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Wrongful conviction is a serious problem in the criminal legal system, with an estimate of 1-5 percent of all

Wrongful conviction is a serious problem in the criminal legal system, with an estimate of 1-5 percent of all persons convicted of a criminal act are actually innocent. In Chapter 10, students will examine contributing factors and negative consequences of wrongful conviction. This assignment gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of this issue, but also to demonstrate their writing and research abilities, skills that will need to be strong as they traverse through their academic careers.Next, students need to locate a news article about a person who has been exonerated because they were wrongfully convicted.

Briefly summarize the facts of the case and the factors that contributed to the wrongful conviction in this particular case (note – there may be more than one factor).
Finally, identify at least 2 negative consequences of this particular person’s wrongful conviction.

Importance of Physical Assessment in Women

Importance of Physical Assessment in Women.

Address the Importance of Physical Assessment • Apply evidence-based practice research findings in the management of a health issue. • Discuss how age, gender, and culture affect health assessment and physical examination outcomes and techniques. • Identify alternative methods, interview techniques, and tools used to assess clients based on age (i.e. assessing skin turgor in the elderly), culture/ethnicity (i.e. dehydration in dark skinned client), and gender (i.e. Pap smear). •3-page peer reviewed excluding title page and reference page, APA formatted paper (with at least 3 references within 5 years span). 1. Correlate varying assessment findings with culture, age, and gender 2. Describe tools and resources used by interdisciplinary members to perform a health and physical assessment of the client and family 3. Identify abnormal assessment and diagnostic findings using technological and informational resources

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Enlightenment and Declaration of independence.

Wrongful conviction is a serious problem in the criminal legal system, with an estimate of 1-5 percent of all Enlightenment and Declaration of independence..

What was the Enlightenment? What were its major belief? Explain in detail the ways in which the Declaration of Independence expresses Enlightenment concerns in both its content and its organization. To what extent can be the Declaration of Independence be said to be a typical Enlightenment document? To what degree and in what specific ways are the major points of the Declaration of Independence relevant today?

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Ulysses’ Reception and Obscenity Trials

Ulysses’ Reception and Obscenity Trials.

Ulysses’ Reception and Obscenity Trials



1- Write an essay explaining the significance of a particular work, genre, movement, concept or author with regard to literary history, in terms of reception, reputation, or recovery


2- referencing is MHRA referencing system


3- sources should be at least 15 or more with Journal articles and books


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Shoekeepers Millenium

Shoekeepers Millenium.

Shoekeepers Millenium Description HIS 101 Johnson Book Review Guidelines A Shopkeeper’s Millennium: Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837. By Paul E. Johnson (New York, Hill & Wang, 1978). This is a classic study about the changes that the Second great Awakening brought to Rochester, New York. In this seminal work, Paul E. Johnson suggests that a certain class of individuals manipulated the religious enthusiasm for their own benefit. Your task is to write a review of Johnson’s text. In completing this review you will have several goals to accomplish. First: You must explain the subject of the book and the author’s central thesis or main argument. This explanation should be as complete as possible. You should discuss the key events that the author discusses to prove his thesis. Also, you must include a discussion of the sources or evidence that Johnson uses. In order to complete this part of the assignment, you will have to look at the endnotes. Second: You must evaluate how successfully the author has proven his point. Is the author’s argument reasonable and logical? Is there an alternative explanation for the actions of the characters mentioned and the evidence presented? How might a different interpretation be arrived at? Does the author reveal a bias? Third: You should render a judgment on the value of the book. Does the book advance our understanding of the subject matter? Does it challenge any previous beliefs? Fourth: You should explain why this book is important? Has the author made a convincing case for this text being important? Has he told us anything that we might not have already known? Why, in your or the author’s opinion, are we studying some events that happened close to two hundred years ago? Does this book have any relevance to contemporary America? The final product should be between four and six double-spaced pages in length. Students should use a twelve point font. You should proofread your final product. A series of grammatical mistakes or typographical errors will detract from your overall grade. Use the present tense when discussing the author’s assertions and methodology. (Example: “In this study, Johnson states that…” not “In this study, Johnson stated that…”) You should avoid using the first person in your review. Thus, you should refrain from writing: “I believe that…” or “In this book I learned…” The title, author, and other pertinent information about the book should be placed at the beginning of the review. If you quote from Johnson’s text you must include the page number.

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1. trade mark
Charlie is a freelance director and cinematographer. To market and promote his services, he would like to use a trademark named after his dog, Frankie. Can the name of his dog be used as a trademark? If so, why and how? If not, why not?
Carly makes a delicious soda that she sells by the can. This soda is available for sale in hundreds of retail stores throughout the United States. Every can has a detailed list of ingredients, which customers tend to overlook or ignore. However, Carly’s soda ingredients are unique compared to other sodas. Carly believes that the list of ingredients on her soda cans is a trademark. Do you agree? Why or why not?
Read this week’s Focus Article and answer the following questions:…
Is this an example of a Wall Street, or a Main Street Deal?
The article refers to the proposed deal both as an acquisition and a combination. Which structure do you think is intended? How can you reconcile the different characterizations?
What do you think some of the business drivers are for PayPal and Paidy?

Marketing communication plan

Marketing communication plan.

Carefully read through all components (listed below) required for completion of the Research Project. In selecting your project topic, ensure that you will be able to ascertain the appropriate data/information needed to complete the project in terms of the deliverables. Select a health care organization (local or national, large or small, public or private) and perform a needs assessment/gap analysis. You may utilize your own organization if you are employed in a health care related company. You may approach the Research Project from a (1) Human Resources, (2) Operations, or (3) Facilities perspective. You may select an organization in your own community. Human Resources: staffing, training, recruitment, retention, job function redesign, etc. Operations: delivery of service/care, access, wait times, equipment usage, process improvements, resource optimization, regulatory compliance, etc. Facilities: space planning, construction, redesign, relocation. The components for the Research Project include the following: Title Page Executive Summary (Needs Content Criteria) Description of the organization (history, length in service/operation, how many beds? clients served? location; rural vs. urban, satellite locations, total number of staff, client usage information/demographics, etc.) Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis: What is not currently being offered? Room for improvements? Service delivery deficits? Personnel issues/shortages? Justify with supporting data and statistics. Propose an intervention (service or facility) based on the needs/gap analysis. Justify your proposed intervention by providing an analysis from: Cultural Social Legal Economics Regulatory Reimbursement Managed care Health legislation Contracts perspectives Pick a minimum of three of the elements listed above depending on the organization selected and which apply to the specific organization/situation selected. Create a plan to implement your intervention. Identify the stakeholders involved, and their role (s) in implementing the intervention. Include finance and staffing elements required to implement the intervention. Develop a marketing communication plan on how the stakeholders will be informed, kept up-to-date, etc. prior to the intervention, during the intervention, and post intervention. Develop a plan for measurement effectiveness of the intervention. What indicators will determine if the intervention is successful? Reference page. Writing the Research Project The Research Project: Must be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis. Must use at least ten scholarly and /or peer-reviewed sources, published within the last 5 years. Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 

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