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It describes about how the company manages its working capital and the various steps that are required in the management of working capital. Cash is the lifeline of a company. If this lifeline deteriorates, so does the company’s ability to fund operations, reinvest and meet capital requirements and payments. Understanding a company’s cash flow health is essential to making investment decisions. A good way to judge a company’s cash flow prospects is to look at its working capital management (WCM).

Working capital refers to the cash a business requires for day-to-day operations or, more specifically, for financing the conversion of raw materials into finished goods, which the company sells for payment. Among the most important items of working capital are levels of inventory, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Analysts look at these items for signs of a company’s efficiency and financial strength. The working capital is an important yardstick to measure the company’s operational and financial efficiency.

Any company should have a right amount of cash and lines of credit for its business needs at all times. This project describes how the management of working capital takes place at HCL Infosystems. The Problems In the management of working capital, the firm is faced with two key problems: 1. First, given the level of sales and the relevant cost considerations, what are the optimal amounts of cash, accounts receivable and inventories that a firm should choose to maintain? 2. Second, given these optimal amounts, what is the most economical way to finance these working capital investments?

Urban Australian primary school in a low socio-economic school setting.

Urban Australian primary school in a low socio-economic school setting..

Urban Australian primary school in a low socio-economic school setting.
(You are a team of educators, parents and community representatives and administrative staff from an urban Australian primary school in a low socio-economic school setting.
In your group appoint representatives from:
� The Department of Education in your Region
� School Principal/Deputy Principals
� Parents
� Teachers
� Community Representatives
Discuss the issues that impact on teaching and learning in your school and relate these issues to the broader Australian education context. Then, make recommendations to your region and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for a school curriculum and leadership initiative government that would improve.)

� This Literature Review should be written for 1200 words.
� Provide a brief description of the context.
� Provide outline the main issues from a variety of perspectives
� Outline and critique the various positions
� Make recommendations for resolving the leadership and curriculum dilemma faced in your context
� Provide a strong concluding paragraph that summaries your argument
� APA 6 referencing should be used.
� A well-structured and coherent piece of writing that meets academic requirements.
� Turnitin should be less than 15%

� The Review should include a critical analysis of ten (10) journal articles.

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