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Writer’s Choice. Paper details   Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 4, 5, 6 Lesson Link (video): Benito Mussolini (Links to an external site.) (53:48) Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook) Instructions Watch the entire video on Benito Mussolini (noted in the Required Resources). Identify and describe 3 aspects of the video you found most interesting that align with each of the following: Foreign policy. Violent and/or non-violent movements for social, economic, and political change Governmental authority/loss of personal liberties Conduct additional research to provide an analysis of those 3 aspects. What information did you find that the video left out? How did the video enhance your understanding of those aspects?Writer’s Choice
Introduction Democracy is where the government allows all its bona fide citizens an equal opportunity in decision making. It is also about giving citizens an equal participation through representation by leaders. It is a fact that the United States was the first country in the world to have a democratic constitution. This qualifies the American constitution to be the oldest in the world. The United States may appear to be democratic in all the aspects of governance. The government has even tried to extend the ‘democracy’ to other countries. Looking critically at the operations of the United States, one is left with many unanswered questions. To a greater extent, it could be concluded that the United States is not a democracy. Gerrymandering Democracy lacks when gerrymandering is allowed to take place. This has to do with manipulation of district boundaries for elections’ purposes. It is either done to assist or hinder the residents of a district with regard to the elections (Buckler 1). In the final analysis, the equality that the constitution stands for is lost. Electoral College The Electoral College is another process that puts democracy of the United States to the test. Although it appears to be a well set process, the Electoral College denies the citizens the right to elect their leaders directly. When the citizens cast their votes in a presidential election, they give the electors in the college the voting power depending on which party has taken the lead in a particular state. This system was put in place by the founding fathers but it works against the tenets of democracy. It is not practiced anywhere else in the world since it is a dilution of democracy. Republic vs Democracy In the pledge of allegiance, the word ‘republic’ is used instead of ‘democracy’. According to experts, the sovereignty is vested on people in a republic government. The word ‘people’ may be in singular or plural form in its use here. The same sovereignty is vested on a group of people when we talk of democracy. Here, the minority gets their will and the majority their way. This means that it’s the majority who dictate what the minority are to follow. Based on the foregoing, the pledge of allegiance negates democracy. Racism and Discrimination The United States has one of the ugliest faces of racism and discrimination in the world. For so long, the Black Americans and other minority groups have been segregated. In an apparent attempt to create self defense, these groups discriminate against the whites. The current leadership indicates aspects of discrimination. If democracy really exists, the people would look at one another as fellow countrymen without putting color first. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Foreign policy The foreign policy adopted by the United States causes a lot of confusion among its citizens and other people from outside. The government has been fighting countries whose leaders do not seem to agree with its policies. In most instances, the United States interests in such countries seem to be the driving force. The trend is an attempt to dictate to other countries the kind of leaders that should be elected. Democracy should never be about one country interfering with the internal affairs of another. Another issue that puts the democracy of the United States to question is the International Criminal Court at The Hague. United States is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and hence its citizens cannot be tried at the court for crimes against humanity. This does not mean that the countrymen are not involved in atrocities. The government has been at the front line in forcing other countries to adhere to the court’s requirements through all means. Works Cited Buckler, Justin. “Population Equality and the Imposition of Risk on Partisan Gerrymandering.” Case Western Reserve Law Review 62.4 (2012): 1037-1055. Academic Search Premier. Web.

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course project.

Course Project: Part IIIYou have been working on an organization for your course project and should have done considerable research to complete the first two parts of the project. Continue to use the company you selected to complete this part of the course project. You will need to select one host country where the company operates to compare with the home country.Prepare a report on the following topics:Evaluate three areas of potential diversity between the home country and host country. What is the company’s policy on diversity? As the leader, develop a plan for managing the areas of diversity.You are in charge of leading a multicultural virtual team of employees in the home and host country. Assess team conflict, collaboration, and trust in multicultural virtual team. How will you manage the issues and empower your team?Compare and contrast the role of women in leadership positions in the home and host countries of the organization selected.Using the lectures, assigned reading, and research, construct a brief plan of how you would conduct training to prepare a manager in the home country for his or her new assignment in the host country.Analyze the situations in which the organization can capitalize on synergy in the workplace.Select one of the five cross-cultural management strategies from the Week 5 lectures. Apply the strategy to your organization, justifying why you selected the strategy.Submission Details:Submit your paper as a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.
course project

Colorado State University Pueblo Unethical Influence Tactics Presentation

essay helper free Colorado State University Pueblo Unethical Influence Tactics Presentation.

