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Write an 3 page essay on the following article:

Write an 3 page essay on the following article:

for Powerpoint presentation in APA format. Please follow instructions to complete assignment.

The presentation should be 15–20 slides in length, not including your cover slide or reference slide. Your reference slide should cite at least 10 references. Your presentation should, at the minimum, include discussion of the following topics regarding your change project: Your specific change project topic The background of the problem addressed, why you chose this specific change project, and why it had anticipated value to the organization you developed it for Your findings from your literature review Your intervention for change Why your project aligns with the theoretical framework you chose Project aims, values, and desired outcomes Your change project implementation process The outcomes that will be measured and the overall effect on the organization Use current APA format to cite your sources.

Management Question

Write an 3 page essay on the following article: The Assignment must be submitted (WORD format only) .
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words.
Your assignment must be supported by evidence and resources. Otherwise, your answer will not be valid.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font.
Ensure that you follow the APA style in your assignment.
– look to the file to understand more detail

Letter to a Parent from a Teacher

Draft a letter to a parent regarding one of the issues presented below.
You are to write a letter to a parent based on the following:
.Miguel’s family just emigrated from Juarez, Mexico. He speaks very little English, yet seems to be making a few friends. Cinco de Mayo is in two weeks and you thought that it would be a good idea to involve his family in culturally related class activities

Fundamentals of Cryptography

Fundamentals of Cryptography.

1 CS512: Fundamentals of Cryptography Assignment ( 2 ) 1. Bob proposes the idea of using double encryption with the Hill cipher. Specifically, he proposes using two separate keys, A followed by B, for encryption. To decrypt, he says that we must first use B-1 followed by A-1. Does Bob’s idea create a cipher that is more secure than the regular Hill cipher? Why or why not? 2. The Enigma was a rather good encryption machine for its time. However, there were some weaknesses with how it was used that helped the Polish and British crack messages encrypted by it. Name and explain some of these weaknesses. 3. Break the affine cipher (i.e., find the key (k1, k2)) based on the knowledge that the cipher encrypts “E” to “L”, and “K” to “Z”; the message is written in English; and the ciphertext starts from the sequence of letters: “SLKKR”. 4. Decrypt the ciphertext “OCASJAM VG KOS OSJA DBZZJM” using the Vigenère cipher with the key “HONOR”. Then, encrypt the obtained message using Playfair cipher (following the exact specification given in the Stalling’s book) using the key “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”. 5. Using Hill cipher; decrypt the ciphertext “SYICHOLER” using the keyword “alphabet” and a 3×3 matrix. Hint “The first step is to create a matrix using the keyword (since the keyword is shorter than 9 letters, just start the alphabet again until the matrix is full)”. 2 CS512: Fundamentals of Cryptography 6. You are attempting to determine a key for the playfair cipher. You have some matching plaintext and ciphertext. Namely, the plaintext “TODAYISASUNNY” corresponds to the ciphertext “PDBIIDQRTPRZIZ”. (Note: The dummy letter used in the plaintext is X, if necessary.) Try to determine as much of the key as possible. (Note: You are given three working grids below, and one final grid to put your answer.) Final Grid 3 CS512: Fundamentals of Cryptography 7. 8. 4 CS512: Fundamentals of Cryptography 9. Note: Show your work in each question.

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Discipline Process

Students with disabilities are provided with specific provisions regarding discipline through the law. Special education teachers need to be aware of what the law has outlined for the discipline of students with disabilities, as they will be responsible for implementing these specific guidelines.
Review the following case scenario to inform the assignment that follows:
Charlie is a fifth grader who receives special education services for a learning disability. He is on grade level in math and two years below grade level in reading. He receives services in a resource setting for one hour each day. Charlie has no history of behavior problems.
Recently, Charlie was caught stealing software from the computer lab at his school. His teacher referred him to the assistant principal who issued a three-day suspension and required him to return the stolen materials.
The day of the incident, when Charlie returned to the classroom to gather his belongings, he confronted his teacher. He called her names, threatened to come back to school with a knife to “cut her,” and pretended to swing his fists toward her. Charlie’s teacher called the principal, who, in accordance with the student code of conduct at the school, issued an additional 10-day suspension for Charlie, bringing his total days of suspension to 13.
Note: Adapted from Key issues in discipline (Module 19). Building the legacy: IDEA 2004 training curriculum, by R. Bradley, R., 2007, Washington, DC: National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.
In a 750-1,000 word essay, address the questions that follow. Support your answers with references to specific sections of IDEA where applicable.
What will the special education teacher need to do next because of Charlie’s 13-day suspension?
Who will need to be contacted regarding Charlie’s suspension?
What services, if any, need to be provided to Charlie during his removal to an interim alternative educational setting (IAES)? Who are the stakeholders involved in this discussion?
Assume a manifestation determination review is held for Charlie, and it is determined that his behavior was not a manifestation of his disability.
What disciplinary actions are permissible?
What, if any, services will be provided to Charlie for the duration of the disciplinary action?
What happens if Charlie’s parents appeal the manifestation determination?
Support your findings with a 2-3 scholarly resources in addition to IDEA.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Cenozoic Era in Prince William County, VA

Cenozoic Era in Prince William County, VA.

Research your local area for the geology from the era you have chosen. You should do research using the web and text sources and sources such as the USGS or the Virginia Mineral Resource Division. https://www.dmme.virginia.gov

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Group Dynamics

Why are groups important in a professional organization? What dynamics must a group have in order to be successful? Case Study: You are the leader of a division in your organization and you need a group of six individuals from various departments to come together to develop new policies and procedures for the entire organization to follow. Discuss the following in your assignment:
How will you select group members from the different departments?
Will a leader be appointed?
How will you choose that leader?
How will you lead the group through the stages of group formation in a short period of time?
Discuss if you think the group can successfully move through all stages of group formation; if not, in what stage can they get to a level of producing quality work?

Prepare a quality, substantive paper that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.
A minimum of 1,000 words excluding the title page and references is required.
Use APA style: Refer to APA Resources and the Online Writing Center resources in Academic Resources (see SC College Resources Links) for guidance on writing style and page and citation formatting.
A minimum of 3 sources of credible evidence in addition to course resources that have been published within the past 3 years is required.

CMS2019 Global Hollywood

CMS2019 Global Hollywood.

The Task This task requires you to analyse a particular aspect of Hollywood cinema, with reference to both course materials and additional academic sources that you identify through your own research. There are three possible topics from which you can choose one: 1) Analyse either the narrative, mise en scene, or genre in any Hollywood film of your choosing.

2) Identify three characteristics of ‘classical Hollywood’ cinema through research and analyse how they operate in a classical Hollywood film of your choosing, including identifying how the film you chose is a ‘classical Hollywood’ film.

3) Identify three characteristics of ‘New Hollywood’ cinema through research and analyse how they operate in a New Hollywood film of your choosing, including how the film you chose is a ‘New Hollywood’ film. Materials from the course and beyond, including academic references sourced from the USQ Library and journal databases, should be used. This is an academic work and should use academic formats and modes of address.

The assignment can be structured however you feel it best to convey your analysis. Apply a structure that enables you to present your analysis fully. Requirements Word Length: 2000 words Weighting: 40% of total course marks Format: Formal academic essay, with supporting theory referenced Referencing Style: Harvard AGPS Supporting References: a minimum of TEN (10) SUPPORTING REFERENCES should be applied

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