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Writing essay. Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.

(to receive at least a C grade)
– presents a thesis
– includes a complete MLA Works
Cited page
– at least 1,000 words in length (not including your MLA “Works , Cited” Page), i.e., roughly 4 pages

What is this?
This assignment is an exploratory preface to the research writing you will do in WR 123. Unlike later assignments based on argumentation, this paper helps you to identify a topic (NOT a specific question)
that you think could sustain your interest over the research process.
Propose a topic of rational discourse that could sustain a focused argument over a 10- to 12-page academic paper (i.e., the paper
which culminates this course). Explore the topic in your own way, citing at least one (1+) course reading, and explain what makes this
a reasonable research topic. Writer’s Checklist: The essay must deal with some ‘food’ issue, though you may approach this term as you wish and focus on anything fitting under its broad umbrella. Use course readings as a launching point, but try to pick something that interests or involves you. What do you want to learn more about, in reference to your own life history? personal commitments? academic major? Find a topic on which you will enjoy writing this term.
This should be a carefully considered and polished essay. The piece will still have a thesis and a title that communicate the essay’s central purpose, but I leave it to you to determine what that purpose is. Proper MLA 8 Style citations must document the ALL sources alluded to in the essay.
A topic is broader than a question and contains many possible questions & controversies within it.
Some examples of food-related topics include: the nutritional effects of U.S. agricultural subsidies; the
portrayal of nutritional science in diet and health culture; Willamette Valley orchard practices; social
policies targeting hunger in the U.S.; vegetarianism, carnivory and animal rights; techniques of lobster
cooking; the use of pesticides in industrial/factory farming; the role of biotechnology in the degradation
of Brazil’s rainforest; laws governing fast food consumerism in Europe; etc.
Writing essay

Nutritional Diseases Short Article Analysis. Paper details Perform a short article analysis by following these steps: Choose one of the articles linked below OR visit the CDC website to find an article on any disease that is affected by nutrition such as: Cancer; diabetes; rickets; scurvy; anemia; eating disorders; childhood obesity; heart disease. First, briefly summarize the article, then analyze the author’s main points Are they thorough and complete, or is the reader left wanting more details? Are they data-driven or speculative? Are they consistent with what you’ve learned so far in class, or do they depart from the mainstream? Are they presented in layman’s terms, or does the author use a lot of medical/scientific jargon?) And finally, contextualize the article’s message within the bigger picture of Nutrition as a science. Ways to “contextualize” include: Commenting on whether experts have been researching and writing about the topic for many years or whether it is a new trend Describing whether the topic is controversial or if experts seem to generally agree Mentioning how much attention (publicity and/or funding) this topic receives Commenting on whether the general public is typically knowledgeable about the topic or whether it is a niche/specialty within the field of Nutrition. This part may only be a few (2-3) sentences. Use key concepts you have learned from the textbook this term. You may also use one additional (credible) resource if needed for context. Your article analysis should be approximately 3-4 paragraphs. Be sure to follow proper APA style in the use of in-text citations and provide References page entries for any sources used. Post your ROUGH DRAFT here for instructor and peer review. Provide two classmates with substantive feedback. You will use your peer’s and instructor’s feedback to revise your article analysis and submit the final draft next week. Diseases Short Article Analysis

University of Ottawa Recommendations for Adolescents Educators Paper

University of Ottawa Recommendations for Adolescents Educators Paper.

I’m working on a psychology report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

We have learned about cognitive development and intelligence in adolescence, as well as the influence of school in adolescence. Some researchers have argued that the way school is currently structured does not meet the needs of the diverse student population. In your group (or individually), come up with five recommendations for educators to better meet the developmental needs of their adolescent students. Think about how you would change the school or classroom environment, the curriculum or course content, and teacher/student interactions. Ensure you develop the recommendations with an intersectional lens (e.g., across race, ethnicity, gender, developmental abilities).This week’s slides and podcast episode will be very helpful in developing these recommendations. For each recommendation:Describe why you/your group think it is importantDescribe how a school or teacher could implement the recommendation (i.e., implementation strategy) Please cite the slides you reference as well as any outside resources (not required).
University of Ottawa Recommendations for Adolescents Educators Paper

MUSIC 33 Santa Monica College Jazz Music And American Culture Concert Report

professional essay writers MUSIC 33 Santa Monica College Jazz Music And American Culture Concert Report.

