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Write a memo proposal (250 words) in which you request authorization to research a real problem at a company

Write a memo proposal (250 words) in which you request authorization to research a real problem at a company or organization with which you are familiar. This might involve adopting a new organizational structure, policy, procedure, product line, or piece of equipment; or pursuing a new mission, market, or line of research. Successful proposals will:

Demonstrate that there is a problem (i.e. provide evidence of its existence and its impact on the company/organization

Propose how to research the problem if authorized to proceed, including resources needed ; and

Anticipate objections and provide background, reasons, and evidence for the proposal.

The proposal should be addressed to someone in a position to act on it. The document should be no more than 250 words in length, double-spaced.

Nurs 500 W1 Health policies with prevent

Nurs 500 W1 Health policies with prevent.

Description Write an essay on the topic “Health policies with a preventive approach and its impact on advanced practice nursing professionals.” Use the style APA 6th Edition and send it through Blackboard. Your essay must have a minimum of 1000 words and use 3 minimum bibliographic references. Avoid the plagiarism by submitting his work to Safeassign (maximum 15% will be permitted without including references).

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Modern culture views on bible

Write a memo proposal (250 words) in which you request authorization to research a real problem at a company Modern culture views on bible.

Modern culture views the bible in many different ways, from ridicule and satire to devotion. This multi-faceted attitude is found in the variety of movies/books written that “re-tell” Biblical stories. From episode of the Simpsons, to Mel Gibson’s passion of the Christ and The Prince Of the Egypt. I have chose to write the paper on The Prince Of the Egypt. We are exposed to the Bible through the visual and print media. Your job is to analyze one of these presentations. PROCEDURES: (1) Choose one popular portrayal of a biblical story/book, either literary or visual. it should retell the story and not be a “documentary” examining the story. (2) Read or watch the selection and compare it to the biblical passage upon which it is based. What are the differences between the portrayal and the Bible? What is an explanation for those differences? (3) The question you should focus on in your paper is: “How do changes made to the presentation of the material significantly change the content, message, or understanding of the biblical story?” SECONDARY SOURCE ARE NOT NECESSARY, BUT DO GIVE PROPER CITATIONS FOR ANY BIBLICAL QUOTAIONS OR OTHER MATERIALS CITED.

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Mental Measurements Yearbook Review and Ethical Use of Assessment

Mental Measurements Yearbook Review and Ethical Use of Assessment.

Complete a review of an assessment in mental health counseling. Read the review for your chosen assessment tool and other scholarly articles (past 5 years) that establish the appropriate use of the assessment and what it purports to measure. -Identify the history of assessment in counseling. Describe the importance of assessment in counseling and the role of assessment in mental health counseling. -Complete a review of the selected assessment. What is the reliability and validity of the assessment? -Analyze the theoretical basis for the selected assessment tool in your practice of mental health counseling/therapy. (All assessments are rooted in theory. For example, the Beck Depression Inventory is rooted in Beck’s Cognitive Theory.) -Apply ethical considerations associated with administering the selected assessment. Provide an example to demonstrate that you understand how ethical considerations apply to the use of your selected assessment. Some considerations include counselor or therapist competency, client rights, counselor or therapist responsibilities, and legal issues. -Evaluate the appropriateness of the assessment tool for use with the diverse groups that you may encounter in mental health counseling/therapy using the reviewer’s evaluation of the assessment and your own conclusions. How does this comparison inform making an ethical judgment of administering the selected tool with diverse groups of clients? Be certain to integrate these codes into your discussion and cite the relevant sections of the code of ethics for mental health counseling (ACA provided). -Discuss how an analysis of this review convinced you to use or not use this assessment in your specialization. Incorporate a minimum of five scholarly research studies applying the selected assessment tool in professional practice.

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Evidence Based Practice Change Process

Evidence Based Practice Change Process.

