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WRTG 100 Sultan Qaboos University Americans Trust Towards Public Charities Essay

WRTG 100 Sultan Qaboos University Americans Trust Towards Public Charities Essay.

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I need a 5 pages draft with the requirement that is on the pdfThe essay is about this question :Should we give our trust to the public charities? Is there a difference between the small and huge foundations?this is the thesis statement:Having charities is so important because it helps people in need. It gives people the feeling of giving, the feel of helping each other. This act changes people’s lives no matter how small the donation is. A few dollars which barely could buy a meal in the United States could feed a family for days in another part of the world. On the other hand, there are people who don’t agree with the idea of public charities because these foundations help people to become dependent on them which makes them lazy. Besides, there they think these foundations could be used to deceit the people and collect their money.
WRTG 100 Sultan Qaboos University Americans Trust Towards Public Charities Essay

NURS 6512 UMES Wk 2 Alethea Butler & the Asian Sub Groups Discussion.

Please Respond to.Week 2 DiscussionAlethea Butler Main Post Post an explanation of the specific socioeconomic, spiritual, lifestyle, and other cultural factors associated with the patient you were assignedIt is important to mention and understand there are many subgroups of the Asian population who have different values, cultural beliefs, health experiences, and perceived health needs. The Asian patient in question is 86 years old, who is dependent on his daughter financially and physically. He has health problems which include hypertension, GERD, vitamin B12 deficiency and chronic prostatitis. He feels he is a burden to his daughter. He comes to the office for an annual exam and requires a complete history and physical. First the practitioner must have an understanding of cultural competence which means the practitioner is sensitive to the needs of people who have different ethnic backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation, values, and cultures (Ball, Dains, Flynn, Solomon & Stewart, 2019). The socioeconomic status of the patient includes his social and ethnic background, income, his position in the family, his satisfaction with his life, hobbies, sources of stress and support systems. Other factors to consider is cultural traditions such as religion, special foods, or diet, does the patient get enough daily exercise? How does he feel about his health? Does the patient have health insurance? Does the patient speak fluent English and able to read and understand health information related to his health problem and treatment plan? All of these factors have an impact on the patient to make decisions related to his health and receiving healthcare (Lee, Rhee, Kim & Ahluwalia, 2015).Explain the issues that you would need to be sensitive to when interacting with the patient and why?I would be sensitive about his ethnicity because as I mentioned previously there are many subgroups in an Asian population and it is essential to know how the patient identifies himself, or whether it would be appropriate to make eye contact because in other Asian populations eye contact would be considered a sign of disrespect as well as not addressing the elderly by last name. When I am interacting with the patient, I need to know about his culture and traditions to provide culturally competent patient care (Brolley, Tu & Wong, 2007).Provide at least five targeted questions you would ask the patient to build his health history health risks.What language do you speak at home?How well do you understand English, both spoken and written?What does health and illness mean to you?Are there special signs that demonstrates respect or disrespectWho makes decision in the family?Tell me about your families medical HistoryDuring the past month have you felt down, depressed, hopeless or has had no interest or pleasure in doing things? (Ball, Dains, Flynn, Solomon & Stewart, 2019).ReferencesBall, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S. & Stewart, R. W. (2019). Seidel’s guide to physical examination: An interprofessional approach (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.Brolley, E., Tu, A., & Wong, E. (2007). Culture Clues: Communicating with your Chinese Patient. Retrieved from, H. Y., Rhee, T. G., Kim, N. K., & Ahluwalia, J. S. (2015). Health Literacy as a Social Determinant of Health in Asian American Immigrants: Findings from a Population-Based Survey in California. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 30(8), 1118-24. Doi: 10.1007/s11606-015-3217-6. Retrieved from

NURS 6512 UMES Wk 2 Alethea Butler & the Asian Sub Groups Discussion

Breast Ultrasound Normal Versus Abnormal Essay

Breast Ultrasound Normal Versus Abnormal Essay.

