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Writer’s Choice. Paper details Meet the Therapist! While your textbook does an excellent job of analyzing and summarizing various therapeutic viewpoints, nothing compares to reading the actual words of the founders of these techniques, or even better, seeing them in action. To get a flavor of Sigmund Freud, visit the ConflictWriter’s Choice
In the human resource development assignment I have to find out about recuitment,selection, retention and legal steps followed by the organisation. So I chosen organisation is Tesco private is on of the largest private sector. Introduction of Tesco Among private sector employer in united kingdom Tesco is a largest one. Tesco has nearly 4,40,000 employees in the global .Tesco has four different stores which is known as Tesco extra, Tesco super store ,Tesco metro, Tesco express. Tesco getting mDifferent stores Tesco extra Tesco supper store Tesco metro Tesco express Benefits getting to customers 1, affordable price and getting fresh foods 2,variety of foods and non food items 3,so many food lines its help to find foods very easily 4,dvd , electronics products, mobiles, and books collections 5, convenience to parking in Tesco extra and super stores. ore than 85% of sales with in united kingdom. Tesco runs in 12 countries excluding united kingdom, those countries are India, china, Japan turkey, etc …also Tesco has store in united states of America. A part of Tesco strategy to booming their business and diversify is international international expansion. that’s why they are developing business in different countries in the world. Tesco getting very good infrastructure from head office to run their business very efficiently. Information technology, accounting, marketing, legal service, property management,humen resource management, these rules are involved in Tesco company . Work together is Tesco’s business objectives in each department. For recruitment and selection Tesco have a very good structured process to attract applicant in each job position.Tesco giving every little help to customers it is their very good aim. Also Tesco providing online shopping facility to customers , I am very interested their online shopping motto which is ‘you shop we drop’ Recruitment and selection chart Internal factors External factors Human resource planning Staffing needs Options: internal/external recruitment Job analysis Pool of application selection Job performance This recruitment and selection flow chart means the internal factors and external factors linked with human resource planning ,they have option to choose a factor either internal or external. The human resource planning connected with recruitment, recruiting connected with pool of application, pool of application goes through selection ,selection connecting to job performance. The job analysis connected with human resource planning and job performance. Recruitment For employment in a organization a pool of eligible peoples application generating process is recruitment. As well as to fill a specific role or job in a organization ,people who can give organizational contribution ton fill vacancy , to attracting those peoples, process of methods its called recruitment. Recruitment some times raise up ,if current employees left their job or role. “Capble and parsons 2001 ,summarized, The main approaches to attracting applicants can be as follow” 1, walks 2, employees referrals 3, advertising 4, websites 5, professional associations 6, educational associations 7, professional agencies. Recruitment methods Mostly we see four steps of methods in recruitment procedure. 1, internal recruitment 2, external recruitment 3, online recruitment 4, E- recruitment Recruitment in Tesco Recruitment followed by organization in different types , Tesco also recruitment methods is in different types .medium and good standard of candidate coming to apply for vacancy in Tesco recruitment . Example graduate people and students are working in Tesco different department and stores .job advertising in Tesco is in different kinds. As far as concern my knowledge about Tesco recruiting, they have two types of recruiting procedure , those are first one is internal recruitment and second on is external recruitment Internal recruitment in Tesco Internal recruitment in Tesco ,they giving first preference to internal skilled and plan to fill their vacancy. This steps means the present employees want to move either on promotion or remain the same level of their job designation.through this talent plan if they could not find suitable people for fill the vacancy , Tesco’s next steps is advertise on internet inernally.this advertise time must be couple of weeks. External recruitment in Tesco The external recruitment in Tesco they are using two different steps, to fill their vacancy. Tesco putting advertise on their own site which is Also they putting advertise on their store vacancy board. Applicant can go for Tesco website and select career section and download application form and fill it back to hrm department in Tesco. People can approach back office in Tesco to collect application forms. Selection in Tesco Selection is part of the final steps in recruiting a post or position. Also selection is choosing best candidate from that