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Writer’s Choice Essay

Using google and the attached Bronx attachment on baseball, make site blog post and a prospectus an example post will be attached: Site Blog Post: Visit a relevant Bronx site or sites pertaining to your text or author’s life, documenting your visit through notes and photographs. Think like a professional writer: you are telling a story about your literary text and its connection with the Bronx site(s). What will help you craft an interesting narrative for your readers? Pick up brochures, quiz tour guides, talk to passers-by or shop owners, take photos of informational placards, look for architectural evidence of the past, jot down stray thoughts, take a selfie while there if you care to. Write a post describing the site and your visit and attach a few pictures.

EXAMPLE BLOG POST: Untitled document

Baseball in the Bronx (the one to work on): UTF-8