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The paper topic is: Breast Ultrasound Normal verus abnormal (this is an ultrasound topic)Requirement:- 3 pages minimum, double spaced NOT including the cover page or reference page, MLA style.- Need to have a minimum of 3 references. I am attached 1 of the 3. Feel free to use more than 3, but please make sure these are credible sources such as journals. The referencee I’m including “Sonography, introduction to normal Structure and Function” HAS to be one of the references).I have included a power point iI did recently on this topic. I would like for you to assist in further researching the topic and go into detail about several cases of normal breast ultrasound and some abnormal. In each one, I’d like to describe what the image looks like in ultrasound (color, stiff or dense, etc, this will make more sense once you take a look at my power point).Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Breast Ultrasound Normal Versus Abnormal Essay

Overview of Crawlers and Search Optimization Methods

nursing essay writing service With the explosive growth of knowledge sources out there on the planet Wide internet, it’s become progressively necessary for users to utilize automatic tools in the notice the specified data resources, and to trace and analyze their usage patterns. Clustering is worn out some ways and by researchers in several disciplines, like clump is done on the premise of queries submitted to look engine. This paper provides an outline of algorithms that are useful in program optimization. The algorithms discuss personalized conception based clump algorithmic rule. Fashionable organizationsare geographically distributed. Typically, every web site domestically stores its ever increasing quantity of everyday knowledge. Using centralized Search optimized to find helpful patterns in such organizations, knowledge is not possible as a result of merging knowledge sets from totally differentwebsitesinto a centralized site incurs immense network communication prices. Knowledge of these organizations don’t seem to be solely distributed over numerous locations however conjointly vertically fragmented, creating it troublesome if not possible to mix them in a very central location. Distributed Search optimized has therefore emerged as a full of life Subarea of Search optimized analysis. They’re planning a way to seek out the rank of every individual page within the native linguistics program surroundings. Keyword analysis tool conjointly accustomed. Keywords – Distributed data, Data Management System, Page Rank, program Result Page, Crawler INTRODUCTION A search engine may be a computer code that’s designed to look for data on the planet Wide internet. The search results are typically given in a line of results usually named as Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). The data could also be a specialist in sites, images, data and different varieties of files. Some search engines conjointly mine knowledge out there in databases or open directories. In contrast to internet directories that are maintained solely by human editors, search engines conjointly maintain period data by running an algorithmic rule on an internet crawler. A look engine may be a web-based tool that permits users to find data on the planet. Wide internet well-liked samples of search enginesare Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search. Search engines utilize automatic code applications that follow the net, following links from page to page, site to site. Every program use totally different advanced mathematical formulas to get search results. The results for a particular question are then displayed on the SERP. Program algorithms take the key components of an internet page, together with the page title, similar content and used keywords. If any search result page get the higher ranking in the yahoo then it is not necessary that it’s also get the same rank at Google result page. To form things additional sophisticated, the algorithms utilized by search engines don’t seem to be closely guarded secrets, they’re conjointly perpetually undergoing modification and revision. This implies that the factors to best optimize awebsitewith should be summarized through observation, additionally as trial and error and not one time.The programis divided roughly into 3 components: crawl, Indexing, and looking out. WORKING POSTULATE OF SEARCH ENGINE Crawling The foremost well-known crawler is termed “Google larva.” Crawlers scrutinize sites and follow links on those pages, very similar to that if anyone were browsing content on the net. They going from link to link and convey knowledge concerning those sites back to Google’s servers. An internet crawler is a web larva that consistently browses the planet Wide internet, generally for the aim of internet assortment. An internet crawler might also be referred to as an internet spider, or an automatic trained worker. Indexing Search engine assortment is that the method of a Search engine collection parses and stores knowledge to be used by the