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Write a paper of 500-750 words

Write a paper of 500-750 words.

Write a paper of 500-750 words, in which you evaluate your opinions and beliefs regarding older adults and address the following:Describe stereotypes about the elderly that are prevalent in society, and how those stereotypes affect your personal beliefs concerning the elderly.Describe the physical and cognitive issues involved in aging.Discuss the mental health treatment issues involved in working with the aging client. Include end-of-life considerations in your discussion.Include at least two scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.
Write a paper of 500-750 words

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Project: The Geologic Tour of AmericaYour job for this assignment is to design a travel brochure or television infomercial that will teach someone from another country about some of the geologic features of North America. Specifically, your client wants to know about the six geologic provinces you learned about in this section, the Hawaiian Islands, and Yellowstone National Park.Your client would like to see a picture of each of these places and learn how they are related to plate tectonics.Create a brochure or multimedia presentation to give your client. It should include at least one picture of each of the six geologic provinces, Hawaii, and Yellowstone. With each picture, include a brief explanation of the role of plate tectonics in creating that specific landscape. If plate tectonics did not contribute to any of the given landscapes, then explain how that landscape did form. Your assignment can be as creative as you want, but make sure it meets the minimum requirements. Convince your client that you are an expert about these landscapes and that they really should come and visit them.Submit your completed brochure or presentation to the Project: The Geologic Tour of America assignment link for grading. For more information on how this assignment will be graded, review the Project: The Geologic Tour of America Rubric
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Purdue University Mod 3 Liberal and Conservative Views on Workers Discussion.

write 600 words based on the instructions I’m working on a Political Science question and need a sample draft to help me learn.CYPRESS COLLEGEREAL CLEAR POLITICS WRITING ASSIGNMENT FOR MODULE 3Unfortunately, most people only go to one news source or one ideological news source (liberal or conservative, but not both). This is your chance to do so.Instructions:Use the link below to go to real clear’s website. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Familiarize yourself with the website. Find one article that discusses a political topic affecting the United States THAT WE COVERED IN MODULE 3. Once you have decided on the political topic you want to write on that we covered in the third module, choose an article from a liberal news source and one article that discusses the same political topic from a conservative news source. A political topic is anything that the government is involved in. This can be at the national, state, county, or city level. On the first page write a summary of the article you read. On the second page write a summary of the other article you read. A SUMMARY IS OBJECTIVE, MEANING YOU ARE TELLING ME WHAT IT SAYS, NOT YOUR OPINION OR THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE READING.List of Liberal Publications:Associated PressNew York TimesThe Washington PostThe GuardianVoxThe New York Daily NewsList of Conservative Publications:The Washington TimesThe FederalistThe New York PostThe Washington ExaminerAmerican GreatnessForbesNote: Neither of the above lists are exhaustive.Follow the required format below with the required headings. You will lose a point for not including any of the headings. On the first and second pages follow the same format. The required headings are all of the following in bold type:Name of Publication, Article and Link:Subject of Article:Summary of Article:Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, a font size of 12, one inch margins on the top, bottom, and both sides. It should be two pages in length.RUBRIC: Maximum Point Value: 10 points.Turning in a paper you have already submitted to this class in a previous or current semester or to another professor: loss of 10 points.Using bolded headings: 1 point.Selecting a political topic: 1 point.Using one liberal source: 2 points.Using a conservative source: 2 points.Quality of Summaries. You will lose points for giving your opinion. How much points you lose depends on how much of your opinion you give: Lose a maximum of 4 points.You will lose one point for 3 or grammar/spelling errors, including repeating the same mistake. You will lose two points for 4-6, three points for 7-10, etc.
Purdue University Mod 3 Liberal and Conservative Views on Workers Discussion

CTC Converting Celsius Temperatures to Fahrenheit Temperatures Programming Project.

Celsius to FahrenheitWrite a program that converts Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit temperatures. The formula is where F is the Fahrenheit temperature and C is the Celsius temperature. Write a program that prompts the user to input a Celsius temperature and then displays the corresponding Fahrenheit temperature.Must Submit Flowchart (from RAPTOR) and C++ program files.Name the Visual Studio Project folder containing your entire project (replacing LastName and FirstInitial with YOUR name): LastName_FirstInitial_Program1 (example: Smith_J_Program_1).Create a Windows Compressed Folder (do NOT use any other ZIP programs, just use a Windows Compressed folder) that contains your entire project along with your 1 RAPTOR file (I only need the .rap file of your RAPTOR program).Watch this video if you don’t know how to create a Windows zip file. the Windows compressed folder (replacing FirstInitial with YOUR name): (example:
CTC Converting Celsius Temperatures to Fahrenheit Temperatures Programming Project

FIN 1000 AU Module 1 Financial Advisor Federal Reserve Interest Rates Report

FIN 1000 AU Module 1 Financial Advisor Federal Reserve Interest Rates Report.