Directions Please do not use any of the Nurse Daniel information for your own topic, nursing intervention, or change project. Nurse Daniel serves as an example only to illustrate the change process. A short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed below or by reading the transcript (Links to an external site.). EBP Change Process (form) Download the EBP Change Process form (attached) during Week 1. The use of this specific form is REQUIRED and is due at the end of Week 6. Identify a clinical topic and related nursing practice issue you think needs to be changed. Locate a systematic review on your topic from the CCN Library databases. Be sure this involves nursing actions. Work through each step of the ACE Star Model as outlined on the assignment form (Star Points 1-5: Discovery, Summary, Translation, Implementation, and Evaluation). Respond to the instructions provided on the form. Follow the activities and thinking of Nurse Daniel in Weeks 1-6 in the ‘Illustration’ part of each lesson. He will be working through a clinical topic and nursing practice issue to demonstrate a change (ACE Star Model and systematic review). Work on a portion of the process each week, as the illustration unfolds. Please reach out to your instructor for feedback or assistance with your PICOT question as needed. Required and Additional Background Reading in Weeks 1 and 2 under Readings is available for more information on the ACE Star Model and the use of systematic reviews. Please cite any references (in APA format) of your systematic review or other scholarly document (optional) as needed. Paraphrasing information, rather than quoting, is expected. No quotes for this assignment please! For questions about this assignment, please contact your instructor. Use the grading rubric as a final way to check that all components of the form have been completed. The rubric is the tool your instructor will use to assess your content.

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Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpreting.

Write a paper describing the following: 1. challenges you may face being a female interpreter for male patients when it comes to reproductive organs. Explain challenges you can anticipate and a plan on what you believe would be the best approach to the situation. 2. how would you handle a rectal exam (stay in the room, leave, step behind the curtain after discussion with the provider, other)? 3. what do you do when the patient’s chief complaint involves the groin, penis, sexually transmitted infections, etc. 4. what situations do you think would make you feel uncomfortable when interpreting for patients of the opposite sex? how can you approach this? 5. what do you feel would be some struggles and successes when interpreting for women’s health. share tips or tools that can make work more enjoyable for those involved in this area. no specific type of format needs to be applied to the paper, except that there should be at least one paragraph per question.

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Fire Service Research

Fire Service Research.

 Fire Service Research


Paper details:

Instructions The research proposal in this course is designed to allow you to discover, analyze, and interpret a fire-related research problem. A problem is not necessarily a troublesome area but an area of desired improvement. In other words, something may be performing well, yet someone still wants to see it perform even better. That is what a lot of research is all about—how can we do it better? Include at least the following elements in your research proposal: a title page; a table of contents; an introduction; the purpose of the research with support for your points from scholarly material; a literature review, which is different from the annotated bibliography, a hypothesis; a description of the research method, what you would do if you were to carry out the study; conclusions and recommendations; and a reference page. Click here to view the short video for more guidance concerning the proposal assignment. Click here for a transcript of the video. The proposal should be 10 full double-spaced pages not including the title page, references, abstract, or any appendices. You proposal should provide 12 sources that include empirical studies. Be sure to summarize, paraphrase, and cite the information. Do not copy directly from the textbook or from any other source. Websites such as Wikipedia,,,, and other similar sources are not scholarly in nature and may not be used for this assignment. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and entries in the reference section. All references and citations used must be in APA style. Resources

