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Do the Right Thing
Essay: Theme : Multiple narratives and American ethics.
Both Films, Nashville ( 1975) and Do the Right Thing (1989) are films that feature multiple storylines. In other words, there are many characters whose wants and goals are the substance of the film. Unlike Citizen Kane where you follow the life of one person from multiple points of view, you are not following just one protagonist but several. Both films also deal with a larger theme: national politics in Nashville and race relations in Do the Right Thing. But to reduce the movies to a simplistic theme misses the point with both films.
Nashville centers on a group of people in the city that is about to be visited by a presidential candidate. You never see the candidate. Nashville is also the home of country western music. The Grand Ol’ Opry is located there. When I have shown this to students in the past, most were surprised by the outcome of the movie. Also of note is director Robert Altman’s style. His camera work is a little ‘freewheeling.” The dialogue overlaps in order to seem more naturally realistic and there is some satire that points out the pretensions of the South.
Do the Right Thing is Spike Lee’s third commercial film, after She’s Gotta Have it and School Daze. The premise is the actions of a neighborhood in Brooklyn on the highest day in summer. The central point is Sal’s Pizza Parlor , a place that is frequented by many people in the neighborhood. As with Nashville, there are multiple characters and multiple story lines. They culminate into a powerful climax.
Trigger warnings: some nudity and violence.
1. Form: The pleasures and difficulties of multiple storylines. More characters and associate characters that sometimes it is hard to keep track of whom.
2. Theme. Both were contemporary movies and both reflect their times. Yet, have things changed as much? Yes, technology and gadgets have changed and you may laugh at the thought of a walking down the street with a large boom box. However, are the social tensions that are depicted in both films still current today?
Your paper should refer to both films, and it should be about two pages in length. ( Or longer)