Build a PowerPoint presentation when you experienced a leader who used negative or unethical influence tactics in an organization, or research a leader known for the use of negative or unethical influence tactics. You must identify the leader and organization, and provide a URL to the website of one or the other as part of a narrated presentation.Instructions:Provide a brief overview of the leader and the organization, the situation, and any other key players relevant to the situation.Describe the specific unethical influence tactics that were used in the situation. Then, analyze those influence tactics in terms of the leader’s overall leadership strategy and use of power within the organization. What was the outcome of the situation? If you were the leader in that situation, what would you have done differently?Presentation Requirements:Your presentation should be 12-14 narrated slides with images and detailed speaker notes (between 75 to 100 words per slide), not counting the title and reference page slides, which you must include in both the video and slide presentation.You may use PowerPoint or an internet-based program such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. Be sure to include the URL of your presentation when using internet-based tools. Paste the URL into a Word document and upload it with your presentation.Incorporate 4 scholarly references that are not required readings for this module. See the Example PPT Presentation (Links to an external site.)in the Online Research and Writing Lab for information on presentation development.Paper should be APA formatted.
Colorado State University Pueblo Unethical Influence Tactics Presentation

The Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

The Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay. The scope of the hospitality industry comprises of a range of businesses that provide services and facilities such as accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment, gaming and related products. The term “hospitality” has become accepted over the years as a generic word, which describes the well being of services and facilities related to tourists and travellers. The hospitality industry is represented in every country in the world and is diverse and complex. It encompasses a range of free-standing hospitality businesses and is also a component of a wide range of venues whose primary function is not hospitality. The hospitality industry consists of broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that mostly depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or even an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, etc.), management, marketing, and human resources. /Sources: hospitality industry Wikipedia The hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food service and accommodation. The hospitality industry is divided into sectors according to the skill-sets required for the work involved. Sectors include accommodation, food and beverage, meeting and events, gaming, entertainment and recreation, tourism services, and visitor information. Usage rate is an important variable for the hospitality industry. Just as a factory owner would wish to have his or her productive asset in use as much as possible (as opposed to having to pay fixed costs while the factory isn’t producing), so do restaurants, hotels, and theme parks seek to maximize the number of customers they “process”. Gilmarie Salise 1 One of the adherent growing sectors of the economy of our time is the hotel industry. The hotel industry alone is a multi-billion dollar and growing enterprise. It is inspiring, never boring and offer unlimited opportunities. The hotel industry in diverse enough for people to work in different areas of interest and still at work within the hotel industry. Twenty first century’s hotels provide modern precise services to their guests. The customers or guests are always right. This principle necessitated application of management principles in the hotel industry and the hotel professionals realized the instrumentality of marketing principles of managing the hotel industry. The approach of total quality management is found getting and important function in the marketing management of hotels. The emerging positive trend in the tourism industry indicates that hotel industry is like a reservoir where the foreign exchange flows. This naturally draws our attention on Hotel Management. Like other industries, the hotel industry needs to explore avenues for innovation so that a fair blending of core and peripheral service is made possible. It is not to be forgotten that the leading hotel companies of the world have been intensifying research to enrich their peripheral services with the motto of adding additional attractions to their service mix. It is against this background that we find the service mix more flexible in nature. The recruitment and training programmes are required to be developed in the features of the technical sophistication. The leading hotel companies have been found promoting an ongoing training programme so that the personnel come to know about the use of sophisticated communication technologies. General classification of Hotel Industry Classification of Hotels: on the basis of standards Like most of the countries in the world, India could be an example and has also hotels divided in different categories depending on their location, facilities, infrastructures and amenities provided. All the star hotels in India are government approved with continuous control on the quality on the services offered. Five Star Hotels – the most luxurious and conveniently hotels in India are grouped under Five Star Deluxe categories. Five Star Hotel in India are globally competitive in the quality of services provided, facilities offered and accommodation option. These are the top of the line hotels located mostly in big cities. These hotels provide all the modern facilities for accommodation and recreation matching international standards in hospitality. In such type of hotel HR department are established separately and to execute and to follow the concept of HR strictly, HR professionals are hired. Four Star Hotels – A rung below five star hotels are Four Star Hotels, these hotels provide all modern amenities to the travellers with a limited budget .Quality of services is almost as high as five stars and above categories. These kinds of hotels are there for the travellers with the limited budget or for the places which might not get the tourist traffic associated with larger cities. In such type of hotel concept of HR is more or less followed. Three Star Hotels – These are mainly economy class hotels located in the bigger and smaller cities and catering to the needs of budget travellers. Lesser in amenities and facilities, these hotels are value for money and gives good accommodation and related services in the reduced price. In such type of hotel concept of HR may or may not be present. Two Star Hotels – This type of hotels are most available in the small cities and in the particular areas of larger cities. Catering for the backpacker tourist traffic, these hotels provide all the basic facilities needed for general accommodation and offer the lowest prices. In this type of hotel concept of HR is absent. Gilmarie Salise 2 One Star Hotels – The hotels with most basic facilities, small number of room’s location in the fur-flung areas are grouped under one star hotel category. These hotels are best when customers for looking cheapest available accommodation option. In this type of hotel concept of HR is alien words. Organisational Structure of Hotel Industry Core Operational Department: Food and Beverage (FThe Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Tourism Essay