For this part of the course project, you will demonstrate your ability to illustrate the functions and impact of banking and monetary institutions and to provide a recommendation guided by them.In your role as a financial advisor at Eagle Consulting, you are performing a complete financial analysis for Melinda Jacobsen, a successful business executive who is retiring in 10 years. A portion of this analysis covers the question of whether Ms. Jacobsen should refinance her home in order to provide additional funding for a long-term retirement investment.Because “above and beyond” customer service is critical to the success of Eagle Consulting, in addition to providing a recommendation on possible refinancing options, you want to provide Ms. Jacobsen with some background information on the Federal Reserve and how it affects interest rates.Using the information about Melinda Jacobsen’s goals and the information you uncover during your research, you will write a recommendation document that explains the Federal Reserve, how the Federal Reserve affects interest rates, possible loan options, and a final recommendation for what loan she should choose.To complete this assignment, do the following:Download and read the Eagle Consulting Info Sheet.Write a 3 page recommendation structured in three parts:Explanation of how the Federal Reserve impacts interest rates (1.5 pages)Explanation of loan options (1 page + Excel chart)Recommendation for a loan (.5 page)See below for details on each of the three parts.Part 1: Federal Reserve’s Impact on Interest RatesDiscuss how the Federal Reserve uses the following tools to impact interest rates and the economy:Open market operationsDiscount rateReserve requirementsPart 2: Loan OptionsResearch the current mortgage interest rates for a 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year loan.In Excel, graph the interest rates using years as the X-axis and interest rates as the Y-axis.Using the graph, describe the following:Type of yield curve presented in the graphRelationship between interest rates and number of years to maturityImpact that risk and inflation has on the interest rates as the maturity date is lengthenedPart 3: RecommendationMake a recommendation to Ms. Jacobsen on what mortgage loan to take (10-year, 15-year, 20-year, or 30-year).Justify your recommendation.If you need assistance with using Microsoft Word or Excel, please visit the Video Tutorials page in the Course Materials folder.Submit these files as a single zipped “.zip” file to the drop box below
FIN 1000 AU Module 1 Financial Advisor Federal Reserve Interest Rates Report

Please only read and follow carefully all the instructions. Please gimme a professional presentation with strong paragraphs in the speaker notes. Please complete this work properly

essay writer Please only read and follow carefully all the instructions. Please gimme a professional presentation with strong paragraphs in the speaker notes. Please complete this work properly.

NSG 498 Week 2 Signature Assignment: Information Management: Defining theGather as much information about your selected problem as possible. Consider both qualitative and quantitative data. For example:Leader and peer interviewsPatient/customer surveysQuality improvement (QI) reports from the facilityBenchmarking studies/baseline data. If baseline data is available:What are the goals?Are current practices meeting the organizational goals?Are the prescribed practices followed?Apply any relevant key quality improvement tools to your problem.Review and aggregate the information you collected on the selected problem.Determine the level of risk and frequency of the problem. This will provide you with the scope and significance of the problem. Format your assignment as a 10-slide power point presentation including a title and APA formatted reference slide. Please be as descriptive and detailed as possible. use slide for bullet points, and speaker notes for most information. Every slide has a minimum of at least 50 words to explain each.
Please only read and follow carefully all the instructions. Please gimme a professional presentation with strong paragraphs in the speaker notes. Please complete this work properly

