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write an essay.

As we have discussed in class, there are many ways to make our community more inclusive and accessible. Unfortunately, accessibility is often an afterthought in the engineering, design, and building process of community environments. This results in the exclusion of people with disabilities in life activities that non-disabled people take for granted. The hope with this assignment is to open your eyes to the ways that our community can be accessible and inaccessible for people with disabilities, and the ways that we can be proactive in ensuring that accessibility features are present within our communities.(Remember: Accessibility is not only for those with visible disabilities but also for invisible disabilities such as heart conditions, anxiety disorders, etc.)You will explore the concept of universal design and the accessibility features ofThe Ed Roberts Campus at UC Berkeley via two short videos:Ed Roberts Campus: Building Community Ed Roberts Campus
Required FormatMicrosoft Word format ONLY3-5 pages of question/answer text, and photosResponses must be in short essay/paragraph, question/answer format (answers underneath respective points/questions)1” margins12-point fontDouble-spacedFor this assignment, you will respond to all of the following points or questions on the topic of accessibility at The Ed Roberts Campus at UC Berkeley and the community at large:What does universal design mean? Find at least 2 online definitions and put those definitions into your own words and write your definition here.(2 pts)Who was Ed Roberts and what did he believe to be important? (2 pts)Is The Ed Roberts Campus equally accessible to all groups of people? If so, which groups of people is it accessible to? And if not, which group(s) of people with disabilities is it not accessible to? Explain why you have come to this conclusion. (2 pts)What are some universal design features/qualities at The Ed Roberts Campus that make it accessible? (2 pt)There are many barriers on a day-to-day basis that make accessibility a challenge for people with disabilities. What barriers exist in the community at large that make accessibility more challenging? Think of barriers you have noticed in your own community. You may also take a look at historical footage via this video link to help refresh your memory: the features/qualities and barriers you recognize man-made in the current moment? Or are they the result of the initial design? Explain. (2 pts)Add a photo of and a paragraph describing a real place that has poor accessibility features. The photo may be acquired in person or on the internet. However, you must provide a paragraph explaining why you have concluded that this place is not fully accessible. What would you change to make it accessible to more people? (2 pts)Add a photo of and a paragraph describing a real place that has excellent accessibility features. The photo may be acquired in person or on the internet. However, you must include a paragraph explaining why you believe that this place is fully accessible.Be sure to do ample research to ensure that this place is actually designed for full accessibility.(2 pts)Throughout your paper, use of person-first language is required (unless you are a person with a disability who prefers identity-first language and informs us of your preference within your paper). Respectful language is required. Inspiration porn is unacceptable. Proper disability-related language etiquette is required (1 pt)For help with this, please refer to the” Disability-Related Language in Written Assignments” document in Blackboard.The following considerations will benefit your evaluation and will contribute to a higher grade on this assignment. Things to consider as you answer the above questions:Can a person who uses a wheelchair access all of the same areas that a nondisabled individual can access?Are accessible alternatives clearly and visibly marked?Are elevators and lifts in working order wherever there are stairs?Are ramps located and angled in such a way that it is not overly burdensome for someone who uses a wheelchair to maneuver to them and on them?Are the accessible alternatives comparable in distance such that the person using a wheelchair does not need to go far out of their way to arrive at the destination?Are signs readable in Braille for people who are blind?Are audio cues available for people who are blind (such as crosswalks)?Are sign language interpretation and/or closed or open captioning available for any audio or video features?Are there enough accessible parking spots and are they actually accessible? If they are not accessible, is it because someone is parked in them illegally? Has someone put shopping carts or scooters or other obstacles in the spots? Or are they designed poorly, making them inaccessible?Are there enough accessible walkways, curb cuts, and other accessibility features? If they are not accessible, is it because someone has blocked them/created barriers? Or is it due to poor design?Do accessibility features that benefit people with disabilities also benefit those who do not have disabilities? If so, how?
write an essay

Ballew v. Georgia.

