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The masks also have a disinctive triangle shaped nose. Every Teke mask made was hand crafted and no two are exactly alike. The Teke mask originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. The Kidumu people would wear these masks to funerals for chiefs, weddings, or important meetings. Each mask had it’s own purpose not related to the look of it. Each masks purpose is only known to the maker of that mask. Each mask might have parts that are similar to other masks but there has never been two identical masks. The Teke tribe has an exceptional history and also a very unique type of mask that has a fascinating back story.

In a real world do you get to choose your Job or is it assigned to you? Do people get euthanized for wrong doings? In The Giver Jobs are assigned and people are killed for not meeting the standards. The novel The Giver gives false information and had some disturbing and inappropriate parts in the reading. The Giver should not be read in school because some teenagers cannot handle some of the inappropriate parts. Also, there are some parts in the book where people might find disturbing. The giver misleads young reader to what the real world is too. The Giver is inappropriate, disturbing, and misleading.

In The Giver, there are scenes that are inappropriate and some immature teenagers cannot handle them. An example is when Jonas, Asher, and Fiona go to The House of the Old and bathe the elderly. These three are about 12 years old but they are bathing old people. Not only is that inappropriate but it is disturbing to picture and misleading. Preteens do not go out and volunteer to give a sponge bath to old people. Another inappropriate part was when Jonas put his hand on Asher and tried o send him a memory of color. Jonas should not have put his hand on Asher because that is against the rules in their community.

What Jonas did was “he put his hands on Asher’s shoulders, and concentrated on the red of the petals, trying to hold it as long as he could, and trying at the same time to transmit the awareness of red to his friend” (Lowry 99). This attempt failed and Jonas didn’t want to explain what he was doing so Asher was Just confused and he also felt violated. The Giver was not only inappropriate but disturbing also. In The Giver there are some disturbing sections also. One detail that supports the disturbing parts is the twin babys release. Jonas decides to watch a video of the babys release with the Giver.

This is the climax of the novel and it is very descriptive. What happens is the smaller of the two babies gets released. Jonas’s dad was hosting the Release. What he did was take a needle inject liquid into the babys forehead. Then he watched “the newchild, no longer crying, moved his arms and legs in a jerking motion. Then he went limp. His head fell to the side, his eyes half open. Then he was still” (Lowry 150). After that Jonas’s dad put the baby in a bin and sent it down trash chute. He didn’t know he kills people for a living because he thought nothing happens in real life along with many other passages in the novel.

In The Giver, there are sections in the book that might seem real in the novel but is not real in the actual world. One example that is misleading to readers is in the book people are protected from bad memories there are in the world like a broken leg. There is no way that some one can delete a memory from your mind in real life. Some people might think it is possible for this to happen so they might wonder what they do not know. Another example is how the Giver can pass memories to Jonas Just by touching his back and concentrating. The Giver and Jonas are special people in the book who can give and receive memories.

They have to do this so the bad memories are not completely forgotten Just in case something goes wrong and they do not know what to do. It is impossible in our lives to transfer memories to each other Just by touching someone else’s back. The Giver should not be read in school because it might give young readers a misinterpretation of the real world. There are many other sections in the book that are not school appropriate, may be isturbing to some readers, and may not tell readers the truth. The Giver is inappropriate, disturbing, and misleading so it should not be taught in schools.

There are some educational parts in The Giver but there is not enough to be taught in school. The novel might seem like a fun book to read in school but the content is not compatible for schools. The Giver should not be read in school because it is inappropriate, disturbing, and misleading. Macbeth’s murder of Duncan is a sensible crime, not because it’s practical or Judicious (it’s neither), but because it’s born of the enses and experienced as sensation. This is not to say that Macbeth does not think himself into the criminal event, but that the thinking he does he does with his body.


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