Factors Impacting European Integration

Q1. What Impact did Charles de Gaulle have on European Integration in the 1960s? Charles de Gaulle had a vibrant idea for the European Union after the Second World War; a period where the European States were weakened by war, and American influence in Europe was rising. The influence of the United States in Europe after WWII was made even greater following the Marshall plan where economic and development aid was given to European countries struggling to rebuild after the war (Gaffney, 2010). The relationship between Great Britain and the United States was also worrisome as the two continued to have close trade and diplomatic ties after the war. De Gaulle called himself the only true European in some instances with his main preoccupation being focused towards integration in the EU. Trade and economic integration were his main area of focus with him actively pushing for policies in the 1960s that led to the development of a single market in the European region (Wahl and Paxton, 1994). However, despite being at the forefront of European integration, he spoke very vehemently against political integration or the notion of supranationality. The idea of supranationality requires individual European states to relinquish their distinct nationalities and adopt European nationality (Wahl and Paxton, 1994). According to de Gaulle, supranationality was an active threat to Europe since it would give the United States increased influence over Europe. He rejected the influence of Americans in Europe by reducing the power of American allies in Europe, Such as the U.K. As the U.K. was considering to join the common market between 1963 and 1967, they received opposition mainly from de Gaulle and France. The application of the U.K. was backed by the US, and they perceived this as a threat with more influence being given to foreigners (Archer, 2008). Another American threat came in the form of NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is an association which requires military cooperation of Western European states and the United States in matters of mutual interest (Ludlow, 2006). The presence of this organisation prompted de Gaulle to begin working on a Consolidated Defence Policy for Europe (Ludlow, 2006). He further rejected American influence during the 1960s by undermining the bipolar segmentation of the world during the Cold War. This was a period of ideological differences between the west who were promoting liberalism and democracy against the east that was promoting socialism and centralised control of the economy. He claimed that Europe was one entity stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals without looking at any ideological differences among the states (Pinder, 1985). In January 1962, he caused a stir by rejecting the idea of political integration in Europe. He recognised that a politically united Europe is one that’ll be controlled by the US, and there cannot be any Europe other than that which is controlled by the European Nation States (Garros et al., 1918). By the end of his term, the European Economic Commission had already been ratified by the member states of the European Union. He, therefore, managed to push for more integration among European states and to avoid American influence. References Archer, C., 2008. The European Union. Routledge. Gaffney, J., 2010. Political Leadership in France: From Charles de Gaulle to Nicolas Sarkozy. Springer. Garros, R., Eiffel, G., Circus, F., Mill, J.S., George III, K., Victory, H.M.S., Kossuth, A.F.I.L., Joseph, F., Livingstone, D., Rhodes, C. and Stanley, H., 1918. Charles de Gaulle. Architecture. Ludlow, N.P., 2006. The European Community and the crises of the 1960s: Negotiating the Gaullist challenge (pp. 174-98). London: Routledge. Pinder, J., 1985. European Community and nation-state: a case for a neo-federalism? International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944- ), 62(1), pp.41-54. Wahl, N. and Paxton, R.O. eds., 1994. De Gaulle and the United States: a centennial reappraisal. Berg. Q2. Why is the Introduction of the Single Market seen as such a Defining Moment in European Integration? The creation of a single market is the removal of all barriers to trade as well as barricades to the movement of factors of production (Puchala, 1999). The single markets are the second step of economic integration after the Free Trade Area (FTA). The implementation of the FTA allows people to trade freely across the European Union territory. This means that all barriers to the movement of finished goods are removed (Puchala, 1999). In the single market economy, integration is taken further by removing barriers to the movement of all factors of production across state lines. Factors of production include capital, labour, and entrepreneurship which are portable. Introducing a single market is a defining moment for integration in the European Union as it sets up the stage for monetary integration. Monetary integration came up as a direct need of the single market economy that was introduced all over the continent (Moss, 2004). This made the trade to be much easier among member states which led to a bulk of trade using different currencies. Ultimately, the trade required hefty levels of foreign trade that led to inflation and deflation of some currencies (Cini and Borragán, 2016). Therefore, ultimately, the member states felt the need for monetary union in Eder to carry out trade in a much more seamless manner. The monetary union that followed the single market also set the stage for further integration into a political union. However, the integration of the European states into a political union is unlikely due to the preference of nationalism over supranationality that the member states will have to adapt to be integrated politically (Dedman, 2009). The monetary union has also brought rise to more suspicions regarding the fiscal ability of smaller member states to maintain borrowing at the rate of the union (El-Agraa, 1998). Some states were unable to alter their fiscal and monetary policies like devaluation of the currency to control the rate of local borrowing ended up having trouble within their economies. The union of the market in Europe led to the integration of a population of almost 500 million individuals into a single market. This opened up businesses to new markets and people to more variety. Ultimately, this moment is defining for integration as it opened up the continent to the benefits of economic integration (Kaiser et al., 2008). It also enabled consumers to have a variety of choice and competition, which led to refining of the products to have the best quality merchandises. Therefore, the single market was significant for integration based on the personalised benefits it had for consumers, and the way it drove for further amalgamation. The monetary union was achieved in less than two decades after the single market as member states were all aware of the benefits of more integration (Olsen and McCormick, 2018). However, with more integration, there are hurdles that the states have to move past, such as those of nationalism and what this means to total political European integration. References Cini, M. and Borragán, N.P.S. eds., 2016. European Union Politics. Oxford University Press. Dedman, M., 2009. The Origins

UNH EasyJet Challenges Gender Stereotyping Rhetoric of Public Relations Bibliography

UNH EasyJet Challenges Gender Stereotyping Rhetoric of Public Relations Bibliography.