Due Week 6 and worth 150 pointsThe Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution limits the power of the police to make arrests, search people and their property, and seize objects and contraband, such as illegal drugs or weapons. These limits are the bedrock of search and seizure law and are ultimately at the root of your right to privacy.Analyze the following case in preparation for a systematic approach to your synthesis of law and fact:Ballew v. Georgia, 435 U.S. 223 (1978) located at an eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you:Prepare a two to three (2-3) page briefing on the case that you reviewed in which you utilize the following areas of importance: a) issue presented; b) short answer; c) the facts of the case; d) a summary of the case; and e) a conclusion of the case outcome.Discuss the historical background behind the right to a twelve (12) person jury under the Sixth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Provide relevant examples of such historical importance to support your response.Analyze the role of the jury, as defined by the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.Discuss the fundamental protections available to a defendant under the Fourth Amendment as they relate to the concept of liberty, to the American system of jurisprudence, and to the right to a twelve (12) person jury. Provide a rationale for your response.Support or oppose the following quote from Phoebe C. Ellsworth, Law Professor at the University of Michigan: “Ideally, the knowledge, perspectives, and memories of the individual members are compared and combined, and individual errors and biases are discovered and discarded, so that the final verdict is forged from a shared understanding of the case.” Justify your response.Use at least two (2) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Illustrate the workings of the adversary system.Use technology and information resources to research issues in U.S. Courts.Write clearly and concisely about U.S. Courts using proper writing mechanics and APA style conventions.
Ballew v. Georgia

Stanford University Judiciary Tax Authority &Tax Research Process Questions

Stanford University Judiciary Tax Authority &Tax Research Process Questions.

This assignment will assess your understanding of judiciary tax authority and the tax research process, and your ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems.You will use CCH IntelliConnect (aka CCH Omnitax or AnswerConnect) exclusively for your tax research for this course (access provided through the Library).Answer the following homework problems thoroughly and in complete sentences. Save your answers in a Microsoft® Word® document and submit them to the Dropbox.Tax professionals face unique ethical challenges in their role as both an advocate for the client and in their responsibility for compliance with the law. Explain this statement and discuss how these challenges can be overcome at both an individual and firm level.Compare and contrast U.S. Tax Court regular decisions and memorandum decisions.Locate and cite a tax case that discusses who is responsible for paying tax on royalty income received by musician Randy Meisner’s (of the Eagles) former spouse.Identify and explain the basic steps in an effective tax research process.John has been a faculty member at a small, private college for 8 years. The college has a policy that tuition is waived for children of faculty that have been employed for more than 4 years. John’s daughter started taking classes at the college last fall. Identify the issues in this case.A client traded 250 ounces of gold bullion for 1,800 ounces of silver bullion. The gold bullion had an adjusted basis of $80,000 and a fair market value of $140,000. The silver bullion had a fair market value of $140,000. Does this qualify as a like-kind exchange under Code Sec. 1031? Identify the source that you based your answer on.APA format ,citation and references.
Stanford University Judiciary Tax Authority &Tax Research Process Questions

Factors Affecting Organogenesis in Plant Tissue Culture

essay writer free Factors Affecting Organogenesis in Plant Tissue Culture. Organogenesis is the process of forming a specific organ from non-specific mass of meristem or parenchyma cell known as callus. In this experiment, auxin and cytokinin are used to determine the effect of PGR, auxin and cytokinin on the organogenesis in carrots and petunia leaves, in which auxin hormones responsible for growth of roots, phototropism and gravitropism, while, cytokinin helps in inducing the growth of shoots and regulates auxin action. Theoretically, the presence of high cytokinin and low auxin in the media, the shoots will form, meanwhile, in low level of cytokinin and high level of auxin in the media, roots will form. Meanwhile, in the presence of high concentration of both cytokinin and auxin, callus formation will be induced. However, in this experiment, production of the shoots and roots are not compatible with the theory due to improper ratio of auxin and cytokinin and the high toxicity of synthetic cytokinin, kinetin. Introduction Plant tissue culture (PTC) is the techniques used to grow plant from any of the plant segment, tissues or cell in a contaminated free environment media such as MS media (SinghFactors Affecting Organogenesis in Plant Tissue Culture

Florida State University Statistics Exercise

Florida State University Statistics Exercise.