application to fill vacancy. In the selection procedure very important thing is screening the candidate. The screening giving ensures the applicants are selected for interview those candidate very suitable for job recuirments.the Tesco screening body looking very carefully screening the applicant bio-graphical data (bio data) or CV’s .this cv mentions the applicants job history and educational backgrounds by up to date. A positive and good written cv goes through to job specification for applicants matches whether suitable or not. Also Tesco provide a “job type match tool” on their web page in career section. A flow chart of selection methods given below This flow chart means the first stage of selection is screening the candidate CV to find who is suitable with Tesco. After searching chosen applicants inviting to face interview. Unsuccessful applicants sending rejection letter. Successful applicant goes throScreening of applicants cvs find best fit with Tesco Successful candidate invited for interview Successful candidate from screening attend assessment centre Unsuccessful candidate sent letter Successful candidate invited for second interview Successful candidate sent offer letter and contract ugh to attend interview in assessment centre , from there successful applicants called for second interview .finally successful applicant getting job and contract with Tesco. Graduates getting benefits from Tesco Graduate people and student graduate always getting very good opportunity In Tesco . Tesco appointing nearly 3000 each year. Tesco giving very good career path for every graduate people in their business . Graduate people can work different position in Tesco so they can build their very good career future with Tesco. Also these graduate people can achieve full technical and project skill with Tesco. Also in Europe and Asia graduates getting more opportunities .in 1995 Tesco opened their first store in Europe , future growth is Tesco’s main focus of international business. Tesco already have a mba program in china from this mba program Tesco offering 6 to 9 month work placement in united kingdom Retention Retention is how can keeping staff in the organization as long as, some organization retaining their staffs very well, they are giving very good salary ,insensitive ,allowance, maternity leave salary ,sick leave salary Etc…… some other offering free flat or house ,company car , fuel card etc.. In Tesco retain staffs like this Tesco making sure to people or staffs Tesco is a very best place to work The staff receiving very good salary even the starting time ,after that the pension scheme also providing for staff ,the staffs can join the pension scheme ,it scheme is really first class value. This scheme covering free life insurance ,the life insurance value is three times of yearly contract wages. If any staff completed one year with tesco the staff able to get share from companies profits(taken in the form of shares and based on salary ).as well as staffs can join the Tesco companies “buy as you earn save as you earn” share schemes. Also every staffs getting Tesco privilege card if they completed with Tesco at least six months,. Staffs getting 10% discount on this card for every purchase in Tesco. Also Every staffs getting 22 days holiday in a year. Legal formalities followed by the organization “variations in recruitment and selection practice are bound by the law of the land .recruitment and selection have been notorious areas for demonstrating prejudice and subjective influence, which could well result in infringements and under legislation dealing with discrimination. In the united kingdom their legal provisions are continued in the sex discrimination act 1975 (amended in 1986) and the race regulation act 1976(amended in 2000), both act disallowing discrimination. in general there are three form of that are against the law. 1, direct: in which workers of a particular sex race or ethnic group are treated less favourably than other workers , for example in a policy to recruit only men to management post 2,indirect : in which a particular require merit apparently treats every one equally but has disproportionate. Effect on a particular group the requirement not being shown to be justified a job advertising specify that applicant should be 1.85 meter tall might for example , unjustifiably result in a low proportion of female applicants. 3,victimization: in which individuals are discriminated against because they have exercised their rights under the law.” Tesco staffs and stores quick fact chart Staff worldwide 468,508 Staff in the UK 286,394 Stores worldwide 4,308 Total stores in the UK 2,282 By format… 177 Extra 10 Home plus 448 Superstore 174 Metro 961 Express 512 One Stop Number of markets 14 Which markets China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA Facts correct May 2009 Conclusion Tesco is a worldwide company and giving so many job opportunities .this opportunity included , school leaver , apprentice people , and graduate people, etc..Tesco need people have right skill and behaviour to develop the department.tescos organizational structure is very clear, it detailing persons specifications and description of job. Its giving advantage to apply for vacancy in recruitment and selection as user-friendly.

Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation. The

Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation. The. I’m studying for my Management class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Assignment Content

Final Strategic Plan Grading Guide

The final assignment requires both a Document with the strategic plan according to the outline on the instructions and a Power Point Presentation. This is a building block exercise, in which you use previous weeks work, and incorporating the feedback received.

Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation. The final strategic plan should contain:

Table of Contents
Executive Summary (350 to 700 words)
Company Background
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Value Statement
Environmental Scan
Internal and External Environmental Analysis
Strategic Recommendation
Implementation Plan
Organizational Change Management Strategies
Risk Management Plan

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals and speaker notes to present the strategic plan, summarizing all relevant elements from previous weeks. The objective is to sell the strategic plan to investors or company directors.

Format the assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

The final assignment requires both a Document with the strategic plan according to the outline on the instructions and a Power Point Presentation. This is a building block exercise, in which you use previous weeks work, and incorporating the feedback received.


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Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation. The

UTC Complexity of Information Systems Research in The Digital World Essay

custom essay UTC Complexity of Information Systems Research in The Digital World Essay.

Need the Writing in 3 pages for the below topic excluding cover page & refrences. Please review the article and define the various technologies that are emerging as noted in the article. Note how these emerging technologies are impacting organizations and what organizations can to do to reduce the burden of digitalization. References should be with in 5 years.The writing should be clear and concise. Headings should be used to transition thoughts.Topic:Article was focused on the Complexity of Information Systems Research in the Digital World. Complexity is increasing as new technologies are emerging every day. This complexity impacts human experiences. Organizations are turning to digitally enabled solutions to assist with the emergence of digitalization.
UTC Complexity of Information Systems Research in The Digital World Essay

