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Written Memo: Progress Toward Your Degree

Written Memo: Progress Toward Your Degree. I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

You agreed with your parents (or spouse, partner, relative, or friend) that you would submit a report at this time describing the progress you have made toward your educational goal (

, certificate, or degree).
Your Task. In memo format (several templates can be found in Word) write a progress report that fulfills your promise to describe your progress toward your educational goal. Address your progress report to your parents, spouse, partner, relative, or friend. In your memo (a) describe your goal; (b) summarize the work you have completed thus far; (c) discuss thoroughly the work currently in progress, including your successes and anticipated obstacles; and (d) forecast your future activities about your scheduled completion date.
The memo should be in narrative form. You will be assessed on your ability to organize your information, your ability to get your message across, and your grasp of the English language. Keep in mind that business writing is purposeful, concise, audience-oriented, and usually informative. There will be a three-point deduction for any grammatical, spelling, and spacing issues. There will be a minimum of a 3 point deduction on each error found with the document.
This memo should be formatted as follows:

Memo template format
Left and right margins should be 1.25”
The font should be Arial 12 pt.
Standard spacing (double space guidewords and single space body of the memo)
Length should be no more than two pages
Headings/subheadings should be used as appropriate to the memo content
Five-point deduction for not following these instructions for each item

Written Memo: Progress Toward Your Degree

Australia’s National Tobacco Campaign Tobacco Control Report. Executive Summary The government of Australia has embarked on Massive campaigns against tobacco consumption. It undertakes these functions through a number of government controlled organisations and civil society. The aim of the government is to influence and facilitate the change of behaviour in its citizens to one that condemn taking of tobacco products. Changing people’s behaviour is a psychological approach which must be undertaken like consumer persuasion mechanisms used in business environments. To reduce the use of tobacco takes two angles; change of people behaviour and selling of anti tobacco products. The government has recognised the need for change of behaviour as well as sell its products and is using a social marketing approach to attain its targets. This paper looks into how marketers and government can apply consumer behavioural theories to reduce tobacco use in Australia. The focus will be on Social marketing. What is social marketing? There are a number of dangers brought about by tobacco consumption. Despite campaigns and efforts put by the government to control tobacco use the use has been on the rise. Campaigns against its use have taken a drastic change to accommodate marketing methodologies which can be referred to as de-marketing policies. In this approach anti-tobacco campaigns are on a higher level that the traditional mass campaigns where people were persuaded to change their behaviour but actions were not following the adverts. In modern social marketing for tobacco products, the focus is on 4marketing mix strategy. This is an approach from marketing of business oriented products but it has been seen that it is applicable in these campaigns. 4Ps means Product, price, promotion and place. The following are the objectives of a social campaigning approach; Smoking prevention Guiding smokers how to quit the vice Protecting secondary smokers and Where practicable, to reduce smoking associated harm. It aims to attain this strategy by Enlightening users on the dangers that they are posing to their bodies when they use tobacco Encourage users to quit using these products. developed a quitting process and increase understanding of the quitting process, and Enhance treatments and services to those who are already using the products. For a number of years World Health Organization and the International Union Against Cancer (URIC) has been concerned on the use of Tobacco among the people, it pointed out the dangers that consumption of the same have on the users and on partial smokers. The two international organizations are of the opinion that if appropriate measures are put in place, then tobacco consumption can be reduced (World Health Organization, 2003) Government regulations and consumer behaviour Marketing demography The government of Australia has put in place different measures aimed at reducing the use of tobacco products. The approach is on creating awareness to the public on danger posed by tobacco consumption. It engages in campaigns that are focused on changing the behaviour of users and protecting secondary users. Such policies include abolishing smoking in public places, increasing taxes on tobacco product and engaging the public (mostly parents) in the fight against tobacco. In the context of social marketing it has divided the market according to 4Ps. Measures aimed at increasing price and controlling place of distribution is target to cure young people behaviour. Those of promotion emphasis on behaviour change and product affect a cross section of the population (GrayAustralia’s National Tobacco Campaign Tobacco Control Report

Psychology research proposal

Psychology research proposal.

