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Please see 3 attachments. One of them will be description of the paper it will say what do you have to do (I was already working on this project it part 3 now) The second it will be table of the grading make sure you will read and understand what exactly must be on presentation please double check. The third will be my paper I already wrote it. Please go to my website and see the comments what my proffesor wrote for me it will be helpful to use the commends. Also you need have data base, please see what we did in the class so you will undestend this project.

PLEASE ask question if you dont undestend something.
Please use the backroup relatted to the topic.
Make sure you use MAXIMUM words on each slide.
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Sourses,Bioinformatics,Bioinformatics ProjectAssignment.
Project Proposal,Due Monday, April 18, 2022 at 2:00 pm,
click on assigment and you will see the comments.