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Workforce Differentiation and Its Structure Essay

All organizations are driven by the desire to attain their objectives through the utilization of minimum resources for maximum benefits. Organizational objectives may include increased productivity, profit margins, and competitiveness as well as growth and expansion. To attain these broad objectives, organizations must come up with strategies. A strategy is a plan of action that stipulates a set of activities, resources and time for the implementation of a proposed business idea. Strategies are what drive organizations forward by giving them a competitive edge over other organizations. In the present day business environment characterized by globalization, any person can do business in any part of the world due to improved means of communication, transport and cultural diversity. Consequently, having a business strategy is no longer a matter of choice but a matter of survival in the business world. Those organizations which do not embrace the idea of strategy are doomed to fail or become irrelevant and thus obsolete (Leat 30). Some of the strategies adopted by organizations are in the form of employee differentiation frameworks namely the 20-70-10 differentiation framework and the categorization of employees as A, B, or C players. These two frameworks have been used by many organizations with a significant success rate. Some organizations use one framework while others integrate the two frameworks with a view of attaining good results. The 20-70-10 framework has to do with ranking employees based on their performance. Organizations can rank employees based on top performing 20% followed by the second performing 70% then the worst-performing 10%. According to Welchas, the top 20% are showered with goodies such as promotions, training, and scholarships among others because they are believed to be the strategic engines of organizations (Welch and Suzy 18). The group is highly motivated and usually aspires to do better. The 70% group forms the bulk of organizations’ workforce. This group exhibits moderate performance and is very crucial for organizations. Even though it does not play a crucial role in the strategic development of an organization, the group is technically responsible for the day to day running of organizations. It also serves the purpose of keeping the top 20% on its toes because those in the top 20% know that some employees from the 70% group may catch up with them. The 10% group, on the other hand, is the worst-performing and in many organizations, it is considered for demotions and in worst cases for dismissal. The strength of this framework is that it is based on fairness. It rewards those who deserve to be rewarded while at the same time challenging those who are underperforming to pull up their socks. The overall result is a workforce that is highly motivated and increased competitiveness. The pitfall of the framework is that at some times, it can be politicized. Some managers are known to reward their cronies or those who are loyal to them at the expense of hard-working employees. Those who are critical of the managers or those who try to challenge the status quo are relegated to the category of 10% to silence them. The framework assumes that employees are motivated by categorization which is based on their performance. However, this assumption has been faulted for the simple reason that such categorization may inhibit teamwork among the employees. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The categorization of employees as A, B, or C players has to do with coming up with a business strategy first, then selecting those employees who have the capabilities to implement the strategy effectively. The framework operates by categorizing positions in the organization as A, B or C. A positions are considered as strategic positions and are thus occupied by carefully selected employees. These positions usually constitute 15% of the entire workforce. B positions are considered as support positions in the sense that they support the A positions. They are filled by individuals of average capabilities. C positions are considered nonstrategic in the sense that they are mostly concerned with indoor activities and are occupied by individuals with nonstrategic skills. This framework assumes that any workforce strategy is all about the execution of a specific business strategy. The assumption is itself a pitfall because it does not value the intrinsic value of work. The strength of the framework is that it has a big potential for organizational growth because of all the positions back to each other. Positions are backed by B positions while B positions are backed by C positions. This ensures that organizations can attain their strategies effectively. I would use the 20-70-10 framework to assess my employees because it is fair and nondiscriminatory. I would measure the performance of employees through periodic appraisals. After the appraisals, I would dismiss or place under probation the poorly performing employees. For differentiation of employees to be equitable and productive, there is a need for organizations to have in place a culture of hard work, honesty, and fair employment practice. The country in question should also embrace individualism instead of collectivism because research has indicated that employee differentiation works best in individualistic cultures like in the United States. These factors would ensure that employee differentiation is based purely on merit and the desire to move organizations forward but not on organizational politics (Claudio 27). Works Cited Claudio, Fernández-Aráoz. Great People Decisions: Why They Matter so Much, Why they are so hard, and how you can master them, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

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USF Drone Aero Technology Business Plan Report & Planning Resources Essay

custom essay USF Drone Aero Technology Business Plan Report & Planning Resources Essay.