Policy Based on Science and Statistics or Policy based on Perceived Political GainA. Texan Governor Greg Abbott’s announced on Tuesday, March 2nd that all statewide masking requirements in public spaces will be lifted and that all businesses will be allowed to reopen beginning March 10. Individual place of businesses may impose safety and capacity limit protocols on their premises as they see fit.Questions (Answer each question). USE AS MUCH STATISTICAL EVIDENCE AND CITES AS YOU CAN1. Do you believe that Governor Abbott’s decision to reopen Texas makes sense? No, I don’t believe that Governor Abbott’s decision to reopen Texas makes sense. 2. What do you think his motivations are? I think that the people who are not making any money to support their families and business owners to pay employees is Governor Abbott’s motivation to reopen Texas. I also think that because of the storm in February that put Texas residents without power and water he is trying to bounce back from these tragic situations.3. Given the statistics below do you think that the Texan Governor is being driven by science and quantitative metrics? If you were an public health administrator what evidence based advice would you give the Texan Governor? Would you compare Texan COVID metrics to other states and the national averages? No, the Texan Governor is not being driven by science and quantitative metrics although the number of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations have been declining. In 2022 Governor Abbott is going to up for reelection. It is important that he appears to be making strides to recover from the pandemic, issues from February storm and gain favor from the business that suffered from having to close.Backgound Statistics . As of 11:59 pm March 2, 20217 day moving average infection rate in Texas Texas: 232 7 day moving average infection rate nationwide Current COVID Hospitalization as of March 3: 5,644 State’s hospital bed capacity: 65,671 Percent; COVID Utlliization: 8.5%New Infections: 28/100K Positivity rate: 9 % Seconds Shots administered (Full Vaccination) 2,182,085 7.5% of state populationSeconds Shots administered nationwide: 26.8 m 8.1% Percent of Dosages shipped to Texas that have been administered: 71%Percent of Dosages shipped nationwide that have been administered: 75.3%Population of Texas: 28,996,581 million (2019)Source: CDC Recommended Benchmarks5% of COVID infected persons will become critically ill and require hospitalization.1.5-2% of COVID infected persons will succumb and die of complications associated with the disease. New Infections: Ideal Less than 10 per dayThreshold Positivity Rate: Less than 5% indicates containment. Above 10% undesirable, no containment, ICU hospital resources could be overwhelmed. Ideal: Positivity rate less than 1 percent and approaching zero in a steady manner.B. Governor Albert Bryan announced on March 1, 2021 that beaches will remain open until 5 pm , not 4 pm, and that taxis can go above 50% capacity if the party are all family members. Masking requirements will continue and all other social distancing rules.The USVI currently has 110 active COVID cases, 5 hospitalizations, a 7 day moving infection average of 10, death rate remains steady at 25, and an unavailable 7 day positivity rate.Moreover, 6,786 persons have been fully vaccinated, (6.5% of total population vaccinated) ,50% of the doses shipped to the VI have been administered,Qestions (answer each one) USE AS MUCH STATISTICAL EVIDENCE AND CITES AS YOU CAN1. Given the statistical information available do you think that Governor’s actions are justified and follow science and material evidence? 2. Feel free to do another research, gather more COVID related statistics for both Texas and the USVI as well as the economic costs of restrictions and the interrelation between economic growth and the public health crisis.This discussion is worth 20 points.Rubric: Looking for depth of critical thinking and application of statistical knowledge. 40%Looking for good organization, coherenence, logical developing of arguments and substantiation, and clarity. 30%Lastly, looks for proper grammar, correct spelling, annd proper puncutation. 20%Substantive comments and reactions to others. Not just “I agree, I like” 10%
Florida State University Statistics Exercise

1. Use the truth-tree method to determine whether the following argu- ment is truth-functionally valid or invalid. If it

1. Use the truth-tree method to determine whether the following argu- ment is truth-functionally valid or invalid. If it is invalid, recover a truth-value assignment that shows this. (10 marks) P1 (J T) J P2 (T J) T C ⇠J _ ⇠T 2. Use a truth tree to determine whether the sentence ([(C D)