Online auction for charity Proposal

Online auction for charity Proposal. Business Proposal and Research Plan The UAE society has made great contributions towards the support of charity and humanitarian work at local, regional, and international levels (Walker, 2007). Over the last few decades, the country’s rulers have established several charitable organizations. The Emiratis believe that charity and volunteerism enhances social solidarity and social development. The government promotes charity work and implements legislations regulating the service to the public (Walsh, 2008). Major charitable work in the UAE is carried out in a conventional manner rather than through online auctioning. Online auctioning has proven to be the best approach for any nonprofit organization aiming to survive and expand its operations in these tough economic times. An online auction is created purposely for nonprofit companies such charity organizations and learning institutions. This system allows their administrators to access the necessary tools required in planning, building, publish and control an online action. Problem As stated above, major charitable work in the UAE is carried out in a conventional manner. In western countries, charitable work has evolved and improved over time. In these countries, charity is subject to social, technological, and economic factors unlike in the UAE. As such, charity-funding organizations have diversified and enhanced their efficiency. The internet has revolutionized how charity work is being carried out. Internet auctions have increased the organizations’ revenue. With live auctions and online auctions for charity work, everyone can be able to participate. These ideas are worth studying because they will increase the revenues earned by charity organization and ensure that more needy people benefit from the program. The findings obtained from this study may be used in improving the charity work in the future. Literature review Charity organizations are always on the lookout for new ideas that will improve their efficiency. In the past few years, online auction has enabled more of these organizations to reach out to new donors and reduce on their operation cost. Activities on online auction are similar to the activities carried on contemporary auctions. However, with online auction all the activities are carried out via the internet (Elliott, 2000). Instead of potential buyers travelling to the auctioning point, online auction offers them an opportunity to log into their website and place their bids for the items being sold. On the web, they can access the pictures of the items. Through a tool called proxy bidding, a potential buyer is able to enter his or her bidding price. After several bids are placed on an item, the highest bid will be selected for consideration. Whenever a bidder is out-bided, an email notification is sent to her or him. Through this, he or she is allowed to enter another bid. Members of the group and their role Four students will undertake this project. Listed below are the individual responsibilities towards the achievement of the project objectives. Student 1 Student no 1 will be is mandated to plan the overall approach. The student will determine the size of our action, and strategize how the charity work will fit together with other fundraising strategies. Student 2 Student 2 will acquire the items to be auctioned. Considered that successful auction necessitates competitive items, the student will be required to find these items by networking with potential customers, donors and other relevant stakeholders. Student 3 Student 3 will reach out for the participants. The student will be required to market the program through emails and social media. Notably, the success of the project heavily relies on the student because marketing is a key facet of online auctioning. Student 4 Student number 4 will search and acquire online auction software. Currently, there are several companies offering online auction software. The student will search for the most appropriate software that will ensure that the project attains its objectives. Objectives In the project, we aim to integrate new ideas in charity auctions in the UAE in a different way to raise millions for an aid organization. Aid organizations are increasingly looking at new ways of making money, and there is a variety of alternative funding streams being used as a growing source of finance. With respect to our