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write a 500 words about Kobe Bryant

write a 500 words about Kobe Bryant. I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

Kobe just passed away. So He is my hero since I was a kids even I don‘t really play basketball but I watch NBA when Kobe in Laker 20 years. The essay is about his legacy and The Mamba Mentality. It is truly important in my life. How great he is. I am a chinese We know that Kobe has most fans in China every people knew him. nomatter from 80’s or 00′
So this essay main idea is about him Mamba Mentality that I should always learn from Kobe.
write a 500 words about Kobe Bryant

 Define Malnutrition. Discuss any two factors leading to malnutrition.. I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

ØDefine Malnutrition. Discuss any two factors leading to malnutrition.
Word limit: 300- 500 words total
References are mandatory for every citation. Use APA style.
AVOID PLAGIARISM and answer from out sid not from the file
 Define Malnutrition. Discuss any two factors leading to malnutrition.

Assignment: International Economic Analysis (2000 words) -T.

Assignment: International Economic Analysis (2000 words)Every nation interacts with other nations. Sometimes that interaction is structured through various trade agreements. Other times it is more casual but there are no nations that are totally closed off from the Global Economy. Those interactions may have an impact on the success or failure of any new marketing strategy. Consider some of the following as you analyze the nation’s place in the Global Economy:What international trade agreements is this country part of?What is the country’s relationship to the WTO?Who are the country’s major trading partners?What does the country export?What does the country import?What trade barriers are in place in this country?How strong (weak) is the nation’s currency?How will global problems such as the slowdown in China’s growth or the falling price of oil impact this nation?Here is what we want you to do with this assignment.Dig deeper into the international data for example the WTO databases of trade barriers or the USTR report on trade barriers by country to get a sense of the trade barriers.Look at their exchange rates to see if there is any exchange rate riskWhat kind of trade agreements do we have with that country?Who are the commercial officer contacts for that country at the US Embassy in that country?What is the US Commercial guide for the country saying about potential in that country?What are Foreign Direct Investment trends in that country and is it easy to move investments in and out of that country.Suggested Resources: integrated trade data on countries (wto antidumping etc for goods and services) (trade data)Trade barriers latest report
Assignment: International Economic Analysis (2000 words) -T

