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Write a summary of 8 article

(4 in the book, 4 on web pages)100 words each. Total 800 words.I provide articles in the MS word file.NO NEED outside sources to support. Just summarize.You DO NOT have to write deeply in technical. I just need a summary to submit for a grade.Avoid plagiarism!

Early Emergent Literacy

Early Emergent Literacy.

Identify and evaluate three assessments that teachers might use for students at the emergent stage of literacy. In your evaluation, include the title & description of the assessment and your evaluation of the relevance, effectiveness and accuracy of the assessment. Of the three that you selected, which two yield the best information for a kindergarten teacher? Why? Defend your position (please cite any sources that you include).

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Chemistry in Daily Life

Write a summary of 8 article Chemistry in Daily Life.

This week you will collect your own data on a very interesting subject, yourself! You will analyze your own habits to discover more about your own biochemical needs and processes. Start this week by downloading the Unit 2 Discussion Board template below to track the foods you eat within a given day and calculate the foods nutritional values using the resources provided in the template. Unit 2 Discussion Template: Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids and Fats Minerals Write up your response to the Unit 2 Discussion Board questions below. Write up a response within the discussion board that analyzes the results of your food tracking data collection. Be sure to answer all the questions listed below in your first post as completely as possible. Remember to read the posts of your peers and respond in detail to at least 2 peers. Don’t forget to Read! You will learn about the chemistry behind your body’s processes: Types of Elements Chemical Bonds Chemical Reactions Don’t be a stranger! Your instructor loves hearing from you. Let he/she know how you are doing this week and touch base with any questions you might have. You’re doing great! Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, complete and upload this Nutritional Intake Worksheet as an attachment. In the comment box, write 300-500 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Please be sure to put both parts in one post, your initial discussion post. This will ensure it shows properly in the gradebook and that none of your work is missed by the instructor and other classmates. Biological Macromolecules in the Foods You Eat You want to be healthy and have more energy throughout your day. Therefore, you decide to conduct a nutritional analysis. Complete the following: Open the Nutritional Intake worksheet and complete the table to keep track of your food intake for 1 day this week. Include the following: List the foods/beverages you consumed. What is the nutritional content of these foods/beverages? If your food/beverage is packaged with a nutritional label, copy that information into the table in Question 2. Otherwise, visit the website in the document to obtain the information. Save your worksheet, and attach it to your post of 300-500 words containing the following information: Discuss the types of foods/beverages you consumed. Remember to do more than just listing them. Discuss the different types of food eaten along with the nutritional content (nutrients) of foods/beverages consumed. Which nutrient do you eat the most of? Note: calories are not considered a nutrient but a unit of measurement. Nutrients = carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins How does your overall food intake match what is recommended for you? Where did you exceed, fall short, or come close to matching? Do you have a specific exercise goal right now? For example, you may have a weight-lifting plan or a race training plan. What adjustment is needed to your current nutrient intake or diet to meet your goal(s)? In other words, if you are trying to bulk up, what do you need to adjust? If you are trying to lose weight, what do you need to adjust? Do you have a personal health goal right now? In other words, are you trying to lose weight, move more, or generally be more active? What might you need to change about your current diet to meet this goal? In other words, do you need to cut calories/energy or eat less of a particular nutrient? What changes do you think you might need to make in your diet to meet your health goal or just generally be healthier?

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Professor of Criminal Justice

Professor of Criminal Justice.


Professor of Criminal Justice

Annotated bibliography included and occupational interviews attached. Incorporate the interviews into the thesis. Demonstrate knowledge of their preferred human service occupation from a historical, theoretical, and professional perspective

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Basic Security Considerations

Basic Security Considerations.

Please note you will not engage in Milestone work for Part VI of your final project, Basic Security Considerations. However, you will have an opportunity to work through the information that will inform this part of your project in Module Seven as well as to ask your peers and instructors any questions you have in the topic. At this point you should be able to finish this part of your final project and submit the completed draft with all pieces. Final Submission: Business Systems Analysis In Module Seven, you will submit your final project. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This submission will be graded with the Final Project Rubric.

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IPO case

IPO case.

 We are working on Jetblue in this case, Writer only need to respond the Third part on the assignment which is Valuation Process. No need to do first two part.This case need to work on word and spreadsheet. Let me know if you need extra pages to done on this and any other question during the processing on this case. Valuation Process (most important part of the assignment) 1. Build a full dynamic, integrated model with sensitivity analysis. 2. Justify your choice of model and key assumptions 3. Do you feel that the IPO price was the proper price for your company’s shares? a. To fully answer this question, work through a fully dynamic spreadsheet that incorporate a mix of absolute and/or relative valuation methods to arrive at a fair value for the stock. Some information that you are accustomed to having for prior valuation work (i.e. historical stock prices to find your company’s beta relative to an index) will not be available, so you will have to improvise and find alternative ways of finding proxies for important elements. b. Be sure to correctly label and identify all assumptions and inputs utilized for the calculations and be comfortable in explaining why those are the case. c. Great analyses will not only entail one scenario but account for a range of possibilities, such as a bear, expected and bull case to help suggest potential upside or downside relating to the potential investment.