Research Proposal Overview: This project will require you to read at least three journal articles, develop an experimental hypothesis based on those articles, devise a hypothetical experiment for testing the hypothesis, propose an appropriate statistical test for hypothetical data, and discuss your predicted results. This will culminate in a final proposal paper in APA format. The paper will include a description of the previous research leading up to your experimental hypothesis, the procedures you chose to test your hypothesis, and the proposed analysis and interpretation of your data related to your proposed experiment. You will not actually be conducting an experiment; you are simply writing about what you would do if you were to conduct an experiment.Details: You will write a paper about your research proposal of a psychological experiment. Using the psychology literature you will develop an understanding of some psychological problem or question and design a hypothetical experiment that will shed light on the problem/question. You must have a minimum of three peer-reviewed scholarly research articles or chapters from edited books for your literature review. Although you may use articles/chapters that are available on the web, web sites are generally not scholarly sources. Nevertheless, there may be documents available through a research institute or academic institution available on the web that have not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. If you think there is a source on the web that you would like to use, you need to have it approved by me prior to using it as an additional source for your paper. The proposal should be in APA format using one-inch margins and 12-point font. Tips on APA guidelines will be presented for the class.The paper will include the following: Total word count at least 750. a)Title Page: Title no longer than 12 words. The number 1 in top right corner. Centered on page: Title (6 spaces down and bold), 2 double spaces then your name, double space, Northwest Christian University below name, double space, PSY 350: Research Methods, double space, then due date of paper.b)Abstract: 120-250 words, summarizing your entire paper and project. Rule of thumb: One sentence from each section of your paper.c)Literature Review: Title of paper (bold) centered at top of page. Your opening paragraphs will describe the proposal topic and explain why it is important and any questions or problems involved. A well-written thesis statement will help guide your paper. Describe the three research studies about your topic. What were their findings? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the research conducted? How will your study answer a new question or fill an important gap based on this research? End with statement of hypothesis/es: What do you propose will happen in your hypothetical experiment? What information will you find out? What do you predict will happen?d)Method: Includes a detailed description of your hypothetical participants, procedures (including population and sampling procedures), and materials. Remember to operationalize your variables and explain how you will control for extraneous factors and sampling errors.e)Data Analysis Plan: You will also need to include your proposed data analysis, describing what statistical method you will use to analyze your data. Describe the predicted results of your study based on the statistical method you selected.f)Discussion: Briefly summarize your hypothetical findings. Include the strengths and limitations of your study. What are the research or practical implications of your findings? What are the practical applications of the research you discovered? Can you recommend anything for people working with your constructs based on the research you discovered? What biases might have been involved?g)References: List all your references in APA format and alphabetical order. Remember to use hanging indent.h)Appendix A: Informed consent form.* Carefully review the research proposal rubric.
Psychology research proposal

NURS N4250 Odessa College Exploring a Selected Research Article Essay

essay writing service free NURS N4250 Odessa College Exploring a Selected Research Article Essay.

