurston. New York, NY: Facts on File, Inc., 2009. Print. Louis, Gates. Zora Neale Hurston: Critical Perspectives Past and Present. New York: Amistad, 1993. Print.

University of The Potomac Mobile and WIFI Networks Questions Discussion

help me with my homework University of The Potomac Mobile and WIFI Networks Questions Discussion.

MIDTERMPlease answer the following questions:Q1 The air interface between the mobile handsets and the equipment at antennas and towers is only a wireless part of mobile networks. What other equipment is required to get cell signals into the backhaul network? Q2. Using Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing in LTE networks removes the need for guard bands. What impact does this have on the available spectrum?Q3.In a Mesh Network, all nodes connect to one another in a flat or non-hierarchical manner. Core or backbone networks are often designed in this manner. Why is that? Q4.Why are Middle Mile Networks connected to rural areas so expensive? How does this compare to the expense of connecting office and apartment buildings to the network? Q5. Explain why there are regulations in place requiring that certain businesses such as Hospitals, Financial Firms, and Government Agencies save their data for three or more yearsQ6. Describe Deep Packet Inspection and how it allows for the Monitoring, Prioritization, and Censoring of data.Writing Requirements5-6 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)APA format,intext citations are mustabstract is mustHTTP links are a must in resources or referenceAdditional resources will be provided
University of The Potomac Mobile and WIFI Networks Questions Discussion

The Delay in the Tarmac: An Application of the Hosmer Analytical Model Case Study

Table of Contents Introduction Main body Conclusion References Introduction Specific economic outcomes in the context of resolving moral problems associated with business operations and management are related to the balance of certain benefits in contrast to costs as it is valued in society. According to Hosmer (2011), the balance of benefits and costs determines the economic aspect of a certain moral issue, and this principle is also known as Pareto Optimality. This concept means the most efficient allocation of materials or resources for achieving a certain goal when any improvements in this balance lead to worsening a situation in relation to another aspect of the system (Yadollahi, Abd Majid,

Passenger Airline Industry’s Influencing Factors Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Key External Factors Major Market Segments JetBlue vs. Southwest Airline Conclusion References Introduction This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the passenger airline industry. The first part of the analysis will identify the key external factors that affect the industry. In the second part, the main market segments in the industry will be identified and analyzed. Specifically, the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies used by airlines in each segment will be analyzed. The last part of the paper will contrast the target market and positioning strategies of JetBlue and Southwest Airlines. Key External Factors The passenger airline industry is affected by the following factors. First, social factors such as education, tastes/ preferences, and attitudes affect the industry. Customers tend to choose airlines based on the characteristics of their services, which include on-board amenities, safety, entertainment, and ground services (Wen