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Your task for this assignment is to:
• Engage with the norms of “classical” Hollywood cinema
• Engage with narration strategies as discussed by Bordwell, Thompson, and Smith
a link to the book with all the information:
• Engage with three-act structure, character motivation, and subplots as discussed by Seger

For this paper, you will “Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn, 1967)

Engage with these ideas and use this opportunity to scrutinize how these patterns, techniques, and choices are used to help create a cohesive and meaningful narrative.

You will be examining a variety of topics like (three-act structure, identification of protagonist and antagonist and his/her goals, subplots, momentum, clarity, closure, depth/range/perspective of narration

How does the film utilize the techniques to set up and execute a cohesive and meaningful narrative?

This should NOT just be a list of how the film uses these techniques. This should be an overall analysis of the film’s structure.
Here are some questions that may help:
• How does the film adhere to notions of classical Hollywood Cinema?
• How does this film follow three-act structure? (Remember: setup, turning points, etc.)
• How does the film’s narrative pattern produce momentum?
• To what extent does the film use subplots, and how do they specifically affect the A plot?
• How do the film’s strategies of narration affect the film’s explicit and implicit meanings?

It should be a clear and coherent argument that proves your point. For example, don’t just tell me that something is the catalyst or a turning point, but why that is the case and what it accomplishes narratively.