An annotated bibliography is a practical but complex artifact. You should not do your annotated bibliography because it is due: Rather, you should do it to make progress on your project—the work that you do on your bibliography should be part of your gradual, attentive, rhetorical criticism analysis of your public relations campaign. “Doing” the annotated bibliography is better than “getting it finished.”Your annotated bibliography should include at least 8 items: You should find sources from the academic journals (from rhetoric, from public relations, from business); from superb journalism (such as the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Harpers or other such creative nonfiction); from trade journals and blogs (such as PR News), and original organizational content (such as bylaws, mission statements, content, and interviews). You should list and summarize your items in MLA format (or another conventional documentation style that is appropriate for you). Your listings should be PRECISE … (Use a bibliography “calculator” such as Noodletools; you have to practice before you can benefit from such software; use it and use it well). Your summaries should be thorough, concise, and brief. Your ability to summarize is an essential sign of your ability to read and understand. You can’t cut, paste, and rush clear, concise, accurate summary. You must compose and revise it.An annotated bibliography has a conventional, familiar look. Here is a sample annotated bibliography with only four entries that I did for my Rhetoric of Music class. ANY annotated bibliography in MLA format will have this basic look:Annotated Bibliography for JazzClark, Gregory. “Virtuosos and Ensembles: Rhetorical Lessons from Jazz.” The Private, the Public, and the Published: Reconciling Private Lives and Public Rhetoric. Ed. Barbara Couture and Thomas Kent. Logan Utah: Utah State Press, 2004. 31-46. Print. In this essay, Clark uses jazz as a tool by which to reinvigorate the ancient art of rhetoric. He cites rhetoric scholarship and jazz scholarship to analyze the historic conflict between the individual and the community. Clark argues that the concepts of virtuoso, ensemble, and improvisation can offer a strategy for rethinking this conflict in rhetorical theory. He cites some rhetorical theorists who see the collaboration between individual and community as an opportunity to reconstitute both individual and community in a productive way. Arguments such as Clark’s help us understand how art can offer “equipment for living.” Clark also shows us how a rigorous rhetorical scholar approaches a new subject such as music.Marcus, Greil. “American Folk.” Granta 76.4 (2001): 299-315. Print. In this essay, Marcus gives us a new, deeper way to think about American Folk music. He tells two stories of his fascination with Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk. He focuses on the weird, old America animated by the songs and performers on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk. Marcus’s critical insight came gradually over many years and experiments of listening to the Anthology. As always, in this essay Marcus offers brilliant insight into both music and criticism. Marcus himself in the critical essay is a virtuoso.Marsalis, Wynton, and Geoffrey Ward. Interview by Jim Lecinsky. 5 Sept. 2008. In this interview, Marsalis and Ward discuss some of the ideas in their book, Moving to Higher Ground: How Jazz Can Change Your Life. They regard jazz as THE American art, but acknowledge that it is largely out of fashion. They work to defend and reinvigorate jazz. They discuss jazz as a window by which to understand American aesthetics, politics, history, morality, and law. They portray the techniques and values of jazz culture and performance in a way that is familiar to students of rhetoric. The ideas of Marsalis and Ward complement Greg Clark’s argument.Murphey, Dudley, dir. Black and Tan Fantasy. Composed by Duke Ellington. Perf. Fredi Washington. RKO Radio Pictures, 1929. Film. This short film has to count as one of the first music videos. It was made in 1929 to feature and promote the genius and entertainment potential of Duke Ellington. The film presents a simple narrative framework: two men come to the house of a composer to repossess his piano. His wife talks the men out of repossessing it. She announces that she got a job for herself and her husband playing and dancing in a club. So life is about to get better. But she is ill and the dancing will kill her. This film features Ellington’s music and the dances associated with it. It also gives us a glimpse into the speakeasies where such entertainment flourished in the early 20th century.
UNH EasyJet Challenges Gender Stereotyping Rhetoric of Public Relations Bibliography