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Writer’s Choice Essay

A 1 ½ – 2 page (400 – to 500-word) paper!!
Every decision a police officer makes should be guided by the letter and the spirit of the law; however, each officer’s distinct ethical, or moral, code is unique. Do you believe that police officers are given too much discretion and leeway in conducting their duties or not enough? Explain your answer, and include examples to support your beliefs.
Make sure to explain concepts in detail and provide examples. Please generate your own words and/or examples to express your own understanding of the content.

3. Please provide THREE sources in your response and cite in the body of the text. Remember to use your textbook as your first point of reference and then use two (2) additional sources to validate your responses. Also have a work cited section as well so I can check your sources. FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR CITING REFERENCES!

4. Make sure to cite in APA format the sources that you use ( .gov, .edu, and scholarly journals and articles only) NON REPUTABLE SOURCES such as .com websites or wikipedia sources are not allowed.