Strategic Nonviolence and Methods of Nonviolent Protest Essay

Table of Contents The Country and Its Local Strategies Peacemaking and Peacebuilding Case Study Peacebuilding Strategies and Principles Works Cited The Country and Its Local Strategies This essay will analyze the United States of America and the approaches to non-violent conflict resolution that were employed in it. The United States is a diverse environment where a variety of cultural and racial conflicts have existed for a considerable amount of time. One such issue is racism, which remains a concern in parts of the country to this day. The Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission notes the government’s failure to address one such situation and the community response via grassroots organization (21). The non-hierarchical style of the structure served to empower members of the black community and achieve improvements. The idea can serve as an example of appropriate forms of aid to disadvantaged communities in other countries. Ultimately, the black workers and their supporters decided to organize a rally in protest against the Ku Klux Klan tendencies they observed in the community. According to the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the effort ended in tragedy due to insufficient community engagement and planning (21). These issues can be attributed to the top-down structure of the organization that organized the march, but ultimately, as shown by the consequences, public demonstrations are an effective tactic. They help gather attention from the public, and the reaction of various groups to the rally can be used to show their beliefs to the world. Lastly, the approach is universal, and demonstrations are commonly accepted as one of the fundamental methods for non-violent protest. Peacemaking and Peacebuilding The United Nations’ efforts to reconcile countries are commonly used as an example of a peacemaking approach. Forces that are engaging in conflict or are close to it are separated by a neutral party that encourages negotiation and reconciliation. The goal is to mitigate or remove the threat of violence, and the peacemaking forces stand down when they are convinced that the two groups will not engage in combat. However, the underlying motives and reasons for the altercation are left for the two sides to try and resolve. As such, the approach constitutes peacemaking, as its aims are immediate and do not provide any confidence that the conflict will not resurface in the future. An example of peacebuilding would be humanitarian aid to disadvantaged regions, especially those where civil war is negatively affecting the societal situation. The provision of food and supplies to all members of the population helps to reduce the number of cases where people would attempt vital resources from others by force. As such, the approach aims to prevent acts of conflict instead of mitigating the result, a trait that Christie et al. describe as the critical difference between peacebuilding and peacemaking (20). The former is proactive and aims to change the situation while the latter is reactive and attempts to maintain the status quo, leaving resolution efforts to the participants. Case Study The case study will use the situation in Greensboro, where misdirected activism efforts led to a shooting during a demonstration march. The Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission has described a variety of recommendations for the improvement of the situation, most of which can be considered to involve development initiatives (29-37). Suggestions include improved acknowledgment and transparency about the circumstances, increased social services budgets, and more awareness about racism and each person’s role in its propagation and elimination. The overall aim is to transform the city and its community into ones where social justice is valued and supported by law, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone involved. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The tragedy of 1979 has been enabled by a combination of the inadequate organization on the part of the protesters, the poor reception of the march by the community, and the unhealthy social climate maintained by the government. The suggestions offered by Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission seek to address the latter two, as the report states that the advocates for social justice have learned from their mistakes and restructured themselves (21). As the Commission identifies racism as the primary concern, they seek to introduce changes that will help eliminate it and provide disadvantaged people of color assistance should they need it. Peacebuilding Strategies and Principles Racial and ethnic conflicts are prevalent in the United States to this day, with particular endangered population categories including Hispanic people, African Americans, and Native Americans. Two strategies listed by Popovic et al. that can and have been used to alleviate the disagreements are public speeches and mass petitions (252). Martin Luther King Jr. became famous due to his active social justice efforts, in which speeches played a vital role. Petitions, on the other hand, help display widespread denouncement of racial and ethnic hatred and focus public attention on specific cases of injustice. However, social change does not happen immediately and should not be forced on people harshly. As such, peacebuilders should apply the principle that states that peace is a long-term transformative process. Through the efforts of last century’s activists, racism has become socially unacceptable and is being eradicated from the minds of the people. However, while incidents of racist behavior should be noted and highlighted, efforts to control what people think would only meet with backlash and strengthen hateful tendencies. Instead, it would be best to ensure that beliefs based on inequality do not take root in the minds of young people and therefore fail to spread. Works Cited Popovic, Srdja, et al. Canvas Core Curriculum: A Guide to Effective Nonviolent Struggle. Canvas, 2007. Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report: Executive Summary. 2006. Web. Christie, Daniel J., et al. “Introduction to Peace Psychology.” Peace, Conflict, and Violence: Peace Psychology for the 21st Century, edited by Richard V. Wagner, Daniel J. Christie, and Deborah Du Nann Winter. Prentice-Hall, 2001, pp. 1-25.

BUS 437 SU Practices from Supply Chain Management for High Projects Discussion

assignment writing services BUS 437 SU Practices from Supply Chain Management for High Projects Discussion.

I’m working on a computer science writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Best PracticesAfter completing your assessment and proposing your plan, your CEO wants to know how supply chain management can be used within your firm for the various high-profile projects that will be undertaken over the next two years. Write a 4–6 page paper in which you do the following: Discuss at least three best practices from supply chain management that project managers should use when managing high-profile projects. Discuss at least three key challenges that supply chain management poses to project managers who are managing high-profile projects. Discuss how PMBOK can help project managers to properly acquire the necessary resources to manage high-profile projects. Go to to locate at least three quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with 1-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow SWS (Strayer Writing Standards). Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment is as follows: Assess supply chain management challenges, best practices, and resourcing strategies that affect project implementation.
BUS 437 SU Practices from Supply Chain Management for High Projects Discussion

Roles and Responsibilities in Leadership

In 200 words, and 2 references each: 1) One of the five elements of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Explain why emotional intelligence is crucial for effective leadership. Discuss what behaviors someone with a high degree of self-awareness would demonstrate within the context of leading and managing groups. Provide an example.  2)  Discuss the purpose of strategic planning in a health care environment. Explain what factors affect future planning in an organization and what tools can be used for future planning.  3)  Select a topic for your Topic 3 Executive Summary assignment. Post your idea and basic thoughts about the topic using the assignment details from Topic 3. You should provide thoughts to your peers about their topics and ideas that may assist them in completing their projects. 


organization11. I’m studying for my Law class and need an explanation.

Draft a proposal for an organization that would be designed to respond to the issues we’ve read about and discussed in class.
Your proposal should include:


2 organization each one 6 pages 1500 word double

will send 2 docoments

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