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I have always has a passion for teaching. From the time I was a kid, I would fight to be the teacher when I played school with my friends. I wanted to be the one to write on the chalkboard and give my friends assignments. My love for English, too, has been unwavering: I’m still proud to say I hold the record for longest summer reading list at my middle school – one hundred and twenty-one books. It’s something that defines me, something that makes me who I am: the words, the books, the poems. The best teachers I’ve ever had were English teachers. They didn’t just stand up in front of us and lecture. They inspired us; they were students too.

Last April I went to Ireland as an extension of my sophomore year Irish Literature class. In visiting the W. B. Yeats exhibit at Ireland’s National Library, I was profoundly moved by the simplicity of the objects on display: his eyeglasses, a lock of hair, a portrait of him sketched by a friend. What moved me most was his worn copy of Emerson’s Walden – the same book he touched, annotated, fell asleep over. This was the very copy which inspired him to write “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” the poem which, in Yeats’ own words, is “the only poem of mine which is very widely known.” It became real to me. Trying to explain this, however, was difficult. My teacher, in an effort to fill in the words I couldn’t find for myself, said “It’s surprising, to realize that. That he wasn’t just a poet. He was a student too: he read, never stopped learning.” That struck a chord with me: here were two people, a poet and a teacher, who had formed their careers around the desire to learn. I am like that. I learn because I love it.

In the back of the English wing at school, I am home. Amid the taupe and sage floor tiles, the rows of bland lockers and the curled, yellowing bits of newspapers and poems stapled to the crimson walls, I feel safe. I sit and read books I don’t quite understand while discussions I can’t quite hear float over and around me, the sounds a soft red interspersed with fluid tendrils of peach and lemon. I sit here and feel the wisdom of eighteen teachers saturating the air. I want to learn. I want to share. I want to teach.

The importance of hospitality businesses to economies

The importance of hospitality businesses to economies.

Individual Paper #1 (Fluency) (10 points) Table of Contents 1. Provide an overview of the importance of hospitality businesses to economies (Introduction) • Set the context– provide background information as to why the hospitality industry is so vital to local, state, and national economies. (2 cited sources) (1 points) 2. State the need for hospitality businesses within Southwest Florida (Need) • Cite specific data points as to why the hospitality is important to our Southwest Florida economy – tell the reader why s/he should care about this topic and keep reading. Your goal is to create a compelling, clear, and educational essay that will compel the reader to continue reading (2 cited sources) (4 points) 3. What benefits are generated from above information relative to proposing a new hospitality business concept for Southwest Florida? (Benefits) (2 points) • Explain how the above information you have summarized is of value in developing a new business concept for Southwest Florida • Provide a general description of your proposed business

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