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Write an essay in APA format utilizing the case study of Operation Anaconda. The subject is based on how

Write an essay in APA format utilizing the case study of Operation Anaconda.
The subject is based on how operation anaconda conducted its operation utilizing principles mission command (ADP 6-0) and how it applied the missions command seven principles:
 Competence.
 Mutual trust.
 Shared understanding.
 Commander’s intent.
 Mission orders.
 Disciplined initiative.
 Risk acceptance
Utilize ADP 6-0 Principles of Mission Command (PARA 1-26) pg. 1-6 as the primary reference.

Discussion 2: Managing Performance for Results

Organizations have always struggled to improve performance. In the 1800s, Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management theories laid the groundwork for early performance improvement and management. Even today, we struggle to maximize performance in the workplace. Review the article from this unit’s reading, “The Role of Feedback as a Management Tool in Performance Management Program.” Address the following scenario with a minimum of three key points made in the article.
Abdulrahman has been with your organization for two years in the capacity of a Finance Manager. Abdulraham’s manager is Malek, who is the Director of Accounting and Finance.Abdulrahman has witnessed Malek speaking negatively towards setting goals for the department, and for staff.
Malek feels performance management is a waste of time and thinks he should rather be spending his valuable time on producing financial statements and other reporting tools to help show areas where revenue could be increased for the organization. Abdulrahman is a great worker but does not understand what his day-to-day work-related responsibilities entail. Malek assigns tasks daily and expects those tasks to be completed by the time Abdulrahman clocks out each day, which leaves Abdulrahman with a sense of uncertainty in his performance. Furthermore, Abdulrahman feels that he lacks the necessary understanding of how his duties are linked to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Finally, Abdulrahman doesn’t know how he will be assessed to determine if he deserves an annual raise.
Response Items to Address
To ensure Abdulrahman’s motivation and performance success, what steps must Malek take to ensure the connection of Abdulrahman’s duties to the organization’s mission, vision, and values?
How should Abdulraham address the lacking performance management process with Malek?
If you were implementing a new performance management system, what would it look like and how would it compare to the existing system?
As a current or future manager, how will you ensure your staff are never placed in Abdulrahman’s situation?
When thinking of future performance management components, focus on performance execution, performance assessment, and performance review. When thinking about Abdulrahman’s experience in the scenario, think about prerequisites and performance planning.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion.
Use APA 7th edition and Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards.
please find out the attachments
please Use APA 7th edition,
Please attach copy of all references you use

Cyber security influence on Transportation( Marketing planning report)

Write an essay in APA format utilizing the case study of Operation Anaconda. The subject is based on how Cyber security influence on Transportation( Marketing planning report).