program. The particular program index is that the place wherever all the info the program has collected iskept. It’s the program index that gives the results for search queries, and pages that are keep at intervals the program index that seem on the program results page. Without a look engine index, the program would take amounts of your time and energy anytime a question was initiated, because the program would need to search not solely each web content or piece of information that has got to do with the actual keyword employed in the search question, however each different piece of knowledge it’s access to, to make sure that it’s not missing one thing that has one thing to try and do with the actual keyword. Program spiders, conjointly referred to as program crawlers, are however the program index gets its data, additionally as keeping it up thus far and freed from spam. Crawl Sites The crawler module retrieves pages from the net for later analysis by the assortment module. For retrieve pages for the user query Crawler start it with U0. In this search result U0 come at a first place according to the prioritized. Now crawler retrieves the result of 1st important page i.e. U0, and puts the next important URLs U1 within the queue. This method is continual till the crawler decides to prevent. Given the big size and also the modification rate of the net, several problemsarise, together with the subsequent. Challenges of crawl 1) What pages ought to the crawler download? In most cases, the crawler cannot transfer all pages on the net [6]. Even the foremost comprehensive program presently indexesa little fraction of the whole internet. Given this reality, it’s necessary for the crawler to fastidiously choose the pages and to go to “important” pages 1st by prioritizing the URLs within the queue properly [fig. 1.1], in order that the fraction of the net that’s visit isadditionally significant. It’sstartingout revisiting the downloaded pages so as to find changes and refresh the downloaded. The crawler might want to transfer “important” pages1st. 2) However ought to the crawler refresh pages? After download pages from the internet, crawler starting out revisiting the downloaded pages. The crawler has to fastidiously decide what page to come back and what page to skip, as a result of this call might considerably impact the “freshness” of the downloaded assortment. for instance, if a particular page seldom changes, the crawler might want to come back the page less usually, so as to go to additional often dynamical. 3) The load on the visited websites is reduced? When the crawler collects pages from the net; it consumes resources happiness to different organizations. For instance, once the crawler downloads page p on web site S, the location has to retrieve pageup from its classification system, intense disk and central processor resource. Also, once this retrieval the page has to be transferred through the network that is another resource, shared by multiple organizations. III. RELATED WORK Given taxonomy of words, an easy methodology used to calculate similarity between 2 words. If a word is ambiguous, then multiple strategies could exist between the two words. In such cases, entirely the shortest path between any a pair of senses of the words is taken into consideration for conniving similarity. A tangle that is usually acknowledged with this approach is that it depends on the notion that every one links at intervals the taxonomy represent a consistent distance. Page Count The Page Count property returns an extended price that indicates the amount of pages with information in an exceedingly Record set object. Use the Page Count property to see what percentage pages of knowledge square measure within the Record set object. Pages square measure teams of records whose size equals the Page Size property setting. Though the last page is incomplete as a result of their square measure fewer records than the Page Size price, it counts as an extra page within the Page Count Price. If the Record set object doesn’t support this property, the worth are -1 to point that the Page Count is indeterminable. Some SEO tools square measure use for page count. Example- web site link count checker, count my page, net word count. Text Snippets Text Snippets square measure usually won’t to clarify that means of a text otherwise “cluttered” operate, or to reduce the employment of recurrent code that’s common to different functions. Snip management may be a feature of some text editors, program ASCII text file editors, IDEs, and connected code. Search optimized additionally referred to as Discovery of Knowledge in large Databases (KDD) [9], is that the method of mechanically looking out giant volumes of knowledge for patterns mistreatment tools like classification, association rule mining, clustering, etc. Search optimized may be also work as info retrieval, machine learning and pattern recognition system. Search optimized techniques square measure the results of an extended method of analysis and products development. This evolution began once business