CONCERT REPORT FALL 2020 ONLINE MUSIC 33 JAZZ AND AMERICAN CULTUREInstructor: Professor Kevin O’NealConcert Report Instructions:Review each song.There are thirteen (13) songs.For each song:List:1- Title of Song:2- Composer(s) of Song:3- Names of Performers and Which Instruments They Played:5- Who were the original jazz performers of the song:5 – What kind of song (fast, slow, Afro Latin, waltz, soul/funk, straight ahead….)6 – What are your feelings about the song? What does it bring to mind?***Please answer the questions above for each song below.Please listen to the songs on the best sound system/headphones/biggest screen possible.Please listen to the songs more than once, as certain features may reveal themselves after the first listen.Directions for Kevin O’Neal Concert Series:Click on the link(s) below.The Password is: Music33Enjoy!KEVIN O’NEAL CONCERT SERIES1 – Black Butterfly (Links to an external site.)2 – Flowers For A Lady (Links to an external site.)3 – 5th House/What Is This Thing Called Love (Links to an external site.)4 – Giant Steps (Links to an external site.)5 – Lover Man (Links to an external site.)6 – Lady Day & John Coltrane (Links to an external site.)7 – A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Links to an external site.)8 – Body and Soul (Links to an external site.)9 – Un Poco Loco(flashes removed) (Links to an external site.)10 – O Morro (Links to an external site.)11 – Little Butterfly / Na Na Na (Links to an external site.)12 – In Walked Bud (Links to an external site.)13 – California Soul
MUSIC 33 Santa Monica College Jazz Music And American Culture Concert Report

Professional Athletes Being A Parent Balancing Work and Leisure

Professional Athletes Being A Parent Balancing Work and Leisure.

You will be posting a possible thesis (just the thesis statement) about one of the three following topics: Professional Athletes Being A Parent Balancing Work and LeisureYour post should state the argument that you would make about one of these topics and then, briefly ( four sentences), the strategy or evidence that you would use to prove this thesis. In the reading for this week, you’ll learn about many genres and strategies. What genre or rhetorical strategy would you use to explore this thesis? For example, would a narrative essay reach your goal or would a compare/contrast essay be the best tool?
Professional Athletes Being A Parent Balancing Work and Leisure

Keiser Career College Miami Globalization of Eating Disorders Essay

Keiser Career College Miami Globalization of Eating Disorders Essay.

Please take a moment to refer back to Learning Module 2 of this week. This will guide you in identifying appropriate research for this assignment.Use pages 757, 762, and 767 in your textbook as additional support.Next, review the following video (licensed under Creative Commons use) so that you understand how to assess sources for credibility. Please note that for this assignment, your sources should include the reading from the textbook from Week 1 and two peer-reviewed journal articles from Keiser’s e-Library., review your feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. This assignment should be based on your reading in Week 1 Assignment and the reading you selected during Week 1.In 700-750 words, create a proposal for your intended research for the final paper. You should include the following elements:Your Research Topic (50%)Identify which reading you selected from your textbook.Identify your research question.If you do not like one of the questions you wrote in your Week 1 Assignment, you may refer to the Argumentative Research Paper Options.pdf Argumentative Research Paper Options.pdf – Alternative FormatsAn initial argumentative thesis statement to be used in the major paper.This should be an answer to your research question. Note, this should only be one sentence.A 200 word overview of your paper. Use these questions to guide your overview:What do you want to argue?Who is your intended audience?Why may your intended audience not agree with you, but why should they?How will you argue your point? Or, what key points will you use?Why does your argument matter to your audience?Your Research (50%)Three sources that you intend to use for the major paper referenced in proper APA format. A 150-word annotation for each source that explores the source’s value for your paper.Include the following sourcesYour selected textbook reading from Week 1Two peer-reviewed academic journal articles from Keiser’s e-Library (Mandatory)According to the rubric, missing sources or sources not from Keiser’s e-Library / textbook may result in a 20% penalty per source.Consider the following as prompts when writing your annotation for each source: What are the major points in the source? Consider main arguments, counterarguments, and other points to be made. Are there graphs or statistics that underscore the main points? Is the source written using academic language and appropriate levels of source support? What makes the source credible? Is it a peer-reviewed journal article? What credentials does the author hold? Is the publication reliable? If so, why? Where will you actually use this source in your essay?Use the format found here: Week 2 Assignment Format.docx Week 2 Assignment Format.docx – Alternative FormatsYou may find a sample proposal here: Week Two Sample Proposal Week Two Sample Proposal – Alternative Formats- Alternative FormatsIf you are not familiar with the idea of an argument, click here for a video on what argumentation seeks to accomplish.
Keiser Career College Miami Globalization of Eating Disorders Essay