Research Methods Strategic Managers Management Essay

In this assignment my main topic that would be discussed is Management research method. I have selected an organization name ASDA a chain of Wall Mart and it’s a biggest groceries retailer in the UK and recently they announced to offer 1500 jobs offer to the local community. By understanding their offer we can measure their turnover and their scale of business. Because of large scale of business they have step down to the different level their management in the smallest group to handle their local ASDA store process same as they operate in the biggest town’s stores that operate 24 hours. Background of Research: Back ground of research means the actual route of research that how they fall into this and why they need to be researched. In this organization through customer surveys I have found some problem at management level that new staff they hired is not qualified and not efficient to perform their tasks efficiently. The researched material would be showed in the end of this assignment. Now I will create a hypothesis and will do research that how this loose pole could be removed and the value of ASDA brand could be increased. But first of all we will discuss the root of problem because creating hypothesis to be researched. Following are the root problems found during the researched program at ASDA with their customers: Lack of skills in employee (stores assistant) such as low knowledge of merchandising Poor customer relation Poor knowledge of Point of Sales product Low sales and productivity because of not proper knowledge Use of extra resources to trained those employees Need of HR department to manage these training expenses These are the few main route problems I have found from the researched in store of Asda 4 weeks ago. Now after consideration of all above title I will discuss research point and will create a hypothesis for proper research. Hypothesis/Title: “Professional Training would help to increase the satisfied customers in ASDA as well increase their sales” Research questions: Why the staffs of ASDA (Stratford) need professional Training? What would be the basis of this research? How ASDA would be benefit from this research? Company would be most benefit in which sense? Explanation: Professional training help organization remove any current barriers in employees daily routine tasks these barriers could be removed by training and the other way is providing them learning knowledge and material to do better job. (TDA, 2010). The basic need of research is founded by the research material I’ve carried out in one of the ASDA branch in Stratford, London, United kingdom, they have recently hired 80% of new staff and according to the customers they are not trained enough to provide them excellent level of service as compare to other stores. Through satisfaction level of customers ASDA store in Stratford would increase their monthly sales and would raise their brand value in that area. Increase in their values with the increase in sales Company of Research: ASDA is one of the biggest retailer food chain in United Kingdom and recently increased their product line non food products such as cheap garments for men’s and ladies. Recently according to ASDA annual report of 2010 they increased their sales in garments industry by 10% by opening new stores and by hiring new employees in it. But in Stratford branch of ASDA have not exceed the over all level of sales up to 3% comparing to other branches. Now we will discuss that why it happened in to that branch and what were the actual reasons. As we have discussed that the company have hired new employees and some of them have not experience of retail industry and currently unable to perform their own tasks. First of all we will discuss the aim and objective of our research. Aim of the Research: ‘Increase the monthly sales and performance of customer relation of Stratford (ASDA) Branch’ Objectives of Research: Following are the deep objectives of the research: Increase in satisfied customers Attract more customers Increase the brand value Increase the monthly sale and meet the target and become more profitable branch of UK of ASDA. Literature Review: ASDA is a part of Wall Mart and in UK have lots of local and 24hr branches their aim is to become Britain’s favorite retailer. Here they are not specifying their choice for customers that they want to become no 1 on the basis of food items but they are also including their fashion brand named ‘George’ and accepting to increase their sales up to 5% overall from UK in every 6 months. In this assignment I have already discussed the need of chosen organization because there employee currently needs the training to provide excellent level of services. They are currently have 20 employees in Stratford branch out of them 16 are new and untrained to provide them training we need to identify first clear objective of the training purpose. Theory Used in Literature Review: To get the right picture of the skills they possess I did SWOT analysis inside the ASDA Stratford store and found some key strength and weaknesses. SWOT analysis is the key comparing analysis tools that tells you the weaknesses inside the organization. Below are the some researched strength and weaknesses of ASDA in specific branch: Strength: Following are the key strength of ASDA in Stratford branch: High Brand Value with highly competitive prices Strong leaders Experiences Managers Weaknesses: There are few weaknesses that we choose as a key research topic for this assignment these are as follows: Untrained Staff Improper knowledge about products No sense of proper merchandising Now to get the maximum out of their strength and to cover their weaknesses I would suggest a key plan described below Objective of the Research: ASDA is the biggest and successful market leader and have strong business from their past history now the need is that they currently having problem in only one branch where they recently hired new staff. The objective of this research to maximise the profit of stratford branch as compare to other ASDA branches but before achieving this goal company need to provide their employees training to get the high level of sales with satisfaction of customers. Research Effectiveness: Through training in the field of merchandising they would able to put things on right place and with the right view so the customer who enter in store could easily identify their demanded product and can send it to further process. Through training process they would learn the process of shelving the products These above two learning would automatically help them to learn about the things with their respective names. Over all change in management would increase the number of satisfied customers and will increase its daily and monthly sales. These all above points are the current need of the business to process in the way of getting higher level of profit. Facts and Figure of Proposal: Now here I will discuss the researched sales figure that show constant declines and after that i started research to find ou the reason of decline in sales. Below is the sales figure of 3 different moth of ASDA Stratford branch. February (sale in pounds) March (sale in pounds) April (sale in pounds) 13,000 9,000 5,500 As we can see the sales is constantly falling down and are not meeting the need and target of the organization. This is an alarming stage to discuss about the change and to find out the solution as I have mentioned that during my survey from customer are not happy with the level of service and mostly things are difficult to find because they are not placed on right point. Training Process: Before step down towards training process I will describe the analysing process of training need in any organization. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis helped org. to remove threats and weaknesses before they occur and helped them to grow more efficiently by telling them their strength and by showing upcoming opportunities. The same process I would carry on in ASDA store to get rid of all weaknesses. Training on Job: There are different ways of training that helped org to learn to employees in their own best way but here leanininig on job is most effective for the employees of ASDA they could learn on job that how to merchandise and how to merge all the products in one sequence after this they would able to learn the right thing at right place. That would minimize the complaint from the customers. TIME SCALE: J I h G f E d Working pattern 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Weeks L Preperation of research proposal with the research question and material M On paper feedback N SWOT analysis to get the clearer picture O Questioner with employees P Collection of primary resources from website Q Review and monitor the Whole Process R Conclusion (Measured on 7 week) In this time scale my most of time spend on collection of data and doing research on the basis of collection of in store questioner. T his whole process measures in 7 weeks and after that that this plan would show their result in terms of increasing sales. 3rd week progress: In third week I will collect the on paper feedback form from customers and interviews some of the employees from ADSA store. Feedback from customers: In any organization customers are known as key stake holders and they have high level of interest in the new products so changing the way forward helped them to keep track of their record. Self Assessment of Merchandiser (Sales Assistant): After completion of half of training process I will take the common feedback from every single individual that they are training them on decided topic and they are learning it efficiently. Population of ASDA STRAFORD: There are twenty employees in which 4 of them are supervisors who assist other employees. Questioner and reason of decline in sales (with employee): Q 1: What do you think is mst hot selling product of the store? Answer: I think the most selling things are eggs and bread. Q 2: What do you think is there any problem at management level Answer: I think there is one problem because they didn’t give us proper training. Q 3: Do you think customers dealing is must be with the smile? Answer: No it depends on one to one individual’s mode. Q 4: Is the reason of sales decline is due to competitors in the market? Answer: I think it is due to lack of knowledge at basis sales level. Q 5: Do you think training could improve the sales of level? Answer: Yes it can leave positive effect on it. Reason of Sales decline: According to the above discussion it is now clear that company must act on time to complete their previous loss and increase their level of Income from that branch, but these all could be performed if they capture the biggest problem which is lack of knowledge of products at ASDA store, new employees must learn these skills and knowledge during the process of training and should get more out of that training. First we have discussed was lack of knowledge of merchandising the other term defined that they don’t have any experience at all and need to learn the name and kind of the products to assist the customers. Third reason of sales decline is poor customer relation ship as customer stated that they don’t know how to deal with customers so it is very important to take care of the interest of key stake holder to get the profit to satisfy other key stake holders. Now I will discuss the need of researched material below are the discussion with and researched material from customers and from inside the org. Questioners with 10 ASDA Employees Name Date Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree Customer have no right to criticise on us 2 6 We are always right in front of customers 3 7 Reason of sales decline in strong competitors policies 2 6 Learning the things name is the difficult process at ASDA 1 7 Doing analysis are worthless 1 5 4 Customer have no right to criticise our services 6 2 I would like to learn new things 5 3 2 According to the above survey I did I’ve found that the employees at ASDA do not know about the importance of customers and they even don’t know any kind of analysis, these all points shows that they are all inexperienced and have no proper channel to do right work, but they all are willing to learn new things this is positive point of view. Throug strong leadership ASDA amanagment need to apply the rule of win the game at small check points and teach them the basic knowledge of selling products that would create a healthier competiton layer among them and they would learn those names and kinds more quickly as compare to any other method. Now I will discuss the need of researched material form the customer and below I will show the researched material form customers at ASDA. Questioners from Customers of ASDA Name Date Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree Customer services are really poor 2 6 2 Employees at ASDA mostly don’t know about the products 3 3 4 Customer service at ASDA were good 2 7 ASDA need to increase their product line 1 5 2 ASDA have fresh products every day 2 7 Discussion of Above analysis and feed back from customers: Te feedback of customer are very dangerous for the ASDA Stratford branch, as they said that ASDA some times have old products that describes employees at ASDA did to change the products with its expiry dates that could lead them towards bad condition o good will. So here It is very necessary for them to learn the main concepts of the things and products in ASDA store to bring it sales up with satisfied customers and with excellent relationship with customers. Conclusion: Main conclusion and bottom line of whole research is that customers are allowed to criticise when ever they see any incompetency in company, that help organization review there policies and get rid of any barriers quickly to satisfy the customer as they are the stake holders of the business and ASDA must teach basic rules when they hire the staff that would help to go further with proper knowledge and skills.