information was initial hold on computers, continuing with enhancements in information access, and additional recently, generated technologies that enable users to navigate through their information in real time. Search optimized takes this organic process on the far side retrospective information access and navigation to prospective and proactive info delivery. Search optimized is prepared for application within the community as a result of its supported by 3 technologies that square measure currently sufficiently mature: Massive information assortment Powerful digital computer computers Search optimized algorithms. With the explosive growth of knowledge sources accessible on the globe Wide net, it’s become progressively necessary for users to utilize machine-driven tools in realize the required info resources, and to trace and analyze their usage patterns. These factors bring about to the requirement of making server facet and shopper side intelligent systems which will effectively mine for data. Net mining [6] may be generally outlined because the discovery and analysis of helpful info from the globe Wide net. This describes the automated search of knowledge resources accessible online, i.e. website mining, and also the discovery of user access patterns from net servers, i.e., net usage mining. Web Mining Web Mining is that the extraction of fascinating and doubtless helpful patterns and implicit info from artifacts or activity associated with the globe wide net. There square measure roughly 3 data discovery domains that pertain to net mining: website mining, net Structure Mining, and net Usage Mining. Extracting data from the document content is called the Website mining. Net document text mining, resource discovery supported ideas compartmentalization or agent primarily based technology might also fall during this class. Net structure mining is that the method of inferring data from the globe Wide net organization and links between references and referents within the net. Finally, net usage mining, additionally called diary mining, is that the method of extracting fascinating patterns in net access logs. Web Content Mining Web content mining [3] is associate automatic method that works on the keyword for extraction. Since the content of a text document presents no machine readable linguistics, some approaches have steered restructuring the document content in an exceedingly illustration that might be exploited by machines. Web Structure Mining World Wide net will reveal additional info than simply the knowledge contained in documents. As an example, links inform to a document indicate the recognition of the document, whereas links commencing of a document indicate the richness or maybe the range of topics coated within the document. This will be compared to list citations. Once a paper is cited usually, it got to be necessary. The Page Rank strategies profit of this info sent by the links to search out pertinent sites. Search optimized, the extraction of hidden prophetic info from giant databases, may be a powerful new technology with nice potential to assist corporations target the foremost necessary info in their information warehouses. Search optimized tools predict future trends and behaviors, permitting businesses to create proactive, knowledge-driven selections. The machine-driven, prospective analyses offered by Search optimized move on the analyses of past events provided by of call support systems. Search optimized tools will answer business queries that historically were too time intense to resolve. LIMITATION Duringdata retrieval, onewithall the most issues is to retrieve a collection of documents, that don’t seem to be giventouser question. For instance, apple is often related to computers on the net. However, this sense of apple isn’t listed in most all-purpose thesauri or dictionaries. IV. PURPOSE OF THE ANALYSIS Knowledge Management (KM) refers to a spread of practices utilized by organizations to spot, create, represent, and distribute data for utilize, awareness and learning across the organization. Data Management programsare aunit generally tied to structure objectives and area unit meant to guide to the action of specific outcomes liketo shareintelligence, improved performance, competitive advantage, or higher levels of innovation. Here we tend to area unit viewing developing an internet computer network data management system that’s of importance to either a company or an academic institute. V. DESCREPTION OF DRAWBACK Top of Form After the arrival of laptop the knowledge are hugely out there and by creating use of such raw assortment data to create the data is that the method of Search optimized. Likewise in internet conjointly lots of internet Documents residein on-line.The internetisa repositoryof form of data like Technology, Science, History, Geography, Sports Politics et al. If anyone is aware ofa concern specific topic, then they’re exploitation program to look for his or her necessities and it provides full satisfaction for user after giving entire connected data concerning the subjects.