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Data Collection Methods

Data Collection Methods.

There are 3 main ways to collect data: asking questions, making observations, or using existing data. But a combination is also often utilized. The data collection methods include: Survey research (asking questions) Field research (making observations) Existing Data ( Secondary Analysis) Combination of methods (referred to as triangulation) Using the four data collection method options above, complete the following for each of the scenarios below: Identify and describe the one best method to collect information for the scenarios (choices cannot be used more than once), and Justify your reasoning for selecting this data collection method by evaluating the method and why it is the best choice out of the other four. Scenario 1: Describe police officer perceptions on the effectiveness of wearing body cameras. Scenario 2: Conduct a hot-spot analysis on 911 calls for domestic violence. Scenario 3: Describe the prevalence of stalking in a small Midwest city. Scenario 4: Describe the nature and scope of prostitution at truck stops along I-95. Use at least four credible outside research sources, including academic journals, to support your view. The paper should be 3–5 pages, excluding cover page and references page.

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Sacred Space.

Sacred Space..

Description Based on the place you visited for your SACRED SPACE ASSIGNMENT. This is your chance to do some deep thinking about the community you visited. 1. History of the particular community. Why and why started? 2. What makes it a sacred space (what type is it?)? What elements are present? REFER to the SACRED SPACE GUIDE. 1. History of the particular denomination or branch of a religion or movement. NO group begins in a vacuum. Be sure to place them in a general timeline… 2. Who is the community? (what does their website/ or other written information say? What did you observe when you visited? Be sure to include demographic information: ages, racial make-up, men, women etc. as possible) Leadership? 3. What are the internal issues? Can you tell what the community is grappling with? For this you may get clues form their website. And/or see what other people are saying about them. (articles, podcasts etc.) 4. With what issues does the community connect in the wider world? Environmental? Gender? LBGTQ? War and Peace? I will attach the file with my essay about my visit to Sacred Space in LA. Also, these are the types of Sacred Spaces (question 2). SACRED SPACE: Traditional Sacred Space – A house of worship designed and built for a congregation to gather, meet and enjoy community for the purposes of worship, liturgy and/or ritual Civic Sites – engineered structures, secular in nature and scope – usually built by cities, states or government entities Landscape Sites – sequestered spaces with natural features including water, trees, parkland which encourage quiet meditation and pause

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LDR5000CBE – Deliverable 5 – Time Management

Papers must always be in APA Format.
Papers must be 5-6 pages long
Papers must contain at least two properly cited credible references, such as scholarly references.
Therefore papers must have a reference page.
Assignment Content
Evaluate time management tools that can impact individual well-being and relationships.
Student Success Criteria
View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details

International project portfolio Earned Value Analysis and Budget Spreadsheet

International project portfolio Earned Value Analysis and Budget Spreadsheet.

 You will need to examine what it would take to prepare an Earned Value Analysis related to your project’s business case. Write a two-page reflection anticipating relevant aspects of creating an Earned Value (EV) Analysis taking into account the following background information. An Earned Value (EV) Analysis integrates scope, schedule, and cost in the planning, monitoring, and controlling disciplines. 4 Plan the work by using a work breakdown structure (WBS). Identify resources and persons accountable for the work. Schedule the work. Estimate the costs. Develop a performance measurement baseline. Monitor the work against the baseline to determine variances. Control the work to keep the project on schedule and on budget. Manage changes to maintain the baseline integrity. Develop forecasts for future performance. * International project portfolio budget spreadsheet: Please create a preliminary budget spreadsheet taking into consideration your project’s specific international context. Start with a Cost Breakdown Structure by utilizing your Work Breakdown Structure and follow this process. Preparing a budget for your project requires two steps: First you prepare a rough estimate. Then when you move into the organizing and preparing stage of your project, you’re ready to create your detailed budget estimate. Develop your bottom-up estimate by doing the following: – For each lowest-level work package, determine direct labor costs by multiplying the number of hours each person will work on it by the person’s hourly salary. You can estimate direct labor costs by using either of the following two definitions for salary: The actual salary of each person on the project The average salary for people with a particular job title, in a certain department, and so on – For each lowest-level work package, estimate the direct costs for materials, equipment, travel, contractual services, and other non-personnel resources. – Determine the indirect costs associated with each work package. You typically estimate indirect costs as a fraction of the planned direct labor costs for the work package. In general, you can calculate these costs by: Estimating organization direct labor costs for the coming year Estimating organization indirect costs for the coming year Dividing the estimated indirect costs by the estimated direct labor costs You can estimate the total amount of indirect costs either by considering that they’re all in a single category labeled “indirect costs” or that they can be in one of the two separate categories labeled “overhead costs” and “general and administrative costs.”

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