Is Wal-Mart Good for America? Case Study

Table of Contents Introduction Overview/Analysis Problem Definition Solutions/Recommendations Conclusion References Introduction Wal-Mart can be described as one of the biggest discount retailer internationally. This corporation started its operations as a petite chain of stores, which were based mostly in rural towns. Samuel Walton started this company in 1962 and presently, it is one of the leading employers in the U.S. According to annual financial report released in 2008, Wal-Mart recorded $374.5 billion sales. It sells an unbelievable collection of products such as oranges, gasoline, towels and power saws. Much of the successes of Wal-Mart are dependent on building new shops and negotiating for the maximum imaginable profits on the cheapest goods, which normally involves purchasing goods produced in developing nations at a cheaper cost compared to where they are retailed (Soderquist, 2005). Wal-Mart shops operate under the same principles. Their cost of goods habitually priced at a much lower cost compared to other stores. Nevertheless, if an individual requires a specific commodity, Wal-Mart cannot warrant its availability within their stores. Wal-Mart has been censured for making smaller shops to go out of business, especially with its exceptionally low prices. Actually, some of the shops are regarded as Super Wal-Marts. Normally, they offer a grocery store as well as locomotive repair store for their clients. Overview/Analysis Wal-Mart’s fundamental competitive advantage lies in its size. In line with 2008 yearly statement, Sam’s club provides its clients with treasure finds. These commodities are not typically offered in most shops. Owing to its enormous purchasing power of Wal-Mart, for instance, it can visit a book publisher and purchase about 5 per cent of the total production at a cheaper cost compared to other buyers. However, it cannot hold the product every time at this rate, though it can gain a temporary discount for its clients. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To a large extent, large scale achievement of Wal-Mart Company is dependent on its linkage with developing foreign markets, especially China. These shops serve as outstanding suppliers since their labor resource is higher and living costs are lower, which implies that salaries can be lessened. Besides, the shops evade the restrictions on the safety of their workforce, and excellence that is associated with the product (Carbaugh, 2011). Problem Definition Consistent with customary retail circulation models, producers have an obligation of setting the terms and conditions of their produces such as costs, production plans, quantities, as well as demonstrations. On the other hand, retailers agreed to these terms and managed their stocks as appropriate as possible. However, Wal-Mart by its self has changed this kind of push system to a pull system where the vender tells the producer what kind of commodities to produce and what quantity. Thus system has even attracted the key international manufacturers, like Hoover, Timex, Kraft and Kodak to establish their agencies at Bentonville, close to Wal-Mart’s universal headquarters. As is exposed on Frontline, Wal-Mart purchasers, equipped with a wide range of portfolio histories and sales tracing data, communicate to the agents of these and other companies the quantity of products they will purchase from them. Therefore, there is little or no room for negotiation. Due to its inventory system’s incomparable effectiveness and precision, Wal-Mart determines precisely what to purchase and precisely the amount to pay for it. This kind of system, according to opponents, results into lower prices of goods, lower wages to employees and loss of employment. We will write a custom Case Study on Is Wal-Mart Good for America? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Besides, it drives smaller retail shops out of business by offering extremely low priced goods. The overall effect of this is to lower the living standards of Americans (Smith, 2004). Solutions/Recommendations It appears like most people in America do not like Wal-Mart due to its destructive effects mentioned above. However, almost everyone shops there because their cheap prices are irresistible. Therefore the solution for this situation would be to encourage members of the public to avoid Wal-Mart without necessarily increasing their shopping expenditures excessively. Individuals should be encouraged to do their shopping at dollar or other discount stores since the price of their products, in most cases, are simply a few cents more compared to Wal-Mart, which cannot translate into much costs eventually. Besides, brand-name products can be found in certain dollar chains if that, precisely, is what an individual needs. In addition to taking advantage of special offers that are sometimes offered by other retail shops to compete favorably with Wal-Mart, people should also be encouraged to check out bargains that are offered at local stores. In some cases, these shops have regular shopper membership that could involve discount offers. All in all, smaller local shops should be given a chance at all cost. These could even involve government intervention in trade regulations that encourage smaller stores (Quinn, 2005). Conclusion In conclusion, Wal-Mart’s system of conducting business results into lower prices of goods, lower wages to employees and loss of employment, which has the overall effect of lowering the living standards of Americans. The best solution for this kind of situation, as discussed above, would involve encouraging members of the public to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart without necessarily increasing their shopping expenditures too much. Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Wal-Mart Good for America? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Carbaugh, R. J. (2011). Contemporary economics: An applications approach. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe. Quinn, B. (2005). How Wal-Mart is destroying America (and the world) and what ýou can do about it. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press, U.S. Smith, H. (2004). “Is Wal-Mart Good for America?” Web. Soderquist, D. (2005). The Wal-Mart way: The inside story of the success of the world’s largest company. Nashville: T. Nelson.

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