Describe and Outline Types of Management Approaches

In order to achieve the aim and objective of a project in an organisation, the best way to determine an effective organisation is to apply a suitable management approaches. This report is to describe and outline the major trends in management approaches which people are always implementing in their project organisation. There are four types of management approaches will be mention clearly in this report include classical approach, human relation approach, system approach and contingency approach. From the management approaches analysis shall be carry out at the same time in order to choose and clarify the most effective in promoting a good organisational structure and organisational relationships. Besides, a good leader is also important to leading the team in achieving the organisation goals. Thus, the attributes to be a good leader will be discuss and identified as well. Types of management approaches Management plays a crucial role in the making of the organisation and therefore effective management is required to ensure every organisation is working towards a common objective or goal. Hence, it is essential to produce a good organisation structure and organisation relatioship. The four different major types of management approaches will discuss in the following. Classical Approach Classical approach is mainly concentrate of the workers and organisations based on management practices, which were on outcome of careful observation. Classical approach mainly looks for economic efficiency with the universal principles of operation. (Abhijith 2011) In a management sense, classical approach is tried to develop and operate universal principles or models that will applied in all circumstances. Basically, this approach is looking for the best way which they believed can be exposed by the use of rational method. (Sharon 1997) According to Laurie J.Mullins (2005) also mentioned that the classical approach is encouraged the scientific view of the management and provide some common universal principles applicable to all organisation circumstances. Classical approach can be classified into three management includes scientific management, administrative management and bureaucratic management. Scientific management According to Taylor (1856-1915), scientific management was a theory of management that analysed the objective of increasing the labour productivity. Taylor also mentioned that management of business, industry or economy must be according to principles of efficiency from the experiments and operation in methods of work and production. Besides, Taylor also insisted that the manner of change in management could be determined by scientific study. (Abhijith 2011) Taylor believed that the management could be formulated as an academic discipline and the best results could come from the partnership between qualified management and a trained. The key concept of scientific management includes time and motion studies, standardization of management, functional foremanship and differential piece rate system. (francis 1908) According to Sharon Jones (1997) also stated that scientific management is relied on increased mechanism to be subdivided into highly specilised and routine task which mean need to select the right people for the right job with his abilities, so the best method of doing a job can be achieved and resulting in increasing production line. Bureaucracy Management Bureaucracy is the name of an organisation used by organisation design professionals. Bureaucracy described a set of characteristics or attributes who deal with or who work with the organisations. In the 1930 Max Weber, a German sociologist described the bureaucracy as being a way of organising government agencies. (Gaurav 2011) The characteristics of bureaucracy management is based on the rational authority would be more adaptable to changes. (Abhijith 2011) Besides, system of written rules and standard operating procedures are prescribed to provide certainty and facilitate coordination. Impersonal relationship is maintained between the managers and employees. Moreover, only competence people are hiring for jobs based on their competence and technical qualifications. (Mullins 2007) Human Relation Approach Human relation approach was emphasis on structure and the formal oraganisation, but the social factors at work and behaviour of workers within an organisation need to pay greater attention. This method much more focused on the workmanships themselves and their satisfactory needs. They will ensured that the environment of their workplace provide a completely safety precautions. (Mullins 2007) This approach also worked on self-confidence of their workforce. (Patterson 1958) Besides, it also means people go to work to gain recognition, appreciation and not just simply for financial gains. Thus, managers should understanding the feelings and emotion of the workers and not treated them as machine. (Bratton et al. 2007) Neo-Human Relation Approach According to Laurie J.Mullins (2005), the neo-human relations are focus on the personal adjustment of individuals within the structure of the organization and effects of group relationships and leadership styles. It gave rise to several famous theories, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which suggests that workers are motivated to satisfy basic needs at five levels. Then, it also includes physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization. This approach also includes Theory X and Theory Y. A project should therefore offer incentives to employees in order to fulfil and progress up the hierarchy. (Wan 2012) Attention shall be taken from the organisation structure, job satisfaction, communication, motivation and leadership styles. System Approach The characteristic about a system is the element from which it is built up. The term “built up” would indicate that a construction is somehow artificial and that is the meaning to be showing. A system also to be a whole composed of elements that are related to each other. (Wouter et al. 2002) It seeks to understand how they interact with one another and how they can be brought into proper relationship for the optimum solution of the problem. The systems approach relates the technology to the need, the social to the technological aspects. (Simon

JWI 531 Strayer University Financial Management and Financial Forecasts Discussion

JWI 531 Strayer University Financial Management and Financial Forecasts Discussion.

HI Veronica You noted customer orders as a key driver towards supporting
financial forecasts. This is a great driver. I would also see an input
to this being average customer order size and whether the order is
recurring or not. How do you determine or guesstimate how many
customer orders you will have in a year? What goes into determining
that forecast to ensure it is “credible” to your point. Do you rely on estimates based on GDP? Do you rely on
salespersons estimates? Do you rely on contractual order history,etc. .
. ? Lastly, I enjoyed your idea about visualizations to express
progress towards forecasts. Forecasting is about the power of habit and
keeping the team focused on a goal that the organization is marching
towards. I look forward to your followup thoughts. Lou
JWI 531 Strayer University Financial Management and Financial Forecasts Discussion

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