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Writing Question

Write a 1-2 page visual analysis response post. Read the description for the film, watch the trailer carefully, listen to the sound design and think about how it complements the visual element. Is there a sort of storyline being given in the film? Or is it withheld and to what end, if so? Begin with an intro para where you employ a description of the trailer’s visual elements and posit a thesis statement. Go to the body paragraph to carefully analyze the video and lay out the evidence in detail using the context of the trailer from the description. In what cultural context does it exist? End with a strong conclusion that refers back to the thesis statement you started out with that leaves the reader with something to think about. Use the questions and the five steps outlined in Visual Rhetoric Youtube video shared in Week 7.
Here are some questions to think about:
1. In which cultural context (historical era, country/nation, sub­cultural group, political climate) was this image originally produced?
2. Is any information (such as text, or a detail of the image) highlighted or stressed to attract your attention? Why do you think this is?
3. What cultural values does the image evoke? Does the image reinforce these values or question them?
4. What role is played by the words that accompany the image? How do they clarify, reinforce, blur, or contradict the image’s message?
5. What overall impression / feeling does the image create in you?
6. What positive or negative feelings about individuals or ideas does the image intend to evoke in its viewers (what are its appeals to pathos?)? Is this at odds with the actual feelings it evoked in you?
7. What is your impression of the creators of this image? Do they make any overt appeals to ethos?
8. Does the image make any appeals to logos? (In addition to facts / statistics / etc., remember also reasoning based on common sense, reasoning based on cultural values, analogies, etc.)
9. Overall, do you think that this image makes an effective argument? Why or why not?