project, new, expensive, prestigious, and the first cars in the UAE will enter the live auction to be auctioned to the highest bidder. All the prestigious car dealers participating in the charity auction will receive the appreciation of supporting charitable work in the UAE from the society and government. Automobiles will be from the donors. We will collaborate with some restoration centers to renovate the vehicles free of charge. Similarly, donors can contribute cash and that will used to buy another property to be auctioned. As a gift, the participants will be offered a chance to enjoy an exclusive visit with leaders in the UAE, actors, musicians, athletes. We offer everyone the opportunity to participate, and all it takes is an AED50 or AED 100 donation. In all the transactions, Government fees will be exempted from all transactions. As stated above, if live auction and online auction is integrated into charity work, everyone will be given a chance to participate in this noble work. Therefore, the chief aim of our business is to improve the performance of charity work by incorporating live action and online action in the work. As a substitute to offering once-in-a-lifetime chances for the wealthy donors to contribute through live action, online auction will allow everyone regardless of his or her social class to donate. Through this approach, we aim at changing how charitable actions are carried out in the UAE. This project would be very useful to the community. Because the project aims at improving the efficiency of charitable works, the community will benefit immensely as the amount of donors increase. Therefore, we are requesting financiers to support our project because through it the community will benefit. Data collection methods Data collection methods are an important aspect of the research. For this study, the data method will be field research. This method entails acquiring data from secure and reliable government sources, face-to-face interviewing, and questionnaire. Existing online auction organizations will provide the researchers with crucial information such as the present and the past financial statements. Through this, we will be able to determine the feasibility of our project. The face-to-face interview will require a participant to question auction managers in person to collect their personal views. During the interview, the contributors will be asked to detail management and production orientation perspectives. Equally, questionnaires will be used to collect information from the participants. Questionnaires will be appropriate because some participants might not be comfortable to detail some of information during a face-to-face interview. Reanalysis of related research will also be a utilized method of data collection. Challenges During our research, ethical considerations related to privacy and confidentiality will be upheld. However, if issues related to research ethics arise research leaders should follow these certain steps to address them. They should identify the issues and the parties, identify the options, and consider the consequences, analyze options, and act with commitment. Analysis After the data are collected from the field, they will be compiled into an excel spreadsheet. Later SSPS software will be used to make tables, charts, or distribution plots. Thereafter, the data will be analyzed for accuracy. From these results we can be able to project on our future performance. Similarly, through the data we can be able to identify the potential challenges and how to overcome them. Through the initiatives, we will not only be able to ascertain the success of online auction in the UAE, but also come up with a feasible plan for our project. Schedule The Project will be completed probably by June of 2014. By mid 2014 with the research portion will be in its final stages. By January 2014, research and preliminary draft will be completed. A final draft will be completed the summer of 2014. We will meet at the end of every week to discuss about the progress of the project. Below is the comprehensive time schedule for the project. Budget External financiers will fund the research. It is assumed the major expenses will be towards personnel, fare, and tools used in data collection. It is estimated that the project will cost $ 2000. References Elliott, A. C. (2000). Getting started in internet auctions. New York: Wiley. Walker, J. (2007). Oman, UAEOnline auction for charity Proposal