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Write the constructors and the methods that are necessary in class, Java computer science linked list homework

Write the constructors and the methods that are necessary in class, Java computer science linked list homework.

Please be sure you can deliver this task fully or otherwise please don’t take it.We expect only high quality person to answer it fully.Thank you1.For the following questions – make sure you document them with comments in the code.2.You must use classes Time1 and BusArrival – You can get those classes in the zip file attached OR here – make sure that for each method you have a documentation in the header.4.Make sure that the name of the methods would be exactly as written.5.The result is 2 files –, zipped inside a file.6.Write as a comment on the API what is the time complexity and the place complexity of every method you wrote.Question 1:Class BusArrivalNode represents a single item in the linked list.Class will include the two attributes:1. BusArrival  _busArr2. BusArrivalNode  _nextU must write the constructors and the methods that are necessary in class.For this class you have to define three constructors:1. public BusArrivalNode (BusArrival b)Receive the bus arrival (an object from class BusArrival) next_ field will be set to null.2. public BusArrivalNode (BusArrival b, BusArrivalNode n)Gets the bus arrival (object from class BusArrival) and another item n from type BusArrivalNode. The constructor would init the attributes by the given parameters. _next field will point to n.3. public BusArrivalNode (BusArrivalNode b)Copy constructor. Notice you have to copy the information (next) itself and not a copy of the pointer. Which means  in this case aliasing is the right thing.The methods in class BusArrivalNode are:* public BusArrival getBusArr() – returns a copy of the bus arrival.* public BusArrivalNode  getNext()- returns pointer to the next item. Notice that aliasing is not a mistake here either. You need to return the pointer next and not a copy of the pointer.* public void aetBusArr (BusArrival b) – receives the bus arrival and update the arrival attribute in the vertex.* public void setNext(BusArrivalNode  next) – receives a pointer and update the pointer attribute to the next item. Notice that aliasing is not a mistake here either. You need to update the information (next) itself and not a copy.Question 2Class BusStopList represent a bus stop.Representation made by a linked list that keeps the bus arrivals to a certain stop. Class attributes are:*BusArrivalNode  _head – head of bus arrival list.U must write the BusStopList class definition. When the only method (instance variable) allowed is pointing to the start of the linked list! Clearly additional attributes can make  the methods more efficient! however, In BusArrivalList class you CANNOT define any other attribute.Notice the list is not organized by the bus arrival time or by bus number or by any other criterion. Which means it could be that a bus that arrived at 10:00:00 will be before a bus that arrived at 9:00:00 at the list.Class constructor is:Default constructor which creates an empty list.Class contains few methods:*Boolean method add which recevies the bus number, number of passengers, bus arrive to stop time (as an object from class Time1 attached below) and adds it to the arrival list. If the adding will be successful = true, else=false. Adding fails when there is already a reaching time in the list that is the same.*removeAllLine method that gets the bus number and deletes all the instances of the same bus number from the arrival list. If there is no such a number in the list method will do nothing.*toString method returns representation of all the stored objects in the list that its head _head is Like a string of characters. Every bus arrival will be printed in a different line like:”Bus no. 27 arrived at 09:24:10 with 13 passengers”*getPopularLine method returns the most “popular” bus number. Which means the bus that arrived the most times to stop. If there’s more than one it will return one of them arbitrarily.Make sure that the solution to this method will be effective( which means that it won’t go over the list more than one time).* getAverageTime method returns an average of how long you need to wait for any bus to arrive. The average time representation is done in seconds. It can be assumed that there is at least two bus arrivals in the list. Notice the method should return a value from type long.For example, if four buses arrived to stop at 9:30:00, 9:40:00, 10:00:00, 10:30:00 (bus number doesn’t matter) then the average time needed to wait is 20 minutes which is 20*60=1200 seconds. We will get the value 1200.* totalPassengers method returns how many passengers arrived to stop today.* maxPassengers method returns bus arrival that had the most passengers all day. It can be assumed that there is at least one arrival in the list.You must write API for the 2 classes.Notice all the possible errors in the methods.Write as a comment on the API what is the time complexity and the place complexity of every method you wrote.Keep the effectiveness of the methods you wrote! Full score will be given only for computational performance.ConstructorBusStop()Gets bus number, number of passengers, and The bus station arrival time. And adds it to the arrival list. If successfully added returns-true, else returns- false.boolean add(int line, int pass, Time1 t)Gets bus number and deletes all its instances from arrival list. If there no such number in the list, method will do nothing.  void removeAllLine (int line)Returns the most popular bus number (the one that arrived to stop the most times). If there is more than one it will return one getPopularLine()Returns an average of time needed to wait until any bus will arrive to stop. The average time representation is done in seconds.long getAverageTime()Returns number of passengers arrived to stop all totalPassengers()Returns most passengers all day bus arrival.BusArrival maxPassengers()Returns a representation of all stored objects in a list. As string character.String toString()Please be sure you can deliver this task fully or otherwise please don’t take it.We expect only high quality person to answer it fully.Thank
Write the constructors and the methods that are necessary in class, Java computer science linked list homework