Task 1: Proposal (submit task 1 in 12 hours )Write a Proposal covering the following points (250 words): Name of the company Background Why did you choose this company/service? How will this assignment benefit you Expected problems/proposed solutions Action PlanTask 2: written report 1. Introduction – a brief profile of the company/service2. Discusion – planning resources- customer demographics- market needs- competition and advantages- SWOT analysis3. conclusion check the file below for all the required information and resourcues make sure to read the attached file and follow it exactly 1000 words submit task 1 in 12 hours
USF Drone Aero Technology Business Plan Report & Planning Resources Essay

Depression Thoughts

Depression Thoughts. Paper details These are the instruction from my professor. Good Luck and Thank You! Here is the link to the Anxiety and Depression Association: Go to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Explore the site; there are many articles, self-assessments and assistance for professionals and the general public. After you have navigated around the site go to the drop-down tab “Understanding the Facts” and select any area of interest to you. Read through the area and create a word document with a minimum of 450 words to express your thoughts of newly gained information from the site in general and the selected area. This response should be cumulative with newly gained knowledge not only from the site but also from the discussion. Be sure to cite in APA format at the end of your word document.Depression Thoughts

Biology homework help

Biology homework help. This essay entails a paper on the Third Reich resistance and the results that followed Nazi-led genocide of European. Third Reich resistance occured after the oppression of the slaves by the elites to the slaves. The people formed movements which resulted to the deaths of many people and family separation.,Third Reich resistance Nazi-led genocide of European,Firstly, History & Memory Paper Assignment 2 All papers should be four-five, double-spaced pages. Please note the policy for grade reduction of late papers on your syllabus. Papers should: Present a complete introductory paragraph that defines the focus of the paper and includes a clearly articulated thesis. Include topic sentences for each paragraph of the paper that substantiate your overall thesis.,Also, draw on the requisite number of sources, as stated in the questions below. No outside (non-assigned) citations are allowed. • Cite relevant evidence. Please feel free to draw upon the pictures that are included in lecture outlines. “Evidence” includes your sources of information as well as the source of any particular quotation you reproduce. o We are not particular about the style of citation you use (i.e. Chicago vs. MLA etc.), but do expect you to be consistent and accord with scholarly standards. • Include discussion of any conflicts in interpretation that emerged in your chosen sources and indicate which point(s) of view you find most compelling and why.,Spell check and include page numbers. Please answer one of the following questions: (1) Why did the perpetrators involved in the  Jewries carry out their actions? In your answer, draw on and analyze three of the following assigned sources: Jan Gross, Neighbors, Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men, Daniel Goldhagen “Police Batallion 101,” and Primo Levi, Gray Zone.,Resistance,Secondly, nder what circumstances did resistance to the Third Reich and its racial and genocidal policies take place? What forms did resistance take? Your answer should define “resistance” and draw on and analyze three of the following sources, as represented on the syllabus: Stoltzfuss, “The Limits of Policy,” Primo Levi, “The Gray Zone,” Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men, Daniel Goldhagen, “,Police Batallion 101,” Jan Gross, Neighbors, Etty Hillesaum, “A Letter from Westerbork,” in Cohen and Stein, eds.,Thirdly, tracks in the Snow: Recollections of a Macedonian Partisan.” Essay should focus on last half of course but can draw on earlier material in addition to that required, above. Last half course: Cohen and Stein, eds., “Tracks in the Snow: Recollections of a Macedonian Partisan.” • Stoltzfuss, “The Limits of Policy,” • Primo Levi, Gray Zone. • Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men, • Daniel Goldhagen “Police Batallion 101,” If you guys have any questions, just message me. Thank you!Biology homework help