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Case Study HRM

This case explores the legal responsibilities an employer has to conduct background searches and to dismiss employees who pose a potential danger to co-workers and/or clients.
Three roles will be involved: Human Resource Supervisor (Gary Garcia), Branch Manager (Violet Jennings), and Human Resource Manager (Alyssa Williams).
Human resource supervisor Gary Garcia leaves a meeting at the local SHRM chapter with some great ideas about how Personally Yours could improve their HR operations. Overall, things are running pretty efficiently; Personally, Yours is a quickly-growing medium-sized organization, though, and in many ways, it still operates like the small, family-owned, and -operated business it was just a few years ago. For example, existing hiring processes are standardized at headquarters and at the branch offices. Each job applicant completes a standardized application, submits a résumé (if appropriate for the position), does pre-employment testing, and undergoes a background check (which includes contacting references and former employers and conducting a criminal background check). However, this was not the case when the company was first started, and many longtime employees have never undergone a background check. This is extremely troubling to Garcia, in light of the fact that their employees work in clients’ homes and have contact with vulnerable individuals (e.g., children, elderly, infirm).
Activity: This is a two-part scenario.
Part 1 – You are to determine if background checks on all employees are necessary. In order to do this, you should research Background Checks and what is required from those individuals who have contact with the elderly, children and the infirmed . You are to write a protocol to conduct them (e.g., which employees, how thorough).
Part 2 – It has come to Jennings’ attention that one of her longtime employees, Jackson Tibbits, a handyman, is on the Florida Sexual Offender list. After doing more research, she learns that 17 years ago, when Tibbits was 24, he was convicted of having unlawful sexual contact with a 15-year-old female. As a registered sexual offender, Tibbits cannot live within 1,000 yards of a school and must register with the state anytime he moves. Also, he is prohibited by law from holding positions such as schoolteacher and health care professional. You must decide Personally Yours should terminate Tibbits based on this newly discovered information. Once you have made a decision, you are to write a justification for your answer. © 2009 Society for Human Resource Management. Angela T. Hall, Ph.D., J.D., SPHR 5
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HRM4481 Grading RubricHRM4481 Grading RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsQuality of Writing and Proofreadingview longer description
3.75 pts
Written responses are free of grammatical spelling or punctuation errors. The style of writing facilitates communication.
3 pts
Written responses are largely free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. The style of writing generally facilitates communication.
2.25 pts
Written responses contain a few errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, etc. Some errors but not so many to indicate repetitive distractions.
1.5 pts
Written responses include some grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. The errors distract the reader.
0.75 pts
Uses incorrect grammar and incorrect sentence structure consistently. The errors interfere with the communication process.
/ 3.75 pts
Comprehension of material
view longer description
4.5 pts
The writer understands significant ideas relevant to the issue under discussion. This is indicated by correct use of terminology, precise selection of information components required to make a point. Correct use of examples .
3.6 pts
Able to distinguish and comprehends a deeper meaning on most occasions. Ideas are reasonably clear. Some subjective evaluation is necessary to determine what the writer means.
2.7 pts
Comprehends the surface level meaning of the material and begins to relate issues to general knowledge and experience
1.8 pts
Demonstrates some basic comprehension of the material . Does not make connections with the bigger picture.
0.9 pts
Not comprehending or reflecting on what is read or viewed
/ 4.5 pts
Length, content and ability to interpret and answer assignment
view longer description
2.25 pts
Work demonstrates that all tasks were completed Showed some originality and extra initiative in completing assignment.
1.8 pts
Work demonstrates that significant effort was made to attempt all aspects of the assignment. Ideas connected clearly.
1.35 pts
Work demonstrates that some effort was made to attempt all tasks that were assigned. Occasional sense of engagement of writer with the subject matter.
0.9 pts
Little effort was made to attempt all tasks that were assigned. Ideas were connected but weak
0.45 pts
Very little effort was given to the task assignment. No response was given.
/ 2.25 pts
Relevance of answers, opinions and ideas.
view longer description
4.5 pts
Student is clearly expressing arguments, opinions and responses in answering assignments. Superior ideas and insights. Answers are clear and complex.
3.6 pts
Student is more consistent in expressing arguments, opinions and responses when answering assignments
2.7 pts
Student is learning to develop and express arguments, opinions and responses in answering assignments. More complex and insightful answers.
1.8 pts
Not developing their ability to express arguments, ideas or opinions. Ideas are not complex or insightful. May include some information that distracts from central purpose.
0.9 pts
Student is not able to express opinions, ideas, and responses due to inadequate writing skills. Ideas are unclear.
/ 4.5 pts
Total Points: 0

Absence of malice film

Absence of malice film.

ASSIGNMENT: In lieu of a discussion board and quiz this week, you will need to rent and watch the movie Absence of Malice and write a one page summary of the film connecting key plot elements to the concepts listed on page 41 of the Study Guide (and below). One page summary, MLA format, 12-point times new roman font, double-spaced. Questions to answer in your response: How does the NY Times vs. Sullivan case relate to the movie? Who is your favorite character in the movie and why? What is your favorite quote from the movie and who said it? What ethical issues related to journalism are present in the movie? What legal issues related to journalism are present in the movie? Key Terms: (4th Amendment, Privacy, Public’s Right to Know, Shield Laws, Defamation, Credibility, Illegal Searches and Seizures, Source, Public Figures, Public Officials, etc.)

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