Religious Studies homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on Explain the structure of court hierarchy in England and Wales. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Explain the structure of court hierarchy in England and Wales,INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES,Type your candidate number on each page of your answer and follow the submission instructions as directed by The University of Law.,Your submitted work must be word processed. Your submitted work must have a word count completed on the front sheet.,For the Common Law Method part of the assessment you will be assessed against the following Assessment Criteria:,Demonstrate an understanding of the operation of the English Legal System in contemporary legal practice.,Explain the structure of court hierarchy in England and Wales.,Identify and explain principles of statutory interpretation and apply such principles to a factual situation.,Explain and apply the doctrine of precedent.,Apply law relating to the English Legal system to the facts of a legal problem in order to reach a justified conclusion.,Present  your  answer  in  a  logical  structure, including  an  introduction, explanation and analysis of the question, and an informed, coherent and logical conclusion.,Express your answer clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and spelling,  and  using  appropriate  technical  legal  language  where necessary.,This  means  providing accurate case citations for all cases, the short title and year for statutes, and  textbooks,  websites,  journals  and  other  sources  correctly referenced using the OSCOLA system.,Operation of the English Legal System in contemporary legal practice,For the Ethics part of the assessment you will be against the following Assessment Criteria:,Firstly, demonstrate  knowledge  and  understanding  of  relevant  ethical approaches.,Secondly, apply different ethical approaches.,Thirdly, analyse the law from an ethical standpoint.,Fourthly, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant ethical principles governing the role of the lawyer.,Also, apply and analyse the ethical principles governing the role of the lawyer.,Present  your  answer  in  a  logical  structure,  including  an  introduction, explanation and analysis of the question, and an informed, coherent and logical conclusion.,Express your answer clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and spelling,  and  using  appropriate  technical  legal  language  where necessary.,This means providing accurate case  citations  for  all  cases,  the  short  title  and  year  for  statutes,  and textbooks,  websites,  journals  and  other  sources  correctly  referenced using the OSCOLA system.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Religious Studies homework help
Alhambra Medical University Benefits of Family Nurse Practitioner Paper.

Topic: Family nurse Practitioner (FNP) having a Primary Care Provider (PCP) role with independent practice and how this would benefit our healthcare system and patients. -Only focus in the USA. Some states already have independent FNP practice, but California does not among other states..This needs to be a positive paper on why FNP should have independent practice.-Please also add a part for information technology/informatics as well which is stated in the directions. -Please address both legal and ethical issues.-Please also sub title each part of the paper so it is easy to find. ex) legal issue, ethical issue, information technology/ informatics ext. everthing in the grading rubric.Purpose The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with the opportunity to develop skill in the preparation of a scholarly paper on a subject of personal interest related to the course content.An 8 page paper (not including title page, abstract or references) about a current legal/ethical issue that affects the FNP’s role which also involves information technology/informatics. Directions Select a subject of interest related to this course and write an 8 page paper. Include an analysis of the role of information technology/informatics on the issue under consideration. The paper should include the following:Identify the ethical or legal issueDescribe information technology/informatics concerns about the issueProvide a description of the current status of the issueSuggest ways to deal with the issue in the futureInclude at least 8 references from scholarly literature.Prepare the paper according to APA 7th addition format.Grading This activity is worth 20 points which will be assigned as follows:Topic was submitted on time – 1 pointIdentify the ethical or legal issue – 2 pointsDescribe IT/informatics concerns about the issue – 3 pointsProvide a description of the current status of the issue – 3 pointsSuggest ways to deal with the issue in the future – 3 pointsThe discussion is logically developed – 4 points.The document adheres to the APA format. The spelling, sentence structure, and syntax are free of errors – 4 points.
Alhambra Medical University Benefits of Family Nurse Practitioner Paper

SEU Brainstorming Question.

