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Assignment 2.1 – Cultural Paper #1
The primary objective is to research another country, identify what is unique about that country, and determine how you would manage differently if you were employed in that country.
The written papers should be 2-3 pages in length, formatted in proper APA style, and include a minimum of 6 – 8 citations. The papers will be graded based on completeness of the exercise. Professionalism, grammar, and spelling will also be considered as criteria for grading, including proper APA for all sources used and headings in the work to identify each area discussed.
Choose any country throughout the world (except for the United States–and you must choose a different country in for each of the two papers). Ideally, select a country you are unfamiliar with so that you can expand your knowledge about the country.
Provide a brief background of the country, including its political system, its economics system, and basic statistics (total population, physical size of country, etc.).
Present 2-3 customs that define the citizens of that country. For instance, if you chose France, research 2-3 customs or traditions that would allow you to gain a better understanding of their perspectives, opinions, or beliefs.
Discuss the top 3 challenges that a global manager would likely face while working in this country.
Finally, summarize 3 – 5 strategies and best practices that you could use in order to better manage an organization and its employees in that country.