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Write 15 pages. Create a marketing plan.

Write 15 pages. Create a marketing plan..

This assignment is a continuation
assignment so you should refer the first assignment attached as word doc and write it with that context. Students will develop a marketing plan for a small business (either
real or fictional). In Week 1, each group will submit a brief
introduction (1-2 pages) for their chosen business for instructor
approval. The introduction is worth 20 points. I completed this.. I have attached the file here. Use that a reference to complete the Week 2 The Final Marketing Plan below.The final marketing plan, due in Week 2, is worth 180 points and should include the following sections:1. Cover Page2. Executive Summary3. Target Customers4. Unique Selling Proposition5. Pricing and Positioning Strategy6. Distribution Strategy7. Promotions Strategy8. Contingency PlansThe expected length for this assignment is 12-15 pages. APA methodology applies to this assignment.
Write 15 pages. Create a marketing plan.

Reflection on Social Work Promote Social Change & Self Reflection Paper Discussion.

Hello you have two different assignment so that is mean you will write and send me two different documentfirst assignment (SELF REFLECTION) you will write a 5 page paper exploring one’s personal opinion of Social Work as a profession, in the American Psychological Association (APA) format and all the information are attached in the filesecond assignment (Living in SURVIVAL vs. Living in CREATION – Dr. Joe Dispenza)for this assignment answer the following questions, write more than 2 pages and write the paper using APA format. **Must include three quotes from the video.1.) What are two ways the information in this video can help you personally as a social worker?2.) How does this information relate to our future clients?
Reflection on Social Work Promote Social Change & Self Reflection Paper Discussion

PSYC 1 HSB Self Analysis Psychology Development Agreeableness Research Paper.

PSYC 1 Self Analysis Research ProjectGeneral Overview of Assignment – You will use content learned in class and found in existing research to complete a self-analysis. This assignment requires that you write a paper and create a powerpoint presentation analyzing one area of YOUR PERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY. Once a topic is chosen you will then analyze your own personal experiences and development within that area and use research to support your analysis.PLEASE NOTE***This assignment is about YOU. Not someone you
know, not someone in your family. YOU, hence the title SELF-ANALYSIS.
ALSO! This should be mostly self-analysis with the research being cited
used only to support the conclusions you draw in your self-analysis. DO
NOT write a general research paper. DO talk about YOU!Paper Requirements:Format – The paper must include a title page, 5-7 pages of content,
and a references or works cited page. A minimum of 5 references are
required, and students may use both internet and non-internet sources
for the project. However, all sources must be of good quality, thus
peer-reviewed journal articles or government sites are preferred.
Students will be graded on meeting the number of good quality references
requirement, APA format, meeting the page requirement, and content of
the paper. If you are not familiar with how to write in APA format
please see these guidelines: APA Guidelines for Research Papers.docxDeadline and Plagiarism – Papers will ALL be due on the day stated on
CANVAS. Late papers will be accepted with a deduction of 10% per day
late as stated in the syllabus. Students will be required to submit a
PDF copy by uploading it to CANVAS via the assignment page. The paper
will be run through a plagiarism checker and papers with less than 75%
authenticity score will not be accepted and will receive a score of
zero. Students are encouraged to use the following link to a similar
plagiarism checker in order to monitor progress: Requirements:Content – Presentations are simply your paper in powerpoint format
and therefore should include the same sources that are within your
paper. Sources must be cited within your powerpoint and there must be a
works cited slide at the end of your presentation. Sources should be
cited using APA format and references on works cited page should be
listed in APA format. Be sure to make your presentation aesthetically
pleasing. Include details such as pictures and other visuals.
Presentations will be graded on overall aesthetics, sources
requirements, and details of content (i.e., appropriate self-analysis).
Please see this sample presentation for one example of an acceptable
topic and format of presentation expected My Social and Personality Development – Sample Presentation.pdfMinimize File PreviewDeadline – Powerpoints will ALL be due on the date
specified on CANVAS. Students will be required to submit an electronic
copy of their powerpoints by uploading it to CANVAS via the assignment
page. Since space for uploads are limited you will be required to save your Powerpoint as a PDF document and then upload the PDF to CANVAS.For this assignments i will give information about me that require for the project once i select a tutor, there is a sample of the power-points project above. all you do for the pwerponts is writing a titles and explain about me and add sources that you used for the paper, and i will add my picture later on. if you need more time i will add 🙂 thank you

PSYC 1 HSB Self Analysis Psychology Development Agreeableness Research Paper

Individual Project-The Interview

Individual Project-The Interview. I don’t understand this English question and need help to study.

