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Module 4 – SLP
The OSHA Negotiation:

Your electrical contracting company managed to get a decent settlement from OSHA. The elevator shaft penalty was withdrawn, and you got a penalty reduction on the cord violation (provided you increase diligence on enforcing the cord inspection program). There was even a reduction you did not expect on the third violation. Your total penalty was reduced from $14,000 to $7,300.

Time to change hats:

In this SLP assignment, you are going to be asked to take off your OSHA negotiations hat and consider a different situation. Your electrical contracting company is considering bidding on a job to provide all of the electrical installation work for a Chinese general contractor who is building a manufacturing facility for its parent company (also from China) in your state.

Given the breakdown in trade barriers over the years and increased cultural diversity in our nation, an appreciation for cultural differences and consideration of international business negotiations may prove useful in your future dealings.

For this assignment, please read/review the articles in your background readings. Drawing on these materials and your other readings, prepare a 2- to 3-page paper in which you address the following question:

What considerations should be made when preparing to negotiate (and during negotiations) with individuals from other cultures and different countries? Use the “negotiation with a Chinese general contractor” referenced above as an example of a negotiation with one such individual from another culture and a different country.
Upload your assignment to the SLP 4 Dropbox. Be sure to review your Turnitin Similarity Report. If the score is over 20%, you may not be writing in your own words, and you will need to contact your professor and arrange to revise and resubmit the paper.