You can state your preferences in three areas: (a) Marketing, (b) sector/industry, and (c) technology-related trend. *Marketing Planning Report* Introduction Imagine you have recently had a lunch meeting with a good friend of yours whom you hadn’t seen for some time. Your friend wanted to tell you about her latest venture. Together with three business partners, she is the founder of ACME Marketing Innovation plc. The aim of their consultancy business is to provide market and sector reviews to multinational firms, specializing in impact studies on technology-related trends. (Clients often use them for marketing planning purposes.) Their business is still at an early stage. Your friend mentions, for example, that the partners haven’t been able to agree on which industries to focus on. But she also makes it clear that her preference is to offer consulting services to firms in the Retail, Transportation and Entertainment sectors. To be able to convince her partners, she is looking for someone to prepare an initial set of research reports. You are a little surprised when your friend steers the discussion towards your expertise in Marketing. When she asks whether you may be willing to prepare a technology assessment report for their new venture, you are intrigued. In response to your request for further information, she mentions that she had recently attended several technology conferences. The topic of the first conference was “Internet of things (IoT)” and that of the second conference “Cybersecurity” as a technology-related business trend. (Your friend also mentions having attended a conference on “Big Data” that she describes as “underwhelming” with the topic being “little more than a buzzword” and the conference “just a sales pitch”.) It is obvious to you that she is convinced that these trends have their potential to fundamentally reshape the Retail, Transportation, and Entertainment sectors. All that she now needs is the help of a trustworthy friend (such as you)! Before you have a chance to ask a single question, your friend rushes off, saying that she is already late for another client meeting. On her way out, she tells you to “analyze from an Marketing perspective” (obviously!), to ensure that the report “gives meaningful recommendations,” and to contact her assistant for further information. From what you can gather, you have a choice between analyzing the impact of either “Internet of things (IoT),” “Cybersecurity” or “Big Data” on either the “Retail,” “Transportation” or “Entertainment” sector. Of course, you would have appreciated the opportunity to ask further questions. But then again, managers can be busy, and the assignment your friend gave you really is an opportunity to take ownership of the report—after all, if your friend doesn’t tell you exactly what to do, you are free to make your own decisions! –END OF THE 2018-19 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT BRIEF FOR – Your friend’s assistant, a friendly and approachable person, replies to your request within minutes. Her email includes a list of resources related to Internet of things (IoT), Cybersecurity, and Big Data (see Appendix A below), and also stresses the importance of including in your report (1) a meaningful executive summary, as well as (2) a set of presentation slides your friend can present to her business partners in September. Unfortunately (for you), the assistant concludes her email by saying that she won’t be able to provide any further information. Instead, the assistant directs you to the project’s Moodle page with the suggestion to visit the forum frequently and also to carefully read all materials published there: Summary of your individual assignment (add this box to your report) Your assignment is to submit a 6,000 to 8,000-word research report assessing— from an Marketing perspective—the potential impact of “Internet of things (IoT)” (or, alternatively, “Cybersecurity” or “Big Data”) on the “Retail” sector (or, alternatively, the “Transportation” or “Entertainment” sector). Your assessment must draw on Marketing-related research literature. You may also draw on any additional framework, theory, concept or idea to conduct your assessment. Further details for what the report must include can be found in the course manual for MN5349 available on Moodle. Use your own judgement on any aspect of this assignment not specified in either this 2018-19 assignment brief or the MN5349 course manual. Using your own judgement is also required when choosing relevant sources to support your argument and the assumptions you have to make in your report. (It is recommended that your reference list includes no fewer than 15 relevant sources.) Appendix A: Technology-related news stories (selection) News related to “Internet of things (IoT)”: 1. 2. 3. News related to “Cybersecurity”: 1. 2. 3. News related to “Big Data”: 1. 2. 3.

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Establishing and Applying a Leadership Style to an Organization and the Actions to Take

Establishing and Applying a Leadership Style to an Organization and the Actions to Take.

There are several strategic leadership styles that leaders can follow. Moreover, this has an impact on the strategic management process but it also depends on the actions that the top management team takes to ensure effective leadership within a business. Having this in mind, you are required to prepare an essay regarding strategic leadership. More specifically, you are to consider yourself as a NEW senior manager in an organisation operating in your hometown, having 57 employees under your leadership. You are required to suggest the type of leadership you should use as a new senior manager in the company in order to effectively lead your employees and extract from them 100% of their productivity. Please critically explain why you would use the chosen leadership style and what are the actions that you would take. Your report should be grounded in relevant theory – use the core and recommended reading – at the same time you should CRITICALLY justify your choices in the assignment. (recommended reading attached as additional material). It is essential to present and discuss a strategic leadership style and the strategic management process before engaging in applying the concept in your own case. A proper structure of the assignment is as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Main concepts of strategic leadership (including sub-headings) 3. Conclusion 4. Recommendations (not compulsory) References Appendices (if applicable)

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Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams.

Answer the following discussion questions: 1) What factors are causing us to work virtually? 2) What do you like most/least about working in traditional teams? 3) What do you like most/least about working in virtual teams? 3) What do you think are the greatest challenges of working in a virtual team?

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