Article Question: Read the attached article titled as “Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong” by Art Markman,published in Harvard Business Review, and answer the following Questions: Summarize the article and explain the main issues discussed in the article. (In 400-500 words) (Marks 2)What do you think about the article in relations to what you have learnt in the course about divergent thinking and group decision making? Use additional reference to support you argument. (In 250-400 words) (Marks 1.5)Critical Thinking Question: If you collect too much information for analyzing a decision, you can suffer from analysis paralysis, where you spend too much time thinking about a decision rather than making one. Recall a major financial decision you made recently, such as of a car or housing purchase or rental. Describe your process for making the decision. How could analysis paralysis have affected this process? (In 150-300 words) (Marks 1.5)
SEU Brainstorming Question

Fanaticism in “The Prophet’s Hair” by Rushdie Essay

Salman Rushdie is a renowned British writer of Indian origin who, while creating works rooted in an Indian setting, has contributed to the development of new literature styles worldwide. Born in 1947, on the cusp of Indian independence, he has created numerous works depicting India, in the post-colonial setting of which Rushdie investigates his own dual British-Indian identity. Rushdie remains acclaimed not just as an Indian English author but also in international literature, as “[he] played a ground-breaking role in new beginnings — the blending of history with fiction and magic” (Chaubey 10). With his work tackling numerous themes, focusing on his short story “The Prophet’s Hair” allows to discern the details of his work on a smaller scale. The narrative deals with an Indian Muslim family, who encounter a holy relic, and descend into madness, taking along with them the numerous people they contact over the course of the story. The fable-like story allows for a view into the author’s attitudes towards Islam, moralizing on the imminent dangers of fanaticism. The story centers on the theft of a holy Muslim relic, which is characteristic of one of the main themes of postcolonial literature. Reimagining the past, creating different versions of it, states Maurer, is “the heart of early science fiction’s vision of history, especially colonial history” (5). Saturated with magical phenomena, which in The Prophets Hair are synonymous with religious miracles, Rushdie’s work artifices a version of events influenced by supernatural forces, written as natural (Jindal 654). The theme of malign miracles is prevalent, with those unworthy punished by marvelous occurrences, as the disabled beggars lose profit in their cure (Rushdie 14). The turn of the father, Hashim, to religion could also be a sort of miracle, with him being irreligious beforehand. He even states himself that “while he was not a godly man he set great store by ‘living honourably in the world’” (Rushdie 4). The introduction of the prophet’s hair changes him and even turns him to disowning his daughter for qualities he himself cultivated in her. The miraculous occurrences influence the two women of the story, the daughter Huma and the unnamed widow of the Thief King, in different ways. A paper by Scott, studying another work of Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children”, argues that the depiction of the women in Rushdie’s stories is not solely misogynistic representation (23). However, the fate of the women is characteristic of “Rushdie’s conception of despotic Islam [which] – in line with most strands of Islamophobic thought – hinges partly on the idea of its oppression of women“ (Perchard 10). Hama, previously chastised by her father for acting unseemly for a Muslim girl, dies by his hand in his descent into zealotry. The widow, on the other hand, is granted her sight back and is blessed with “spend[ing] her last days gazing once more upon the beauties of the valley of Kashmir” (Rushdie 15). The encouragement of actions goes not to the independent, thinking woman, but to one who cedes to her husband, and remains unnoticed by the storytelling at all. All of the above points bring us to the depiction of Muslims in Rushdie’s work, his own experiences and thoughts on Islam, keeping in mind his Muslim upbringing. He depicts Western myths about Islam, with the father-turned-fanatic burning books, forcing his daughter to wear a purdah, and confessing to having a mistress as a way of self-absolution from sin (Ramone 100; Rushdie 4). In the end, the vial with the prophet’s hair has brought nothing but carnage and mass unrest, through the religious madness of the father destroying the lives of his and the thief’s family. This theme may be a take on the punishment of the unworthy, but considering the feelings of the author towards religion, Islam in particular, it seems but one facet of a greater topic. The introduction of the element Islamic zeal brings about the downfall of both, the family of Hashim and the Thief King, who before this had lived an unnaturally long life for his profession. With the world’s modern-day stereotypes on Islam not having changed for the better since the first publication of the short story, it continues to pose as a warning sign to religious extremism. The secession of Pakistan from India on religious grounds, and the creation of two polarizing religions, namely Islam and Hinduism, had created a perilous time for followers of both denominations, depending on their location. With the knowledge of the worldview of the author, that the co-existence of creeds abates fanaticism, the short story focuses not on the punishment of the unworthy but the preachment of religious restraint. “The Prophet’s Hair” tries to admonish that temperance remains the best course of action in everyday life, leaving devout following to the holy men, but not to the ordinary people. Rushdie while creating an English-Indian work of literature at the core, attempts to demonstrate on an international scale the horrors of religious zeal, and the destruction it brings about. Works Cited Chaubey, Ajay K. “Salman Rushdie: An Embodiment of Controversy and Scholarship.” The Literati, vol. 5, no. 1, 2015, pp. 9-17, Web. Jindal, Madhu. “Indian Narratology: A Study of Salman Rushdie.” International Journal of Applied Research, vol. 2, no. 3, 2016, pp. 651-655, Web. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Maurer, Yael. The Science Fiction Dimensions of Salman Rushdie. McFarland, 2014. Perchard, Adam Glyn Kim. “The Battle for the Enlightenment”: Rushdie, Islam, And the West. Diss. University of York, 2014. Web. Ramone, Jenni. Salman Rushdie and Translation. Bloomsbury, 2013. Rushdie, Salman. The Prophet’s Hair. Vintage, 2016, pp. 1-20. Scott, Gemma. “Gender and the Indian Emergency: Representation of Women in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children.” Exploring Gender in the Literature of the Indian Diaspora, edited by Sandhya Rao Mehta, Cambridge Scholars, 2015, pp. 16-34.

