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Writing Question

ASB 300 Second research assignment – Due March 31 on canvas
Instructions here or below:
Choose five commercials from each of the below YouTube videos (15 total) OR seven random advertisements of your own choosing.
— PEPSI Commercials 2000’s
Pepsi Commercials 2000’s (Links to an external site.)
Pepsi Commercials 2000’s
— Top BUDWEISER commercials
(Links to an external site.)
— Top Carl’s Jr. Superbowl commercials
(Links to an external site.)
Write down the appeals in each advertisement with emphasis on non-nutritional ones. Make a table outlining the appeals:
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.33.36 PM.png
Write one to two pages answering the following questions:
What similar and different appeals are used in marketing the three products?
Why do you think they are different?
Do the appeals have any relation to the content and value of the product? Do you think you are being manipulated by the ads and how?
Paper with table due on March 31, 2022 online through canvas. If for some reason you cannot turn in your paper on time, please get permission before it is due.