Here is the instruction:This is an informal research project where you will be gathering the data by using the interview questionnaire provided and then writing up a quick analysis of your findings by integrating and applying what we have learned in class.

PLEASE NOTE: who you choose to interview must be in their current dynamic (e.g., parenthood, divorce, cohabitation) for at least a year in order to provide better perspective and cannot be related to you. Also, you CANNOT be related to them OR in a romantic relationship with your interviewee. This is to avoid bias and to increase the potential for honest answers.
Also, the textbook is the only reference needed. This paper is ALL about demonstrating your ability to utilize and apply what you have learned this semester to a real-life experience. Thus, COURSE APPLICATION IS CRITICAL!
Providing a handful of references (e.g., 3-5 citations) will NOT be satisfactory.
*You should be constantly comparing your interviewee’s responses to what we have learned: how they align or differ or do not relate. Remember this is an analysis; not a restating of your interview notes. This is the most consistent error I find student’s make on this paper.
I also upload the interview guide and student interview template which is the example of how this research done.
Individual Project-The Interview

The Study of Proteome

online dissertation writing The Study of Proteome. The breakthrough in the study of genomics has created a great impact for biological research. For instance, the complete genome sequencing accomplished for various model organisms such as bacteria, yeast and drosophila has been a key to understanding the diversity and functions in living system (Liebler, 2002). However, the gene products, proteins are playing crucial complex functions in sustaining the living system. Therefore, in order to acquire a clearer picture about the function of the living cells at molecular level, it is important to study the entire set of protein expressed by a genome, cell, tissue or organism throughout the cell cycle as known as proteome (Monti et al., 2005). This study of proteome is termed proteomics which is mainly focus on the identification of proteins, determination of the interaction between various proteins as a part of a larger network and outlining the 3D structures of proteins (LiuThe Study of Proteome

Saudi Electronic University Capital Budget Analysis Managerial Accounting Discussion

Saudi Electronic University Capital Budget Analysis Managerial Accounting Discussion.

The controller at Ranyah Corporation analyzed a proposed equipment purchase for the firm and decided that the investment met all the firm’s criteria regarding payback, net present value, and internal rate of return. Notwithstanding the positive results, top management decided to reject purchase of the machine. Elaborate on why a firm might reject a project even though it satisfies all the capital budgeting analyses.Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (requires supporting citations) along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed reference in supporting your answer. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Electronic Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references.RequiredChapter 12 in Managerial AccountingSarwary, Z. (2019). Capital budgeting techniques in SMEs: A literature review. Journal of Accounting & Finance (2158-3625), 19(3), 97–114.RecommendedChapter 12 PowerPoint slides in Managerial AccountingNikias, A. D. (2019). An experimental examination of the effects of information control on budget reporting with relative project evaluation. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 31(2), 177–196.
Saudi Electronic University Capital Budget Analysis Managerial Accounting Discussion

CSM Organic and Conventional Pesticide Examples Pros & Cons Discussion

CSM Organic and Conventional Pesticide Examples Pros & Cons Discussion.

DirectionsThe purpose of this assignment is to get us thinking about organic versus conventional pesticides.We will watch a 2-minute video and then respond to prompts with a short essay.You will upload your essay as online text (e.g. copy and paste, or type it in the box).Please click the “Submit Assignment” button to get started with writing the essay after you’ve watched the video.Topic…First, watch this video on Organic vs Conventional Pesticides (Links to an external site.) from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), with closed captions and transcript provided.Then, consider the following two prompts, using the information you learned from this video.Questions to Consider What are examples of organic vs. conventional pesticides?What are the pros and/or cons of each of these types of pesticides on our environment?Grading5 points totalWrite to two specific topics, outlined above100 minimum words totalComplete sentencesProper spelling and gramma
CSM Organic and Conventional Pesticide Examples Pros & Cons Discussion