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custom essay Quick response.

Student 1 ( remember only half a page or less and try to put most of it in your own words.) The advantages of having a centralized staffing function, as opposed to letting each manager be totally responsible for the staffing activities in his or her unit would be that the centralized staffing function would have more control, coordination would be on point and their staffing process would be standardized. A major advantage of having centralized staffing function is the specialization. Even though the managers know the arrangements in the unit for example like web designing. They aren’t up to date on HR functions like dealing with applicants with fraudulent problems and persuading new applicants, etc. Another advantage would be efficiency because it makes communication and process of business easier. A centralized staffing function helps the company’s vision stay focused and it cuts down on conflict. It is a setup where you have more power and critical decision making that only a few have key leaders. With the control over centralization this will ensure that all staffing policies and all procedures are very much carried out through the organization. Now if the managers were free to direct on their own time the staffing activities then this wouldn’t have taken place. You have to be stable in the staffing process because it’s indeed decisive given that the magnitude of consequences of legal actions this which will cause laws and regulations to fail. Centralized staff reply quicker than manager to be honest with you because they are focused and the mangers have a lot of other things to deal with. So, basically the centralized staffing function makes the decisions and the top managers come in afterwards to send out low directed levels for implementation. Managers can only do so much in the workplace so some things they won’t be able to help and this is one of them. You wouldn’t be able to count on each manager to be there to be held responsible for all the staffing activities in his or her unit. It’s not possible!
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100 word Art Discussion (DUKES)

100 word Art Discussion (DUKES). I need help with a Art & Design question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Talk about ways in which the aesthetics and designs of countries from the Far East (Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, et al) have affected aesthetics in the United States. I am not asking about technology. I want you to consider the way things look (colors, patterns, styles). Think about architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright), furniture, clothing, graphics, comics, movies, foods, etc. Give specific examples. Remember to mention something you have learned from the lecture notes. Write about your opinion of those things in 100-150 words. Engage in discussion with another student.
100 word Art Discussion (DUKES)

Social Media Is Dangerous for Our Children Essay

Social Media Is Dangerous for Our Children Essay.

Topic and Structure: Personal Letter – Construct a letter focused on persuading the reader to change his or her stance or opinion.Think about a personal opinion you hold in which someone close to you (friend, family member, etc.) disagrees. Appeal to your reader in an emotional manner using appropriate language and strategies such as motivation, inspiration, etc., to write a personal, passionate letter in an effort to get your reader to agree with your perspective. Kindly play off the reader’s emotions to draw him or her into your argument. Make sure your appeals are legitimate and straightforward so that you avoid using logical fallacies in your efforts.Use letter format, provided at the end of these instructions, and begin with an introduction that explains your topic. Make a fluid transition into the thesis where you issue your opinion as well as three reasons that support your claim. Present and argue each of the three reasons in three separate body paragraphs. Finish with a conclusion that summarizes your appeals and makes one final effort to sway your reader. Sample Thesis Statement: Therefore, Carol, my dear friend, please reconsider homeschooling your children because this approach can stunt a child’s social development; it tends to be subpar to nationally recognized curriculum, ultimately becoming a hindrance to college acceptance; and lastly, the chosen teacher, whether that ends up being you or another qualified instructor, will not have the resources that public school teachers have available to continuously enhance and advance instruction. Format Requirements:Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information:Your first and last name Course Title (Composition I) Assignment name (Persuasive Letter) Current DatePage Layout:MLA style documentation (please see the tutorial in the course topic)Last name and page number in upper-right corner of each page Double-spacing throughoutTitle, centered after headingStandard font (Times New Roman or Calibri)1″ margins on all sidesSave the file as .docx or .doc formatLength: This assignment should be at least 750 words. Underline your thesis statement.
Social Media Is Dangerous for Our Children Essay

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