NURS N4250 Research and Quality Improvement Spring 2021undefinedName _________________________________________________________undefinedIn essay format answer the following questions about the research article you have selected. Please make complete sentences.undefinedWrite the correct citation for the article using APA format.State the research question, as described in the article. Factors influence infant delivery in a traditional maternity home in west AfricaWhat is the purpose of the study? The purpose of this study knows why some parents still have to deliver children at home despite significant infrastructures.Give two examples of how the literature review explains the problem being researched.What is the gap in the literature that the author addresses in the research being presented in this study?What is the study design?Describe the methodology used in the study.How were the participants selected for the study? Describe the process used.Define the independent variables of this study.Define the dependent variables for the study.Describe the theoretical framework used for the study.What were the key findings for the study? Discuss at least two.What were the limitations of the study?Explain why you would apply the findings from this study in your nursing practice or why you would not apply to your practice.What would you like to know more about the information presented in the study?undefinedOlujimi A., Lata G., Padam S.,Hall, S. (2020) Prevalence, determinants, and knowledge about herbal medicine and non-hospital utilization in southwest Nigeria: A cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 10:9, pages e040769. (n.d.). undefinedOlujimi A., Lata G., Padam S.,Hall, S. (2020) Prevalence, determinants, and knowledge about herbal medicine and non-hospital utilization in southwest Nigeria: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 10:9, pages e040769.Factor influence infant delivery in a traditional maternity home in west AfricaChildbirth is one of the most common practices carried out in medical centers in different communities. Before it became common to have mothers give birth to infants in hospitals, it used to be a regular customer to have childbirth in traditional maternity homes in different countries (Adatara, 2019). In West African, the use of traditional maternity homes for childbirth remains a common practice, despite the development and presence of modern health care facilities that provide childbirth services (Olujimi et al., 2020). I intend on focusing my research study on the factors that influence infant delivery in traditional maternity homes in West Africa in spite of the availability of modern maternity healthcare centers.ReferencesAdatara, P., Strumpher, J., Ricks, E., & Mwini-Nyaledzigbor, P. P. (2019). Cultural beliefs and practices of women influencing home births in rural Northern Ghana. International journal of women’s health, 11, 353–361. (Links to an external site.)Olujimi A., Lata G., Padam S.,Hall, S. (2020) Prevalence, determinants, and knowledge about herbal medicine and non-hospital utilization in southwest Nigeria: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 10:9, pages e040769.
NURS N4250 Odessa College Exploring a Selected Research Article Essay

Financial Management Questions Paper

Financial Management Questions Paper.

Questions – Financial Management:Provide your work in detail and explain in “your own words”. Make sure to provide examples for eachof the questions below.1. Please explain the determining factors of the interest rate and make sure to include hypothetical examples for better clarity.2. Describe the meaning of the yield curve. Verify how the shape of the yield curve provides predictions on the economy in future years. Please visit the US Governments’ Treasury site, retrieve the data on the U.S. Treasury rates and construct the yield curve. Indicate the date of retrieving the data.3. Please explain the terms associated with the bonds, namely, corporate bond, municipal bond, treasury bill, par value, coupon rate, coupon payment, time to maturity, prevalent interest rate, market value, and yield to maturity (YTM).4. Explain and provide examples of how variations in the prevalent interest rate affect the market value of a bond.5. Explain how you would value a stock. Provide an example of the valuation of a stock based on retrieved real data. Include evidence of the retrieved data in your answer. Compare your valuation with the actual price of the stock at the designated time for your valuation.Instructions:-Word document-Font: Times New Roman-At least 2 peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page). Utilize peer-reviewed sources for definitions.-In-text citations for each peer-reviewed source.
Financial Management Questions Paper

Benefits of Innovation in International Business

Innovation is important for international business Innovation must take the reality needs of customers and the possibility of the upcoming big demand or improve as the foundation, or innovation constantly tend to stay in the technology and the ideal level, must come out from the misunderstanding. The base includes the market impetus, market efficiency. Effective embodiment of the new cognition in the market efficiency and the internal and external. Therefore, there is no market, ineffective behavior, can not be attributed to innovation “. Innovation must be effectively communicated with information and market awareness. Innovation has 7 external environmental factors, so that to find the demand, make breakthrough and innovation. 1) Found: for example, the design of Sydney Opera House 2) “Gap between ideal and reality”: MP3 first appeared, music lovers commonly found insufficient memory, unable to meet their enthusiasm for the music, and it is not convenient to move from CD to MP3 format. Then jobs found the customer demand and the actual situation of the gap, we developed IPod, a large capacity, and have the advantages of more functions, and the ITunes platform, simplify the purchase music and then transfer to the MP3 process. 3) Process is simplified to: such as not checked baggage check-in 4) Within the industry market changes: changes in technology innovation or consumer tastes have great influence on the industry and market. Facebook, product Twitter is the advent of the Internet era. Examples of failure: Kodak, Nokia. 5) The change of population structure: such as birth, will establish some related training institutions; aging tends to be serious, open to open some humane, sanatorium high level 6) Change: such as consumers aware of the harm of nicotine, the electronic cigarette is emerging, as the times require. 7) New technology found: R

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